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Anonymous 17585

Tampons or pads answer now

Anonymous 17586


Anonymous 17587

tampons have a better texture

Anonymous 17589


Anonymous 17592

Brain says tampons, anxiety says pads

Anonymous 17596

What if I fuck up with the string and the pad gets stuck? Does that even happen?

Anonymous 17597

Brain fart. Tampon, not pad.

Anonymous 17599

I'm >>17592 and I should have clarified, I meant that logically I'd pick tampons but because I get anxious over things that will rarely happen (like toxic shock syndrome), I like pads.

Anonymous 17606

Toxic shock syndrome happened to me 15 years ago. That was awful but it's very, very rare.

Just check if the string is attached properly before you use it.

Anonymous 17609

BIG LONG PADS WITH WINGUS, trying to switch to a moon cup but it’s been super difficult

Anonymous 17610

I hate the feeling of the "drop" that comes with pads, but tampons are just awful.

Anonymous 17613

Tampons feel more clean to use for me, and pads feel icky to me now since I started using tampons two years ago. Are menstrual cups worth checking out? Have been considering getting one.

Anonymous 17614

Pads with wings but i want to switch to cups.

Anonymous 17616

Tampons have never worked well for me. I use pads but am in the process of switching to a cup

Anonymous 17618

They're harder to work with, but do the job best.

Anonymous 17623

Depends on my flow and where I am/what I'm doing
Tampons + panty liner on heavy days
Pads on light days
Reusable cloth pad at home + while sleeping
Thinking of getting a cup soon

Anonymous 17636

Has anyone ever been told by other girls that using pads was gross?

Anonymous 17637

Only here and lolcow. Never IRL.

Anonymous 17638

I've heard that irl from girls about other girls. And tbh now that I moved on to tampons and cups, I kind of agree. In hindsight sitting on my blood soaking into my skin and pubes was gross but I didn't feel like I had an alternative (I didn't really learn how to use tampons until I was 20 and once I did I never looked back.)

I don't judge other girls for using pads though. I'm just happy I moved away from them.

Anonymous 17640

Yes I have. When I was a younger teen I didn't use tampons because I was nervous about the insertion. My dad's GF at the time was very verbal about thinking pads were gross. Whenever I stayed at their house, and if I started my period and asked if she had pads I could use, she'd lecture me about how disgusting and unsanitary she thought pad users were. And when I got older and started almost exclusively using tampons, she'd hide hers from me when I'd come in the house.

I agree pads feel icky, but I'd never tease anyone for using them, especially younger girls.

Anonymous 17641

On the contrary, I have also had other girls and women tell me I'm impure for using tampons. My very religious friend in high school wasn't allowed to use them and use to side eye me for keeping them in my purse. Same goes for my grandma. We were at the beach one time when my cycle started, and when she saw me buy tampons at the convenience store she looked mortified. She's from another time & place though so I understand.

Anonymous 17649

fluercup is having a buy one get one free sale with worldwide free shipping. www.fleurcup.com/en.
i have a really heavy time. so i put shame aside and started wearing diapers and i am looking to switch to belted pads. the cloth active ones helped me at work. they was sleek and no sound. just needed a long shirt. they are more expensive. regular pads i switched over to the more expensive brand. it helped with comfort and leakage. for tampons i use Playtex ultra not allot of stores sell them. i buy them from Meijer at a decent price. some drugstores have them but at $9 a box. ob also has ultra but haven't tried them. i bought cloth off etsy or ebay a few years back. pro the length was good and i liked that it was reusable. con the makers try to sell a story instead of a quality product. so you really have to examine the picture. i don't mind reclaim cloth but getting some cheap pajama pants with haphard lines and charging $8 for 1 isn't my idea of helping you out. i want what the description states.

Anonymous 17652

Pads at home for better flow and no worries about tss, tampons in public for better mobility and discreetness.

