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Lolcow.farm hate thread #2 Anonymous 178551

Broken website edition

Anonymous 178557

To start: All trannies 41%. YWNBAW. Male posters were never a "good" thing.

Anonymous 178559

No one is saying they were, just that there were male posters at one point.

Anonymous 178562

>No one is saying they were
Someone literally did in the last thread. Men were shitcanned for a reason, and no one with two X chromosomes wants them back.

Anonymous 178564

I was on the same thread as you and don't recall anyone yearning for moids to come back, just comparing two different problems.

Anonymous 178565

Deranged males are not better than dumb women.

Anonymous 178566

I think both suck but lolcow currently doesn't really have a problem with /pol/ moids, moreso twitterfags. Also it depends on their numbers, a handful of deranged scrotes spamming is much easier to moderate around than a completely different userbase, but I would say LC does a pretty good job at instabanning very obvious moids.

Anonymous 178569

Twitterfags frequently get banned and red-texted, though.

Anonymous 178572

Really? I see "chile, girl…, it's/she's giving" and other variants regularly along with their dogshit memes/reaction images, they're fairly easy to spot.

Anonymous 178575

I've seen "girl" for a long time, I don't think that's Twitter, but never "chile" or "giving", even in the autistic celebricows threads.

Anonymous 178578

Some anons think “y’all” is Twitter speak. I think it says more about where they spend their time than us.

Anonymous 178582

There are twitterfags but also annoying redditfags. I know because I see them use terms like “r-slurred” for retarded, which I know is what reddit users invented to get around the moderation rules

Anonymous 178585

it's not the word girl itself, they use it in this very specific way ik i sound schizo rn but it's something along the lines of "Girl…..", usually accompanied with a picture of cardi b or harry styles or some shit, or one of those edits where they add on press on nails and lipgloss to male characters. also i have seen it's giving/other twitter-isms all over the farms, even in the cow threads.
they can fuck off too KEK

Anonymous 178586

How about you guys go bully them right now.

Anonymous 178588

I already do.

Anonymous 178589

You need to work overtime since you seem about the only one that does.

Anonymous 178593


Yes boss.

Anonymous 178616

I wish all "it's giving" and all related expressions would result in a permanent ban from LC/CC.

Anonymous 178617

It should tbh, it takes away from the anonymity of the site by immediately identifying the poster as a twitterfag. Integrate or GTFO.

Anonymous 178628

how's it going to take away from the anonymity of the site

it's not like it's going to link to any specific twitterfag lol

Anonymous 178630

Can someone explain the pearl clutcher meme

Anonymous 178674

Ew I hate the tards who said Nikita Dragun shouldn’t have went to a mens prison. Disgraceful cockbreaths

Anonymous 178817


I've browsed lc almost since it's inception, and I have a lot of positive experiences on it. However, lately, I don't know what it is but there's a ton of weird moralfag pearl-clutchers that are aggressive and also, at the same time, extremely detached from your average female life experience that makes me think they're really sheltered weird young twitterfag girls

I just saw a short infight in the tim thread where an anon posted an image of a troon saying that cis women watch gay porn and the anon made fun of the tranny by saying it's not true. But the troon isn't wrong, it's a thing. When I used to watch porn, I watched gay porn. When porn was allowed on tumblr, plenty of women reblogged gay porn gifs. Another anon replied that she used to watch gay porn and fujos do it too and she got swarmed with "porn is disgusting, you're yucky", like yes but that's not the point of the conversation at all.
Also witnessed a similarly weird infight yesterday about anal and an anon getting attacked for saying she liked the feeling of a finger up her ass as opposed to a dick and another anon aggressively misinterpreting her a la twitter and making her out to be a pickme kek.

I can't describe why exactly these two infights made me so angry, yes porn is bad and yes anal is not healthy for your ass but it's almost as if you can't even admit you had experiences with those things in the past lest you'll be shamed, I don't think it used to be like that. It's happening more and more these are just the two most recent ones. The jumping to conclusions if you don't put 200 disclaimers before saying something deemed problematic smells like twitter and it annoys me.

Anonymous 178820

I saw that anal fight too KEK. I agree with you, there has been an influx of moralfagging anons who I heavily suspect are twitter users, they are very rabid and 'squeamish' idk how to explain. It's like they can't handle anything slightly nsfw or non-pc, they freak out over nothing and accuse anyone who doesn't talk like them of being a moid which ends up killing every conversation on there. Personally I don't see what the big deal is if some n0nna wants to have a finger in her ass, like why the fuck do you care? It's pure pearl clutching atp

Anonymous 178821

i saw that anal infighting too! so weird how they dont think that women could be anything other than pure assexual no-porn beings. its almost incel mentality to put women on a pedestal like this.

Anonymous 178823

i once saw "it's giving" four times in a row on celebricows (not the current thread but an older one) it's definitely common there

Anonymous 178827

Can't wait for anons to accuse you of being from /pol/ or whatever

Anonymous 178832

Nta but don't twitter users love nsfw stuff? The site's full of it and the whole reason why tumblr users migrated there after tumblr banned it.

Anonymous 178833


Anonymous 178839

>another racebaiting thread created by celebricow twitterfags
They don't even bother making a thread in snow. I am tired.

Anonymous 178845

The only one that got accused of being from /pol/ was the weird, abrasive sperg who insisted male posters were "good" and that /pol/ was tolerable. No one normal gets called a /pol/tard kek

Anonymous 178851

Glad I'm not the only one being weirded out by this.
And exactly, I hate when women put other women on a pedestal like this. I'm also a troon hating radfem but that doesn't mean I'm going to deny women can be disgusting, weird, and offensive especially on lolcow. It's delusional to pretend we're not and unhinged women give me life even if they're not perfect feminists honestly kek

Ntayrt, they do, but I wasn't clear enough in my original post. I think these anons might be young twitter or even tumblr radfems hence the weird moral fagging. I'm not even sure anymore. Like I said, they're not necessarily wrong in what they're saying (porn bad, anal bad) but sometimes these statements bring nothing to the discussion at hand and are only used to establish some kind of moral superiority. Combine that with the jumping to conclusions and arguing in bad faith part and you got yourself a twitterfag.

Anonymous 178860

>but sometimes these statements bring nothing to the discussion at hand and are only used to establish some kind of moral superiority.
>Combine that with the jumping to conclusions and arguing in bad faith part and you got yourself a twitterfag.
exactly, it's one thing to tell women that anal sex can lead to rectal damage (where is anorectal violence anon when needed KEK) in a civil way or that porn is bad for you and is an industry rife with rape and abuse, but they are clearly just using their radfem talking points to bash others. radical feminism is against prostitution and porn by extension because they hurt women, i don't remember reading anywhere that putting a finger in your ass makes you the ultimate enemy of the feminist cause.

Anonymous 178861

Well it's my opinion that /pol/ moids are less fundamentally bad for a board in the long term because they are easier to moderate around, feel free to disagree but it's just my view of it. However, no one ever said that moids are 'good', please please learn2read and stop jumping to conclusions, that's twitterfag behavior.

Anonymous 178862

>no one ever said that moids are 'good'
You know you can't delete old posts, right? Calling everyone a twitterfag just because they made you look bad is pathetic.

Anonymous 178863

That's not my post but sure kek

Anonymous 178866

"No one ever said it", except when they did, and then it becomes "It wasn't me", kek.

Anonymous 178867

If there are mods around they can check my post history, I have no reason to lie. It's just literally not my post KEK but I guess the twitterfag urge to "expose" people who disagree with you never truly goes away does it?

Anonymous 178868

This is a lot of seething and malding about a post you allegedly didn't make. It's like you don't get that this is an anonymous imageboard, and feel the need to defend your honor. That's what an actual twitterfag would do. Embarrassing.
I didn't actually accuse you of lying, but you did say no one ever said it, which was either a separate lie or just proof you didn't read the thread, and then you tried to move the goalposts after getting proven wrong.

Anonymous 178870

>It's like you don't get that this is an anonymous imageboard, and feel the need to defend your honor. That's what an actual twitterfag would do. Embarrassing.

Anonymous 178872

I'm pointing out that it's not my post because you insisted that it was after I clarified that it wasn't. You also implied that I was lying by saying
>then it becomes "It wasn't me"
It's not twitterfag behavior to clarify that something is or isn't your post, that's why the terms AYT or NAYRT exist. I'm not going to infight but it's very cringe to attempt and fail to 'expose' people on an anonymous imageboard, like you just said kek

Anonymous 178874

also samefag but
Why should I be embarassed if it's an anonymous imageboard? You're contradicting yourself.

Anonymous 178875

I don't like that lolcow mods ban you for every little thing. I understand getting banned for being a moid or a troon or posting cp but getting banned for emojis or "sperging" or just no reason at all really ruins the sorta happy-go-lucky free-for-all "chan" feel. You can't have fun on there, even on the non-milky /ot/ board.

Anonymous 178876

I agree, but oh well those are the rules so I guess it is what it is. CC is better for shitposting and sperging, in my experience the mods are not as uptight as on there, LC is very "no fun allowed" for whatever reason.

Anonymous 178877

I agree. CC is so much more refreshing, even if it is less active.

Anonymous 178879

What did I "insist"? I was laughing at you moving the goalposts after claiming it never happened. It's embarrassing to watch a random person try to pull something weird, then rage and try to DARVO when it doesn't work out for them, like you're doing now. Who's "exposing" you when we're all anonymous? You're taking this so personally like you've been doxxed or something lol. This isn't the last time you got banned from Twitter and excommunicated by your mutuals or something, you're just being cringy. If it really wasn't you, try actually reading a thread before claiming what did or didn't happen in it.

Anonymous 178882

Yeah the anons on here tend to not be mean girl LARPers like on there, it's so annoying how every conversation on there turns into a war of 'clapbacks'.
I was one of the anons posting in that thread and I guess I missed that post, my bad. I'm just trying to say that my stance isn't that moids are good (unlike what that anon seems to think), just that imo /pol/tards are easier to moderate because they make themselves very obvious and tend to spam in bursts, unlike twitterfag type individuals who slowly replace the userbase of a site. Now I will stop this infight here because I concede that I made a mistake when reading the thread earlier, I appreciate your concern for me being excommunicated from twitter but I have never and will never use that website in my life KEK.

Anonymous 178884

Did anyone saw that infighting romanianon vs frenchanon on /ot/? I had never seen her face but I didn't expect romanianon looks to be like that.

Anonymous 178886

Yeah she did a face reveal kek it's so weird to have a face to put to the name now

Anonymous 178887

Is it weird that I find romanianon cute?

Anonymous 178893


She is normal-ugly but she insists on saying that she's prettier than most girls.

Anonymous 178901

Is it something recent? Romanianon had plenty of face reveals before

Anonymous 178917

Tbh I don't find her ugly at all, she's cute. I just wish she'd stop putting down other women.

Anonymous 178920

she is below average or maybe romania has a lot of ugly women

Anonymous 178929

The moid and tranny accusation get sometimes overboard. Some of the users will literally accuse of being a man if you disagree on their anime taste or something. Recently someone claimed I must be trans for liking yaoi because you cannot enjoy yaoi without self-inserting or something which means you consider yourself a man.
Same with liking a lot of other things that some users consider too porny, too fetishizing too whatever, basically everything that is bad is only liked by men/trannies and if you like it you are one of them.

Anonymous 178943


>Why should I be embarassed if it's an anonymous imageboard? You're contradicting yourself.
Christ how new are you?

Anonymous 178949

>someone claimed I must be trans for liking yaoi because you cannot enjoy yaoi without self-inserting or something which means you consider yourself a man
KEK what kind of logic is this

Anonymous 178960


>the anon who wrote this post

Anonymous 178963


Also people with FAS don't necessarily get every physical symptom of it. I knew a girl in middle school who had FAS and the only symptom she had were learning disabilities, no physical defects at all. Another girl I knew with FAS only had effects to her height and teeth. I think one of the most obvious looking faces of FAS I've seen recently is the brony fedex shooter from last year. Spoilered because his face grosses me out.

