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Anonymous 16931

> go to youtube
> search your date of birth
> post a weird video from results

Anonymous 16938

happy 4th of july

Anonymous 16942

title is not actually my DOB even though i searched it but wtf LOL the fucking pose at 30 secs. WHAT IS THIS and whoever they are i hope they are happy KEK

Anonymous 16944

Anonymous 16956

nothing too weird, just tv tapings, home videos, a lot of oj simpson

Anonymous 16957

This is more neat than weird.
Is this my theme now?

Anonymous 16960

Yes. Whenever a scene comes to focus on you, this plays in the background.

Anonymous 16962


omg, I really love this one.

Anonymous 16971

I want to touch and play with those choo-choo trains

Anonymous 16972

i like how its set up right next to a train station lol

Anonymous 16990

Oh no I'm giving out personal info by posting this.

This highschool sounds so miserable and authoritarian. No walkmans, no hats.

And the students giving news make it sound terrible.

Holy shit I suddenly feel grateful to have gone to my high school in the decade I did, I hate everything about this video.

Anonymous 16999

Hell ya, I love old school house/UKG music!

Anonymous 17008

Nice thread OP, I found an episode of a german soap opera, a live version of a song called "Shit Towne", a sermon in a coptic church, a greek talk show which I linked (check out the annoying jingle), an album by a greek musician, and a whole lot of other greek tv shows (someone recorded the tv the entire day and then put it online perhaps?).
that speech is gold. "You will never, ever forget the name of… [inhales deeply] … Gooooldduusst

Anonymous 17017


its depressing as fuck, and apparently the school is in FL. Gross.

Anonymous 17018

What the hell

Anonymous 17042

apparently on the night i was born alice in chains was playing a bitchin' concert in lansing, missouri

but i think this two-hour Czech documentary on old video games takes the cake

Anonymous 17085

idk what the fuck this is

Anonymous 17089


why do i love "lazer mazin'" so much??

Anonymous 17091

weird to see another baby born on the same day i was born

Anonymous 17118

Not too weird, just the weather.

Anonymous 17145

Idk what is even going on here, some kind of greek dating show or something?
All the other results were football so this was the weirdest one.

Anonymous 17146

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