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Anonymous 162401

Is kinkshaming really bad? Some kinks and fetishes are so holistically retarded they deserve nothing more than ridicule and scorn.

Anonymous 162416

Kinkshaming is based and ridiculing people for their repulsive choices is how we keep society functioning. Getting rid of shame is a bad idea, we should shame disgusting things.

So shame away, girlies. They deserve it.


This one most certainly needs to be shamed, if this one is even a woman.

Anonymous 162419

no, you should kink shame if people are committing reprehensible acts or not able to orgasm unless they're observing/imagining/taking part in something unhealthy or unsafe or whatever. people should get therapy if they can't have normal "kinks" because ultimately it is going to affect the way they see their partners or fellow humans.

Anonymous 162427

No need to mention the extreme like trannies, pedophilia, furries. BDSM is widespread and needs to be shamed the fuck out of existence. People used to hide that they were freaks like that, now it's the cool thing to be and you're expected to choke on a dick with tears in your eyes to please a pornsick scrote.

Shame. Shame. Shame. On the scrotes of course, but on any woman who's willing to do it as well. I said what i said.

Anonymous 162457

you have to be an utterly spineless pussy to whine about being "kinkshamed". it's always the most irritating losers who get upset about it. there are some rather understandable kinks but if you overshare about them and someone judges you and you seriously cry "kinkshaming!!" you deserved it. abysmal term

Anonymous 162458

Kinkshaming is absolutely needed. Look at how many trannies were born from absurd and violent kinks.

Anonymous 162487

No, if anything people should kinkshame more because they've become way too accepting of degeneracy

Anonymous 162491

I don't think I've ever kinkshamed anyone. I might have helped spread a rumour about a kid with a foot fetish once at school, years ago now. I would never do it. I think there are some people who are probably a bit weird in a destructive way, and that includes sexually, but it's certainly not my place to decide who that is. I have my flaws, and I wouldn't like it if someone was rude about them.

I won't shame you for kinkshaming others if you want to do that, but I won't do it myself. I know my place.

Anonymous 162504

Anything that is a kink/fetish where if you removed the sex would be bad is still bad even when it's included in sex. Especially when it's men getting aroused by being violent towards women.

Anonymous 162506

I'm this anon: >>162491 and I forgot to say, yes I shame people for violence and yes I would shame people for sexual violence

Anonymous 162515

Everyone ITT is ignoring the fact that currently anyone can kinkshame anyone else, and men tend to frequently kinkshame women for kinks that don't align with theirs. It's why there's such little femporn out there, and before the recent movement for more femporn, a lot of women had to rely on yaoi, and yaoi made homophobic men seethe. (It still does even now and otaku males whine about fujoshi lol.)

So there is a threshold between "helpful" kinkshaming and being so shaming that it's toxic and unhealthy towards having a NORMAL libido.

Kinkshaming also relies on majority opinion and ratioshit to be effective, unless you have a lot of authority.

Anonymous 162519

Still don’t understand why so many straight girls get off to seeing two gay guys fucking. I’m a straight woman and it does absolutely nothing for me.

Anonymous 162569

I understand why straight girls like yaoi. I don't understand why lesbians like it (and gay male porn).

Anonymous 162574

Kink shame is based because no one should be comfortable oversharing about their kinks in the first place. If I'm exposed to someone's kink I already consider it a violation of my consent, so I have no qualms about shaming them for it. Just keep it to yourself.

Anonymous 162601

why are framing this as a question when it's clear that you've already came to a conclusion on it? not saying i don't agree with you, i do 100%, i just think that's weird.

Anonymous 162602

All you sex-havers disgust me. You SHOULD be shamed for your degeneracy. If I had my way there'd be nothing but IVF births and everyone would be required to be chemically castrated and forced to wear concealing, yet comfortable, baggy clothes year-round.

Anonymous 162607

No. If you do not want to be ridiculed, don't share your sexual life with me. My brother is into armpits, what do I do with that except mock him?

Anonymous 162610

Reptilian shapeshifter hands typed this. We all know you're just trying to stop us from reaching the stars so you can claim dominion over the solar system. Stay mad we can still reproduce sexually and cope with your sterile clone replacements.