Anonymous 178966

So what do you look like anon I'm curious are you extremely hot or something

Anonymous 178971


Nta but I find it at least suspicious how you all defend someone who, besides being ugly, is confirmed to be a pedophile/rapist and who has already killed animals according to herself. And even worse than that, she describes the abuse as torture porn for her ex moid. But since CC has been full of moids for a while it makes a little more sense.

Anonymous 178972

Oh shut the fuck up dramanon I didn't "defend" her, I didn't even mention her at all I just shared some details about FAS. If you saw this post here >>178963 as defending pedophilia and rape you need to get your eyes checked. And most people don't even know the full romanianon lore so why don't you just inform people instead of getting on your soapbox with some "UHMM ACKSHUALLY" tier moral fag post and assuming random anons are aware of the history and actively defending her. Fucking dumbass.

Anonymous 178974

Sorry, I didn't realize you're sharing some details about FAS because it's a disease you have to deal with on a daily basis. My bad. But for anyone defending her: she is a rapist, pedophile, schizo, ugly and from eastern european.

Anonymous 178975

And my personal theory is that every time someone post something about her "romanianon" persona in any imageboard she's touching herself reading the anon, because she's extremely attention starved. I'm glad that at least she doesn't leave the house and so she can't harm people nearby.

Anonymous 178979

How much you wanna bet she's lying about all these things to get attention and notoriety online :/

Anonymous 178980

Then by that logic she's getting off to your posts and obsessive screenshots about her too? No one here was even defending her, the most any anon said was that she was cute. Why are you shitting your pants over some posts talking about what FAS is and isn't. And I don't have FAS but I shouldn't even bother acknowledging your pathetic attempt at an insult. You sound like a spergy little cunt straight off of twitter, with the undeserved ego of a zoomer. I'm sure romanianon is quite happy to have such a dedicated fan who knows her backstory and even has the screenshots to fit the lore. Nice job perpetuating your own "personal theory" dumbass.

Anonymous 178982

Lol I think you're confusing me with another anon I'm just horrified for the cats. What if she was lying for attention?? Honestly how many people do that daily? This is me coping :(

Anonymous 178984

My bad I thought you were the same anon who posted >>178974

Anonymous 178985

kek figures to use a seething tranny pic for the OP

Anonymous 178987

>lolcow currently doesn't really have a problem with /pol/ moids
Yes we fucking do for almost two years now. The reason you're thinking this is because we can't have any remotely political thread without then swarming it like flies to shit and they all get closed or die of in record speed because of it. I would prefer any twitterfag or retarded tiktokers over moids on any occasion.

Anonymous 178988

Anonymous 178990

Nta but I don't think you're in the position to call anyone sperg when your response to every slight bit of disagreement is babbling about zoomers and twitterfags even if it's completely unrelated. In fact, that anon has probably been longer on LC than you, considering they know romanianon's lore better.

Anonymous 178991

I've been on lc 6 years, I just don't follow every single thread and save every bit of info about romanianon. And fair point, I'm just so done with the anons who jump too "omg you're a scrote" and try to insinuate something was said that wasn't. It's annoying and reeks of twitterspeak and zoomer culture. I literally posted a random take about FAS and subsequently got accused of defending pedophilia and rape. It's annoying and that shit happens all the time on lc and my patience for it has worn thin at this point.

Anonymous 178992

Bitch, no one said she was a good person. Looks have nothing to do with her actions.

Anonymous 179005

Yes this is a thread for shitting on lolcow not a drama thread.
Idk I see mostly very libleft takes in threads when a political topic is brought up, the only 'conservative' leaning ones are maybe the stuff about islam or some anons who say that gay men are degens, but I really don't think we have a /pol/ moid problem on current day LC. Maybe I'm wrong and just can't spot them, but that's just my experience. The people with actual unpopular opinions go to share them on male dominated websites I guess.

Anonymous 179036

One of them was a yumefag and I made that experience on tumblr as well so I assume it's people self-inserting too hard that get mad if you ship their loyal husbando to another fictive dude. On tumblr they will just call it "fetishizing" instead to cancel you, on lc tranny accusations work better. I have even seen it popping up on /a/ lately, again it was another otome fan.

Anonymous 179038

I dislike how LC and some other feminist spaces give men way more over power over them than they should have.

I never fucking care about men nor was I ever afraid of them but good luck staying on topic on LC. They talk about evil moids all day and at the same time they cannot ever shut up about it. They like series because moids hate them. Hate other series because moids love them. They do mental gymnastics to associate everything they hate to moids because guess what no matter what you like you can always find men that like it too.

Their whole life revolves around men, thinking of men, hating men, being afraid of men, even then when they are nowhere to be seen, they will never stop seething about their exes either (which might be the real issue behind everything) and they cannot even enjoy a discussion about their niche hobby online without over-analyzing the male fanbase it has and wondering if some of the cows they talk to might be men in disguise since they disagree with them or something.

Dear fucking god, I could talk to a prostitute and she would bring men up less often than these so called independent people on LC.

Anonymous 179050

i dont get the OP image what is it referencing?

Anyways why do y'all have to congregate here CC isn't your bunker. Shoo.
Someone post the "are you guys friends??" cc lolcow meme

Anonymous 179092

I think the manhate and fear of them is justified, but what I don't get are the simultaneous dozens of "post hot men/boyfriends/husbands here" threads on /g/. It feels like the girl board on the "girl" imageboard can't even pass the Bechdel test, half the threads are men men men its so hypocritical

Anonymous 179139

Why do some people assume that everyone on LC has the same opinions? I've even seen a lot of the same opinions and reactions here on CC too, just not so often because there aren't that many users here. Lolcow has a very diverse userbase that disagree with each other constantly, but it looks like some posters ITT don't understand that. The actual problem, other than scrote raiders, is the increase in users without an imageboard background who have been ruining the vibe for everyone else for years, as is the case of most imageboards with large userbases.

>Recently someone claimed I must be trans for liking yaoi because you cannot enjoy yaoi without self-inserting or something which means you consider yourself a man.
Sounds like Pakichan or one of the /snow/ FtM thread regulars. You don't see this kind of post outside of that board very often. Usually you can tell when someone that frequents the drama boards crosses over to the other boards, especially when they're a twitter/tiktok newfag shitting on anyone who likes 2d men and acting like she's superior for dating real men and starting a huge fight over it.

Anonymous 179140

>shitting on anyone who likes 2d men and acting like she's superior for dating real men
Holy kek, are some nonas really proud of this? Pure retardation.

Anonymous 179141

>Why do some people assume that everyone on LC has the same opinions?
Accurate, reading some people's opinions on lc users here reminds me of reading 4chans interpretation of lc users.

Anonymous 179142

>confirmed to be a pedophile
Why are you so obsessed with making her look even worse? If everything she says is true, then she couldn't possibly be a pedophile since she molested those children when she was only 8 herself, and there's nothing that suggests that she continued to do it after that. Why do you need to make it sound like she did all those horrible things as a fully responsible adult and not as a very mentally disturbed child? It's already bad enough as it is, you don't need to accuse her of those things in adulthood. This is like when tumblr and twitter zoomers accuse everyone they don't like of being a "pedophile" because they "groomed minors" but said "groomer" was underage at the time and only 1-2 years older. That, and how obsessive you are over this every time she's mentioned (even posting obscure Discord screencaps and accusing others of being newfags, male or pedo defenders for not knowing the full Romanianon lore) are what makes you reek of twitter.

Anonymous 179184

Nta but you are talking to several people. I am >>178990 and those discord screenshots are from the time she and her ex moid literally spammed /ot/ with their fallout, including their discord garbage. I assumed you haven't been on Lc for too long because romanianon literally shat up every active /ot/ thread and some specific /snow/ threads for months, making unhinged threats to kill more animals & her friends & random women and then blame it on lolcow as "revenge" despite anons trying to give her advice and compassion in vents countless times, samefagging aggressively, calling women she's jealous of whores and making up lies about them to post in threads, making up an ever changing backstory and generally just spamming and derailing endlessly. She got so recognizable that there's a huge list of her post in one of the "true opinions on cows" threads.

Anonymous 179188

You're right, those silly females only hate men because they didn't get fucked eno- I mean because of their ex boyfriends. There can't be any other reason, if only they would shut up like they should.

Anonymous 179198

This is Stephen. Only he (a privileged first world scrote raging because he has no gf and thinks of himself as the ultimate victim while bashing women and trying to blackmail them) would try to insist an 8 year old who got molested and raped is a pedophile or rapist for doing what all the other kids around her in a broken-down, fucked up village in extreme poverty were all doing. The fact that you think being schizo or "ugly" are even in the same ballpark as those things shows what this is really about for you. Disgusting misogynistic moid, get off our boards and do the whole world a fucking favor.

Anonymous 179199

Holy shit i can’t believe i once sympathized with this bitch

Anonymous 179238


i feel bad for her

Anonymous 179245

stop derailing with this romanianon drama she wants attention

Anonymous 179296

normal ugly? dude she just isn't wearing any makeup lmao

are there a lot of women here from vindicta or what? they're the type to care about something as random as someone's philtrum. shit, i haven't even heard of that word before today.

(i'm not defending her actions though. i don't know much about her, but if she did hurt children and animals, then she is ugly on the inside, but to call her ugly on the outside indicates you've been on instagram for way too long.)

Anonymous 179299



Anonymous 179304

Aaah, good old Lolcow FAS sperging. This gave me unexpected nostalgia. Some things do always stay the same.

Anonymous 179340

Unpopular opinion, but I think that rad fems will eventually be the death of crystal cafe. It will make conversation impossible like /pol/ did to 4chan. Every thread will eventually become the same five rad fems all calling each others troons, and it will only get worse as more twitter ants start to post here. Brain dead twitter users are all going to posture to hate trannies and moids so they can fit in. Everything will become all trannies and moids all the time if it isn't that already.

Anonymous 179347

This place is already full of moids, if anything they might actually fuck off if radfems would be more active here.

Anonymous 179354

i kinda hate to admit it but i originally just came her for the tranny hate, and i have been participating in it, but it seems like everything is just about trannies and how shitty men are, which has its place, but it is really starting to be a drain emotionally. i don't want to be upset all the time, and i have noticed that we don't have cool or interesting threads anymore like when i first came here. like another person said somewhere, it's just not comfy anymore. i think i am going to check out for a while and focus on creative pursuits to unscramble my brain. hopefully this place becomes comfy again at some point

Anonymous 179443

that's why I'm a Soyjak apologist. It drives away the Twitterfags.

Anonymous 179444

Not even a twitterfag but soyjaks are so goddamn ugly and it gives soyteen vibes, we have been raided by them before so miners have a reason to be suspicious about soyposters being male. Just post another meme instead like kikomi, bio-chan or something.

Anonymous 179449


agreed, soyjaks are the best twitter repellent, as for the moids we can post graphic yaoi to chase them away. problem solved.

Anonymous 179450

>soyjaks are so goddamn ugly
That's the point. I love Kikomi and Bio-chan, but they're not normie-repellants like the Soyjaks are. It's pretty easy to know when it's a raid vs an actual post from the context as well.

Anonymous 179453

derail but does anyone have a full collection of all the cc related wojaks, like cece the lizard and others? is there a thread on /img/ where i can find them? also someone needs to make a bio-chan wojak already.

Anonymous 179459


Try soy.booru (it's owned by soyjak party so watch out if you don't like moid humour but it is a good resource for well tagged soyjacks. Just try to search the terms you're interested in.

Anonymous 179463


Anonymous 179473


"My friend the communist, holds meetings in his RV; I can't afford his gas, so I'm stuck here watching CP"

what did she mean by this

Anonymous 179504

She asked for wojaks, not soyjaks.

Anonymous 179569

which board is the most cancerous? my vote is for /ot/.

Anonymous 179572

/ot/ and /w/, but I don't use /w/ so I'll say /ot/.

Anonymous 179665

It's gotten so bad. The last 24 hours of arguing are pure cancer and trolling, it's the single worst thread on /ot/ right now. I love to read about celebrity shit and I think the thread can be hilarious at times, but I'm willing to sacrifice it at this point kek

Anonymous 179682

Yeah to all the lurkers go read that thread right now and tell me that it doesn't sound like twitter in there. Anyone who tries to say that it doesn't is a liar.