Anonymous 17655

Anonymous 17656

pads. tampons make my cramps way worse and i can never get them in right. trying to move over to reusable pads rn, and i am loving them. they're so much softer and comfier which is exactly what i want on my period. won't use a cup for the same reason i won't use tampons: I don't trust my ability to put something in my vag well enough to catch everything.

Anonymous 17658

Pads, I use a great brand and it's not uncomfortable unless they're full. Some other brands I've tried make me constantly feel the moisture, though.

Anonymous 17659

Not personally, but I do find them kinda gross. I still prefer them, don't get me wrong, but they're gross to me like not showering is gross - fine if you're home and not seeing anyone and aren't overly bothered by the things that come out of your body, but if you're at all conscious of how clean and fresh you feel/smell they're not great. I also find tampons kind of gross, I hate sticking something unnatural up my vag then having to pull out a swollen bloody thing from myself later.

Frankly I solved all these problems by skipping the sugar pills on my birth control. Not sure why so few women don't just avoid their period entirely, it doesn't negatively impact your health or your fertility or anything.

Anonymous 17661

I really dislike tampons, most of the time I think I'm putting them in wrong or something and it can also be really painful because of it. They also tend to leak a lot for me and I end up using a bit of toilet paper on my panties to keep them from getting too terribly ruined. Having sex and masturbation or just poking around down their for cleaning can be really painful alone, so putting in an extra painful cotton thing to sit in me for hours on end is just.. my worst nightmare. My mom forced me to use them for a while and I hated them so much and I will never use them again. Pads are what I use on my period, comfortable, doesnt interact with my insides at all, keep my pantsu safe, no leaks~ plus I also have occasional bladder issues due to holding in my pee for hours at a time as a kid so they also help for that reason occasionally. They are also just easier to deal with, just put it on ur panties and ur good to go, dont have to raise anything or put anything up anywhere or adjust it, just put it down and go. I dunno, I've had so many issues with tampons as a teenager especially since my period was short and very heavy, that just thinking about wasting all that money on them just for me to hate them because I know I will.. It just doesn't seem worth it, same for cups in that regard as well. Thinking about cloth pads tho, since they don't do the crinkle thing or feel like literal diapers.

Anonymous 17666

>it doesn't negatively impact your health or your fertility or anything

Anonymous 17670

I can use tampons if I'm in a pinch, but I prefer pads by far.

I don't see how can someone be comfy using a diva cup.

Anonymous 17699

I use pads because my mom never taught me how to use a tampon (she doesn't use them) and everytime I've tried to use a tampon it's been extremely uncomfortable (probably because I'm doing it wrong).

I also still use pads because of the same reason as >>17592 anxiety. Toxic shock syndrome sounds really scary and knowing my luck I could see it happening to me.

Nearly all my girl friends wear tampons and always make of me for using pads. They always say how gross pads are and how they're basically a diaper and that putting in a tampon is so easy and simple and great!
I understand their points (I think pads r kinda gross too and I really wanna start wearing tampons cause it would really simplify things like going to the beach on your period) but it sucks being made fun of and not being able to ask anyone for a pad if I run out in public.

Anonymous 17711

I do and I love them, I never had a leak, but some of my friends have leaked. I don't even feel them and I used to be so uncomfortable with tampons, I was barely even able to get them inside. Cups should realistically be harder for me to use, but I adjusted to them super easily.

Anonymous 17714

Personal ranking:

Anonymous 17719

I dislike anything going inside my vagina so pads.

Anonymous 17732

Women who make fun of pad users are so immature. I've tried tampons but it just wasn't for me so I switched back to pads.

Anonymous 17743

tampons make me so uncomfortable
i went through half a box trying to get one in there properly but i felt it every time i took a step and it fucking HURT so i just gave up
pads are so much better

Anonymous 17762

Have you ever actually bothered to look it up? Have some studies if not
>Twelve randomized controlled trials met our inclusion criteria. Study findings were similar between 28-day and extended or continuous regimens in regard to contraceptive efficacy (i.e., pregnancy rates) and safety profiles. When compliance was reported, no difference between 28-day and extended or continuous cycles was found.
>Continuous OCPs are a safe and reliable form of birth control. The metabolic, hormonal, and endometrial effects are similar in cyclic and continuous OCP users.