Anonymous 162620

I have kinks and kinkshame others. It's self awareness. Kinks are inherently weird and it's good to laugh at yourself. I used to pro-kink/fetish as a brainwashed teenager on Tumblr and that subcultre led to a lot of predators being outed, so honestly people into violent/predatory/illegal things do need some criticism so they can be more self aware about it.

This, lmao

They usually pretend they're girls (a lot of "bishies" do look like girls until the pants come off and most manga is censored so it's easy to pretend it's a strap on or something lmao) or read it for the story. I've read gay and straight stories for the characters and dynamics and skimmed past the sex, a lot of girls who don't like guys but enjoy BL/yaoi anyway do that too.

Anonymous 162623

whats with this moidy picture? cc is really going downhill

Anonymous 162633

no castrate all men

Anonymous 162642

The problem with trannies isn’t that they castrate themselves; that’s the silver lining. The problem is their pedophilic nature and their insistence on pushing themselves into female spaces where they don’t belong. More men should castrate themselves. The only reason you wouldn’t see the difference between these is if you’re a moid yourself.

Anonymous 162643

>lost the argument so calls the other person a man.
This is why I am so done with this site.

Anonymous 162648

Any kink involving women ought to be shamed. Kinks involving inanimate objects (e.g. a fetish for balloons, tiles etc.) are just idiosyncratic and even a little charming. Foot fetishes might be okay. Anything else is typically a result of some sort of misogynistic and degenerate relationship between men and women or way of perceiving women. Most kinks also embed some element of dominance and submission, which at a superficial level is cringe and overdone, and at a deeper level is just a reproduction of the most revolting parts of patriarchy. Men enjoy dominance because they're inherently and biologically violent and also because they're insecure and need their vanity flattered and women think they enjoy submission because men have trained them to believe at a deep level that moid attention is the only thing worth striving for and being submissive involves being paid attention to for sustained levels of time by a moid.

Dominant people are vain and submissive people are narcissists. Dominant people, at the core, are insecure and need a woman to make them feel powerful (ironically making them pretty beta and sub). Submissive people spend all their time thinking about themselves and feel euphoric at the prospect of other people thinking about them (which in a way makes them sort of dominant, in their self-centred lust for power and attention). Put another way - dominant people spend all their time paying attention to and thinking about the sub, because it's only because of their submissive behaviour that they can feel powerful. Submissive people spend all their time thinking about themselves and about how the dominant sees them. Who's the real sub in this dynamic? One's a coward and the other is repulsively self-centred.

DD/LG, BDSM, S&M, rape fetishes etc. are all reproductions of this tired and self-aggrandizing dynamic.

Anonymous 162659

It’s not that deep sis, you sound boring as fuck.

Anonymous 162660

Most trannies do not castrate themselves though so your premise is retarded. If anything troons are being heavily encouraged by both chasers and each other to keep their dicks for the fetish aspect.

Anonymous 162661

You don’t need a dick to still be able to sexually assault women. Andrei Chitaliko was one of the worst serial killers and sexual assaulters of women and he was completely impotent. They’ll just use their mouths fingers or sharp objects to assault women if their dicks don’t work (or bottles like Johnny Depp who has ED)

Anonymous 162669

>I’m morally superior to people with spanking fetishes
>I also think people I disagree with should be killed
And you wonder why nobody takes kink shamers seriously lol. You’re all so boring yet mentally ill.

Anonymous 162677

>And you wonder why nobody takes kink shamers seriously.
Bitch what are you going on about. Nobody in here is crying about not being taken seriously as a "kinkshamer", kek. How moronic can you be? The absurdity of being called mentally ill by a handmaiden who enjoys being degraded, i had a good laugh thank you.

Anonymous 162678


Anonymous 162689

I'm a troon because i don't enjoy being degraded and because i think shaming women who do enjoy it is a good thing? Lmao it gets crazier and crazier. I wonder what makes a CC user not a troon nowadays. In your unhinged mind probably enjoying getting spanked and choked like an animal.

Anonymous 162697

Sex is fun and the most natural thing in the world, we’re literally all descended from lines of violent rapists and rape victims and a little bit of spanking is nothing compared to it, stop being a cringe boring Abrahamist.

