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Anonymous 162682

Wow, even gigastacies always end up with ugly and average looking boyfriends. It’s over.

There’s truly no hope for less attractive women, is there?

Anonymous 162691

That guy looks cute to me but I do have a thing for long hair.

Anonymous 162700

Makes sense, real men are usually uglier and have neanderthal faces.

Anonymous 162701

He looks like a Britbong builder in a blonde wig. I don’t find him attractive at all.

Anonymous 162704

He’s not FTM why do you trannies make so much dumb stuff up?

Anonymous 162713

It looks like he or his hair done at the same salon as her, so cringe.

Anonymous 162721

sandcastle cici.pn…

>no hope for less attractive women
Hope for what? Men will sleep with anything, even a fried chicken sandwich. Why would any woman ever be afraid that she couldn't procure a mate? Besides, there's always the women only communes if someone doesn't want to deal with men.
I'm happy for Stacy. I hope her boyfriend brings her joy and her life is everything she wants it to be.

Anonymous 162722


>There’s truly no hope for less attractive women, is there?

when you are a regular normal well adjusted dead-inside gal then there is no hope because you have been living a lie and the lie has caught up to you. if you dare to be unique there has never been anything but hope for you. while normality has been exhausted, individuality is alive and well.

Anonymous 162723

Yeah but we’re women, we don’t care about casual sex. We want a long term relationship and marriage with a quality moid.

Anonymous 162724

Anonymous 162725

Bitch speak for your damn ass self.

Anonymous 162726


He looks like this but with a tan, veneers and blonde hair extensions.

Anonymous 162733

bee turtle.png

That other responder to this post isn't me, but I get your point. High quality men are very difficult to find. This is why men shouldn't be a priority in your life, everyone's Nigel is ultimately a man and men will let you down. It is much better to create/find women's spaces and get your social support from them. I saw three girlfriends who bought three houses on the same street and raised their kids as a community once. Most wholesome thing I'd ever seen. They threw the greatest Halloween parties.

Anonymous 162734

Those were lesbians lmfao

Anonymous 162736

yass lawd.PNG

Anonymous 162739

>There’s truly no hope for less attractive women, is there?

What makes you think that? This Stacy made a choice and chose this average looking moid, she could definitely have a Chad if she wanted to. It's not over. You're acting like even this woman can't have a handsome Chad, but she clearly could. She's just too much of a handmaiden to care i suppose.

Then tbh the man isn't that ugly compared to what you see when you go outside and look at scrotes. He's clearly below her and his face is fat as fuck, plus he looks so stupid though.

Anonymous 162743

No he doesn’t. That moid you posted is significantly uglier.

Anonymous 162744

Getting a Chad bf is the most difficult thing in the world dumdum.

>there’s 100 stacies for every Chad so they’re extremely high in demand and everyone wants them

>men are the gatekeepers of marriage and true commitment so if they don’t feel like committing to you, you won’t get it
>most chads are manwhores and attractive male features go hand in hand with psychopathy
>most stacies get cheated on or left, maybe slightly less than less attractive women, but it still happens all the time because men are incapable of true monogamy and commitment to one woman
So actually getting a highly attractive committed boyfriend is hard for most stacies let alone us Beckies.

Anonymous 162745


>We want a long term relationship and marriage with a quality moid.

just have a nice life regardless of relationshipstatus and what tends to happen is that you eventually get the status you want.

Anonymous 162748

That's because men are subhumans, it has nothing to do with Chads specifically. Ugly men have the same issues you just pointed out, they can't commit (or if they do right away it's out of despair), they cheat (and if they don't it's because they don't have the option to cheat), etc.

I have a muscular Chad talking to me right now and he's mad because i didn't answer his call last night, they're not as difficult to get as you seem to think they are, they're as thirsty for women as regular moids. The most difficult thing in the world is to get a good moid, not just a good Chad. You're making it sound like ugly pieces of shit are easier and more faithful, "dumdum".

Anonymous 162749

No, it’s easy to get Chads as hookups or temperate bfs because they’re manwhores. Actually getting long term commitment or marriage with one is impossible. Even for Stacies.

Anonymous 162751


Two of them had husbands, but maybe, yeah.

Anonymous 162752

Bisexual poly stacies, I am jealous of you being their neighbor.

Anonymous 162753


queens tend to assume they represent everyone around them and play dumb to evidence to the contrary.

i never met a good man who was not instantly repelled by involuntary representation. repelled as in considering you a colonizer and a slave owner, instantly discounting you from the mating pool forever. someone who think has the right to decide for others is something all men have already plenty of in their life and are not interested in the least.

Anonymous 162755

But the same is true with any moid. That is my point, commitment is hard for moids and their ape brain regardless of how handsome they are.
Plus, many Stacies don't care about commitment anyway, and i know i don't as well, i don't even have sex with men i just enjoy their company, let them gas me up, pay for restaurants, etc.

Anonymous 162756

What does this mean, to you, truly?

Anonymous 162764


men hate when you play dumb or try to manipulate them into doing something, i guess to know anything about men you had to be close to one once. you can never have an actual human relationship with someone that you have a competitive capitalistic relationship with. relationships no matter the cost are doomed to be shit. a lot of work for something that most likely at least one person involved will soon grow tired of in desperate need for something real that is not based on necessities.

what you confused ones need to understand is that there are humans meeting each other because they want to and you have to reach that level because your normal level does not include this.

Anonymous 162766

Well I do have a female brain so you got me there chief, actually I can see your point now, just could do without the condescending talk really.

Anonymous 162768

that tone is actually valuable information that you have not yet learned how to interpret. it means that you were not welcome and should have stayed away. you deserve that tone every time you play dumb and involve someone in your life that would have preferred to stay out. you don't like it? stop getting in people's face so much and it will stop.

maybe is time to grow up.

Anonymous 162773

now you're just projecting hatred and malice due to your own inequities.

Anonymous 162774

>now you're just projecting hatred and malice due to your own inequities.

a sane person would have gotten the hint and scurried off, now you try to play therapist to keep this trainwreck of an interaction going. you need handle rejection better, when other people decide against you, that is ok. everyone has every right to deny you attention. nobody owes you friendship and becoming enemies with everyone who does not want to be your friend will only end you up having nothing but enemies.

now watch me not give a fuck about whatever stupid thing you are programed to respond with next. try your best but it will not be good enough.

Anonymous 162777

this is seriously the dumbest bair ever I cant believe 30 of you have replied

Anonymous 162784


I am so bored, please let me reply to shit posts. But besides, it makes the trolls so angry when you reply with nothing but positivity and happiness for Stacy because they hate Chad, so they think we should hate Stacy.
Stacys of the world, I know you're way prettier than me, and that you've always attracted the best looking guys, but I really do hope that you're doing well and that men aren't crushing your spirit and vivaciousness.

Anonymous 162792


You're a less bitter woman than me.

Anonymous 162793

It's sad because this is true, and also because you made me think of Lil Mar and the McChicken. Men can truly be pretty disgusting and will legit put their dick in anything

Anonymous 162848

Because she is ugly and olastic surgeried and everyone can tell

Most trannies end up in ever uglier relations so i dont care. Just incels fucking incels all day.

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