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General Internet Discussion Thread Anonymous 178600

Since there seems to be an increased interest in this topic recently, I thought I'd make a thread for us to discuss the internet in a more general way.

>oldweb VS new

>future of the internet
>changes you've seen over your years of using the internet
>how the internet has impacted mainstream culture
>nostalgic websites/memories of the internet
>new websites/platforms you think have potential

Anonymous 178601

I'll start, do you all think that imageboards and forums will die off or have a resurgence in popularity in the near future?

Anonymous 178602

I think they will always be a thing. They are getting noticed more and more by normies though

Anonymous 178603

they wont disappear but they'll become more and more niche

Anonymous 178605

I wonder if more and more normies using ib's would maybe inspire a return to pseudonymity online? That would be in line with the increased concern about digital privacy I've seen.

Anonymous 178606

I think this too, imo the quality of conversations on the ones that currently exist will continue to degrade until new and more niche forums/ibs pop up to replace them.

Anonymous 178607

Not only are imageboards going to completely fall out of favor, (except with maybe some "unique zoomers" using them in the same way people buy useless records now) but they're going to start getting taken down now that CloudFlare has set the precedent with KF. Most boards don't have a leader so autisticly devoted.

Anonymous 178609

My hope is that there will be large targets like parler and mastodon that trannies will go after instead of little spaces like cc.

Anonymous 178615

Parler was a shitfest from the start, Mastodon is decentralized so troons will keep away from it once their tantrum against Musk ends. They don't care about places they can't control.

Anonymous 178618

Most will go out with a whimper and be forgotten, it's sad but welcome to 2022
This is the important thing, they want to bully people into submitting to their way of thinking.

Anonymous 178619

Woke culture will die off very hard until its a niche thing people ridicule in around 10 years, who wants to bet?

Anonymous 178623

>people buy useless records now

Anonymous 178624

mastodon is full of troons

Anonymous 178626

Depends on what instance you are using. There are some "free speech" instances (that usually get blocked by the woke ones) with little to no transgender presence. These tend to be dominated by a different breed of toxic men though, think edgy 4chan incels.
There is also a dedicated radfem / GC Fediverse platform called Spinster. I haven't tried it personally, but I might check it out in the future.

Anonymous 178627

That would be the best case scenario. I am sure it will disappear but history shows us how it usually goes.

Anonymous 178637

>changes you've seen over your years of using the internet

before you will rarely find underage kids now it feels like there’s more kids than adults

Anonymous 178638

Can't die off soon enough
Oh cool, I'll check it out ty

Anonymous 178640

This is also something interesting to think about. It feels like children/early teenagers control the internet zeitgeist now. It's always weird to think about, that if you're arguing with someone online, there are good chances that the other party is literally 12 years old, I try to keep that in mind when using the internet these days.

Anonymous 178641

I think in the future there will be less activism online. Groups will tell their members to stop using the internet too much and focus on local meetings like how things were done in the past. This will avoid petty squabbles that are typically seen on social media and also curtail outside meddling. For example NYT recently ran a story about how Russia influenced the organization of the Women's March on social media.

Anonymous 178652

the old internet used to feel like a nice cozy place i could come to to escape reality and voice my opinions and form connections without fear, while nowadays i want to escape the internet as it's become boring, obnoxious, stale and repetitive and difficult to form connections or speak your mind if you don't want to be branded a bigot, and i often find myself escaping into irl instead

Anonymous 178669


I agree. People can't stay with one view their entire life. Next generation will get sick of drowning in wokeness. The world will turn around, because society and general views aren't designed to stay in one place.

Anonymous 178679

For a while people on tumblr would reminiscent the days of the "old internet" there were just so many posts about it recently, if that sentiment grows stronger then I can imagine that someone would try their hand at create an imageboard or forum but until then I highly doubt it because why would you?

One of the biggest pros about social media platforms (and reddit) is that they're huge aggregators of different communities. On tiktok you have foodtok, booktok, language communities, dance, traveltok, gymtok, studytok. I think tumblr was the OG (hipsters vs fandom for example), reddit is a more refined version of the social media = aggregator idea. Say what you want about facebook (ability to create groups around very niche communities) and twitter (HUGE number of people allowed for a variety of communities) but they're really good at that, facebook more so imo.