Anonymous 162714

not that person but sex can be fun without having to get spanked, having sex is natural but spanking is not an inherent part of fucking. it also isn't ''boring'' to enjoy sex without any type of violent behavior in it no matter how light it is and regardless of if your ancestors were disgusting rapists or not

Anonymous 162717

Take your meds.

Anonymous 162718

But getting spanked feels good. I like getting my neck grabbed and bitten, getting my ass squeezed and slapped, face lightly slapped etc. The sensation isn’t painful, it’s just highly erotic and pleasurable. What’s so wrong with that? Billions of people enjoy it too.

Anonymous 162720

Same here tbh, these tradwifes(probably men)don't have sex ever so they don't get it.

Anonymous 162729

i'm not saying that you can't enjoy whatever you want, what i am saying is that it's cringe to assume anyone who doesn't enjoy those things must be a ''cringe boring abrahamist'', moid, or tradwife, and to act like it's a natural part of sex for everyone when it isn't and depends on your own preferences

Anonymous 162731

(wrong reply but whatever)

Anonymous 162732

But if you keep breaking down everything humans do with critical theory like that, then you can argue PIV sex is rape because most women can’t cum from it, it’s a violent act of a man sticking his pork sword into a woman and stabbing her with it, most women need clit stim to be conditioned into enjoying PIV etc. Everything in life is a power struggle, including sex.

Anonymous 162735

>you can argue PIV sex is rape because most women can’t cum from it, it’s a violent act of a man sticking his pork sword into a woman and stabbing her with it
Nona is so close to getting it that she is channeling Dworkin.

Anonymous 162738

She's mocking the idea retard.

Anonymous 162740

Even if you tell billions of women right now that when they’re having sex with their husbands they are actually just being raped, that’s not going to stop women from having sex with the men they love and are attracted to. You can put a negative or victimhood slant on anything you want to fit your agenda and worldview. But it’s ultimately meaningless because people are just going to continue doing that stuff regardless of your moral issues with it. I also find that kind of feminism which paints women as inherit victims of men who need to be saved, and that every interaction between women and men is toxic and nefarious, as extremely patronizing and counter productive. Having a victim mentality is never a good thing, especially not encouraging others to embrace extreme interpersonal paranoia and victimhood too. If anything that only helps destroy relationships and lower the trust between the sexes.

Anonymous 162741


Also men love the idea of having power over us and the idea of terorrizing us into submission. Is the appropriate response to that really just to shake and spill our spaghetti whenever we are around men, feel terrified 24/7, be unable to have relationships with men for fear they’re just trying to rape or kill us all the time, and reinforce mens idea that they own us through fear and being a little bit physically stronger than us? That seems really, really dumb and is literally just playing into the hands of what men want us to feel. Men want women to be terrified of them. Truth is most men are shameless beta goobers.

Anonymous 162742

>Also men love the idea of having power over us and the idea of terorrizing us into submission.

That's why you don't let a scrote spank you, dumb bitch. You're playing into it but somehow you're reversing it like we are: we are not afraid of men because we don't want to be spanked like cattle. I don't know where the fuck you've seen a terrified woman in this thread, we just don't enjoy getting degraded by pathetic moids (unlike you).

Anonymous 162746

It's called being a power bottom sweaty, the people who spank me lose all their power outside the bedroom.

Anonymous 162747

That’s not my actual opinion dumdum. I’m merely repeating radem talking points. Their argument is that all men are violent predatory rapists and murderers constantly trying to kill us and that we should live our entire lives in constant fear of them. My thoughts are that most men are beta goobers and being afraid of them and living life in fear of the tiny chance of being raped or murdered by one (btw 80% of rapes and female homicides are committed by a partner or ex or a friend, not some random moid trying to grab you off the street and if anything you should be more scared of your shitty bf than a random dude in a pickup truck on the corner) is retarded and pointless. I’m merely pointing out what a toxic victim mentality these women enforce by encouraging women to live in fear 24/7. That’s literally handing men power over women. By your own radfem logic that’s what men want. So why are you giving it to them for free?

