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Anonymous 17309

haha I'm so desperate to post it on /b/ too but I'm just restless.
Guys, I think I'll just stay alone.
I know I just graduated from school and I have all my life ahead of me but..wow.
I never really tried, like, finding a boyfriend, due to my insecurity about my height.(5'9)
Every guy I start talking with it's just meaningless. All they care about is sex and how many girls they'll fuck, so they can show off..Nobody is really romantic and my circle of friends is just surrounded by fuckboys and stacies, so theres really no chance of meeting a decent one. Listening to romantic songs and watching all these innocent romance anime made me realize that I'll never experience anything like that. It just physically hurts me. How do I cope with this?

Anonymous 17311


No, no, no.

You just graduated, you are young and if you don't have hope for yourself, I do. There are still some "nice" boys out there who will treat you with kindness and love, you just need to be proactive and look around to find them. Your fuccboi and fuccgal friends make things worse for you because they give you the impression that everyone is like that, but many aren't. Maybe you need new friends, not only someone to love.
Don't be like me, I am in my twenties and a little bitter about my life because I feel lonely and feel sad at night because I want to cuddle and kiss someone who loves me.

Don't give up just yet, anon-chan!

Anonymous 17317

>I never really tried
You have to try, anon. Don't wait. Make it happen. Don't give your body to anyone else unless they commit, and don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Doubleposting is very rude. Don't do that.

Anonymous 18461

Are you me? If so add me on discord ive always wanted to meet my doppelganger.
actual fucking retard#4393

Anonymous 18462

Ngl I kekked.

Anonymous 18463

don't worry, i'm 5'9" as well and it's never been a problem for me. unless they have a complex about height, it shouldn't be a problem for any guys, either.
tbh the relationships that i've been in have mostly started out with physical/sexual attraction, then turned into romantic/emotional attachment, but that doesn't mean they were bad relationships. i like romantic/innocent love stories just as much as you do, but i've also come to realize that a lot of them are impractical if not straight-up unrealistic, and life is about making compromises between fantasy and reality sometimes. there's nothing wrong with having an ideal like 'my partner should be kind to me' or something but also don't expect a prince on a white horse to come riding out of the blue one day + love to strike like lightning. you'll just end up hurt and disappointed.

Anonymous 18580

Maybe you're watching in the wrong place?

Anonymous 18592

you could try a long distance relationship with a nice tall scandy boy?(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 18594

Go back your board, my dude.

Anonymous 18608

It's the internet, I bet you can google horror stories of men who have done that. I still want to believe most guys wouldn't do something like that, but still

Anonymous Moderator 18621

We're in the middle of a mini raid. Someone might've reported you and I accidentally banned you during the chaos. That's why I unbanned you. Just ban appeal and wait if that ever happens again.

Anonymous 18630

from what i seen someone post about cc on /int/

Anonymous 19085


ever thought there might just not be many other romantic guys out there because they tried it with past relationships but they ended up going to shit so they just closed in?

i mean i don't know if the same works for guys but that's how it worked for me after i was being really romantic with the past 2 bfs i had, once both of those relationship went to shit i just stopped caring and put up some sort of imaginary wall to stop any sort of other emotions from showing up.

Anonymous 19097

that hits close anon

Anonymous 19123

Don't give up on love, anon. You have the time to find someone. Please keep searching.

Anonymous 124114

Male hypergamy is the name of the problem anon

Average and below average men always seek women who are model tier in the looks department. I've noticed that in my third world shithole at least, all man, especially the ones that are remotely interesting and/or cute, are always dating women who are above them in the looks department, which makes it impossible for average women to find suitable partners

Anonymous 124678

this is true for both men and women. People like pretty things. But I usually see pretty women w ugly men if anything.

Anonymous 125489

Tall women are beautiful nona :)

Anonymous 125491

Just take a break from it girly pop.
Don't wanna pursue a relationship? Don't worry about it. You just graduated, you do have your whole life ahead of you, take time to just figure all this shit out.
And maybe you'll find that special someone and maybe you won't. Maybe you'll marry, maybe you won't.
Just don't fucking worry about looking for someone to fill in the gaps for you because everything you need to be complete is within you, and now's you're time to find it!

Anonymous 125500

I realize this thread is old but I wanna comment anyway since other anons with the same thoughts may read it. I'm the same height (as op) and I love it, would be taller if I could. Height on women is gorgeous. Stop watching dumb animes, they're not real life, not for petite women either. Confidence in your height/in general is attractive.

Anonymous 125513

Whats wrong with being 5'9? Most models are tall or even taller than that.

Anonymous 125528

I put down 5'8" on my driver's license because a friend told me that's how tall you have to be to be a model. I'm really barely 5'7" tho.

Anonymous 125540

It's hard to tell. There's some studies showing that men are on average more attracted to well-proportioned short women, or that men see short women as being more feminine and nurturing and taller as more independent. Take that with a grain of salt.

Me, I'm pretty tall and I've actually got endless flack over it from guys saying my height makes me look like a man (not one has expressed attraction at the very least), while women have envied me to infinity and beyond or given me the "omg, you look like a model!" treatment. It's interesting going on the internet and seeing that apparently tallness is supposed to be more conventionally beautiful.

Anonymous 125546

5’7” is the bare minimum. I know because I’m 5’6”

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