The few imageboards I'm aware of seem very resistant to the idea of new people joining (just look at how hostile lolcow is towards gen z it's pathetic) except for 4chan. Can you imagine the complete meltdown that LCF would be in if someone made a youtube/tiktok video about them and it went viral? No one mentions fujochan at all despite the popularity of yaoi same for choachan. A lot of s here and on LCF only discovered these forums because it was randomly mentioned on 4chan.

Anonymous 178719

Yeah and the pendulum will swing back, hard. We will 100% be living in a neo-conservative (maybe even fascist) era, but when you try to warn people about this they don't listen, they never do until it's too late. Polarizing people is never a good thing, but people let it happen while it suits their agenda, it's only when shit doesn't go their way that they will realize what they've done.

Anonymous 178824

I agree, the internet is no longer "underground" and there is mass digital surveillance everywhere so no intelligent political activists will use it for organizing anymore. That or they will adapt and begin to use more encrypted modes of communication.

Anonymous 178829


I hate how hypercapitalized the internet has become. It's not enough that a place can sustain itself or just make a slight proft, it must GROW and INCREASE PROFIT. Like, any place that is succcessful in some way gets eventually bought up by some big player who then tries to squeeze out more money while reducing quality and services.
Online hobbyist and art spaces are either so small and niche that you have a hard time finding them, or they are sterile coporate wastelands.

Anonymous 178830

They are going to die off for many reasons. One particular one that people don't seem to be considering is bots, there will soon come a point where you'd be communicating with more bots than actual people on 4chan. It will feel very empty and pointless, and most real users will give up.

Anonymous 178837

what do people even have to gain from flooding places with bots? 4chan is probably the least useful place to do this in except for the shittiest boards

Anonymous 178840

Most of the non-commercial internet is run by delusional manchildren who somehow got the idea that whatever pointless agenda they're pushing is serious business and it is a moral imperative to manipulate others to further it. The obvious example of this is trannyism but you'd be surprised how similarly some video games and such are handled.

This is why it's important to remind everyone that they "do it for free." Occupations that don't offer money end up being filled with people who are happy to accept moral satisfaction instead. The less meaningful the job, the weirder the people who get moral satisfaction from it.

Oh and obviously a lot of it is still literally for-profit advertising and political propaganda from organized interests.

Anonymous 178878

Exactly, it's all different groups of useful idiots that help push certain agendas and do this shit for their own reasons.

Anonymous 178890

I think like the "social media bubble" has kinda popped and now we're seeing people splinter into smaller communities and stuff. It no longer feels as important that "everyone's on the same site" and able to see each other's stuff. I really think we're starting to see an altchan revival. Seems like it's going to become more interest-focused in smaller communities and less about "being on social media" as just like this false concept of a public square or whatever.

Anonymous 178894

Are bots really not commercial ? How much do you think they're scraping off te top paying people so little in India etc to design malware bots, advertize & gather data off people online ??

Anonymous 178895

Yeah fair, most of it will be for commercial purposes and will only ruin discussion by nature of flooding with empty bullshit. But I still think groups of political losers and schizos will use them (think about that one tranny here, he would love it)

Anonymous 178896

I agree but the average person is now addicted to social media dopamine so what happens now? I hope for a smaller scale chan revival, hopefully with no twitterfags but that can't be helped.

Anonymous 178898

4chan has stopped gatekeeping newfags for a long time. Now it's kids who found out about 4chan one year ago and kids who started browsing last month calling each other newfags.
Some boards are still relatively safe. /jp/ comes to mind, but even there the culture has been dissipating.

Anonymous 178900

Can anyone ITT recommend some good altchans? Don't care if there's moids on them I'm bored

Anonymous 178907

"Good" isn't the word I would use, but the most interesting one to me is 7chan. It is very slow, and has a much older population.