You might get some bleeding that stops after a year or so, and you won't know if you're pregnant, but that's it. And if you understand birth control to begin with, you'll know why - it thins out the uterus lining, so there's nothing to shed in the first place. The period you get while on the pill is fake, and you don't get 'build up' when you skip it. The placebo pills were only included because it marketed better to women who felt not getting one was unnatural.

Anonymous 17763

not her but this is a tricky one. women experience serious side effects of b.c all the time. hormones are serious shit

Anonymous 17765

Maybe, but that has nothing to do with the sugar pills and the withdrawal bleeding they give you instead of a real period.

Anonymous 17769

Pads. I tried tampons once ro my first rock concert and have an eternal vendetta against them since then.

Anonymous 17779

I use reusable cloth pads. I did consider getting a cup, but I’m uncomfortable with putting tampons in without an applicator, no idea how I would get a cup up there. I have no problems with using tampons in emergencies though. god bless u stranger in the women’s toilets who passed me a tampon underneath the cubicle when I had none on me!

Anonymous 17799

Guess I'll start using pads now

Anonymous 17806

Pads because I don't know how to insert tampons. Menstrual cups seem very hygienic though, so maybe someday in a few years.

Anonymous 17808

>The period you get while on the pill is fake
How does this work?

Anonymous 17839

Anonymous 17873

Are there any side effects to continuously doing this?
I can't cope with the fact that you can apparently simply skip your period forever and no one let me in on this.

Anonymous 17874

>birth control

Anonymous 17882

The regular side effects associated with birth control, which depend on the type and your body.

Another thing is that depending on how you pay for the birth control, it is more expensive generally since you're going through an additional pack every 3 months. So you would need to get refills more often which means more visits to get prescriptions (I think? Last time I used the pill was 3 years ago and they only gave me enough seasonally so it lasted 3-4 months before I had to go and request more, but it was due to being a student and not having consistent health insurance).

Anonymous 17977

Breakthrough bleeding is the only direct side effect, it's only temporary though. I did it for years, stopped taking the pill for another few years, when I started again I bled for a few weeks straight before it stopped and never happened again. And while anon above is right that you pay more for the pill, you don't have to pay for pads or tampons and they are more expensive in the long run.

I think the biggest issue is that you can't tell if you're pregnant. But most birth control failure is because women skip 7 days of the pill, then forget to switch a new packet straight away, so it's a good way to avoid bc failing in the first place.

Anonymous 18068

I've been using pads all my life and i've never used a tampon, I don't think i want to honestly. I'm okay with pads and think the idea of them is more comfortable than a tampon. I haven't heard any girls make fun of others who use one or the other, but apparently that happens - i find that very childish, I mean everyone's got their preferences and they're just using whatever makes them feel comfortable the most, I don't see the big deal of that. Who cares, it just seems unnecessary to make fun of something like that.

Anonymous 18204

pads are the comfiest, i use tampon every once in a while or when i want to masturbate without a gross mess on my hands, but i cant help but feel like im using them wrong, they say to push til you cant feel it or you shouldnt be able to feel it but i always do no matter what size or how deep ive pushed it in i dont know if i have a weird shaped vagina or something. pads are the best i feel like a weirdo saying that since ive heard so many women say theyre gross plus i dont get anxiety about the time keeping that comes with tampons

Anonymous 18209

Damn I feel like I'm the only woman on this thread who said they (mostly) use tampons… Should I start using pads now?

Anonymous 18213

i'm primarily a tampon user, too. i don't remember the last time i even bought pads. the reason is because i have really heavy periods and so i would usually have to buy the really thick pads, which are bulky and uncomfortable to wear. tampons are just way more convenient for me.

