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Anonymous 17190

Have you guys heard about this controversy? At the same time that I feel like this guy could have definitely been a pedophile/grooming Miki this whole time, this story also sounds like a fanfiction that would have been written by a twelve-year-old girl infatuated with her music teacher/a member of a boy band. Is it a gimmick to earn fame quickly, true love, or just a creepy incel fantasy come to life? Tl;dr: Chinese pop star announced plans to marry a girl with a 12-year age Gap between them (he met her when she was 8) six years ago; she turns 18 in the fall of this year and apparently they're getting their marriage license as soon as she does. Also, they both claim there hasn't been any sexual contact in the past six years.

Anonymous 17195

She might turn 18 soon but she still looks like a child.

He's a pedo 100%. Her parents are disgusting for allowing this shit

Anonymous 17242


This is so horrible how can anyone find this cute? They probaly did have sex and that freaks me even more out. I feel so sorry for this girl she has been groomed since she was 8 she didn't even know then what being love is.

Anonymous 17250

Wow he seems like a piece of shit. What is his name?

Anonymous 17259

parents of mixed kids seem to not protect them. most Hollywood child stars are mix and the parents let them work insane hours. they have no identity they are only for money. they mated with someone of that race for their attributes. they don't actually love them. somi from jyp comes to mind. she flirts with everyone and made the happy together host uncomfortable. if she was full white or Korean they wouldn't have her be so bold.

Anonymous 17291

I really don't think her being 3/4 Asian and 1/4 German has anything to do with a pedophile grooming a child and her parents being dumb enough to accept it.

Anonymous 17295

It does if you're a mindless /pol/ babby.

Anonymous 17647

the parents aren't being dumb. they are actively going along with it. those two perform shows together. they have a business together. they do so much together i think its her parents idea. that's the only thing that makes sense. she was a child star before she met him. why would they allow her to do so much with him when she has a career. she didn't need singing lessons from him.
critical thinking is a thing.

Anonymous 17650

at last.png

Anonymous 17654

>Have you guys heard about this controversy?


What happened?

Anonymous 17718

there's an entire video about it in OP's post with the deets
or you can just google zhang muyi and akama miki if you'd rather read

Anonymous 17721

that's what i suspected, too.
like if he is a pedophile then this is a prime opportunity for him and since she's been in love with him since she was so young + they're planning on getting married, he could probably convince her to go along with pretty much anything. plus as long as she claims nothing's happened (and being in the entertainment industry, admitting anything did happen would totally ruin both of their careers) neither the authorities or her parents can do anything about it.
not that her parents seem like they're actually concerned… most people would be horrified by the prospect but i guess their daughter becoming a celebrity or the wife of a celebrity seems like a good opportunity.

plus there were supposedly leaked e-mails or whatever from the agency saying that now was a good time to 'invest' in both of them as entertainers since their names have blown up on Chinese search engines as a result of the upcoming marriage, so hopefully it is just a publicity stunt. I can't imagine they have anything in common. a 12-year-old girl is nowhere near being able to understand or intellectually stimulate a 24-year-old man, their relationship probably just consists of her being like 'wow you're so mature and intelligent teehee' and him calling her 'adorable' over and over again.

Anonymous 17734


Miki's father is Japanese, maybe that's why he's ok with it. Young girls/girl groups in the entertainment showbiz are always catering and for older creepy men. It's socially acceptable to be a pedo over there. Lolicon is big in Japan for a reason

Anonymous 17834

Well i also really hope this is a publicity stunt but it's still fucked up. Just seeing how many people actually support this "relationship" really show how many people support paedophilia.

It's so creepy how pedos are accepted in japan. I wonder if it will ever change.

Anonymous 17835

The mangaka behind Kenshin was arrested for owning a lot of child pornography and guess what? He's back to making manga after "reflecting" for a few months. He should've been banished from the industry and jailed, it's hella fucked how in Japan no one cares about how children being exploited for pedophiles. And it pisses me off how lolicon genre anime and manga/lolicon characters are totally A OK, that shit popularizes and normalizes pedophilic behavior. I had a Japanese friend who tried defending young Jpop groups saying that it was all for fun and the old man fans see the girls as their daughters lmao k, my friend knew what was up but he was too proud of his heritage to admit that his people are cool with pedophiles.

Anonymous 17838

Childhood ruined.

Anonymous 17883

When i heard he had cp i was sure that he atleast would get a long prison sentence, cp is illegal in jp right now isn't? This is so disgusting and i totally agree with you how loli and shota. Whenever i mention it people say it's just anime and not real but it totally encourages paedophilia. Lol these old man don't see those young idols as there daughters they obviously see them as wife material.

Anonymous 17888

I'm not from the US and what you're saying shouldn't be normal anywhere. I understand the attraction to fully developed people as long as they aren't children or in their early teens, but getting involved with a teenager when you are an adult is bad for them, so it should never be encouraged. They are still developing (mentally and emotionally, especially), whether you want it or not. An adult should not have sexual relations with a teenager. Period.