Anonymous 178908


Anonymous 178948

Anonymous 178951

seems like it's dead, can't even post

Anonymous 179003

fascinating, i will watch this during my free time, ty for sharing cool stuff like this anon

Anonymous 179009

>People are more apprehensive about posting their true feelings than they were ten years ago, because the internet is considered a serious place now.
This is exactly what I've been feeling these past few years, it's insane that anyone takes the internet seriously because to me it was always a place for jokes and casual conversation. Maybe that's why I find online activism/virtue signaling so grating and annoying, because it goes against the very essence of what the internet was like when I have my fondest memories of using it.

Anonymous 179014


This is because the internet is a second home for most people now. Even the non-terminally online. There's an increasingly bigger push from corporations, like what Meta wants with the Metaverse, to synthesize it with the real world. As a result, you see as much of the same obnoxious and annoying people IRL as you do online now. For many people, it was supposed to be an escape from the real world. But even then, people used to have unspoken rules about courtesy towards eachother online that many neo-liberal retards that just started really using the internet only several years ago don't care for and now trample over.

Anonymous 179022

I miss the old web with all my soul. I use a lot of those old website search fuctions to find old but still running sites just to bask in it again.

Nowadays I feel like some kind of wretched creature clinging to the little morsels we have left of that older time. Like CC and some other little hole in the wall sites. Cozier more insular communities.

It's kind of like I am some kind of animal where my natural habitat is disappearing.

Anonymous 179035

Nta and I feel like I'm stating the obvious, but it's because of moralfags. Some "true feelings" can be unpleasant and can get you harassed if the wrong people stumble upon your stuff. I mean it never happened to me personally. But I take precautions.

Anonymous 179044


tbh the internet is a good warning aginst globalisation IMO, in the past it used to be many small communities, each with their own unique cultures, quirks, even lingo sometimes. You could grow really close knit with the community and people over shared interests but you had to put effort into it to integrate. Nowadays it's all just a few giant homogenized, inoffensive spaces that feel like busy subway stations where people just pass through with minimal interaction. It's all impersonal, sterile, lifeless.

Anonymous 179062

This >>179035 is why. True feelings should really be replaced by true beliefs or opinions, the whole concept of doxxing and exposing people for having bad opinions has left a scar on people's ability to speak their mind, even within people's psyche. I'm quite young and a lot of the people that I know are very paranoid about being caught having the wrong opinion, it's a natural byproduct of your brain developing while seeing covertly recorded videos of people saying something being used to get them fired/harassed online.
>inb4 they were acting stupid so they deserve it
Personally I think it's very sad to live in a world where young people aren't allowed to make mistakes anymore at the risk of fucking up their lives. That was always true to an extent, it's just that the ability to capture said mistakes and post them online forever is now available, which makes it more accessible to the people who hold the keys to your employment/education. This is especially true for all of those cases of revenge porn and other regrettable photos and videos that get shared around, one drunk night at a party can now follow you around for the rest of your life.
This is also a great point, the internet used to be a place to leave real life behind, now it's inextricably tied to real life.

Anonymous 179063


I like some of his points but the shit about 'sex wars' kek
FDS is retarded but it's nowhere near comparable to the kind of vile shit that is posted about women all over the Internet, subreddits dedicated to graphic rape fantasies and sites dedicated to planning them out, incel forums etc
This is clearly NOT a 'you're both to blame kind of situation' especially when women speaking negatively about men in any way are always attacked by both men and women meanwhile known rapists still have thousands of simps and groupies. Literally picrel

Anonymous 179064

I agree but he does have somewhat of a point, there is a weird juvenile sex war going on on social media that manifests as that weird "Women ☕" bullshit that has been popping up everywhere. Moids 100% started it though and continue to escalate so it's only fair for women to respond.

Anonymous 179247


Anonymous 179253

>It's kind of like I am some kind of animal where my natural habitat is disappearing.
I feel like that captures me exactly. I try to adapt, explore new territory with reddit and tumblr, but the growing sense of detachment and unease as I use them just shows that I do not belong there. I feel bad for anyone younger than me. I roamed the internet while it was still the wild west. Now everything is sterilized and commodified to bring in the most advertising money and every website is just screenshots of the same three websites.