Anonymous 18225

My periods aren't too heavy, however I'm very active. Plus I live in a hot location, so it's uncomfortable wearing what feels like a puffy drenched diaper when my body is often in motion and sweating, etc…

I do use pantyliners on my very light flow final days though, and sometimes a reusable cloth pad when I'm relaxing at home or sleeping.

Anonymous 18264

Both are better for something else and both suck for different reasons. If I had to choose, I'd be team pads. Lower chance of toxic shock syndrome, more control and no need to stick fingers up my vagina.

Anonymous 18265

I have an IUD so my periods are like nothing now and it's great.

I used to use tampons before, though. Really nbd once they're up there though I dislike the actual insertion because I used the tamps without applicators bc they're mad cheap.

Anonymous 18266

I keep forgetting applicators even exist. Where I live, I've never seen tampons with applicators being sold, I only know it from movies and TV and it's such a foreign concept to me, lol. I'm kind of curious to try it.

Anonymous 18275

Yeah same. Like I said here >>18264 I don't like having my fingers up there, but I'd very much prefer my fingers to some awkward plastic object.

Anonymous 28250

tampons just make me so uncomfy..though i feel like i should transition to them sometime in the future

Anonymous 28251

i kinda want to try tampons but i'm afraid of toxic shock syndrome and i know it is rare

Anonymous 28270

Why would I put something inside of my vagina

Anonymous 28271

Pads, I bleed very little anyway so tampons aren't worth the hassle.

Anonymous 28273

cups >>>>>

seriously, as a teen i had massive issues with tampons so i never even used them until i was 22, and 2 years later switched to a mooncup and it revolutionized my life tbh. it lasts a lot longer for me, no fuss, no sticking my finger all the way up there (where I live tampons aren't sold with applicators and I'm still baffled about those tbh) and i don't feel it AT. ALL. I recommend trying it at least once.

Anonymous 28543

tampons and panty liner just in case

Anonymous 28557

I've never used a tampon. They're just really unappealing to me. Also I imagine toxic shock syndrome is way overblown, but that freaks me out, too.

I've been thinking about getting a monocular/divacup/whatever for yeeeaaars but never acted on it. So I'll probably be using pads until menopause.

Anonymous 28559

>Not sure why so few women don't just avoid their period entirely, it doesn't negatively impact your health or your fertility or anything.

I lost my period for a long time a few years ago due to being underweight. I hated it. I felt unnatural and like something was wrong with me. I have somewhat heavy bleeding and cramps, but I know some people have nausea/throw up/really painful periods. So I understand why people choose to skip their period. I don't look forward to mine. But I felt so wrong not having it.

Anonymous 28561

Tbh you have to be one dirty fuck to get toxic shock syndrome. Change your tampon every 8 -10 hours (tops) and youll be fine.

I have one of those "cups" but Im so afraid of using it. Im worried it'll get stuck , esp since I don't have a big/wide kookah

Anonymous 28584

Happened to me, don't worry. Eventually it comes out after you learn what giving birth roughly feels like.

Anonymous 28603

I have a small kookah too and taking out cups is easy, I don't even have to "break the seal" as most women do (to release the vacuum). I just tug on the end until it comes out. The biggest challenge really is putting it in and after 2 periods it was such a breeze that I could do it without putting my foot up or squatting.

Anonymous 28878

Pads. Never tried tampons, got scared of the whole toxic shock syndrome and the idea of having something up there whilst going about daily life sounds horrid. I am thinking of switching to reusable pads, as they are better for the environment. I'd try a moon cup too possibly but I'm still a virgin and that doesn't sound fun.

Anonymous 28925


pads make me gag

Anonymous 28944

pads, never used anything else.
has to be the large nighttime-grade ones otherwise it just goes all over my panties

Anonymous 28953

i've used tampons once in my life and it was a bitch to get it up there. honestly scarred me a lil so now i go with pads everytime. also i'm a virgin so idk if that affects the pain intensity when i insert a tampon lol

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