Anonymous 179691

You aren't repelling twitter, none if us like your shitty moid wojaks, hence why it gets banned on sight.

Anonymous 179701


Just a reminder that pic related is from /meta/, written the schizo tranny who spammed cc and lolcow with gore, scat, porn and cp.

Anonymous 179702


Here's some of the rest from that and his falseflagging. It turned out to be him, but his replies got deleted along with all his other spam.
Pic related is responding to >>>/meta/6242

Anonymous 179708

1658694067268 (1).…

Here's one of the many examples of the same crying from him on lolcow. What I want to say is, be cautious when you read several examples of the following together.
>[imageboard] was so nice before radfems/gc came and told me to fuck off!
>calling everyone who calls him out and/or his samefagging paranoid, schizo, hysteric, panic and similar gaslighting shit
>bringing up /pol/ out of nowhere as if he isn't solely the one spamming [imageboard] with black people getting murdered and posting pepe shit while at it
>scrotes are fine if they aren't obvious
>quoting his own posts (the one about how we're actually calling out abused women, not larping troons!!, something he even dared to bring up with his namefagging attached)
>actually you're the scrote for calling me out
>actually you're from tumblr/twitter for calling me out
>actually you're the misogynist for telling me I'm not a woman and never will be
>shitting up lolcow
>generally aggressive samefagging

Anonymous 179721

It's funny because cc and lc are both getting more active imo. When I used to browse cc in 2019 I'd check it once a week because there was no point in checking it more often. Now there's multiple threads that move at decent speeds.

Anonymous 179734

There’s a recent /meta/ thread where his posts are all redtexted. I’ll find a screenshot

Anonymous 179736


Anonymous 179737


Anonymous 179738


Anonymous 179739


Anonymous 179740


Anonymous 179746

kek he's so pathetic

Anonymous 179867

Is lolcow working for anyone

Anonymous 179868

it isn't for me

Anonymous 179972

Idk if the LC jannies are inactive, don't take reports seriously, or certain people are ban evading, but, the site is an obnoxious unmoderated mess.

Anonymous 179973

i used to browse there around 7-6 years ago and it's wild to see how much it's changed. a lot of the posters there have serious problems and seem overly hostile. /ot/ especially looks to be a flaming cesspool of questionable stuff with most posters being obviously young.

there were also some posters in a thread shaming an anon for being raped. is it not feminist anymore? vomit inducing.

Anonymous 179990

The truth is that it was never feminist

Anonymous 180018

i'm going to get accused of being you know who for this but you're right, it has never been a feminist site. idk why people keep acting like only left wing radfems can post there, the site doesn't have any particular political affiliation, it's a gossip site.

Anonymous 180024

i got dogpiled and cursed out last time i dared go against the grain there, i think it really is like preteen activists or something, because i know some young girls who are really zealous about certain issues and go really hard on social media. even the troglodytes on 4chan aren't that vitriolic. they can have it i really don't care

Anonymous 180031

yeah i recognise the speech patterns and general vocabulary of twitter sjw types even when they're on ibs, it's just something about the way that they always smugly wag their finger at anyone who doesn't think like them. lolcow is infected now, i hope maybe with better moderation or something the site can bounce back but i doubt it.

Anonymous 180066

What the fuck is with anons having a mental breakdown over a tampon company making a stupid joke? I swear to god it's like I logged onto some weird puritan site.

Anonymous 180067

I saw that, it's ridiculous. I think company tweets are cringe in general but the amount of pearl clutching over a joke is insane.

Anonymous 180220

what was the joke?

Anonymous 180227

People on lc get angry about the stupidest shit there these days.

Anonymous 180229

I remember an anon pointed out other anons can reveal crazy shit and get buried but a stupid tampon joke is blasted. The worst one was the anon wanting to send tampax her used tampons as revenge for making the joke. I feel like these people just are angry at other shit going on in their life and are redirecting their anger

Anonymous 180250

Wow, so she was abused as a child while living in extreme poverty? Grats scrotes, you really cancelled her.

Anonymous 180260

They joked about how they're in women's vaginas and men are in women's DMs aka want to be in women's vaginas instead. It was stupid and inappropriate for a company to post for sure but anons were acting like they're demanding for rape of women or something and one anon quite literally wanted to make it their life goal to cancel tampax and then when others anon pointed out women make similar or even worse jokes daily they just played mental gymnastics as to why it's okay for confirmed women to do it but not companies even though they just tried to convince everyone pure women would never ever make any crude jokes like that

Tampax drama aside. I personally thought the joke was pretty funny and I'm honestly tired of everyone making the most boring possible posts on social media in fear of getting cancelled or harassed.crude jokes lighten the mood a little and it's not like everyone's going to suddenly think periods and tampons are sexual by nature because a company made a dumb joke

Anonymous 180263

exactly, everyone is so uptight and boring, even on LC. i use the internet to laugh and read interesting things, or at least i used to before all the moralfag hall monitor normies showed up, it's sad to watch LC go down this road.

Anonymous 180283

I'm an anon that "defended" the joke and I literally left the entire day, when I checked back in, got redtexted for "ip hopping" because mods are picking favorites now apparently, and then someone claimed I "sperged for hours" when there's like 20+ comments within the past few hours even though no one fought back kek. They played bad mental gymnastics of "umm well it's okay if women sexualize themselves with sexual tampon and breastfeeding but if anyone else does then it's time to riot and have unhinged rants for hours, but somehow it's actually you having unhinged rants even though you disappeared (?)", Got accused of samefagging even though it is quite obvious there's a samefag since very little users would get this worked up over a tampon joke.

I would pay anything for anons to be institutionalized based on their posts

Anonymous 180286

Anons are such hiveminds and they agree with only things that get the most replies agreeing or disagreeing. I've seen anons years ago actually defend loli all because most of the replies were defending Loli and even people that butted on would put down the "anti Loli anon". They're such fence sitters and I'm almost convinced they don't even read what they're defending and just think "more replies = good thought"

Anonymous 180368

pretty much LC outraging about a shitty sexual joke while CC outrages (in another thread) about erasing women (using "their vagina" instead of "her vagina" in the joke)

Anonymous 180427

You are either terminally retarded or a concern trolling moid trying to distract from the elephant in your statement.

Anonymous 180456

How so?

Anonymous 180460

I would barely even consider cc outraging

Anonymous 180538

the constant accusations of racism or sexism or whatever when you disagree with any of the current year opinions that get posted on the site make me kek, i'm glad that cc is less cancerous in that regard.

Anonymous 180540

I posted exactly one post in that thread saying that the joke is lame and tampax is a shit company who uses dehumanizing language against women. I stand by it 100% but it's hilarious to know there is some shitstorm about it.
Either way, it was a lame joke.

Anonymous 180588

Anonymous 180589

Is having a vagina dehumanizing or something? I don't get it. Sexualizing tampons maybe, but dehumanizing?

Anonymous 182440



Anonymous 182472

I ran over here so fucking fast to check. I was just on there today

Anonymous 182500

Could someone give me an in-depth explanation of the OP image so I can better appreciate it?

Anonymous 182746

The whole board save for a bunch of threads in /m/ is flooded with mentally ill shits IMO and most of them sound like bipolar paranoid schizophrenics. They complain about trannies all day (for good reasons btw) but at the same time they are just as whiny as them and everything that exists is part of some conspiracy against women to them.

I never met a woman in my country who didn't have some male friends too but just casually hint that you did as much as talk to a man once and LC fags will get a meltdown.
I don't know how people live and society works in fundamentalist places like the US but I honestly don't care, here it's normal for both genders to have friends on both sides and socialise with them and when I join an anime thread I like to talk about anime and not analyse what men think of it or get involved in an argument because someone calls another user a guy because she likes some anime with fanservice.

Fuck politics really. I just want a place without any form of politics and wish everybody addicted to that shit would take meds or vanish already. Also a lot of people on LC seem to be envious shits.

Anonymous 182757

Lolcow is just bad vibes lol. Sometimes I want to nitpick someone's words or post a mean response, which is not how I normally think or act. But as a place it enables everyone to act that way.

Anonymous 183180

Anonymous 183190

No1curr about your stupid Nigel male friends. There are a million places on the net where you can talk with normies and moids about anime. Lc and CC are among the few where women can bitch about men and troons without being dog pilled, but pearl clutchers like you are ruining it. Go talk about anime with your many moid friends who totally don't want to bone you.
>we have male friends in muh country
Whuh, I never heard of this before. Is it like being friends with a woman, except with a man? That's crazy, I didn't know people did that.

Anonymous 183192

She's right about it being filled with mentally ill people but this also extends to cc and all the other imageboards. It's hard to find sane people.

Anonymous 183196

i've never seen any group of people, especially women, so colectivelly obsessed with anything related to age and aging. they shit on Belle Delphine (who is a pedo-pandering retard but that's not my point) for not looking like a literal children, but then they defend themselves by saying "oh but she totez thinks she looks like kid u guiz!!!"
yeah that's definitely projection at this point. what a retards

Anonymous 183256

>anal infighting
I can't stop laughing at this term

Anonymous 183375

…who is Romanianon? I wanna know what the fuss is all about

Anonymous 209224

The hostility is definitely rubbing off

Anonymous 209250

The whole place is just a contradiction in terms. A site devoted to mostly gossiping, tearing down and harassing other women while also pretending to be epic radfems was always going to end badly because it's inherently dissonant.

I also agree with an earlier anon who said a lot of it seems to be based on trauma and bad decisions with regards to ex boyfriends. Lurking /g/ is informative in this regard as you've got self admitted porn addicts on there, women who did dumb shit like date toxic 4chan guys, drug dealers etc. Not to mention there's a lot of self admitted ex sex workers on there too. This isn't even going into the fact half of the kink thread from what I remember was violent rape fantasies, fantasizing about abusive men etc.

LC anons need therapy. Not imageboard coping mechanisms. Not even joking.

Anonymous 209258

Radfems want women to be not bought and sold as commodities. For the most part, theyre probably the only kind of feminists that dont give a shit if you make a negative comment about someone because feelings dont matter when compared to that actual issues women face, so for that reason I dont see it as a contradiction. Personally I see no problem with a bit of gossip, but I tend to only got to the schizo threads on /ot/ to be amongst my wn kind

Anonymous 209260

Back reading all the massive copes in this thread is hilarious especially this post. A few weeks ago I saw them ban a poster for saying they use a kpop imageboard from time to time and using the word gook in a completely inoffensive imageboard way. Not only did they ban this for racebait? but farmers immediately flooded meta to talk about "the racist kpoppies sksksksks". When even kpopfags are less PC and woke than you, you shouldn't be on an ib. Seems even the mods have lost the plot/are entirely filled with sensitive zoomers handpicked by the last admin now

Anonymous 209267

Let's be honest, LC and CC are both incredibly strict on anything vaguely considered "racism". I was banned from LC once for saying black men are way more likely to be street harassers and pointing out all the victim blaming black women do in regards to "beckies". I think it's just part of what you have to accept about LC being run by women, and I have a feeling LC mods are of the intersectional variety. I've noticed there's this really pathetic tendency to have to use minority women's suffering as proof of a woman's issue being credible ("it's not just white women who suffer from it! It's black women too!") Which basically translated to something being unimportant if it only affects or predominantly affects white women, like racial fetishization.

It's a shame as one of the few things I liked about 4chan was being able to vent about un PC racial stuff.

Anonymous 209276

I agree with you. (Just pointing out how dishonest the LC whiteknights are). CC isn't much better either but janis tend to reflect the userbase so CC janis are a lot less unhinged than LC janis with what they deem "problematic". I also noticed the whole talking shit about women is okay as long as you put white in front of it. It's twitter rot and it absolutely started when that one Admin made up tinfoils about us all being rich white women out to get her.

