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Anonymous 16880

what happened to the internet? why is everyone so sensitive?
you have people in fandoms saying those who like a certain ship (for example) support abuse, and pedophilia which is…sad. i can't say this is characteristic of the younger generation either since people my age have been spouting this nonsense.
like i've been seeing a lot of people rally against ohsch because it's transphobic and pedophilic? due to the age gap between the leads.
using pic related for this thread since it's a photo that'd get you called a pedo supporter these days.

also, gripe about the internet thread because why not

Anonymous 16903

A problem with the internet, that you don't get in face to face interaction, is you never hear the people who aren't really bothered. You rarely get a "I have no strong feeling one way or another", and if you do they're easily overlooked. Add to that how easy it is to dismiss and dehumanise people when they're in virtual space, you've got a recipe for instant arguments about basically flipping nothing, or at least something that wouldn't get nearly as heated if an ounce of civility and understanding. AND, AND people with genuinely reprehensible opinions are much less easily cowed by legitmate condemnation; see the "as soon as a girl can get pregnant she's old enough to consent"-types who are all to prominent online.

At least, in my opinion, of course.

Anonymous 17224

Old fangirlism is dead, new fangirlism is here and it's very concerned with looking progressive on the internet

Anonymous 17234

Idc what anyone says I ship the fuck out of them, fight me.
I agree with this. Fangirls used to be so chill (as chill as a fangirl can get I suppose) but now everyone is only entitled to have 'wholesome' ships if it's anything else you might as well be a literal Nazi because thats exactly how you'll be treated. Fuck nothing is safe.

Anonymous 17238

I don't really care about star wars ships (or star wars) but I remember seeing people going for blood and calling people abusers for shipping kylo ren and rey. It's really bizzare to me, since that's so tame compared to some of the stuff we'd dish out on LJ kinkmemes back in the day. I used to call myself a yaoi fangirl/fujo self deprecatingly in online communities but eventually I got run out of town for that too because it's Too Problematic these days.. god.. I miss livejournal a lot sometimes

Anonymous 24066

The antis screaming that a ship is abusive or pedophilic are just reaching

The shipwars of old fangirlism is still there but now they just use social justice vocab as weapons.

Anonymous 24069


I’ve noticed the same thing in the Killing Stalking community, which is weird considering it’s just horrorporn. I don’t understand people who get buttmad at the main ship when half of the comic is them having sex and abusing each other. These people are delusional.

Anonymous 24075

I was thinking of giving this show a shot, judging by youtube comments there are plenty of 12 year old girls who are into the pairing. Maybe they've just had less time to get caught up in Idpol wholesomeness.

Anonymous 24076

You should. It's a good show.

Anonymous 24086

One think that makes me realize that the people are overly sensitive but overlook the main problem was, when I read a comic about a young girl who gets sexual molested and raped by her father. It was cartoony somhow but always had this bitter tone to it.

In one page, she was at pre school or something. They had to draw their familys. A classmate was a black girl who draw a her mother in prison and her siblings.
The comment section blew up, that this was raicist and total sick etc.
That the family of the protagonist was total stereotype of the moder post war white family in twistet sick.
No one bat an eye.

Maybe as an european I have a different point of view.

Anonymous 24088

Places like reddit, facebook and discord normalized and ruined the internet's atmosphere. Before that, it felt like this wasteland filled with tiny niche communities (even if the websites were big, they wouldnt leak out into the real world or other online places much). It was a real adventure to go online.

No it feels so… Commercialized? Normified? I dunno if it's just my rose tinted nostalgiagoggles talking though. I grew up on the internet. To me it feels like almost everyone is super predictable. I never meet unique people anymore online. It makes me sad

Anonymous 24089

I am actually glad that the political correctnes is not that strong where I live.

But it slowlt starts ebbing toward us.
Which kind of worries me.
In my eyes political correctnes did nothing good.
The world is an unpleasant place, especially the Internet. Trying to silence it, will do nothing.

Anonymous 24091

I'm so sick of political correctness

Anonymous 24098


You are most definitely talking about "Clarissa - Family Portrait" by Jason Yungbluth. The entire Clarissa series is a great read.

Anonymous 24107

Clarissa is equal parts great and infuriating, does her dad ever get his comeuppance?

Anonymous 24108

also the bigger a community gets, the more chance you have to make a name/reputation for yourself as a popular shipper/blogger or whatever your niche is…and the more chance you have for whatever content that you're producing to be stumbled upon by someone who hates it and is OFFENDED. Cue them sending you hateful comments, rallying support within whatever demographic is supposed to find you offensive, posting you to lolcow, etc. Before you know it, it feels like you're the subject of a witch hunt and you're deleting your account on tumblr or fanfiction.net to avoid the headache of dealing with it. it's rare that people who like your work come forward to defend it, but it's a common occurance for people who hate it to go out of their way to bully you for it.
but the result of PC culture is that the best way to bully someone these days is to claim that they're some kind of bigot or pervert. then if anyone disagrees with you, you simply lump them into that category as well.

