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Names Anonymous 16920

would you change your name if you could?

if yes, what name would you want for yourself?

Anonymous 16926

I really like Luna even though it's a snowflaky name. I do love my real name tough. It is uncommon without being retarded.

Anonymous 16952

I'm okay with my name so I don't think I'd change it.

Anonymous 16953

My name is nice, but doesn't suit me at all and it's weird. I'd change it, but love my mom too much and I know it would hurt her feelings.
I've always liked Nina.

Anonymous 16966

I also think my name doesn't suit me very well, but I have no particular like of dislike for it.
I like the names Judy and Alex but if I had to pick one name I would change my name to it would be Victoria, because it's so regal.
In videogames I always name myself Terra (after Terra Branford).

Anonymous 16967

My middle name is Violet and I always wished that was my actual first name.

Anonymous 16984

Nope, there is nothing wrong with my first or last name and I really like them, I love the nickname I get because of it. Anne is a very bland middle name but there's just no point in making it something cool, plus I find it simply weird to do unless you had a good reason(religious conversion, hate your parent/s and their surname because of sexual abuse or abandonment, tranny, etc).

But whatever people can do what they want.

Anonymous 16986

When I was really young I was into the name "Linda," which in retrospect is such a middle-aged lady name… Maybe I didn't want it to be my own name, but I named a lot of characters that.
Occasionally I think about how the other choice for my name was "Shannon." I like the meaning behind it ("wise river") a bit better than my name, but I don't know if I seem more like a "Shannon" or not.

Why not try going by that regularly? A lot of people use their middle name rather than their initial. The only thing is that it would require asking people that already know you to change the habit. Maybe try introducing yourself as Violet to new acquaintances?

Anonymous 17004

My parents told me they almost named me Britney and my younger self was SO mad I didn't get to be like Britney Spears kek. I also wanted the spelling of my name changed to match this one singer in a kiddy band I liked, but now I think that spelling is a little tacky (it was a y ending -> ie ending).

Anonymous 17005

lol that reminded me of my brother, he thought his nickname Eddie is supposed to be written as Edy

Anonymous 17011

I'd like to change my last name. My father molested me, and it's his step fathers name (who molested him) anyhow. I don't particularly like my first name, but I wouldn't change it. I just hate having my last name because of my association.

Anonymous 17016

What the actual fuck anon

Anonymous 17020

I hope you can get married to someone you love so you can get it changed, anon

Anonymous 17032

I hope the name change process in your country is not too tedious.

Anonymous 17302

Idk what I'd want to change my name to, but I really hate my given first name. I hate my name so much that I hesitate to say it when I introduce myself to people, so they misspell it or mispronounce it which makes it sound even worse.

I had quirky Gen X parents who were adamant about giving me a name no one else had, and I've had to suffer in the long run because of that. I don't like any of it's cultural connotations. Also the fact that it's technically a masculine word in it's native language (Spanish), and that the only other people I've know to have it are guys.

What also sucks is that my middle name is unique, but very pretty and feminine. I wish there was a way I could swap it out. Ever since I started college and working I've made my profs, classmates, and coworkers address me as my middle name. However I still have to hear my name from my family, and my boyfriend and his family (since they met me when I still went by my first name).

It's fun to stand out, but I sometimes just wish I had a normie name like Sarah or Anna.

Anonymous 17316

I like my name, it is short and girly, without being too common.

Anonymous 17340

I don't like my name very much. It's become more common since I've been born, it's one of those feminine names common with new parents like Ava, Gracie, etc. I don't like the way it sounds and I don't think it suits me at all. I like my middle name a lot, which is Frances, and would rather go by Fran. Some of my friends call me Tina or Ti (long story), so I've thought about just going by that when meeting new people.

Anonymous 17563

I like the nickname version of my first name. Plus it sounds really cute with my last name lol. My full name (including middle) sounds really awkward tho. All of the names together sounds like a really awkward combo and I don't think it flows very well but it doesn't bother me too much. I used to hate my name when I was little and really considered changing it but I'm pretty content with it right now.

Idk if I wanna change my last name to my husbands last name when I get married unless his last name sounds really cool cause I loooooove my last name a lot. Also if I'm really in love with him I guess I'd also consider changing it lol

Anonymous 17590


I would probably change it to something Caucasus-related or Muslim.
Whenever someone thinks of messing with me they'll have to decide whether they want to deal with Chechen mafia.
Although it could also backfire greatly because Caucasus people care about honor of their women a lot and if I'm unlucky I could get stoned for not wearing a kerchief on my head.
t. Russia

Anonymous 17591

I forced everyone to use my middle name (well, my family refused to but now in front of others they refer to my middle name because now too many people know me as that) in high school because everyone told me my name was x ethnicity or race because I guess it's one of those ambiguous names and it got annoying because different people would claim my name was Latino, a "black name, and Russian, etc. when I'm white pasty bread and it's like bitch, I didn't choose my name, complain to my parents if you think it isn't white enough(though I prefer my middle name anyway). However, my middle name is gender neutral and now people love to tell me they know a guy named my name. Guess you can't win.

I wish my parents named me what they originally were going to name me. Elizabeth is such an elegant name and I'd have loved to hear people say my whole name in full every time. I love old fashioned, stuffy names, I wish I had been named something like Francine, Francheska, Irene, Diane, Estelle, or something downright serious/ugly like Edith, Gertrude, Justine, Judith, etc

Anonymous 17621

Same dude. Especially the part about not liking the cultural connotations of my name, and preferring my middle name but that also having problems of its own. Plus all of my female relatives have really elegant, feminine names (including Elizabeth and Diane)… But then there's me (kek).

Anonymous 17702

People always told me my name was a "black name" and Russian when I am neither of those lol. It never bothered me too much probably because I would much rather be called my first name rather than my second.

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