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Anonymous 162408

i don't think i have given parsley a chance yet.

cilantro is a different story: i put loads of cilantro in everything i can get away with. i always buy 5 bunches and immediately wash them, first bunch i use exycessively on whatever i am making that day, second and third bunches i am keeping in the fridge until i use them, fourth and fifth i put in silicone freezer bags because i hate not having any.

i put cilantro in raw salsa from the blender that's just tomatos, onion, garlic, cilantro, bell pepper +spices thrown in a blender and then BRRRRRRR for maybe 10 seconds? skillful use of the blender can make things into little shreds that still have texture.

i put cilantro in in raw tomato sauce which is almost the same as the salsa, just blended longer. i like to add nutbutters or tahini to the sauce to bump up the fat a bit. is a fun way to eat i think. i throw a tomato into the blender and just pour it over whatever i am eating. i must like this over shredded raw veggies, raw sauce over raw veggies with some dried olives on top, that's heaven for me. people still in denial with the excessive amounts cooked food, i guess they did not even bother to try it for a while to feel the difference.

i tried eating a hot chilli sauce the other day and my mouth is still hurting days later 😥 i was so sensitive to food after having enjoyed raw for a long time that i forgot chilli is so strong that i have to have a tolerance that needs to be build up again before i can just eat chilli sauce like it doesn't acid-attack my mouth for several days after. inside of my mouth is still white in some places.

anyways i'm giving parsley a chance. maybe i will end up liking it. maybe i should just buy it once and put it over something where i usually eat cilantro like a salsa. seems to be regarded as pretty healthy.

Anonymous 162414

parsley is amazing i put it in everything. fresh parsley on my soups, salads, chopped up over chickpeas w soy sauce, i'll add it onto toast for some freshness. i usually stick with cilantro too, but after i discovered that i love tabbouleh i started buying more parsley to make it myself, and now i add it into everything!

Anonymous 162415

Parsley is essential for chopped liver.

Anonymous 162430



i don't think i have ever had any. i don't think i have given bulgur a chance but there are other grains i already like a lot. i particularly noticed i like spelt and millet

currently watching this:


seems delicious. i think i am making this soon with spelt instead of bulgur 😍or with plain white rice since i have yet to use my new little stainless steel rice cooker.

Anonymous 162438


cabbage i have grown to love recently. i had no idea how it affects the organism. i only ate salad from cucumber, bell pepper and cabbage a few days and it is like a powerful torrent washing through the digestive system picking up anything it can find along the way.

nobody would believe the size of my poops when i eat this. i always thought vegan poop is petite and frequent. turns out that is not the case with cabbage. i was pooping like a zoo animal, like an industrial machine. now the food i ate before seems foolish in comparison.

Anonymous 162439

looks delicious, i love lebanese cuisine so much let us know how you like it if you end up making it! i have a hard time coming across bulgar wheat where im from so i usually sub in quinoa, i haven't worked with spelt or millet so that's interesting, maybe i'll change my recipe a little and try it too.

Anonymous 162446

lol you are hilarious. samefagging but i need to eat more cabbage and your post is actually convincing me to do so. i love feeling cleaned out from the inside as weird as it sounds. enjoy your clean gut!

Anonymous 162450

I grow cilantro.. it's so annoying to buy fresh herbs, and then the next day they look bad. I also grow chives and basil.

Anonymous 162452

I have no idea what to do with cabbage. I love onions, carrots, celleru, eggplant,peppers, greenbeans, kale, spinach but I have zero recipes for cabbage. It is honestly the most mysterious veg to me.

Anonymous 162461


>looks delicious, i love lebanese cuisine so much

currently bingewatching this channel i stumbled over. interesting stuff on there! after my recent discovery of tahini i am sure i find more stuff from middle eastern world that i like. tahini is the convenient affordable runny peanutbutter for sauces that i have always dreamed about. probably way healthier then peanut butter.

> i have a hard time coming across bulgar wheat where im from so i usually sub in quinoa, i haven't worked with spelt or millet so that's interesting, maybe i'll change my recipe a little and try it too.

quinoa i only tried once like 6 years ago, maybe i try it again in the near future. i have the good fortune of living near a turkish supermarket. they sell all kinds of lentils, and beans and other dried goodies in big bags. also they have a big selection of affordable spices and some more rare fruits and vegetables. i buy ridiculous amounts of tahin there. next time i go i buy like 10 of those little containers filled with tahin.

Anonymous 162465


>lol you are hilarious. samefagging but i need to eat more cabbage and your post is actually convincing me to do so. i love feeling cleaned out from the inside as weird as it sounds. enjoy your clean gut!

i was genuinely surprised. i was making verbal prelinguistic surprise noises when i turned around and peeked into the toiletbowl after what felt too long parachuting to seem believable. it was HUGE and it had specs on them that reminded me of hay fragments.

the raw tomato sauce i made tasted so good with the cabbage, this was me pigging out on it. it was not me responsibly depriving myself of food i would rather eat to make a detox while suffering just to be more healthy at the end, this was enjoyable to eat too! i loved the taste.

what helped was that i was shredding the cabbage tiny with the mandolin that way i was able to eat it so fast because i chewed so little, which of course is dumb because digestion happens in the mouth too.

i found ways to make it taste great. i was planning on rewarding myself after eating good for quite some time but turns out i rather continue then eat what i was planning to eat as reward for myself.

