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Anonymous 16280

Do you all believe in race-realism (racialism)?

Do you even believe there could be differences between different groups of Europeans? There is a lot of talk about HBD (human bio-diversity, basically newspeak for scientific racism) in the rational community these days. Here is an example:


What does everyone think?

Anonymous 16283


Yes, but not on a level that is significant or valuable to study, since the methods that have been used are mostly bullshit.

Anonymous 16284

MBTI is astrology for men

Anonymous 16288

Yes, I believe in it.
Yeah, there are definitely differences between the European umbrella.
Do I think this in any way justifies the belittlement or destruction, even just the general treatment of others different? No fucking way.

Anonymous 16291

No. I believe that the differences between racial groups is a result of culture, and not genetics, and its pretty easy to see that when you compare first generation immigrants compared to second or third generations.

HBD is also not a respected or accepted theory in the scientific community. The only people who peddle it are racists and the alt-right.

Anonymous 16292

It is bullshit.
>>16291 and >>16285 explained it perfectly.

Anonymous 16297

I heard africans and australian aboriginals are more genetically distant than dogs and wolves yet the former are considered the same species and the latter aren't.

Anonymous 16298

source? which journal is this

Anonymous 16303

…but wolves and dogs are the same species. They can interbreed without reproductive defects. I'm not a biologist or even in STEM at all, though, so disclaimer for that.

Half Indigenous Australian people exist, anon, whether you like it or not.

As for my opinion on the thread's topic, I do believe there are racial differences but they are not absolute and aren't as important as culture (in regards to shaping an individual's personality). Therefore there should be no rules/laws forbidding people of certain races from doing what they like. So long as they can do something well (a job, a sport, etc.), let them.

Making character assumptions about people based on their race is also stupid, although I'm biased in this regard since I'm an Amerindian and don't live up to any of the social stereotypes (don't drink or drug, not promiscuous, never committed crime). I wouldn't say I'm a special case, either. Living life expecting every black person to be a criminal, every Jew to be greedy, etc. is a ridiculous way to live. Just my two cents.

Anonymous 16304

Not really. That's more related to where you live/who influences you and how your parents grew you as a kid.

Anonymous 16309

What's the endgame for race realists? Like, if they were to prove without a doubt that white people are superior above all other races, what then? Society is too far gone to just go "well, the science proves it back to the fields niggers".

That said, I think there should be more medical research when it comes to race and potential differences. It's just too bad that these types of studies are always dealt with by racists/racist-adjacents who just want to prove certain races are "better", or "worse", than the others.

From what I understand, a lot of medical research in the USA is extremely biased to white people of a certain socioeconomic standard. While it's understandable why that is, it's not really the type of thing you can generalize for everybody else. There are countless stories of black people, for example, who had bad experiences with dermatologists who were never trained to spot skin issues/diseases on dark skin. I think that, and similar cases, are huge problems that no one really wants to deal with because the constant race-baiting.

Anonymous 16334

>>Imageboards love to put across the image of society being terrified of acknowledging race. In reality, there's no taboo of saying that Africans differ by this thing or that, for example here: >>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sickle_cell_disease#Epidemiology The difference is that race realists don't want to talk about blood cells, they want to talk about superiority and inferiority.

Yes and no. Most people don't want to talk about IQ differences between races. Of course, there is a perfectly good reason for minorities who are deemed to be lower-IQ to not want to talk about it. It's offensive and can undermine their ability to succeed in certain fields, if only because it will knock their confidence and cause them to waste useful mental energy fighting the sense of stereotype threat.


>>To get to the point of what their endgame is, I don't think there particularly is one. They see a utopia in a country that only contains X group of people, but in reality it's going to be an endless fight against the other, even if it comes down to the otherness of that tribe a few kilometres away, as has been the case for much of human history.

I think they're right and wrong. Societies that are more hegemonic tend to be more trusting of each other.


But subjectively I think they're also more boring. I grew up in a town that all white and it was such a snore. I think racism is primarily caused by white people being genetically predisposition towards being racist. We got to be white people through assortative mating. Blue eyed people have a preference for people who also have blue eyes but to brown eyed people it makes no difference.

Anonymous 16335

*homogenous not hegemonic

Anonymous 19101

That's not their endgame. I'd call myself a race realist if pressed and I don't really care who is superior or inferior. It just annoys me that it's taken as gospel truth in the west that all races are exactly the same and that all differences are merely cosmetic.

Anonymous 19134

I want to live in a better world so I am racist and anti-semitic

I would prefer not to be antagonistic towards groups of people because muh naxalt but there's no way to address the West's problems without being HONEST about race. Besides that fact, as a white person literally every other group in society is gunning to disposses you of not only wealth but your very birthright. Your ancestors didn't toil, bleed, and die so some traitor in the government can take from you to feed a litter of nogs because the Jews said so.

Anonymous 19137


While you're here, I'd like you to take a look at my post.
This pic is pure gold. Please cherish it as such.

Anonymous 19655

It's probably just overthinking things.

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