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Anonymous 16577

Everybody stop what you are doing!!


Anonymous 16580


Anonymous 16586


good point

Anonymous 16589


Anonymous 16590


Anonymous 16597

That's furry.

Anonymous 16599


Anonymous 16600



Anonymous 16628

Thanks God

Anonymous 16630

Cringy tbh guys. Why do you like such effeminate looking males? I don't understand why some girls do this over the age of 14.

Anonymous 16642

They're just your average anime boys, or do you need them tobe bara to classify as male

Anonymous 16649

>early teens
Likes effeminate males because they are non threatening
>late teens-earlies twenties
Likes manly men because they're so grown up
>mid 20s+
Likes whatever the fuck they want, including feminine men. May be conscious of the fact that society brainwashes people into seeing physical flaws in men as 'manly' (being old, body hair, 'dadbods') but that they're unacceptable in women. Youthful, pretty and slim is universally attractive sorry.

Anonymous 16672

>Youthful, pretty and slim is universally attractive
If you're a little girl or a homosexual (regarding men). Hair isn't a flaw on men it's a secondary characteristic brought about by testosterone (it's not a flaw on women either it is just deemed masculine, therefore removed). Testosterone being the hormone which gives men their most recognized features, features that were revered until the recent pollution of our collective perception of what is and is not a man. In an age when technology abounds and is accessible to most citizens then sure male's secondary characteristics are not as imperative, but should wartime befall us or similar times which call for strength then just see how well your cutesy "men" protect you.

Anonymous 16676


Yeah, living in the 21st century we can afford to like not only what can protect us but also aesthetically pleasing cute boys >>16649
are dadbods really perceived as manly and attractive?

Anonymous 16682

>only dating these men because they can be bodyguards just in case
>"You are the stupid ones!!!"
Enough women still enjoy masculinity, it's okay. I actually think body hair is kind of cute, but I prefer skinny men and no one can force me to date Chad because "muh nature."
Also, someone has to date these boys. Or are you implying short and thin men should be killed off/not be able to procreate because they're useless, in your eyes?

>wars are started by these manly men you like
>were all men small and gentle wars wouldn't happen

Anonymous 16688


im pretty sure there were way more average/lanklet tier guys in the world wars than there were strong and buff ones, i don't know what you're talking about, if he has a gun and knows how to shoot it, then he can protect me

Anonymous 16691

kek yeah this is probably pretty true.
I remember going to a WWI exhibit last year and they had a diagram of the average soldier's size on the the wall. He was smaller than me, a wimmins.

Anonymous 16695


Anonymous 16699

>tfw no 5'5" 112 lbs British WWI soldier bf

Anonymous 16709

All the steroids in the food means no more little big men. Or women, for that matter. Sad.

Anonymous 16866

>Or are you implying short and thin men should be killed off/not be able to procreate because they're useless
Not her but yes.

Anonymous 16867


Are dog bois allowed too?

Anonymous 16868


What about fox bois

Anonymous 16870

Then I will die with them.
A world without the possibility of a tiny bf is not one in which I wish to exist.
inb4 no loss.
I agree.

Anonymous 16937

Sesshomaru looks more like an elf honestly. He doesn't have dog ears or tail or anything. Just pointy human ears.

Anonymous 16939


I loved Inuyasha best but I respected his relationship with Kagome so he could not be mai husbando lol.

Anonymous 16948

He was double-timing the fuck out of Kagome. Not all his fault though, she was definitely passive af about it. " Oh the guy Im in love with is in love with a zombie? thats ok. He says he would rather die to be with her than with me? thats ok too". Fuck outta here

Anonymous 16949


His moko-moko counts as his tail tho.

Anonymous 16950


But how could I forget about the wolf boi

Anonymous 20163

We video chatted and played Gaia Online instead of having no friends policy for several years now.

Anonymous 35059



also bump

Anonymous 118530


Anonymous 118541

i saw the movie Wolf Children, which has one wolf boy and one wolf girl, and the wolf boy really annoyed me with how he treated his mom

just dumped his mother in the parking lot and basically amounted to "bye bye, i must follow my wolf destiny." and the wolf-girl which was really wild and wolfy at the beginning of the story began to become more "feminine" and less wild as she socialised into human. because for some reason, the story is like "oh no, I have to pick between being a wold or being a human." why not both you doofuses.

Anonymous 118668


Wolfboy enthusiasts please post to the slave market thread (it's in nsfw for some reason idk mods are mysterious)

Anonymous 118672

This art sucks, also why does he have no nipples?

Anonymous 118673

Now I'm reminded of the zero gravity ice skate wolf guy from Jupiter Ascending.

Gad that movie was awful.

Anonymous 118687

I could of actually really liked that character if he was played by someone other than Channing Tatum.

Anonymous 118711

>pls post in the scrote larper containment thread

Anonymous 118744

>scrote larper
what the fuck are you talking about

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