Anonymous 209281

the whole racism issue on lolcow confuses me. in the early days when the majority of the posters were /cgl/ refugees, casual racism was fine as long as it wasn't /pol/-tier nazi fagging. there's also been periods where it's obvious that some of the jannies were prejudiced and went after black farmers specifically in hopes of getting them to chimp out so that they could laugh about it (it happened to me). then we had that brief period where if you said anything less than stellar about white people, specifically white women, bitches would start crying. then it went back to being okay to make fun of white people. some of the discord farmers were outed for being into nazi and /pol/-handmaidens as well, so i get whiplash with how quickly we go back and forth over this. it doesn't really bother me personally, i just think it's weird.

Anonymous 209283

/cgl/ isn't much better, I was called a nazi for saying the next live action snow white actress is swarthy.

Anonymous 209294

>casual racism was fine as long as it wasn't /pol/-tier nazi fagging
This is what I remember too but current posters and farmhands will swear up and down that the farms have always been overly sensitive on slurs when you bring this up. I heard about the issue with black anons but so much drama was going on back then I never knew what to believe. Are you the one who got called a monkey by one of them?

Anonymous 209298

Yeah and sometimes I'd see anons mentions jews not even in a /pol/ tier way and still get banned. It's not like they are blaming everything on le jews, it's real discussions that get banned because it brings up jewish people. Like stop tamping interesting discussions. What I like about CC is you can have really longform diatribes and rants without getting banned.

Anonymous 209305

The problem with racist posters, other than they being racist, is that they can't stand receiving counter arguments or being mocked back, they'll be the first one to start whining and telling everyone that disagrees with them to be sjw spergs, then the people who don't care about the debacle at all will rightfully complain about the thread being derailed. I don't mean stuff like tho >>209267
>I was banned from LC once for saying black men are way more likely to be street harassers and pointing out all the victim blaming black women do in regards to "beckies".

Anonymous 209306

I'd be more willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on it if they didn't ban every single slur as racebait even when it's obviously not used as bait. It's weird SJW behavior that we always wanted to get away from.

Anonymous 209323

The obvious reasons that racebait isn't allowed are
>it causes infighting, >99% of the time
>the only people who get involved in imageboard-tier level of discourse on idpol are agoraphobic /pol/tard NEETs or spergs with low self-esteem
Using a slur in a demonstrative example isn't racebait IMO, but just bringing up race in any conversation is going to devolve into /pol/-like shitflinging very quickly, which is obviously very attractive to moids/trannies

Anonymous 209324

There are constructive discussions based on race sometimes, jannies should just ban baiters and retards, not anyone that brings up race for any reason.

Anonymous 209327

Yeah, no. IME, I don't think I've ever had an intelligent, academic (university-level) conversation on any imageboard. I'm not denying that it's possible, and that serious discussions can be had on racial issues, but this is almost overwhelmingly never the case as a lot of imageboard users are either underaged or NEETs, especially on lc/cc (but I know there are educated anons). Race is always going to be an incredibly incendiary topic prone to /pol/ scrotes and baiting trolls, and it honestly makes lc/cc less hostile and tense if these conversations are completely avoided.

Anonymous 209382

All men are garbage and I would not have sex with them. QED.

Anonymous 209387


A lot of the cp/gore spammers come from soyjak or r9k itself, and they go to lolcow too. They will spam it just because its a female central site.

Anonymous 209389

Yup. This is why I dont trust anyone who complain about woman posters yet ignore the cp/gore spamming.. I understand that infighting is worse but we gotta stick together in times like this lol.

Anonymous 209445

Anonymous 209483


This is more of a pet peeve but it annoys me how anons will mock /g/, say it's shit, then you'll see a bunch of posts on /ot/ venting or complaining about their niggles or lusting for some moid, when there are more appropriate threads for this kind of stuff in /g/. It feels kinda inconsiderate to anons who are tired of hearing about moids.

Anonymous 209484

I just straight up don't understand why the boards are so cliquey. I also don't understand why they all hate eachother. I use all the boards and apart from /w/ and I don't see much difference in the cultures

Anonymous 209487

I understand if someone says they don't use cow boards, tho I don't believe the overlap between non-cow boards and cow board users is that small, but it's kinda weird how you see so many posts about only using /ot/, then you see posts and threads that belong in /g/ or /m/.

Anonymous 209488

>so many posts about only using /ot/
>they still refuse to use CC despite the vibe and topics being very similar to /ot/ and/g/ but with less autism

Anonymous 209494

what's there about CC to make fun of?

Anonymous 209495

A decent amount of farmers seem to love pointing fingers at other anons and shouting that they're "BPD", meanwhile the ones doing the diagnosing act a bit unhinged themselves. Someone who studies personality disorders should observe lolcow and tell us what they think.

Anonymous 209499

I think BPD is almost reaching the same status as "autist", it's thrown around to describes some behaviours without meaning anything deeper. Tho sometimes you see posts where the author actually believes their accusation l.

Anonymous 209500

We are all trannies and moids to them

Anonymous 209503


This is a criticism that's especially real because anons there get called scrotes over small things like sharing advice on shaving, or even using just ONE normal word that they happen to personally associate with moids. Yes, some anons there got called "scrotes" for just using the word "nuanced". I understand thinking that a user is a scrote if they actually demonstrate that they have a scrote way of thinking, but again, a decent amount of farmers and even some miners love to accuse others of being scrotes over things that are so small. It feels like they do this for fun.

Anonymous 209534

Er its depression central over here too. Also only venters are going to vent.

Anonymous 209536

never seen a farmer make fun of cc
as a side note sort of on this topic i think its funny how buttchin made some fedora tipping posts about how his samefagging "turns us against each other" but in reality all it does is make me think infighting is him having an episode again and in reality we get along quite well. gg retard

Anonymous 209559


Yeah I wanted to point out the hypocrisy, because they're many of the same people here and there.
You're a newfag. Here I did a search for you:

Anonymous 209560

>sad femcels
they could just ignore /feels/ damn it's not that hard

Anonymous 209561

lol, she has a point about the reading comprehension though.

Anonymous 209562

i really hate the term femcel so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate when women use it too

Anonymous 209670

Both sides have their fair share of retardation but I absolutely see it more often on lc lately, especially because it's more active. Today was full of "plastic surgery is good actually" arguments by retarded libfems? Newfags? Tiktok teens? Who knows anymore.
I don't even care if women get plastic surgery it just shouldn't be so hard to admit it's not based and feminist kek
I'm sick of this constant stream of newfags that won't integrate, and all they do is post retarded bait any time someone makes a sensible argument that obviously can't be refuted easily.

Anonymous 209678

you right nona i'm sorry

Anonymous 209706

I just noticed that I barely use LC nowadays. All the rage and negativity there is mentally draining. It's also so annoying how every discussion ends up being about men. I don't need to be reminded of how depressing the world is for women when I'm discussing yaoi or some random topic that has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous 209709

Spot on about how lots of discussions derail into being about men this men that on lolcow. I remember a time when its /g/ board was infested with various "hot celebrity guys" or "ugly guys i find hot" threads and it was so obnoxious to sit through, like the most popular female imageboard couldn't even pass the bechdel test on its boards.

Anonymous 209721

Where do you go nowadays?

Anonymous 209765

so are women not allowed to post about hot guys anymore because… feminism?
>"pass the bechdel test"
retarded, my Stacy ancestors who were forced into marrying some uggo approve of the Attractive Men threads, I don't need some dumbass theory

Anonymous 209793


I agree that it can be annoying but this double standard is frequently cited by scrotes and trannies who cry about posts being about them. This standard has never applied to mixed or make dominated spaces.

Anonymous 209795

me too i fucking hate the implication that women are remotely comparable to incel scrotes. its been mentioned time and time again how they differ, especially with incels being violent dangerous extremists retards when women in a similar situation to them aren't, so i'm not going to delve into this further.
but one thing i want to add is that they want to make it seem like women depend on sex and ego validation in the same way scrotes do and its not remotely true. women are not that weak and needy and narcissistic and they crave quality in their relationships.

Anonymous 209802

Did people just suddenly forget that the original lolcow was run by ShoeOnHead and her simp?

Anonymous 209826

i agree with you but to me posting hot guys is a repreive from all the cringe moralfagging on the site, also it's hidden away on /g/ so a lot of users don't see it.
the debbie-downers are from radfem tumblr and radtwt, they think LC is "their" site now so anyone who doesn't agree with them is automatically a pickmenlogmoidscrote, hence the aggressive vibe of the site lately. there really should be a new IB exclusively for radfem discussion, it would fix a lot of the problems that LC has, and it would be a valuable resource to have all the manifesto-chans come together to discuss and debate.

Anonymous 209829

You can hide threads, anon.

Anonymous 209831

What does any of this have to do with feminism though ? Women like looking at cute guys. What are you a jealous moid?

Anonymous 209842


Are you one of those annoying lesbcels who hate straight/bi women there?

Anonymous 209843

Meant to tag >>209709 sorry nona lol

Anonymous 209857

I don't like how you can't talk about how certain men are shitty but you can go on about white men. Like yeah I know, but a lot of s aren't white and don't live in communities with white people, so they want to talk about the men around them, who aren't white. In the celebricow thread, I notice anons will be weird towards black women, like the Ice Spice incident. I don't even think Ice Spice is more then half or mixxed with black (people get mad on Lolcow when you say there's a difference to some black people), but someone said she looked retarded and some anon, went on and on, claiming it was racism.
Or how black pick me's are different, just like pick me's of other communities are different, because what we go through due to our skin color and/or enviroment means, duh, different expereinces. Like we can't talk about race shit because scrotes may come and actually be racist. But also we aren't trusted to discuss our own unique situations?

Anonymous 209874

can you fuck off, it's very clear you aren't here to have a conversation just say slick shit to people.

Anonymous 209877

Am I not allowed to shitpost? it's crazy how disagreeing with people and shitposting on here gets you banned for "being a moid", also I was actively participating in the conversation yet word salad "the audacity!!!!" posts like >>209867 are encouraged. Since we're on the topic of LC, shit like this is exactly why all the oldfags left and the site went to shit.

Anonymous 209880

Who cares you got what she meant, it's a fucking image board, she was on topic. So she should get banned because you don't like what she said? It wasn't encouraged it just not a big fucking deal and it furthered conversation, unlike going
>Twitter alert word salad!
That shit should get you banned.

Anonymous 209882

I don't think she should be banned, but it defintely wasn't on topic since she was (I'm gonna have to assume here bc that post makes no sense) talking about how white women shouldn't comment on black dating dynamics or something which has absolutely nothing to do with LC or hating LC.

Anonymous 209886

If you were following the conversation, all the race talk started because people were talking about how talking about race is handled. Then it turned to anons saying they were banned for talking about Black Pick me's. Then it turned into people talking about black pick me's. Then an anon was like
>White men adore white women
>Black women feel they have no other options
and I responded to that. Then that anon responded to my response. So it was on topic, more on topic then, "
>Twitter alert word salad!

Anonymous 209887

*is handled on lolcow

Anonymous Moderator 209888

Can you please stop calling each other moids? Report if you think it is one, but if you're a woman that got banned then just appeal the ban with reasonable words.

Anonymous 209889

I'm not gonna derail any more but the post I mentioned didn't circle back to LC or banned LC conversations in any way, so it's still off topic, black women having or not having options has literally nothing to do with LC.

Anonymous 209890

What did nucow look like? I wasn't there for that.

Anonymous 209893

sorry, there's always weirdos following us around so I'm a lot more alert to weird comments.

Anonymous 209895

"I-I was only pretending to be retarded!"
The site being garbage is due to users like you not knowing when to shitpost, have a discussion, or shut the fuck up. Not to mention that you're the one who brought up something off topic in the first place then got assblasted at the response you're getting. You can complain all you want about twitter till you're blue in the face but you sure do fit in with them when your first response is to dodge accountability then point fingers.

Anonymous 209896


There's some caps in bunker #8 >>>/b/190780 I don't like it myself for dumb reasons that don't go beyond "it looks too different and I just don't like it" but if the update does eventually happen I'll have to tolerate it. Shaymin did say that if we get a new admin she'd go through with the update anyway because the software original lolcow is using is outdated and the code is a mess. Some nonas were saying it's hard to moderate as well.

Anonymous 209897

There are similar threads for women or you can always make your own. It doesn’t surprise me that the ones about men are more popular because well there are more heterosexuals.

