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Anonymous 16607

Anyone else here /too hot/? It's like ridiculously warm; we're just past the solstice now and I'm spending 12 hours of the day lying on a sofa in agony… I think I might have come down with some kinda sickness too. I feel even worse for our doggies who are like constantly panting and one I'm worried about cuz my mom doesn't have time to cut her and she's got a pretty thick coat and she's tiny!!

Even now it's cooler cuz it's past midnight and I'm dreading going to sleep and I feel pain in every part of my body even though I've totally stayed out the sun… actually I might go into the garden since it's still pretty darn hot for midnight -_- I live in the UK for goodness sake! Global warming really is something.

How are you guys staving off the summertime heat?

Anonymous 16609


The weather here is just tolerable, but it's still hot- in June? It should be raining in my city right now, but we've probably had two nights of considerable rain. The grass is dying.

What the hell is going on?

Anonymous 16610

omg you're right it's still only June - I'm gonna DIE

Anonymous 16611

We'll make it through, anon! Hopefully!

Anonymous 16613

I leave for the office at 7 am, when the sun hasn't risen. After work ends at 6 pm, I sit around surfing the Internet so I can avoid (1) the rush hour and (2) the heat.

On weekends I just stay in and turn on the air conditioning though.

Anonymous 16614

global warming

Anonymous 16624

I'm staving it off by living somewhere that has cool weather every summer. Sucker

But I'm moving to the Mojave desert very soon and will join your suffering

Anonymous 16625

Every winter when im feezing to death i forget that summer can be pretty nightmarish too
literally melting but hey at least it's not +40 c here like some guys have it south

Anonymous 16643

I wake up at 4:50am to get most of the farm work done and then take a break at 11 before it gets hot, then go back to work at 5:pm. It doesn't get dark until 9pm so I get loads of work done gardening constantly.

Anonymous 16644

I've literally gotten burns that made me bleed from touching things in my car before

Anonymous 16646

cool job :>

Anonymous 16647

Anonymous 16648

It's like stardew valley in real lifes.

Anonymous 16651


ahaha so relatable

wtf is this

Anonymous 16668

I'm genuinely confused

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