Anonymous 162754

Call me

Anonymous 162912

I thought it's funny
>stop liking things I don't like

Anonymous 162916

Sorry sweaty but liking things I don't understand is automatic moid behavior, this is CC not a place of reason. I bet you like video games and other stereotypical gender neutral stuff just like the other thing we fixate on with love/hate, trannies.

Anonymous 162931

kinkshaming is 100 percent necessary, i genuinely can't begin to describe how much i fucking loathe people who make being horny/the porn they consume their entire personality. it's fucking vile.

they deserve to be ridiculed and told to fuck off, oversharing (especially with sexual stuff) is so fucking rampant nowadays and it's so gross. None of these people deserve any immunity or tolerance. It's unnecessary.

Anonymous 162932

As is your puritanical bullshit, go back to being amish.

Anonymous 162940

Dont you have some masturbating to do for the fifteenth time today

Anonymous 162941

Nope, I am more asexual than you, just sick of your petty judgements you throw around to make yourself feel better about your choice to deny yourself any pleasure in life.

Anonymous 162943


>more asexual than you
yeah i bet with how you broke your sex drive after masturbating all day to bdsm anime porn

Anonymous 162946

Forcibly and non-consensually exposing unsuspecting other people to sexuality isn’t freedom; it’s sexual tyranny. Shaming people for being uncomfortable with it doesn’t make you cool.

Anonymous 162947

Wait I think I know you, yeah you're more asexual than me by a slight degree but how are you not demisexual sis?
Like not everyone who posts anime or gnc shit, or like most things is porn broken, we ain't all weak willed scrotes yaknow.

Anonymous 162948

Am the anon you're referring to and I actually agree, fixating on sex and having it or not having it is just needless infighting amongst women imo

Anonymous 163602

fucking thank you, i genuinely don't care if people are or aren't having sex, sex is fine and good and i'm no puritan.

I just don't like people who make being horny their entire personality, i know enough of them in person and i really just hate being around them. I know more than enough moids that make what they jack off to a part of their personality and it's just fucking gross.

I don't have to be comfortable with them telling me about their sex life in graphic detail when nobody asks them to.

Anonymous 163616

>NOOOOO you don't understand shoving an eggplant up my rectum for anonymous moids on live cam is perfectly valid and a form of self expression you puritanical bigot stop hating fun

Anonymous 163621

Its bad if you must kinkshame femdom. Femdom is pure and based >:o :)

Anonymous 163639


Anonymous 163643

I'm so sorry that you can't cum unless your moid is chocking you, beating you, calling you racial slurs and pissing on you. It must be truly difficult to live like that.

Anonymous 163647

Oh no, not the scary internet words! Not in my anonymous imageboard! I thought we were all sex-positive Twitter libfems here!

Anonymous 163654

Not everyone has to be sex negative, repressed tradie fundie.
This isn't monastery or some stupid church forum.

Anonymous 163655

>previous post deleted
the troon reveals himself

Anonymous 163662

>she is this desperate
Have sex, you really need it and it shows.

Anonymous 163665

Ok, future greentext post number.

Anonymous 163670

Don't be sorry about others, be sorry about yourself, well naively assuming that you even love yourself.

Anonymous 163673

No, I just want you to know that 'fucking' can only last so long, whereas making love can last a lifetime.

Anonymous 163674

No it can’t. I’m sick of the lies that men are loyal and will be with you forever.

Anonymous 163675

Love is borderline unicorn, good fucking luck finding actual soulmate.

Anonymous 163676


Okay. Keep chasing that waterfall, then.

Anonymous 163677

Ive never said or hinted that i like or do casual sex
Fap is superior to sex, at last in this world

Anonymous 163681


>goes on a text forum
>finds reading boring
why are new posters like this?
it's because nobody can write remotely interesting or charming women characters
I mean, that probably is a lie but I don't see why letting someone who doesn't even love you have bad sex with you is better? Like, you could just masturbate, you'd cum faster, and you wouldn't have to bother with PIV or hygiene. Also you don't have to be around a moid.
I love how sex posi libfems can't really come up with arguments. They just resort to some variant of 'haha radfem is ugly/boring/not cool' and then grunt out a few 'oofs' and 'yikes'. They're like bad AI. Moments like this make me wonder if they really are less sentient than other women, in which case I suppose it's not that sad when men perpetually pump and dump them.