Anonymous 209899

>"I-I was only pretending to be retarded!"
That's literally what shitposting is (not to mention that I contributed to the discussion), but if you type with a retarded typing style you should expect to be made fun of.
>dodge accountability
Accountability for what? Shitposting? This is the internet relax kek.
Interesting, it was basically a higher poly version of LC. I personally support the idea of an update while keeping the old site as an archive for nostalgic anons, change is a good thing every once in a while.

Anonymous 209917

refugee from lolcow here but i feel like my biggest issue with lolcow was that everyone seemed like they had BPD at all times with how hostile the environment was. is this place different?

Anonymous 209918

yes. lots of oldfags migrated here after it was clear that the site was just going to get worse and more unhinged so having normal discussions and being able to ignore moids/bait is a bit more common here

Anonymous 210114

Very slow and for obvious reasons only inflammatory boards have frequent activity

Anonymous 210160

Another refugee who has been visiting here more regularly. I've noticed a change in the farms. A lot more personal attacks seems like.

Anonymous 215512

It gets really tiring how so many posts relativize everything women do in function of men, like just do or don't do what you want without caring about men (unless that puts you in danger) or at least stop presuming that other women do or don't do something for male validation. But there is nothing new to be said about this topic, so there is no point in arguing.

Anonymous 215546

/OT/ really sucks right now.

Anonymous 215626

It feels like there are no mods and/or jannies around to clean up the mess. The catalogue is filled to the brim with spam and there's been so much infighting and derailing it hurts to see. Not to mention how fucking slow the site is. I hate saying this but lc is too far gone. RIP

Anonymous 215630

And where are the newmins? Surely it wouldn't take almost a week to post introductions, especially considering that they had nearly two days of downtime during which they could have been writing up their introductions. No word from any admin in several days.

Anonymous 215641

>And where are the newmins?
Nowhere to be found. Honestly, even if they do show up, I don't believe things are gonna go back to normal.

Anonymous 215663

it’s depressing as fuck watching this happen in real time. i still don’t really understand the motivation or thought processes behind basically abandoning the site and leaving us all in the dark.

Anonymous 215669

It really does. It's taken over and it makes discussion so boring.
Shaymin said she'd be dropping an introduction when she started and then went quiet for most of the year. They're honoring tradition.

Anonymous 215689

The site is so slow it's almost impossible to load

Anonymous 215712

I thought it was just me, it takes forever to load images for whatever reason

Anonymous 215732

>site is always either down or unusable because of some issue
Are you ready for LC's downfall?

Anonymous 215733

Dunno if I'd call it a downfall, because I think it'll happen slowly. Or maybe the downfall has already happened. On the bright side there are some convenient threads here for me to vent about how ugly men are.

Anonymous 215753

I gotta stop browsing lolcow, I keep thinking "fat ugly nipples, nasolabial folds,retard, hog hwmplanet, bitch, dumb" just randomly kek

Anonymous 215761

ok so let me get this straight
>site gets botted with josh spam
>none of it gets deleted
>we allegedly have 3 new admins
>admins say on discord that they are locked out of mod tools and therefore can't delete the spam or make an announcement
>threads and posts keep getting deleted
>cp gets deleted
>threads on meta get deleted
>clearly not locked out
>still insist they can't make an admin post
>could just take a discord screencap saying hey it's me making this post
>if they're not locked out anyways this is a bad excuse to start with
am i taking crazy pills or why is nobody noticing that lolcow is being destroyed from within?

Anonymous 215767

I'm starting to believe lolcow has already been compromised since the so-called shaymin takeover and it's only going to get worse and worse.

Anonymous 215768

don't deflect. nobody cares about crystal cafe and afaik they delete rule breaking content just fine and the current GC thread is untouched.
agreed. and it's creepy how you can't bring this up on the site at all without someone jumping down your throat with 500 explanations that make no sense

Anonymous 215773

I wonder if it's intentional whitewashing/gaslighting on the staff's part or gullible idiot anons. Or both.

Anonymous 215783

The combination of LC in its current state and my shitty internet sure is something.

Anonymous 215801

it's both. the gullible anons don't want to believe (understandably) that something is going wrong. and it's clear we have flying monkeys lurking and watching our discussions since they conveniently start popping up like clockwork whenever anyone mentions how bad the site has gotten.

you are not crazy.

ok, i am glad i am not the only one who thinks the same thing. weird and creepy as hell.

Anonymous 215823

Not here, they still janny me here when I'm too obvious but can't pick up on my style or can and tolerate it if I don't reveal it.
I have some slight respect for this sites staff.(we don't have to guess. you post using Android 11 Chrome Nokia X100.)

Anonymous 215834

Placing bets on how long has lolcow left to live anymore? I highly doubt it will last another year myself.

Anonymous 215842

Where will you go to when LC inevitably goes down for good?

Anonymous 215843

Abandoned One Direction wattpad fanfic comment sections

Anonymous 215869

I think it might live a bit longer, although I'm not sure the userbase as we know it will continue sticking around. My bet is lolcow will be filled with newfags, twitter users and teenagers.

Anonymous 215885

they deleted blaines post on meta but none of the soyjak spam kek guess that confirms it

Anonymous 215890

The null spam is gone now from what I can tell.

Anonymous 215891

Deleting it after an ex-farmhand calls them out is even more suspicious. All of a sudden the mod tools work, huh? After screeching and yelling at everyone who said they do. This is silly and not subtle.

Anonymous 215892



Anonymous 215893

>My bet is lolcow will be filled with newfags, twitter users and teenagers.
It already is, most of the oldfags have left by now.

Anonymous 215910

How did the Grimes thread manage to get so popular, is it mostly Elon? I don't know that much about her except I kind of liked Art Angels, is she really that awful?

Anonymous 215924

Pretty much because of Elon. She had a thread before but it was pretty boring.

Anonymous 215967


I'm so close to posting my own retarded gayops, soon you might see my short story about how LC is now owned by a cult.

Anonymous 215970

This, the entire atmosphere has changed and the amount of infighting makes it nigh unusable. People don’t focus on the cows anymore, they’re obsessed with blogposting and calling each other moids. I really doubt most of the userbase knows LC’s history anymore or much about the og cows.

Anonymous 215974

Honestly I can't blame them. I was a newfag too once and didn't care about the history of lc or the ancient cows.

Anonymous 215976

I kinda wanted to make a what would you dress up like if you were a moid, but I know that everyone would call me a scrote and possibly get banned as I have been called a scrote for much less. Maybe I'll make one here tho I'm unsure what board would be the most appropriate.

Anonymous 215978

Oh yeah, that didn't even go through my head. I actually don't dress masculine at all, it's just kind of a mental exercise because nearly all men around me dress like shit.

Anonymous 215990

>People don’t focus on the cows anymore
Because LC's cows are boring as fuck

Anonymous 216030

The only interest cow is Shayna and she just does the same thing all the time. Lucinda was fantastic for a while but now she does nothing. I'm not a KF user but ngl I lurk there a lot purely because the cows are more interesting. It's not just "fat", "fatty", "she looks like a tranny", blah blah blah

Anonymous 216031

The old cows are old because they've stopped producing milk, or don't do so as frequently. Still, it wouldn't hurt to at least learn about the OGs.

Anyway, I'm still pretty sus about the new admins. Sentinel and Jenny Death deffo sound like troon names, but anyone who brings it up on lc gets shat on. Even if they are women, I don't expect that Shaymin did a good job of vetting them.

Anonymous 216032

And the site still loads extremely slowly

Anonymous 216046

Celebrity cow threads were a mistake. Same with the troon threads. I can't pin down exactly when the exodus happened but it felt like oldfags just peaced out en masse almost overnight. It's been a sharp downhill ever since.

Jenny Death was a mod and part of oldmin's clique.

Anonymous 216049

lc porn banners.pn…

… sigh.

Anonymous 216051

i saw that and really wanted to scream. what is the fascination with erasing lolcow history? first it was getting rid of the cow boards for /ot/, now these literal retards want to get rid of the banners, too. i hate them. why not make their own fucking casual girly imageboard where they can chat and shitpost and have non “porny” banners? nope, let’s erase lolcow history….cause that makes total fucking sense. and of course watch one of these birds come in the thread with a million reasons why this shit is ok…

Anonymous 216066

When I make references to old cows, at least 2 anons always immediately pick it up. I don't know why in the past month, some keep repeating that no oldfags are left like a broken record when there's barely any way to tell. Yes, we got a shit ton of twitterfags and some tiktokfags due to the cows that are popular now, but that doesn't mean that all oldfags left.

No history will be erased with the (literally) shitty poop banner, get a grip.

Anonymous 216069

idk anon, i still feel like the board is being whitewashed in a sense when newfags nitpick things like the banners. but maybe it’s because i am already annoyed with everything that’s been going on these past few years. it is what it is.

i am an oldfag and i haven’t left yet but i don’t visit quite as much as i did in the early days. it’s just not as interesting as it used to be there. most of the cows i liked have stopped producing milk, so there’s nothing much i have to talk about, and tiktok fags don’t interest me. it happens.

Anonymous 216079

a lot of the original crew who posted on cgl and staminarose left in 2016-17, when they were fighting with that one admin. it’s been a gradual decline every year since and i think this is honestly the most different it has ever been; you can tell just by how much the topics have changed and how childish people behave. it’s just not as fun as it used to be. at the end of the day there’s really nothing we can do. the older anons are not going to come back and i think some of it has a lot to do with age as well as how much internet culture has changed. and i am not going to fight constantly with newfags/twitterfags/children as it’s mentally exhausting and pointless. they aren’t going to integrate and they treat oldfags like we’re “problematic” so it’s a losing battle in my opinion.

Anonymous 216093

The atmosphere is no longer fun. There's mini-modding and infighting from the newfags because they don't know how to farm or hold discussions as anons.

A quick glance there and anons are still blogging and reacting personally to comments about cows, letting their insecurities out. Even openly white knighting cows and using the site like a fanpage. It's as if they are cows themselves and wishing for threads about them.

Anonymous 216099

It’s not strange that there’s distrust to the admin team. The amount spam of posts typed in the same way is very off putting and reeks of same posts. All of this was done after being called out by a former farmhand. I wouldn’t call them trannys either but a very suspicious group of people.

Anonymous 216100

Lol I think I might know one of these women, if I'm correct she's an alright older woman into tech.

Anonymous 216101

What makes you think you know them, ? What do you think of them?

Anonymous 216103

I was on a crystal cafe discord and she was there, same nickname and occupation. She nuked all her messages though. She seemed pretty normie but okay.

Anonymous 216104

>The amount spam of posts typed in the same way
Same way as what?

Anonymous 216105

Ayrt I'm glad she's normie. I hope she has a good time as admin, maybe 3 admin wont be so bad

Anonymous 216106

In the new admins announcement thread a lot of the posts that were welcoming the new admins read the same way.

Anonymous 216111

So, let me get this straight right (and if any n0nnie is more well versed in the situation do please correct me because God damn this is a lot). A former lolcow mod who was/is a trans person kept secret by LCF admins. A thread on lolcow says it's someone called Micheal, a thread on Onionfarms says it's Blaine, and whichever one it is has been spamming lolcow with gross shit for what I assume is some kind of schizo Revenge?

Anonymous 216112

Is this a conspiracy thread now?

Anonymous 216114

Don't try and put us off, Blaine

Anonymous 216115

God, you're retarded.

Anonymous 216121

They're probably a bunch of normies with jobs and social life. Idk why is it always those types that try to get admin/mod powers, and later they just abandon the site out of nowhere because IRL life busy.

Anonymous 216122

failing to see how it’s far fetched to think a gossip drama imageboard, especially one explicitly excluding men, MIGHT just be targeted for gayops by some retarded moids. im not interested in being called a schizo so i wont spoonfeed but for your own sake dont post on there without a vpn and clear your cookies, the scrotes running the asylum are dox-happy

Anonymous 216124

This is not the first time I've witnessed retarded moids trying to ruin the fun in women only spaces. They're the ones saying admins are trannies because they can't get the power themselves and keep getting banned.

