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Anonymous 164471

Whats with the recent posting of scantily clad women? Is this scrotery, or do you girls actually enjoy shitting up cc with objectified gals?
I love women's bodies and I have some pics like that saved myself, but it does feel weird and inappropriate to see them so often here recently, especially when they have NOTHING to do with the thread itself and have creepy porny/underage/revenge porn vibes.

Anonymous 164473

I also think it's gross asf, we should use sexy men instead.

Anonymous 164474

seconding this but make it anime men

Anonymous 164476

this, we should make a rule for nsfw pictures, i dont want to walk in here and feel like im in r9k

Anonymous 164479


I think they're moid posts. I don't see how they cant be.

Anonymous 164488

I think it's probably the same person who keeps posting em and I think it's a man

Anonymous 164491

Yes I generally avoid posts like that - usually they're low effort and too boring to respond to (if I wanted that shit I'd go on /r9k/) but also they smell of scrotery

Anonymous 164493

I have made posts w pics like that before, I guess I'm guilty of being detached and I just like looking at beautiful women lol I apologise it is moidlike and not in good taste. I'll just use Louis Garrel for pics from now on

Anonymous 164496

Because not everybody is puritanical fanatic who sees beauty as something sinful

Anonymous 164498

no i love porn

Anonymous 164499

Theres a difference between human form beauty and duckfaced slutty women with boobs/ass bigger than their head hanging out lmfaooo

Anonymous 164500

shut up puritan ama go back to schlick my bean to half naked surgeried women, this is happiness

Anonymous 164503

>half naked surgeried women

Anonymous 164504

But why not keep it to yourself
Genuine question what is the need coomers feel to let everyone know what they get off to

Anonymous 164526



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