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Why does this turn me on? Anonymous 164666

I sure wish someone would explain. :o

Anonymous 164667


This also turns me on

Anonymous 164672

are you into religion play?
what else are you into sexually?

Anonymous 164674

I don't even know how to mastrbate to it when I'm turned on by gorgeous architecture. I just get sexually frustrated and forget about it kek

Anonymous 164675

No. Just powerful architecture.
Too bad i would get arrested trying to have sex in such a cathedral

Anonymous 164676

Palais Garnier Par…

I will never get to go here accept in my dreams whyyyyy

Anonymous 164759

That's not exactly true anon, you can buy a plane ticket to historical mansions like that if you don't already have some in your area.(I just know from the timing you're probably in America and due to that country being 200 years old it doesn't have many marble buildings that are not federal)

Anonymous 164760

Do you get turned on by bath tiles as well?

Anonymous 164799


Anonymous 164801

or dog knees

Anonymous 164839


Lol is the french opera house turning you into a woman hating incel, moid

Are these flying buttresses properly obscene to you now.

Anonymous 164847

Because it’s designed to make you feel this way, literally

Anonymous 164848

lol, that was the first thing i thought of too.

Anonymous 164849


Anonymous 165926


Anonymous 166577


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