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Anonymous 163751

New McDonalds or old McDonalds?

Anonymous 163755


old has more charm, but it also stands out as a fast-food restaurant. I could see how residents would view it as an eye-soar, bringing down the whole neighborhood.

New disguises itself better. It is hiding the shameful existence of fast-food in this area, among all the other super generic post-modern architecture in the vicinity.

The retro-futurist Golden Arches design was the best.

Anonymous 163764

Old 100%. Fuck, this made me nostalgic lol, I hate these new corporate-gray buildings and design.

Anonymous 163799

I see old McDonalds and I think wow I want to go in there and get a greasy stinky burger, I see the new one and think ew this place is brown and sooty grey and sells stinky burgers

Anonymous 163813

Old >>> New, not even a question. There was so much creativity and care put into old McDonald's image.

Everything about modern McDonald's is terrible now. They're doing the bait and switch that businesses do when they start off really going above and beyond, to entrap their customers. Then after that, they start to bend, before steeply dropping down in effort, quality control, and soul. They do this until they crash even though McDonald's will probably not crash just because regulars keep it afloat.

Also, considering old McDonald's hire-ins really were just a bunch of burger flipping high school kids and new
McDonald's (at least around here) hires people who can barely speak or read in English, I don't feel safe eating there. Especially after that one tragic case (different restaurant chain) about an old woman who died painfully because she got a sweetened tea filled with dish detergent instead of sugar bc the foreign employee couldn't read English.

Anonymous 163953

To eat at neither because McDonalds sucks. But the aesthetics of the old one are better. It should be colorful to appeal to kids. The new one is super tryhard.

Anonymous 163959


None, but McDonalds back then McDonalds had at least the athmosphere of a cheap fast food restaurant not this fake fancy corporation thing.

Also Burger King > McDonalds. I am lowkey envious of Americans for all the fast food restaurants they have. I would love to try Five Guys.

Anonymous 163967

idk if its just my area but all the mcdonalds around me have absolutely abysmal quality food, i mean every time (which is rare) i get a burger its a mess, they dont follow my order etc. fries are old/stale.

then i went to a mcdonalds in colorado, in the middle of no where. it was like a perfect burger. similar experience when i ate mcdonalds in europe.

Anonymous 163973

MAX burgers >>>> McD's. That's all.

Anonymous 163980

Had Five Guys for the first time recently, I'm not that crazy for it kind of overrated but maybe I just need to try more burgers… mmm

Anonymous 165701

Its the same picture of restaurants taken within the same decade its is not new or old.

Anonymous 165704

You are very obtuse rn

Anonymous 165721


I raise you Art Deco MacDonald's.

I prefer the garish old ones because soulless buildings make me sad, but I hated the smell of the indoor playgrounds. Bring back the jumpscare Ronalds on benches as a compromise.

Anonymous 165956

that's a super cool building; but I assume it wasn't designed to be a McDonalds. The best McDonald's buildings were probably designed for something else, and McDonalds moved in down the line.

Anonymous 165957

They are all soulless. Stop simping for a fast food corporation.

Anonymous 166030

It was a pub originally. As aesthetically pleasing as it is, it's infamous for having a brothel as a neighbour.

Anonymous 166031


On one hand, I'm glad McDonalds is finally more acknowledged as a place adults eat at too, not just kids (Now if they can just start serving alcohol in them here too. They need to take notes from Euro McDonalds.)

But now it just has the typical sterile, boring design of a soulless corporation. It's the new corporate trend to remove color from everything.

Anonymous 166032

A big part of why they destroyed the "architecture" of fast food places is that it makes them easy to replace and standardize.
Before if a franchisee decided to close up shop you were left with a "unique" building that you had to bulldoze and then repurpose the lot.
Now you can easily rent it to Wendys or other places instead, with minimal renovations or downtime.
I bet they even use a lot of the same equipment too.

Anonymous 166033

Five Guys is exciting because it comes in this greasy bag and the burger is wrapped in foil and they give you a cup of fries but overfilled so it spills out into the bag. Mmmmm

Anonymous 166070

I wish that they would get rid of parking lots

Anonymous 166100

New McDonald's. One, in the old the red clashes with everything around it, and two, the building can be turned into something else if we're successfully able to chase a McDonald's out.

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