Anonymous 179261

Finding new places is something I struggle with. I'm not apart of discord at all and I have no online friends, so I literally only find coll places like this by stumbling upon them when someone somewhere else makes an offhand remark and I go check it out.

Anonymous 179266

This already feels dated to me, like to 2018-2019. Time flies

Anonymous 179285

they will never die so long as people still remmeber their excellence. their excellence however will become less remembered overtime sadly. one can only dream for a reset of the internet to the mid 2000s in terms of tech.

Anonymous 179286


Anonymous 179288

yeah sometimes i drift off and fantasize about a solar flare magically forcing us back to 2007 technology kek

Anonymous 179295

I get no dopamine hit from social media, just reading the insane amount of fresh information constantly fed to me online.

Anonymous 179297

This amazing how did I not here about this ?? Too bad it's mostly abandoned T_T

Anonymous 179307

i miss forums and livejournal so much. the current state of the internet is so bleak. it feels impossible to really connect with anyone on the most popular sites. stuff like twitter is just screaming into the void, discord basically requires you be terminally online, instagram is just pictures and reddit is a gamified moid cesspit.

lj was by no means perfect, but i think it was the best iteration of social media. you had communities to meet people with shared interests and then your personal blogs where you could then get to know each other better. it was so much fun. i wish it would make a comeback somehow.

Anonymous 179309

Yeah I'm pissed that I wasn't around for that, but in a way I'm glad that I was only able to witness the very end and death of the good internet, it would be even more soul-crushingly sad if I had been on the oldweb and seen it all fall apart.

Anonymous 179311

I'm begging you all to go to tumblr, please.

Anonymous 179313

i've tried in the past, looong ago, but only ever used it for aesthetic blogging lol. never figured out how to use it for fandom purposes in a way that was actually fun or to meet people.

it's still just disparate blogs that only connect through the tagging system right? it doesn't really feel like lj communities did, where you could pretty easily meet people by running into them in the comments sections and talking there first. but if you have any advice i'm definitely willing to give it another shot.

Anonymous 179316

NTA but i've managed to find communities and start talking to people by just replying to peoples posts often, then straight up messaging them or joking around with them on reblogs. i've been using tumblr since like 2010 and it's by far my favorite social media app, specifically because it's not algorithm based, has much more focus on fandoms and niche interest, and of course the cool art and aesthetic stuff. you also cant see how many followers anyone has so its hard to tell who is "popular" or whatever. usually doesn't matter much anyways. i love using it like a personal blogs, and just randomly following anyone who has a vaguely similar aesthetic to their blog as me, then shooting the shit on our mundane posts in the replies. the ads have made it pretty tough to enjoy for me scrolling endlessly, and also there are a lot of migrants currently which is making everyone on the site act fucking weird. but that's happening everywhere online as twitter breaks down.

Anonymous 179317

its boring

Anonymous 179320

I never understood how commenting works on tumblr. You should reblog the post you what to comment on with your text, and only those who are spergy enough to go through all the no-comment reblog notes will see it?
Now there are comments, but either very few use them or the oldest of the comment thread are hidden somewhere
I am on tumblr for a long time, but I barely interacted with anyone just because I am completely lost and clueless on their comment system

Anonymous 179325

the way i do it is the comment bubble. rarely do i reblog a post and add public commentary on it, unless it's shitpost or otherwise kosher to post to everyone. but usually i'll just put a reply/comment on the post through the speech bubble button. then there's also instant messaging, which is more intimate than sending an "ask" which is, like a reblog, a public message that someone can either respond to privately or publicly. anyway sorry to sperg about it, it's just really a cool website and talking to people is easy on it you just kinda have to be brave.

Anonymous 179330

frenschan is anti-porn but they are extremely far right. their homesteading board is kinda cozy tho.

Anonymous 179338

Rightoid scrotes are genuinely retarded.

Anonymous 179342

It's for small posts where the OP will read them

Anonymous 179350


>imageboards are getting noticed more and more by normies though
What is this, 2006?
This. People browsing cc and similar boards doesn't negate that the rest of the time, they're logged onto reddit, fb, insta etc. Most of the content posted here come from these.
You already sold yourself, you're in too deep, there is no backtracking, your corporate overlords own you and your data (that's all you are to them).