Anonymous 216126

Anons have been sounding the tranny janny alarm for years so if you have evidence just post ITT??

Anonymous 216127

samefag but what this anon said

Anonymous 216128

I don't want to hear about any spookybones unless it's an absolutely insane anachan cow.

Anonymous 216129

Sounds like anons are scrotes and are coping hard.

Anonymous 216130

Ok well first of all that's what is being talked about and potentially evidenced by the spookybones stuff. Secondly, you know full well n0nnies reeing out and accusing people of being moids is different than actual speculation and an identified moid janny

Anonymous 216131

it's still all speculation and with the new admins introducing themselves it's really strange timing for people to start caring about a former kiwi mod that Josh has already publicly denounced

Anonymous 216132

Actually, if you search the username of a kiwifarms reject + Malaysia airlines 370 and go to page 74 of duckduckgo, you'll find all the proof you need about newmins (and all previous admins) being troons.

Anonymous 216133

if i could offer some constructive criticism.. when a normally very slow thread has multiple replies in quick succession calling people schizo moids for saying oldmin got duped into handing over lolcow to scrotes (factual) it’s not incredibly subtle

Anonymous 216134

It is strange

Staff proved they know when I post so stfu to >>216132 and >>216114

This is old milk but the people calling it old milk are involved, nobody wants to say shit because we are all interconnected and it doesn't make a single person besides me look good. Why would anyone share this?

Whos in here trying to do damage control? Enough people know exactly wtf happened here.

Anonymous 216135

>besides me

Anonymous 216136

Were you the red texted anon?

Anonymous 216137

Who warned everyone about scrotes being in the last staff group and no longer is called the CP spammer the second power changes hands?
Really just take a second and think about everything and stop making me post here.
You wanna know anything about this? I'll spoon-feed away cause I ain't on nobodies side and I want this new staff team to actually work.

You wanna know why spookybones(the mod of kf)is involved I can tell you but so can a million others who did nothing while a man puppeted shaymin.

Anonymous 216138

Jesus christ if you are implying what I think you are go kys

Anonymous 216139

How could a new staff team work when it's just shaymin in a wig, it's over

Anonymous 216140

I didn't understand a single word you said.

Anonymous 216142

Report and ignore he's revealed himself again

Anonymous 216143

Nah you're probably jumping to an emotional assumption yet again frankly. Why not try asking what was meant?
I know why.
You are the one derailing this thread. Let others figure this out on their own.

Anonymous 216144

I am pretty confident the admins are voice verified women.

Anonymous 216145

Well yeah but I want it emotionally to work even if I'm too smart to expect it to work.

Anonymous 216146

Why would that mean it's not shaymin in a wig…

Anonymous 216148

Because I already talked with one of them.

Anonymous 216149

The staff knows exactly where and when I post on this site. No need retard. Lrn2read.

Anonymous 216152

so? did you talk with shaymin? this doesn't disprove anything

Anonymous 216155

Because people have already recognized at least one of the admins if you read above
Thank you anon but we know anons ITT will continue to speculate and tinfoil either way

Anonymous 216158

I doubt Shaymin posts here lol

Anonymous 216160

Sure and I've never pooped once in my life

Anonymous 216162

Couldn't even say it with a straight face now could ya

Anonymous 216163

I'm a newfag who is hex and blaine and are they posting here right now?

Anonymous 216167

Don't ask that shit, run away now before it's too late. Ignore this drama!!!!

Anonymous 216169

> hex and blaine
never heard of them

Anonymous 216171

Are you Blaine?

Anonymous 216173


Not even legally now.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 216177

you have no idea how fortunate you are, turn back now

Anonymous 216179

Well, duh? Obviously they're nicknames; are there anons who seriously believe these people are actually called that?
And as for how I know they're troon names, it's just the vibe that they give off. Troons tend to use video game-ish sounding names or one of the generic 'Alice/Lily/Violet etcetc' names. Not saying that they are troons, but the names alone don't give me a good feeling about Shaymin's vetting skills and how likely these admins will be at their jobs

Anonymous 216181

>And as for how I know they're troon names
>Not saying that they are troons

Anonymous 216183

Normie means that she has a life and touches grass. This is gonna sound fucked up, but to be an admin of a website like lc requires someone who is inherently not a normie (i.e. a NEET), someone like Josh Moon. You're constantly in contact with law enforcement and receiving legal threats as admin; anyone who has a reputation that they care about shouldn't run lc or related websites

Anonymous 216184

Fucked how? I only posted so the person accused of being me didn't have to deal with it.

Stop being so emotionally invested in this, it's only going to get goofier from here.

Anonymous 216185

Yeah, those two are not mutually exclusive. There are natal women named Alice and Lily. How does that detract from what I said.

Anonymous 216186

>how likely these admins will be at their jobs
Two of them are literally devs, probably even work in the field so they have limited time to work on the site.

Anonymous 216187

we know hex is posting screenshots from a private server several of us were in so you revealing yourself in support of her isn't exactly a positive thing freak

Anonymous 216188

>requires someone who is inherently not a normie (i.e. a NEET)

I agree. Unfortunately neets are usually not very community minded and they absolutely hate responsibility so we have to depend on these normies to make the site work until they abandon it because real life calls to them.

Anonymous 216189

Unfortunately this is the way lc has always operated if you look at the long list of admins and staff.

Anonymous 216190

and who are you supposed to be?

Anonymous 216191

Hex is a dog name,so I'll believe it's a dog and that's it.

Anonymous 216193

Kek anon you're right though if Blaine Gavin Ross got near me in person I would deck him immediately and call 911

Anonymous 216194

How do you know that they're devs?

Anonymous 216196

They said so.

Anonymous 216197

They said that in their introductions thread.

Anonymous 216205

Anyway glad lcf load speed is back to normal but I still hate the userbase.

Anonymous 216208

I see what you guys mean, but being a 'dev' doesn't imply that they work in the field. Anyone with an inkling of experience is a dev as it's not some highly guarded term/occupation like doctor or esquire

Anonymous 216210

We're all speculating in this thread though, so I'm just gonna dish out mine.

Anonymous 216211

Fair enough.

Anonymous 216220

My ip range appears to be permabanned, I have reset the router and both the old and new ip (similar but not exactly the same) got instantly permabanned when trying to post just now. idk if this means some porn spammer is in the same range as me or the new admin are already fucking things up. Been using lolcor for like 5 years with no issues.

Anonymous 216222

mods are working overtime, seems like they're doing their actual job now.

Anonymous 216224

I'm not sure instant permabanning ips that have never made a post (and none of my past posts were bannable, plus no reason was given) counts as "doing their job"

Inb4 new mods are all trannies and every terfy woman gets banned, one of the new mods has the same username as a TRA, as pointed out in a recent meta complaints thread

Anonymous 216228

Pro tip to whoever is in every single thread on every single site whiteknighting the LCF admins: You're just making people more curious. The only reason I even started looking into this is because I was accused of being the tranny whenever I expressed any criticism towards Shaymin's handling of the site. You're shooting yourselves in the foot but keep going?

Anonymous 216236

they are deleting things on this thread too, it's weird as fuck. they are deleting things from the same posters from cc and lcf. if one of the new admins mods cc then a link there would make sense. it was mentioned below

the plot thickens!

Anonymous 216238

I don't think you're a tranny but probably misguided and silly

Anonymous 216245

the projection lmao

Anonymous 216246

Maybe! Lots of things weren't adding up though and looking through a lot of the threads about KF and Discord drama was weird as fuck because I had no idea any of that was even happening on the site as I was casually browsing a few off topic boards most of the time. Like who the hell is Rachel and why was she all over the place with the lolcord server? I honestly think having a Discord server for the site invites nothing but bad things.

Anonymous 216248

Curious into what? Looking into what?

Anonymous 216249

The mods can see from which device you're posting. If they're deleting posts here it's most likely because it's same-fagging or a known offender.
Personally idc about lolcow or their admin team, but I do know that certain troons come here very often planting seeds of confusion only to be talked about. Anyone bringing literal nobodies into the conversation should be treated with suspicion.

Anonymous 216254

Most of us are aware of this but this new conspiracy against the mods here began when anons got lumped on with another spammer and instead of realizing it's because they're annoying they chose to believe it's a massive coverup

Anonymous 216257

Mods here just delete anything that causes infighting, too much drama. If you report something as bait on here it will be quickly gone. I feel like that's been taken advantage of by posters who know this but I don't think the CC mods themselves are a problem.

Anonymous 216266

The lines have been blurred with a lot of silly shit (if I see 'gayops' one more time, I'll be very annoyed for at least 3 seconds) However it was pretty obvious LC staff were over here obfuscating during the downtime. So it would make sense they're doing the same at home now that it is back up.

Anonymous 216283

Because you thought everyone who disliked your posts was a bootlicker, and now changed it to it must be farmhands. If farmhands were involved and posting, they could've and should've just deleted your posts for bait.

Anonymous 216304

NTA but what are you even talking about?

Anonymous 216305

how it's the same group of people posting the same theories about how the mods here are out to silence them, probably

Anonymous 216308

You should be aware of the rules before you speculate why posts were deleted. It's because you're just creating drama and singling out individuals, there were even attempts at identifying people who are the new mods. Dox is not allowed.

Anonymous 216310

And if anons read the rules or the previous bunker or hate threads they would have known this before bringing their vendettas here.

Anonymous 216311

I must've missed that, sorry.

Anonymous 216312

Tbf I was in the bunker threads and whenever posts would get wiped someone would triumphantly cheer that this is proof of whoever they thought was posting at the time. I don't think that helped with the paranoia kek. I didn't see the tinfoils about CC staff in here before they got deleted though so keep that in mind.

Anonymous 216313

Was sentinel in peanut gallery? It sounds familiar

Anonymous 216325

Oldfags suck and I think they're responsible for some of the infighting on lolcow (the ones that are still there), I mean the more 4chan-like infighting. I found the site when more of them were around/shortly before the new wave of new users came, and they were acting like mean girls but much more brutal. Ironically it was mostly in /ot/. I like the site more nowadays compared to then.

Anonymous 216327

The 4chan style infighting is likely due to the mass influx of scrotes we've had

Anonymous 216347

The way some posters will completely misinterpret what you said and write you a really aggressive reply full of assumptions and projections and then when you politely correct them they just get more irate. It made me stop posting on /ot/ it's just too irritating.

Anonymous 216372

I think miss lunch meal used that name for a while but I could be misremembering. The admin of that discord and the shaymin account was named Sen.

Anonymous 216555

They are definitely trying to make the site more PC, the shift in the atmosphere of the site isn't just your imagination, it's real.

>I like the site more nowadays compared to then
Please explain

Anonymous 216576

AYRT and let's not start this shit again. I'm not sure who you think you're talking to but this idea that it's only one person complaining is stupid.

Anonymous 219462

ouvrier agricole.p…

So, how do you reckon the mods are doing in this new phase of LC?

Anonymous 219473

better than shatmin

Anonymous 219643

so much better. at least things get done now when you let them know and they don’t have paranoid meltdowns over it.

Anonymous 219730

mio naganohara.jpg

>me seeing a now 1 day long infight over blowjobs in the vent thread
Somehow it feels even worse that what started it wasn't bait, but rather a fair vent

Anonymous 219865

it's filled with twitter and TikTok kids from it being discussed there and you can't post anything without being scorte'ed when you genuinely wanted advice or vent.
CC is slower and only been on here for ~4 years but at least I don't get dogpiled and I do get good advice.

Anonymous 219924

I used to like lolcow, and I still do to some extent, but I feel like you can't even joke on there anymore without getting red texted. I know not everything is funny, but not everything is a hostile attack either. I just wanna shitpost again.

Anonymous 220127

Why is lolcow hate thread locked

Anonymous 220141

I meant the bunker my bad

Anonymous 220142

It's unlocked now.

Anonymous 220464

I hate how I can have the most benign, most harmless opinion possible and still get called a moid just because some dumbass disagrees with me. Like not even anything that can be interpreted as remotely misogynistic. Yet the mods do nothing about actual self admitted moids.
>it's filled with twitter and TikTok kids from it being discussed there and you can't post anything without being scorte'ed when you genuinely wanted advice or vent.
I once got called a scrote just for simply pointing this out lol. Also reminds me that recently someone accused an anon of being a scrote for venting about her boyfriend choking and abusing her..like wtf

Anonymous 220467

ERM LOLCOR IS BROKENM!!!!!!!!!!!!(Don't use all caps.)

