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almost against the law to be happy Anonymous 163656

have you tried being joyful and happy in public? it feels like something that is illegal but it is not yet made into law.

when i do it i get surrounded by people who seem like they would kill just to make eye contact with me. the attraction is so strong. nothing else matters, just i seem to matter.

being happy is like a smell that only the least fortunate and most desperate can smell. they get excited by it the way a vulture would be if he saw something that was food soon. if i had known how predatory humans are in character i might have opted not to be born or continue life.

i have two choices it seems. first choice is living in my natural state and enjoying my life, which is the reason why i worked hard through my youth in the first place. i wanted to reach this place and i succeeded. i have found what i was looking for only to realize it attracts as much danger as the most sophisticated dangermachine possibly could. i'd be surrounded like it was zombie apocalypse you know the video of the few teenage girls who walk around in egypt and they get swarmed by hundreds of boys like it was locust plague? that's what i am talking about… by people who are just not able to find inner peace in this warzone. attracting people who have every intention of not accepting "no", being constantly harassed by people who feel entitled to conflict if they are not sufficiently acknowledged.

second choice is to try my best to hide that i have found satisfaction and pretend to be restless and retarded like a agitated chicken like the dumb masses of humanity just to minimize all forms of rape and violence that are heading towards be because of it. this would require me to act and not be authentic, which is something i fought for. this would make me hate myself for being an actor which is something i fought for.

these choices are garbage. those can't be me only options. i refuse this, there have to be more possibilities.

Anonymous 163660

i knew a girl in university who had rare beautiful big breasts and she went through a lot of trouble of hiding them. she would basically wrap a big scarf around herself always to squeeze the boobage to the sides as much as possible to make the resulting cleavage as unimpressive as possible. quite the curse actually. when guys would see the unhidden cleavage they would completely change and become drooling retards while the other women became so jealous that it turned into constant hostility.

is quite the curse being attractive, i don't think as many people would wish for it if they understood it does not automatically result in being treated like a queen, it results in being treated like a bathroom garbagecan.

Anonymous 163661

No, they, the masses are anything but human, they simply have no that spark of humanity.

Anonymous 163664


dear god…what kind of hellhole do you live in, where showing positive emotions in public makes you a target for attention?

Anonymous 163666


not protecting the soul from participating in financial transactions is the source of the desperation i believe. selling out, corruption, conspiracies, that's what squeezes out the humanity of what were born once beautiful children.

Anonymous 163671

The solution is easy you eat up their attention and feed off their rage. I've been wearing happy off and on for years, I mean real, genuine bliss. You just learn to love being hated, and it makes people stfu.

Though I'm not really a cruel person either, I just gawk at people's rage and laugh if they throw it in my face. Its nice to see them seize up and choke on frustration when they're absolute shitheel bastards.

Anonymous 163678

that's the common solution it seems but i don't genuinely enjoy other's misfortune and also this has selfdestructive consequences i am wise enough to see. using the desparation as a motor to me is no difference then being yourself desperate. i get it that you consider yourself a mastermind, a 4d chess playing royalty but to me you are no different from your subjects, just an expression of desparation. i couldn't envy someone like you, what i have is way better.

Anonymous 163679


>rare beautiful big breasts
>squeeze the boobage
>resulting cleavage as unimpressive as possible

Anonymous 163684

I think people are afraid to make eye contact with happy people because they're so unusual they assume they must be on drugs or be unpredictable. I used to be that way - I never trusted happy people. My boyfriend's an insanely happy person. He smiles constantly and I can see just how quickly he bounces back when something bad happens to him. I don't understand it at all and when I first met him I was suspicious of him. Some people, however, really are just blessed with a good hedonic set point. I like being around such people now because they show you how trivial your problems are - if they can let go of their karmic debt so quickly, why can't you?

>ust to minimize all forms of rape and violence that are heading towards be because of it

If the forms of badness you're concerned with are rape and violence, why not just avoid moids? It's easy enough if you work in the right industry (or work remotely in which case they're at a sufficient distance).

Anonymous 163697

When I'm happy I don't think I really show it physically, it's just more a mental thing. How do strangers notice you are happy? Genuinely confused. Are you just smiling 24/7?

Anonymous 163708


Anonymous 163740

If you're truly happy you wouldn't be angry enough to be altright. It takes a lot of self deluding to handmaiden for the altright as a woman lmao

Oh wait you're a moid
So everything actually puts you in a histrionic rage lol

Anonymous 166867

read the second post. it is not a gender specific phenomenon.

>How do strangers notice you are happy?

a person can be so happy that the entire body radiates something that most people have a nervous system sensitive enough to pick up on and those who don't pick up on it can pick up on indirect side effects like smiling, grace of movement, tone of speech, choice of words, smell, …

most people are so "social" that all they do is constantly scan the people around them for those indicators only to then stalk them.

hard to imagine if you have never experienced such situations. like being a streamer surrounded by simps but instead of you streaming, you just wanted to go to the supermarket and pick up a bit of food and what ended up happening is them shouting donation messages in your face and offer you stuff you don't want. like you are looking down to grab a cigarette from your pouch and putting the cigarette in your mouth and all of the sudden there are 20 arms holding a lighter quickly streched in your direction determined to serve you despite you not wanting anything from them whatsoever.

Anonymous 169469

>hedonic set point

wat is this

Anonymous 169522


Basically different people have different natural levels of happiness (i.e. how you'd feel in the absence of any event that'd make you unusually happy or sad).

Anonymous 170110


Ascend. Realise their r*tardation and lack of spiritual energy is temporary while consciousness/god is eternal.

Anonymous 170232

Thats not good thing, i don't want't and need immortality

Anonymous 170239

europeans are so weird. its not fucking weird to smile at people and say hello, good morning, how are you etc. to strangers. and its also not "fake" happiness either. it's just being friendly.
i'm convinced your societies are simply joyless depressing existence.

Anonymous 170341


What you describe as "friendliness" Europeans see as being fake or a creepy schizo. If you want to be friendly to them, you do that by just respecting their personal space and boundaries. Everything else is considered extraneous bullshit. It's not that hard.

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