Anonymous 24109

Yes excatly, thank you I forgot the name.

I just read a couple of pages on another side, but it would interest me to.


>Thank you.gif

Anonymous 24116


There is this very Authoritarian vein in modern liberalism and whiten fan girl communities that comes off as sort of fascist.
There is this concept on twitter of"cancelling" people. That seems to me like a very Orwellian concept. But its a concept being promoted by teen girls who want to un person anyone who doesnt conform.
Mean girls meets 1984. Im sure the CIA loves it.
Look up this concept called cybernitics. Its basically the study of how machines and humans interact and control each other.
And what is twitter being used for? To control and manipulate people into following a rigid social order of hardcore liberal identity politics.

These people would be the people in the past who would write letters to the tv station because someone on the tv said a swear.

There is something wrong with liberlism in particular. At least modern liberlism. Has driven people into this sort of insanity of being offended at everything all the time, even the slightest micro "aggression"
I dont know how these people function.
Eventually it becomes more fun to trigger the libs.

And thats how trump got elected.

Anonymous 24142


Alright, hold up, chill the heck out, be cool, I'm being real with you now, FYI, this is JetSetRadio, I'm always giving bad people good ideas, once upon a time, Certainly not, kind sir! I am here but to clean your chambers, I will have a little fishy, NEXT HYPE, don't @ me, ra-ra Rasputin Russia's greatest love machine,

Wait, what the hell am I talking about? Oh, yeha, DELETE TWITTER NOW, YOU DUMB DUMB.

Anonymous 24147

Twitter is nice though it lets me upload videogame clips directly from my xbox one :^)

Anonymous 24150


I stared at that painting for like a minute trying to figure out if that was ReviewBrah.

Anonymous 24151

Is there any legitimacy to people bleating about pedophilia in the show or are they frothing at the mouth over fanfiction? Just trying to stay on the FBI's good side her.

Anonymous 24152

There's none at all. Not even bait. Which pairing is it?

Anonymous 24153


If you guys are talking about Kuroshitsuji, well…

Anonymous 24155

ops I was in the wrong thread I thought we were talking my hero lmao. I'm >>24152 fuck this is awkward. With Black Butler… yeah there are some baity scenes with Sebastian and Ciel but they aren't too bad tbh

Anonymous 24167

OK that is pretty funny, will give the show watch

Anonymous 24168

In the 90s only weirdos/nerds were on the internet. Watch any of the 90s computer chronicles and you will see/hear nothing but adorably awkward computer science people talking about global communities of helpful, intellectual friendships. I watched one from '93 where one nerd was talking about 'online communities' while showing a proto-chatroom. The host was like "communities?"- and the nerd tried to paint the image of a cyber-neighborhood. It was really cute and surprising that the word hadn't been used that way before.
In the early 2000s the internet was still a product of the people, more or less, but more non-students were buying connections. That was when fandoms started exploding and it was a really interesting time to be a kid. It was an adventure like >>24088 said.
I think a lot of what gets called 'political correctness' is just people being upset they were told not to say something, and honestly, shut up. You can say it's an American invention and people should be able to say what they want, but it's not ~PC culture~ for someone to want to tell someone to stop saying something bigoted, and without hate-crime laws a society can't prosecute organized violence against minorities. PC culture used to be viewed by the left as a product of the right, (censoring media with controversial themes, anything subversive/non-christian) now it's viewed by the right as a product of the left (bigoted media gets banned/no-platformed).
A lot of centrists demand that it's wrong no matter what and nothing should be censored, but they tend to be imagining a world of like-minded people that won't harm anyone with their 'freedom' of expression. They're wrong to think so. I'm not American, and no hate to the Euros but I've talked to heaps of them that will say that Muslim women shouldn't be allowed to wear the burka but they (the euros) should be allowed to say racist things. It's funny that a lot of people who are against censorship don't even notice they're pro-enforcing censorship on things they don't agree with. It's as if they believe that if we're all sensible then no one will need to be censored. Laws were invented because people can't just self-police. What people are calling political correctness is just societies developing new sensibilities. Happens all the time.
All that said, So much of what's being freaked out over at the moment on the internet is just part of the performative outrage of children/teens. As a kid I got super mad about things I thought were bad and I wanted to yell about it. If I had a tumblr/twitter I would have done it there. It's hard to tell when someone's behind a screen but if you saw these kids in the flesh you're realise it's just a phase and you wouldn't see it as a dire portent of America's downfall.
ONE more point, (I know I'm ranting but I've just taken a bunch of adderal lmao) I wasn't a hardcore fangirl but I loved my bishies (ugh) and I fret that nerdy teen girls aren't being allowed to develop their sexualities in a comfortable way anymore. The most prominent youth communities online at the moment promote "queer" sexuality as the only kind that is allowed support. A lot of completely straight girls are calling themselves queer simply to receive this support. I'm a female partnered bisexual and I'm not raging against queer politics here, but I think it's one of the major pushes behind every single nerdy girl calling themselves queer at the moment. They're not allowed (by their fellow kids) to be openly sexual if they're straight. So they say "I'm actually a boy so I'm not problematic for liking men sexing each other."