Anonymous 220468

mods are being really slow today for /snow/

Anonymous 220469


is lolcow broken again

Anonymous 220470

betting on server bill not being paid again

Anonymous 220471


Same poster I’m just on my phone on the toilet, sorry mods I was being silly. Sorry for not reading da rules…

Anonymous 220474

It's okay, all is forgiven

Anonymous 220901

has anyone been in /meta/ lately? it is so bad. i think we went a week or two without any really bad infights and it is an absolute mess again.

Anonymous 221366

Just saw the admin use "nona" in a sentence
Think that might be the straw that breaks the camel's back—site culture will have changed permanently. Yeah, at least the site is running, but now LC is run and overrun by newfags, twtards, and TikTok rejects. The LC of 2016 and before is dead and buried in a grave. I have hope for CC though, as long as it stays relatively obscure

Anonymous 221378

The twitards, TikTok fags, and newfags need to just be bullied off the site and banned. Lots of unsaged posts in /snow/ and they should be banned. Anyone censoring words should be banned. Stupid wokeisms should be banned. Honestly anyone who mentions using Reddit or TikTok or Twitter should be bullied relentlessly. How can you admit that you use Reddit and get upset when someone makes fun of you for it? Be ashamed.

Anonymous 221379

Holy fucking based, i love the way you think

Anonymous 221380

What even attracted all those twitfags, tiktokfags, and newfags to LC in the first place?

Anonymous 221381

AYRT and agreed. Apparently the new admin(s) have a plan for hellweek, but
1. There are not enough jannies, and they haven't hired any new ones yet
2. I can only imagine how properly that'd be executed if they can't even pretend to know the site's culture
Going on the cow boards on LC really feels like I'm reading a Twitter comment thread
LC gets name dropped on those platforms, newfags read the posts and visit the site out of interest, then decide that they want to stay because they think it's an 𝓮𝔁𝓬𝓵𝓾𝓼𝓲𝓿𝓮 all-girls club and completely miss the point of why it exists

Anonymous 221383

That art community thread clearly has someone with a huge vendetta against Peaches, everytime I scroll past it it's obviously someone really invested in her downfall, I bet she's retarded but that thread seems so off

Anonymous 221665

I'm really not feeling lolcow anymore. Too much drama, and the website is really slow for me. Tired of the lack of sage usage in cow threads too. Also tired of saying the most innocuous thing and getting a reply that is just unhinged and I feel the jannies are really slow

Anonymous 221667

you think cc moves any faster than here? serious question

Anonymous 221668

Oh no not like that, I meant loading times lol. I'm pretty tired right now

Anonymous 221674


Same, it’s a little slower here but it’s hard to have any kind of fun or banter on lc without getting called a moid. Anything that isn’t explicitly girly enough gets you accused of being a dude or a tranny

Anonymous 221684

The older I get the more I just want to wind down my internet usage. I get the impression a lot of people on lc are losers, if I'm being blunt. Everyone has trauma from repeatedly shitty exs and lovers, everyone on /g/ is obsessed with porn, kink and other repulsive things. Everyone has a promiscuous past. Everyone has some mental illness or another. Everyone has some experience "dating" disgusting males from 4chan in their teens (wtf? why?). Nobody seems to have their life put together even though there are people in their 30s on there!

I'm reminded of my parents telling me not to hang around losers with I was young even if they seemed nice and fun. It never resonated then but it does now.

Anonymous 221686

picrandom (2).jpg

>I'm reminded of my parents telling me not to hang around losers with I was young even if they seemed nice and fun. It never resonated then but it does now.
The thing I've noticed about life in general is that other humans rub off on you whether you want it or not. From facial expressions and certain words to habits and the way of thinking.
And the internet makes it so easy to mingle with the people you would never tolerate in real life. They seem fun on the screen but the more time you spend communicating, the greater is their influence on your psyche.
Smart people shouldn't hang out with the stupid. Empathetic people shouldn't hang out with sociopaths and edge lords. Like seeks like because they feel good together and not because they want to feel cool, or validated, or broaden their horizons.

Anonymous 221688

That's more or less the entire appeal of LC for me.

Anonymous 221689

A lot of lc users, in my opinion, come off as sheltered, autistic, or underaged (or a combination of the three). Some of the things that they say about different groups of people give me the sense that they don't interact often with others. I definitely see the types that you're talking about in /ot/ and /g/ though, very low self-esteem and all; and from some of the pictures of more notorious users (e.g. seal-chan, Mr. Cool Ice), it's probably not unlikely that a large percentage of lc is indeed composed of losers

Anonymous 221695

I should mention there's another weird loser thing about lc anons I've noticed and that's that a disproportionate amount seem to have been involved in sex work at some point in their pasts. I have no idea why this is but when I brought it up before someone else suggested it might have something to do with the fact a lot of them are ex cosplayers and /cgl/ regulars, I'm not sure how true that is though.

The sociopathy is another thing that gets to me. I feel more sympathy for broken people. I don't understand the hatred they have for other women, the desire to help destroy the lives of other people who are just as sick as them.

Can you explain? You mean laughing at them?

>seal-chan, Mr. Cool Ice
Who are these people? I've never heard of them.

Anonymous 221696

>Can you explain? You mean laughing at them?
No, I mean why wouldn't I enjoy the company of such like minded people?

Anonymous 221699

Oh. In what ways are you like them?

Anonymous 221715

>someone else suggested it might have something to do with the fact a lot of them are ex cosplayers and /cgl/ regulars, I'm not sure how true that is though.
I'll believe it, the cosplay world is now full of women doing "sexy" cosplays which is basically advertising for their OnlyFans.
I feel that. Though having interest in too stereotypically girly things can also get you accused of being called a moid. There's no winning on that site when it comes to non-lolcow topics.

Anonymous 221878

I'm a mentally ill borderline shut-in with fetishes.

Anonymous 221884

it's funny that you mention the loser thing because this has been on my mind a lot lately, not just with internet people but also in real life as well. i used to feel bad for calling people a loser when i was younger but now that i am in my late 20's, i see it a lot more.

these are two infamous spergs from the last year or so who were crossovers from other places like kiwi/4chan/discord.

seal-chan was some french turbo autist wannabe neo-nazi who mainly hung out in the (original?) lolcow discord server, sperging about her nazi husbandos and just being an overall annoying loser. eventually she made her way to the boards and started spamming pictures of seals everywhere. during one of the old, routine end-of-year blow outs we used to have, some anons called her out for being a racist pickme and ran her off after telling her to go touch grass and stop shitting up /m/.

mr. cool ice is a smelly fatty, 'prediabetic', 'transmed' mega turbo autist who got started on kiwi farms, didn't know when to stop, and kept adding fuel to the fire by posting on there like a nut and trying to get her threads taken down instead of just ignoring and walking away. i am not exactly sure how or why she migrated over to lolcow. i think someone just posted about her due to her epic sperginess and supreme milkable qualities and since she can't not google herself, she found out and started acting up on there, too.

Anonymous 221891

I meant more the sort who acts out those fetishes with men they meet online.

Anonymous 222407

cool ice/whiteglove (as she's known as in the vocaloid thread) is a cow native to the vocaloid thread. She used to post there regularly to defend herself, in her own words she was "extremely active". She went from a small cow contained in one thread to being namedropped all over the farm after she sperged out in lolcow's kiwifarms thread about "terfs" and blogged to the point null told her to fuck off. Anons found the post she made complaining about terfs on lolcow and posted her in the thread and she got some attention by non-vocaloid anons for a while. When the milk ran a bit drier most anons stopped paying attention to her and that would be that but someone (schizotroon) had to step in and cowtip to ruin everyone's fun. Whiteglove is his new fixation, like mike was before her and elaine before him. Ignore anyone talking about whiteglove unwarranted and without reason, because it's not unlikely it's the leech. Whiteglove is a prime cow with major potential but there's nothing new coming in and there hasn't been anything new for a while because someone who found a new vendetta target had to spoil the milk and make her shut down her accounts.

Anonymous 222506

The zoomer infestation is worse than ever, they're blogposting in every thread, huffing their own farts about how important their opinions are or how much "better" they are than everyone else. I truly hope all of them are zoomers cause if they're in their 20's and 30's acting like this I'm so embarrassed for them. And the "transvestigation" anons need to fuck off forever and stop attention seeking. Lolcow sucks so much right now I'm almost looking forward to the summerfags returning, at least it'll provide some diversity to the shitmix of whatever spergy loser anons we've got now.

Anonymous 222512

im tired of reading the word "pickme"

Anonymous 222513

I'm not. They're destroying the human race.

Anonymous 222514

Agreed, they're not even using it properly anymore.

Anonymous 222516

It also turns you into an incredibly arrogant ignorant person at the end of the day, to avoid whomever based on whatever microhabit you preselected. Insulating yourself into a comfort zone just as easily makes you naive and pigheaded idk. You can't learn a whole lot from homogeneity you select based on how comfortable it makes you, your likes, dislikes, this could easily easily become your whole personality. I'm not just talking about lolcow obviously.

Anonymous 222517

Pfft most of the time they do, you probably just are one.

Anonymous 222520

Lol you're just proving my point, I'm a pick me because I said something you don't like. The term means nothing now it's just an insult to chuck around for people who don't have an actual argument to reply with.

Damn, based as fuck.

Anonymous 222532

There are a lot of proper pickmes that are discussed on LC, but there are also time in which pickme is thrown around based on tangential interpretations of what a woman does, sometimes without having any connection to moids.

Anonymous 222535

I also feel like it's used by moids and tradthots who larp as feminists to do the whole truth scrambling routine & throw discussion into chaos to render the word meaningless.

We need a name fo the real ones though.

Anonymous 222540

Idk. I like talking to people who are different from me (irl too not just online) because they're interesting. They didn't have a bad influence on me so far (but I've learned things from them.)

Anonymous 222577

bring back dictionaries. I miss when words didn't change every year based on the newest interpretation by the newest users coming onto a scene. people over a certain age can't pick up words from context, it doesn't work, it gets fucked up. make people look words up again.

Anonymous 222659

The "cockbreath" anon is the worst one we've had in the past couple years I stg, wish she'd leave already.

Anonymous 222771

I think lolcow is such an oxymoron, you go on /ot/ and there's anons saying things like " I have hip dips I hate them I feel like a deformed tranny" and anons reply like "anon youre perfect dont let the patriarchy fool you" then in /snow/ people will call Shayna a fridge body whore with male bone structure. Reminds me of a 30 rock line where Jenna talks about a "feminist magazine that also posts fat celebrity beach pictures." I will say the site has broadened my horizons. I'll never forget reading the manhate in /ot/ for the first time. I like this site too but it's slow. I wanna be a feminist but I wanna fit in and be beautiful and I know it's not even for me, deep down.

Anonymous 222799

Nta but many radfems hate beauty. They say they hate "unrealistic beauty standards" (which is fine) but in time it becomes obvious they hate beauty itself which is unnatural, and they try to control random libfems who choose to wear makeup etc. They just seem bitter. And the ones who aren't ugly are only radfem-adjacent or similar not full on radfems.

Anonymous 222809

This is a lie, we just prefer male beauty to be equal in priority and think femininity is tilted too heavily to manipulate tear down and mentally entrap women.

You must be a complete nubile egg to think femininity isn't a game men impose women, and use to turn women against each other. Femininity makes a TON of woman weakminded thin-skinned for life. Men reject embracing it themselves, what the fuck does that tell you about it?? Uh hello?? Woman who embrace it essentially line themselves up for a complete mental race to the bottom. Now if beauty and emotional intelligence in men and women were not one sided and most men werent devastatingly ugly as fuck, my oppinion would be vastly different. But men are overwhelmingly repulsive physically and mentally compared to women. Femininity by itself is a sick twisted joke on women. It's like signing up to be a slaughtered lamb because you're stupid enough to believe it when everyone tells you to get in line, its a gift. It's laughable to define yourself by femininity.