Anonymous 17891

Stop right there pedo apologist. (Although I agree that targeting Japan specifically as a pedophilic is not accurate because there are different cultural standards at work other than "they allow pedos," there is more of an emphasis on independence and responsibility from a young age, not that it means adults should be with children)

It's not only the US, many other counties have an age of consent that is also 18+, plus at that age girls are also still going through puberty.

Saying that it's biologically based doesn't excuse anything when there are social and legal barriers in place. Whether those arbitrary laws are right or not is a different discussion.

>My head hurts. I'm just trying to get my real life back.

How does people talking about not tolerating imbalanced relations due to age and sex really affect your like that much? Are we not being a bit dramatic?

Anonymous 17897

I suspected it was pasta but I still ate it, hope the server was happy.

But why does everything after "Now seriously" get even more nonsensical?

Even though the response probably wasn't in good faith, here goes:
>he was an 18 yo adult who took advantage of a young and naive 17 yo gf
Lack of age gap, there are usually provisions for relationships that are at the cusp of age of consent. As long as he wasn't sharing her nudes or anything, it's normal.

>16 and 30 is a larger age gap than 18 and 30 (from OP)

The issue that people are discussing is that they had a relationship since she was a lot younger, which implies that she was groomed. It's not the assumption of rape, it's the power dynamic inherent that makes their "love" a sham.

Anonymous 17898

I'm glad to know you're not pedo apologists

Anonymous 17902

Didn't say anything about jail, stop assuming that is what I'm advocating for.
How is that not imbalanced? Meeting an adult when you're a child and setting up to have a future relationship (only delaying consummation) is pretty fucked up. The young person hasn't figured out many things in life yet. That is what grooming is, teaching them to love one person because they are the only adult person to "show" a child what romantic love is. The consequence of that is either the groomed person is brainwashed into loving one person and they stay together, older person will replace the younger person when latter becomes "too old," or the younger person might realize how messed up that relationship is and have to deal with those issues for the rest of their life.

>Did you seriously talk about that on the server?

No, as in server or waiter, "person who serves food," since they are not the chef of the copypasta.
Guess I should have just put "compliments to the chef" even though that's not accurate.

Anonymous 17903

sweat think.png

What server are you guys talking about?

Anonymous 17939

i would definitely be freaked out if my thirteen-year-old classmate told me she was dating someone twelve years her senior, idk why you wouldn't be. i guess every kid likes to feel special and important and be given attention by adults, but that doesn't mean it's a healthy relationship model to advocate for. But even if family and friends advocate for these kind of couples to break up, it just gives them a romeo and juliet complex…

Anonymous 17975

Lol we're talking about a 13 year old here, everyone is retarded at that age. She think it's not that much of a age difference but it's he has far more experience and is smarter because of that and can manipulate her far more easier. It's fucking disgusting to want to date a child when you're an adult.

Anonymous 17979

love knows no boundaries ;)

Anonymous 17989

>Love knows no boundaries ;)
That's one of their favorite lines. Pedotrash will always find an excuse to justify their pedoshit. They also like to pretend the child teased and tried to initiate sexual contact when the child was just being a child.

Anonymous 17991

2018-07-19 13.09.0…

A comment a found in an article about a Japanese woman spending over 60 grand USD to look cute. I feel bad for Japanese women who live in Japan.

Anonymous 17992

I wonder if they think the same of the "arthoe" look over here.

Anonymous 17994

are all japanese men crazy for loli looking women or is that a meme

Anonymous 18000

I mean, like men everywhere, they also like different types of women.

Anonymous 18002


It seems like a large number of Japanese men find women who look like or has child like features attractive, why else is pig tails and kid dresses on an adult woman socially acceptable there? People would be like wtf if a grown ass woman dressed like this outside of Japan. Japan is pretty much a pedo paradise nation..

Anonymous 18003

seconded, I wore pigtails out once at 22, felt dumb as shit the entire time. When I was a teen I used to wear them a lot for dat hot cheerleader aesthetic and it suited then, now it's just silly

Anonymous 18004

>why else is pig tails and kid dresses on an adult woman socially acceptable there?

Because women like to dress up like that? I hope you're just an ignorant guy…

Anonymous 18006


Anonymous 18024

what i'm worried about is the 25-year-old who thinks it's acceptable to date a 13-year-old. If I met a guy that age who was even dating an 18-year-old I would be like 'dude…dude. why. what is the appeal.'
if i date people who are even three years younger than i am, i inevitably get turned off by how annoying and immature they are, I can't imagine dating someone who was TWELVE YEARS younger.

Anonymous 18025

>using a fairy-kei brand as an appeal
some women like to feel cute and they use clothing to do this. doesn't mean they're trying to appeal to pedos. they're not sexualizing themselves by wearing girlish clothing, it's the men who find that age group/child-aesthetic 'sexy' who are the issue.

also, pedos wouldn't be interested after they found out it was an adult woman wearing these things.

Anonymous 18037

Well i guess not we because you seem to think that pedos are not abusers and should be able to date children. You have different forms of abusing he obviously groomed her and that's abuse in my book. I don't think im unrightly assuming at all because the guy literary said that he was dating her since she was a child.

Anonymous 18073

This. Some Western girls wear similar J-fashion too because it's cute and pretty, not because we want to appeal to pedo men who like childish women. The whole assumption doesn't even make any sense.

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