Anonymous 24179

They think you're glorifying abusive relationships and treating MLM like sex toys

Anonymous 24180

I hope you like it! Also the first episode is really boring, so please give it another episode to really judge it (the golden rule is give a show 3 episodes). I say this because I always dropped it because the first episode was so flipping boring and I couldn't get passed it but one day I sucked it up and got passed the first episode and it was actually really good afterwards. Be sure to report back here when you get a chance!

Anonymous 24185

Sorry I have to disagree with you at some points.

> I'm not American, and no hate to the Euros but I've talked to heaps of them that will say that Muslim women shouldn't be allowed to wear the burka but they (the euros) should be allowed to say racist things

Maybe it I talked to other people in other Europe countries, but I never heard a Euro say that. No one wants to be racist. Yes many don't want women to wear Burkas. (for me I am okay with Hijab but I want to look a person in the face when I talk to them, so Burkas are weird for me. For others they think that it is oppression for the woman and for others their are thinking that they don't want to adapt in the culture of the land. Many people have different reasons)
I never heard one said that he is allowed to say racist stuff.
Racist idiots are everywhere, but as far as I know everyone hates them. Well maybe I am with the 'wrong' kind of people lol

>What people are calling political correctness is just societies developing new sensibilities. Happens all the time.

Sensibilities are okay, over sensibilities are not okay. I could be angry for example that you call my friends euros. That sounds degrading. Please refer to them like, Spanish, or French people.
I know I am nitpicking, but I want that you understand my point of view. Someone will always feel offended. It is impossible to make everyone happy. The world should not take care, you should.

>All that said, So much of what's being freaked out over at the moment on the internet is just part of the performative outrage of children/teens.

The problem here is, that in the past, you had your small group of people to talk to. No one bets an eye.
Now everyone can talk really stupid stuff and there will be someone other who thinks that is super duper.
That is the problem. People don't scrutinise thinks anymore, just because someone is screaming that it has to be true.
I met so many people that did not though about the future and I don't mean in 5 years. I mean in 20 or 50 years.
It is clearly not the end of the world. But it is worrying

I don't know… Maybe I am wrong. I guess It always depend on the circumstances. We so often think that stuff is black and white but mostly it is grey.
Sorry I did not want to sound rude or something. I agree with you on the point with the queer and with the internet.
Now I ranted…
Take care.

Anonymous 24235


Honestly I don't understand why people can't differentiate between hating Muslims and hating Islam. One is racism, the other is not wanting to support a religion whose followers are belligerent towards people of other faiths, have no respect for human laws and instead choose to follow the laws of their god, and believe that women are lesser beings. I want none of that shit where I live.

I have as much of a right to hate burqas as I do to hate men with "make me a sandwich" T-shirts walking around on the street. No woman would willingly choose to wear such a thing, and choosing something because you've been led to believe that it's the only respectable choice and being threatened by the fact that your only alternative is being abused by the men (and elder women) in your own community, that's not much of a choice at all. I used to see girls as young as 4 being covered up in the heat of the summer. They weren't comfortable at all, and if they chose to wear those garments themselves then I'm the Pope.

I also don't buy that crap about showing your love for your religion, there's many other ways to do that and supporting outdated, harmful practices is supporting outdated treatment of your fellow sisters around the world.

Anonymous 24237

I never felt it my place to talk about it, so I just chose to not think about it even if taking an honest objective look would tell me what is wrong with it. But dating an ex muslim now I get to hear all about it. It's an interesting perspective to hear from someone who lived it.

I'm not a follower of slavoj zizek and mostly listened 'for the lulz', but he had a nice rant about multiculturalism and open mindedness(in 2016 iirc). He brought up a story from a western country of how an immigrant girl started dating a local boy, and rather than deal with her families ruthless disapproval she sought shelter and safety with social services in her country(I don't remember which western European country it was, sorry). Her family demanded they release her and was accusing the government of xenophobia, islamophobia etc. And the point to this rant was he went on to say how the officials involved had no idea what to do, they were terrified to take a stance or make a move because they were so deeply afraid of racism/xenophobia even if the right choice was clear. What he was saying was a soft form of what civic nationalist types say around the internet, "Islam is not compatible with western democracy". Personally I really don't want to be islamophobic but I'd have to side with LGBT/women's rights before their right to bee themselves even if I've met some nice people. "A friend to all is a friend to none", basically.

But imo it's more likely western liberal democracy would change them into athiest materialists before they change us.

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