Anonymous 163683

Humans should be phased out for sexless in vitro produced artificially created posthuman species or if somehow possible, electronic AIs.

Sex is disgusting and causes at least third of all human suffering (and animals too for that matter)

Anonymous 163685

lol no

Anonymous 163688

Obsession with troons and puritanical tendencies is good incel indicator.

Anonymous 163689

Literally 1984

Anonymous 163690

>defending pumping and dumping
Yup, incel confirmed.

Anonymous 163691

>mass replies
I don't know, ask yourself that, newposter.

Anonymous 163695

How would we know tho

Anonymous 163696

Nta but what's wrong with them

Anonymous 163700

Oof. Couldn't be me. Imagine finding it hard to keep a moid wrapped around your finger unless you cater to their degenerate fetishes.

Anonymous 163701

oh sorry, I didn't realize you went on CC literally to just stare at images. I guess the low IQ are pretty easily entertained

Anonymous 163702

>if you don't want to be choked, pissed on and called racial slurs you're a puritan

Anonymous 163709

Nta but hey I'm sure there are a few /img/ only people

Anonymous 163711

Their original post complaining about how hard reading is wasn't on /img/ though, it was on here

Anonymous 163713

>nothing personnel kiddos

Anonymous 163714

Why do you feel need to tell us about your sexual life?

Anonymous 163723

None of those posts said anything about the poster's sex life whatsoever.

Anonymous 163728


Sage because blogpost, but yes, a lot of these "enlightened" types try to push your boundaries and include you in their "polycules." They simply can't keep it to themselves– that's part of the fetish.

Anonymous 163729

I wasn’t that anon and ironically you lacked the reading comprehension to understand even that message. Not everyone who finds you boring is incapable of reading. You’re not as interesting or smart as you seem to think you are.

Anonymous 163730

I fucking hate the word "polycule". It's so gross.

Anonymous 163736


I fucking hate the word "polycule". It's so gross.

'Polycule' sounds like an STD one would get from the "lifestyle" lol

Anonymous 163738

You can tell that only one of them likes her. I don’t understand women who offer themselves up to moids that hate them like that.

Anonymous 163742

I can't stop staring at this picture, the longer I look the funnier it gets. She looks like a former teen mom with a bunch of disabled adult children.

Anonymous 163744

this picture makes me want to revoke my non-virginity

Anonymous 163745

Sure thing, they look look like projection or freudian slips
And that "racial slurs" part is awfully specific

Anonymous 163746

>Boy harem
Celebacy is a better option.

Anonymous 165741

no, kinkshaming needs to be more prevalent

Anonymous 165773

Was there ever a poly relationship where people involved weren't all extremely gross?

Anonymous 165776

Yeah, we also need more churchgoin and slutshaming too.
Fucking tradies, go back to /pol/

Anonymous 165873

Okay porn-brainrot scrote

Anonymous 165875

are you australian or kiwi? why do you keep saying tradie? what makes you think tradies browse pol? are you retarded? are the estrogen shots melting your degenrate scrote brain?

Anonymous 166327


Shaming men's fetishes? yes

Women with kinks need therapy, not shaming

Anonymous 166328

Also that picrel is fucking gross, I hate reddit and its pungent tit memes

Anonymous 166330

Tbf the comment was super reddit too you all just dont call it out if its saying women instead of men like it would on reddit

Anonymous 166335

Is it possible to seethe any harder than this?
You literally reply to everyone who says kinkshaming is good with the same retarded shit again and again lmao

Anonymous 166336

What are you talking about?

Anonymous 166343

Where is it sex swapped?

Anonymous 166362

>W-well if the genders were swapped no one would care/everyone would care

Anonymous 166408

I don't know what you mean. But I know you're gonna blame me for it and call me retarded because we miscommunicated

Anonymous 166416

I'm not trying to show that I'm better than men though. I could've elaborated on my post, but eh, i don't feel like doing that.

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