Anonymous 222823

I'm so done with lolcow but it's hard to quit, everyday there's some dumb interaction that pisses me off. Anons bitching for no reason, taking random shit personal and then sperging, misconstruing everything a post says. I wish those anons would fuck off and the one's that aren't like that would stick around. It's so lame now everyone just wants to be mad about something.

Anonymous 222962

>See moid thread
>About to report it
>Notice it's already 2 hours old and certainly several other anons have already reported it
>Can't bother reporting it myself

Anonymous 223097

Do not post about twitterfags or tiktwatters or gtfo

Anonymous 223098

"I'm going to make shitty arts and crafts and post them on the internet for attention" literal meme.

Anonymous 223099

i just got banned for literally four months because i responded to an obvious scrote with "great job blending in with the femoids." holy fuck mods are so retarded they literally can't understand basic sarcasm. i'm not even really sure why i was banned since they didn't give an explanation. literal retardation, i've been posting for no issue for years but sure i'm a moid for saying an obvious fucking joke.

Anonymous 223101

FOUR fucking months JUST for that?? Goddamn, those mods need to drink some tea, take an edible, go meditate, or do something else with their anger.

Anonymous 223103

Screenshot 2023-03…

okay i'm not crazy right, this is obviously sarcasm?? how autistic do you have to be to think someone would right "epic post so smart and right" and not be being sarcastic?

Anonymous 223104

maybe i'm the autistic one afterall.

Anonymous 223105

You're fine, the comment is clearly sarcasm. I wouldn't even say your comment was ban-material. I don't know what the fuck those mods are on, but they need to cool down.

Anonymous 223119

The mods (or at least one out of the three that are there) are newfags and it's plain to see if you were on lc at least five years ago

Anonymous 223124

Four months?? Yeah, I feel like the new admin/jannies are definitely retarded. I also got banned for something I thought was clearly a joke. It started a whole fight in the comments below me about whether they thought I was joking or not. The fucked thing is, they'll make fun of zoomers for using "tone signifiers" and such, but then they can't pick up on tone themselves.
Okay sorry for the personal rant. It's fucked you got banned for that.

Anonymous 223128

prease understandu
average lc user is probably too autistic to understand shitpost sarcasm

Anonymous 223129

Why are you being a dick to her for no reason?

Anonymous 223131

Whats wrong with that?

Anonymous 223138

Nta, but how do you know they're shitty if you've never seen them. Your comment is so rude and out of place.

Anonymous 223191

I don't get it, do they believe you are indeed a moid or not? Because if they do shouldn't it have been permaban?

Anonymous 223230


Another joshpocalypse, but this time it's nikocado… Hold me s…

Anonymous 223265

The only difference between Twitter and LC is that the later doesn't support troons. You can't discuss anything in that site without some retard showing up with their holier than thou attitude.

Anonymous 223347

I'm posting this here because I'm a little scared to say it on LC.
Sometimes, I think about the stuff with Shaymin/Oldmin and cringe. She was just incredibly creepy and controlling. Constantly lied about shit, and in some ways, was just as bad as the tranny and the "Elaine" sperg. I noticed how all three seemed to fuck off at the same time, too. I'm glad she's gone from the site.

Anonymous 223349

All the moid/twitterfag/redditor/ticktock zoomer problems that both lolcow and crystal have would go away if you just introduce a bunch of ardent oldschool fujoshi/koreaboos into the mix and bought back casual, not /pol/tier offensive imageboard-centric language. Guarantee this would remove 90% of all problems. The fujoshi is the most oppressed race after all.

Anonymous 223352

This but only if shotafags are also allowed alongside the degenerate fujos, they will 100% spray normies away from crystal.cafe. Can't say the same about lolcow though because they pride themselves on being moral and righteous unlike the cows they mock.

Anonymous 223354

Holy crap this, based. Shota is normalfag deterrent and I'm tired of poseur "fujoshi" who are really just aydens trying to distance themselves from it. Only thing I worry about with shota is that it may attract moid since coomer moids love that and lolicon. But then again, everything else on that list should be enough to make them go away.

Anonymous 223394

The anti-fujo posters are really mad about this kek

Anonymous 223396

Yes to fujos, no to Koreaboos. Koreaboos are some of the most annoying and obnoxious normies around.

Anonymous 223398


Okay, how do we spread the word about CC to more fujos?

Anonymous 223436


Is anyone else getting a cloudflare page for error 522? Other sites are working for me

Anonymous 223439

Yes, it's fucking down.

Anonymous 223440

I am too. The server status page just says that browsing is down and has been since 6:30 EST

Anonymous 223441


oshit can we finally have another bunker? I'm actually kind of happy about this

Anonymous 223443


browsing the mtf thread bc it's still up for me bc i didn't shut the tab when i went to work so now i got 55 new replies to read

Anonymous 223445

Hey guys, cerbmin here. Just letting you guys know here and in the status page that our host is currently doing a scheduled maintenance and will be temporarily down while that's happening. Shouldn't be too long! An hour or two at most. We're also updating the status page shortly to reflect that. Apologies for not posting earlier on the status page about it.

Anonymous 223446

Thanks cerbmin

Anonymous 223447


gotcha, thanks for letting us know cerb

Anonymous 223449

>no new bunker thread yet
I literally don't know how to act with an admin that communicates

Anonymous 223450

I was side-eyeing this post, but it really is you. So weird to have an admin that actually seems involved kek

Anonymous 223451

Same kek, it's so alien to me. I got so used to shaymin, I don't even know what to say

Anonymous 223452


Anonymous 223453

ty cerbmin, we appreciate the transparency. i panicked a sec thinking it was more unscheduled maintenance or server downtime

Anonymous 223454

thanks cerb

good excuse for another bunker thread. let's goooo

Anonymous 223456

Why does spongebob have tar in his ear and why is squidward sucking it up his nose

Anonymous 223457

Tryna make me fall in love and shit

Anonymous 223458

Haha it's okay, we try our best to communicate as best we can, I'm one of the three that browse cc a lot as well. Status page has now been updated. If you have any further issues please feel free to contact us via email. I hope snail is okay with me posting here like this! I'll refrain from commenting much though unless it's urgent but I'll be checking the thread if needed.

Anonymous 223460


lolcor bebe my beloved

Anonymous 223461

I don't think Snail is even here anymore

Anonymous 223462

im gonna take a wild guess and say its bc he's nosefucking one of spongebobs holes and the 'tar' is squid ink ejaculate

Anonymous 223465

what's the story behind this image

Anonymous 223466

oh really? Someone mentioned to me they were but I guess she could of been wrong.

Anonymous 223467

Thanks for the update mommy

Anonymous 223468



Anonymous 223475

Transparency and an admin that is not always MIA? In my lolcow?
Kek thanks cerbmin

Anonymous 223478

Looks like it may take longer than a few hours (possibly 8-9 hours). Have updated the status page to reflect that, sorry nonas we don't really have control over that!

Anonymous 223482


kek guess I'll see all you crazy bitches in the bunker thread…

Anonymous 223497


Anonymous 223581

I have always advocated for the jonestown tape to be automatically played in all LC pages to keep normies away, hopefully admin is adding this feature during this maintenance.

Anonymous 223689

Isn't shota like… prepubescent boys?

Anonymous 223696

yes and they expect us to think its normal

Anonymous 223697

No, it's generally pubescent boys, which is the entire source of the problem. Boy - boys would just activate boymom instincts, which are not sexual and which even lesbians possess. Ever seen a lesbian couple with a cute adoptive son? It's like the boymom energy amplifies. If shota were prepubescent boy aesthetics it would be a totally different and largely wholesome scene.

Anonymous 223699

Yes, and edgy shit like this is why I don't like coming on CC kek

Anonymous 223707

>If shota were prepubescent boy aesthetics it would be a totally different and largely wholesome scene.
But it's porn, it's not wholesome. That's like saying prepubescent lolis are wholesome.

Anonymous 223711

It wouldn't BE porn is the point. Even if there were anyone with that as a pornographic interest they'd be vastly outnumbered and shouted down by people who would only like non pornographic imagery.

Anonymous 223715

So it would be pictures of prepubescent boys… for what purpose? No one is searching for shota to go "ohh cute!!" over toddlers lol, they're using it as porn, whether the nature of the photos is pornographic or not

Anonymous 223718

>So it would be pictures of prepubescent boys… for what purpose?
Same purpose as cat image macros. To show something that's almost human but will never be quite human doing human things.

Anonymous 223720

>trying to argue that shota isn't sexual
No wonder Snail left you guys

Anonymous 223726

>To show something that's almost human but will never be quite human doing human things.
I don't know what you're talking about nona sorry, but anyone searching for shota and looking at photos of little kids is not doing it for innocent reasons.

Anonymous 223728

you all disgusting fujoshis are unironically into shotas? ew

Anonymous 223742

Any man. Women are more complicated than that, and deserve the benefit of the doubt. I think there are female twitter artists with substantial followings who tag their non-sexual art with that word, but nobody would have substantial reason to smear those artists or their followers with that accusation, because they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Germaine Greer deserves the benefit of the doubt. I've known young women who were only interested in babysitting boys, women who only wanted sons, women who wanted to teach at all-boys private schools, they were not dangerous or suspicious people either and deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous 223756

majority of people who sexually assault children don't appear suspicious. that's why it happens so much.

Anonymous 223758

jesus christ you people are dangerous to children

Anonymous 223764

Yo wtf

Anonymous 223769


Not her but who gives a flying fuck about fucking fictional drawings grow the fuck up and care about actual crime instead. Even Chris Hansen told the people on his DMs that were sending him lolicon/shotacon artists and he was like "shut the fuck up with the cartoon porn, I'm concerned with real issues".

Anonymous 223775

Sorry for stupid mood react but vice took down the OG video. It does fuck people up.

Anonymous 223777

80% of consoomers of drawn porn of children go for real porn of children as well. join element and in three searches you'll find channels full of loli and users saying "[map emoji][sucker emoji] trades open dm for [pizza emoji]"

Anonymous 223783

I'm legit tired of people using moid behavior patterns as an excuse to mistreat women in every female space. "If you don't support harassing women who draw 9S smiling and looking up then you'll be just as bad as men who abduct and sell human beings into slavery" no shut up god damn.

Anonymous 223784


Anonymous 223785

You are right, sorry that these people just went for your throat. Moralfags are so embarrassing they really think they are doing something fighting against pixels.

Anonymous 223787


I love how farmers shit up our board, insult us and act like absolute animals and still have the audacity to create a bunker and act like they are our friends, no wonder so many nonas are running away to here with us, we are cooler and nicer than you will ever be, just admit it.

Anonymous 223789

t. ex lcf user

Anonymous 223792

Flicking my bean to a 2D 15 year old will never be the same as a lolicon moid.

Anonymous 223793

Anonymous 223794

okay "non offending" pedophile

Anonymous 223795

>feel free to contact us via email
Cool so how about actually answering an email once in a blue fucking moon.

Anonymous 223886

Whatever cope you need to not feel like a degenerate, at the very least you probably won't offend, so there's that. But at the end of the day you're an adult with sexual desires for kids/teens, it's gross either way.

Anonymous 223887


Why are you booing her? she's right.

Anonymous 223889

I didn't say it was the same thing, men are much more likely to offend than women are, it's probably like 10000 to 1. I just said it was the same brand of degeneracy. But let me ask this would it be the same in your opinion if it were a lesbian getting off to images of 15 year old girls?

Anonymous 223910

There are but they don't announce it because they realize it's degen.

Anonymous 223914

We're pretty on top of answering emails, albeit we haven't answered ones prior to us taking over unless it was something important. We get a lot of emails, so apologies if we missed something! Please re-email us and we'll get right on it.

Anonymous 223919

This is the truth and I'm tired of the attempts at false equality. Men are not the default humans, their behaviors and harm patterns don't actually say shit about womens'.
Challenging that anon to find at least 4 actual female users on element talking about some "trades open for pizza" bullshit and post evidence. It likely won't happen because it's all disgusting moids.

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