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cows Anonymous 162572

anyone else here really like cows? post pretty cow pictures, stories about cows, etc.

>picrel, is my girl clara :)

Anonymous 162577

shes beautiful

Anonymous 162582

Screen Shot 2022-0…

I love cows, they are so peaceful and gentle. we can learn a lot from them

Anonymous 162585

This is a very cute cow. What kind of cow has this cute haircut?
Can't tell if OP is just samefagging or if there are a lot of vegans in here but either way I'm glad there are other cow lovers on CC (who rationally speaking must be vegans).

Anonymous 162596


It's a highland cow.

Anonymous 162599

Scottish highland cows, also called Galloway cows.
They're very popular, where I live.

Anonymous 162650

Is that a calf? They're so charming

Anonymous 162767

Thank you so much, I will tell her tonight when I go and spend some time with her.
They certainly are great role models. I think that they make some of the best pets, such good girls and boys.
Such a cutie pie! I want a highland very badly.
I believe it is a calf! Such cute little horns lol

Anonymous 162828

Highland cows are lovely, very gentle and peaceful; not too bright though, my neighbours cows would get stuck in the fence.

Anonymous 163756

I love how stupid they are, it makes me happy

Anonymous 163758

I prefer mine more well-done.

Anonymous 163762

This moid would be way better looking if he ate a better diet and moisturized.

Anonymous 163767

He looks like a 13 year old girl who doesn’t know how to do makeup yet. Gross.

Anonymous 163769

Actually scratch that, his makeup looks like it was done by an 8 year old.

Anonymous 163773

>eating makes your neck two different colors

Anonymous 163781

If that were true, you wouldn’t waste time putting that hideous orange foundation on in the first place. It’s probably making your skin worse too.

Anonymous 163789

You’re supposed to put orange color corrector under your foundation hon, which masks the darker/blueish color showing through. Not cover your whole face in orange slap.

Anonymous 163790

What he should really do is stop with the makeup altogether. Even stubble would be an improvement. If he went to the gym, ate better, and switched the glasses for more rectangular ones, it would improve his aesthetics a lot.

Anonymous 163839

stopping being a tranny is what would help him the most

Anonymous 163845


Could one raise miniature cows for milk? How much cheese could one get from le miniature cow? I dreamt of a little bitty dairy cow

Anonymous 163846

You do know how getting milk and making cheese works anon? I don't think you'd actually want to do that

Anonymous 163958

Lmao. Are city people really this daft?

Anonymous 163962

Yes I really want to make my own cheese ! And ice cream. :v

Anonymous 163964

Lol well can you answer the question?

Anonymous 163995

Nona… Mammals don't just randomly give milk. Dairy cows only give milk if they are continuously impregnated. As soon as their calves are born, they are taken away and another cycle begins, until their bodies are so worn out that they can no longer keep up.

I am not a vegan, but please, educate yourself on where your food comes from.

Anonymous 163997

Is it different with a goat? Gandhi apparently traveled as an ascetic with a goat that gave him milk that he drank right from the teat.

Anonymous 164001


i love cows, especially highland cattle; they're just so cute.
btw i heard this place was woman-centric. are men allowed to post here?

Anonymous 164004

The purpose of milk in mammals is feeding the newborn, without a pregnancy there won't be milk. That is true for cows and goats as much as for humans.
Unlike cows you can usually milk goats for a few years once they give birth. You still need to get them pregnant once to begin with though, and you need to do so again when they stop producing milk.

Anonymous 164016

any1 who reveals themselves to be male is banned, ya

Anonymous 164018

How did Gandhi have that milk then

Anonymous 164019


for real?! fuck
take this webm on my way out

Anonymous 164021

Sorry anon, dems the rules

Anonymous 164022

Am I imagining this, or did I seriously just witness a respectful interaction between a moid and a nona? C'est impossible

Anonymous 164024

Not all moids, some really just want a place run by softer hands so they can escape the constant shit flinging and, well in his case, post about literal cows. I'm sorry this is just, like wholesome cute.

Anonymous 164028


gore being spammed, bump

Anonymous 164031

It got deleted so fast today, do we have new jannies?

Anonymous 164032

Theres an anon that responds like he is other anons when he isn't, it's the same one that samefags and acts like hes 300 people. He's fucking annoying, report and ignore.

Anonymous 164033

Crystal cafe really just ended sexism

Anonymous 164037

Idc, you can't ruin the wholesome moment in my mind.

Anonymous 164039

One true male ally

Anonymous 164041

don't forget to brush your crocodile twice a day and after meals!

Anonymous 164097

clara is a cutie, thanks for sharing a picture of her!

Anonymous 164104

Ok, you win.

Anonymous 164106

I thought they gave them hormones now and they only did that in the old days

Anonymous 164107

This is adorable

Anonymous 164127

am confusion, why did a moid post a selfie in cow thread??

You could, but it would be quite a venture. The range for what I can find online in milk production is 1.5 gal - 4 gal a day. Birth weight of the calf is from about 22-24 pounds. Calves need at least 10% of their body weight in milk per day, so a newborn would be drinking about a quart and a fifth a day, with that number increasing until you wean them at around 3 months or so. However, even with baby drinking lots of milk, you would have enough for your purposes. Do you have land?
Gandhi's goat must have calved within the last few years of him using it for milk then
Thank you so much! She is such a good girl, she yells at me in the mornings when I come to bring her feed and then licks my hands lol

Anonymous 164180

who is the one behind clara?

Anonymous 164207

We win

Anonymous 164258

Jazz for Cows_1.we…

Anonymous 164266


Anonymous 164416


Anonymous 164417

affectionate cow.w…

Anonymous 164418

cowe does not shar…

Anonymous 164688

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Her name is Clover! She is a lot more skittish than Clara.

Anonymous 164741

awww clover is a cutie too! she has a lovely little poof of fur at the top of her head!

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