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Anonymous 163057

>make embarrassing post on CC when I'm drunk/sad/sleep deprived
>don't go on it for days out of embarrassment
>come back and act like nothing happened
I've never made a bad post in my life

Anonymous 163060


How to attain your power?

Anonymous 163100

What the hell is that?

Anonymous 163104

I've done the same, and well at least I've seen other people post more embarrassing things than I've ever posted

Anonymous 163108


Why can't cats look ugly no matter how close to their face you put the camera, and why isn't it the same with me? Tell me why right now.

Anonymous 163133

I need this cat, I need to lick this cat.

Anonymous 163187

I say this with love, but y'all, we have too much shame. this is an anonymous website :( post whatever you want fuck who's watching

Anonymous 163283

Nice try Mr FBI Agent/tranny cloudflare army.

Anonymous 163313

I dont think the fbi is going to care about autistic women posting cringe shit on crystal cafe lmao calm down

Anonymous 163801


I make bad posts here constantly, and I never leave. Have at you

Anonymous 163824


No… youre angle… all youre posts are good
Mine… are evil, bad, disgustin

Anonymous 163825

The fact that posts on CC pretty much stay up forever makes me more anxious to post and more ashamed of making bad posts because even if it is anonymous, they don't get swept under the rug and it's just a reminder of "oh I embarrassed myself" or "oh I had a bad talk with an anon" etc
Yea I know I'm probably taking it too seriously but imageboards are the only place I feel like I can truly express myself for better and for worse so it is kind of serious to me sorry

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