TURNS OUT FUCK THE REWARD I KEEP EATING THE RAW SALADS 🤣 AND EAT NOTHING BUT GRAPES. my fridge is already stacked with everything i need for the salad. i bought 6 long cucumbers, 1 big head of cabbage and 6 bell peppers. this will be shredded directly into a big bowl with the mandolin and then i dump it into glasses that i keep in the fridge. before i put them in the fridge i dump the tomato sauce in the glasses though.

my fridge is like fast food, i go to the fridge and it is always filled with glasses of stuff i love to eat. i can't wait for my tongue to stop hurting so i can taste again and eat me some cabbage salad.

Anonymous 162466


my first herb planting attempts are pretty unimpressive and i have doubt in my mind that this can ever give me what a supermarket can give me. maybe i find a plant i use so little of so that my small acre on the balcony is enough to supply me with.

i dunno what i did wrong, i sprinkled lots of seeds in my little box on the balcony but only like 5% of the basil seeds became plants. a few plants came out beautifully. i should have harvested and froze it when the leaves were their best. now they start to deflate already. next time i am starting the plants underneath this little plastic hood that keeps the seeds moist.

Anonymous 162467


i always liked it when it is in falafel. when i bought falafel in döner stores they put the vegetables in with it that they usually put with döner and that's sometimes cabbage or red cabbage. i did like the roughage in fiber it added to the breaded falafel.

this seems like a nice way of trying raw cabbage to me: cook something flavorful that you love that is lots of concentrated flavor and then eat it with a lot of raw cabbage shreddings.

like a curry where you dump shredded cabbage on top. the curry is so flavorful that it has enough power to carry the somewhat neutral tasting cabbage.

an experienced raw eater of course would look down on eating cooked food at all but to get the toes wet before jumping into this unknown water these half-raw meals are a nice way to ease into this type of eating.

Anonymous 162477



>the most mysterious veg to me

to me is eggplant. the few times i added it to curry it wasn't all that. it felt like the curry was carrying the eggplant. it is made into a paste called Baba ghanoush (when i remember right it is basically hummus without the chickpeas and with eggplant instead; which is how i have been making all my sauces recently basically. adding tahini, garlic and lemon juice to anything will make it into a wonderful sauce.)

i just take tomatoes and throw them in the blender with tahini, garlic, cilantro, maple syrup and lemon juice and some more spices i like and then brrrrrr and that's a sauce from fresh real alive ingredients i can pour over everything to make it taste delicious, like cabbage and cucumber shreddings for exmple.

a little machine like this made this so easy:

i just make the sauce in the blender, take the blade out and dip into the container i blended it in 😎

Anonymous 162514

big avocado.jpg

next week there will be cheap avocado again. last time that happened i bought 12. 12 fat avocados each weighing like 450g.

this time i am buying 30. if i have space in the freezer then maybe more. when i buy them at the store they are hard and about 6 to 10 days away from being ripe but when i put some in the fridge then those will ripen slower. quite the logistics-problem.

can't wait, gonna be exciting. my body absolutely loves avocado i noticed. salad from cucumber and cabbage with a sauce from mostly raw tomato with thick avocado chunks on top (or blended into the sauce, that's nice too).

i dunno what it is, avocado's fat is so easily accessible to my body. all the other fat has to wait in front of the club but avocado is vip and always can go right in without waiting it seems.

Anonymous 162589


Anonymous 162595


i still have not bought raw spinnach leaves, they sell them at the turkish supermarket in big bunches but all i have ever bought are these expensive little bags of organic baby spinnach. they are nice but they are tiny.

Anonymous 162695

currently pigging on more of the cabbage/cucumber/bellpepper salad. surprisingly gentle on my destroyed mouth. i can almost taste again.

could be my body trying to send clear signs of rejection regarding the cooked food i ate for a few days vs the raw food i am on now. i wish i had known this back when i was younger how good this feels 😌

Anonymous 162759

eating all this cabbage will make my jaw strong it seems. i have muscle fatigue around the jaw from munching on the cabbage so hard.

body is celebrating though. i was feeling shit for the last few days just emotionally and as soon as i eat raw again party continues.😂

Anonymous 162772

Spinach is fucking fantastic! I love it so much, but it cooks down ridiculously fast lol. More spinach for me!

Have any of you guys tried kimchi? I have been going hog wild on it lately. It's so good and spicy, and I can add it to almost any meal to get my veg in. I want to make some at home but Im so bad at cooking lol

Anonymous 162832

Cilantro is amazing but I absolutely hate parsley and always will

Anonymous 163651


there is also mint. i guess mint isn't as easy to work with as cilantro because with cilantro the entire bunch is edible while with mint everything but the leaves is just slightly too tough to enjoy.

mint is nice in salsa. i throw tomato, onion, garlic, bell pepper and various small stuff into a blender and a few leaves of mint are a nice match. doesn't taste like toothpaste.

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