Anonymous 179353


Lol did anybody here use furcadia as a youngin and build dreams ? I wasn't really a furry but I loved that you could build these places with code and draw your own map and all the objects that go on a map. I had a tiny kwik e mart gag dream, a sushi bar, and a desert island

Anonymous 179359


When i played furcadia I was surrounded by Harry Potter maps and fantasy maps, and I had the one kwik e mart. I made sure the player characters could only be turkeys no matter what furry animal they chose originally ALL the players were TURKEYS, even the dragons and griffins. But they would still try to role play like they were buying a slushy and a taco. They would ask for all kinds of things and I would give them horrible service as a gag and so no sorry your on your own Mr Turkey. I would troll the game from my kwik e mart and throw sodas at some of the guests that tried to role play seriously there, because those the rules. If you role play Harry Potter here you get a free slushy in your face…… possibly. Depending on how I'm feeling… no hard feelings of course. It was all a joke though people got it usually. When they didn't get it it was when funnier tho

Anonymous 179398


I spent a few years on Furcadia. Some of the best times of my life. Your Kwik-E-Mart dream sounds hilarious, I would've loved it and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if I visited it at some point. I never created a dream, but I spent most of my time in one called Sky Build-a-Home (BaH), and eventually I applied for and was given a job there. My parents paid for me to get a phoenix digo which was beyond exciting. Little 12-year-old me also had two "mates" on there lmao. I actually remember the first was named Lao Azurana and the second Viridian Sage. If you were "mates" with someone you would put for example "Am'Lao Azurana" in your description, and there were other labels like that for other "family members". I also had a lot of friends who were my coworkers at the BaH. I really do miss it and I wish I would've kept in contact with my friends. I actually found an old friend's DeviantArt a couple years ago and I reached out to her via DM, but I never went back to look if she responded. Picrel, I recently learned you can play Furc on your phone, I walked around for a bit and floated down the river in Naia Green for old time's sake.

Anonymous 179405


Oh my God yeah I would go inside of sky BaH ! I also played cabbit laser tag. There were a bunch of build-a-homes on there I went to loads of them. I remember BaH the most but i came and went, i wasnt a regular there everyday.

Its weird my old computer in my mom's house still has the dream maps and patches sitting on it. I abandoned it for a new computer centuries ago. Technically there's nothing wrong with it. Kek Its just sitting in there like a damn time capsule I haven't looked at it probably since I went back ONCE after college. One of these days I'm going to get on there and load them up.. or at least email them to myself. I can't understand how furcadia is even still around though. Who is paying for all that?? Rofl how does it have a server ??

Anonymous 179414


CABBITS!!! Not joking, I've been trying to think for the past year of what those things were called. My aforementioned friend and I would always be cabbits together when we were working at the BaH. Also, your picture looks sooo familiar - I feel like it's from some kind of dream where you played capture the flag? The dreams with games were so fucking cool.
That's also amazing that you remember visiting Sky BaH. I managed to preserve picrel from 2005, it's me and my "mom" working behind the desk there. Stupid little me drew on all the screenshots in MS Paint lmfao. My name was Uzzy at that point but I eventually settled on the name Density after we learned about it in my 8th grade science class.
You should totally go get those files from your mom's computer and try to reupload your dream! There's someone on YouTube who somehow has old versions of Allegria Island with all the old dream portals and some of the actual dreams intact and has videos of him just walking around. I'll try to find a link, but I wonder if he'd be interested in documenting your dream. And I have no fucking clue how Furcadia still exists lmao but from what I've read on the reddit and Facebook communities it seems like it's held together with band-aids and superglue.

Anonymous 179420

So fucking jealous I've never heard of furcadia

Anonymous 179439

Here is the link to that YouTube channel if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsyVjw_pUnGFfAx_T36dhg
Honestly, you should go grab that computer! Here's something interesting from the channel description:
>Seeking: Any Furcadia Group/Guild dreams from 1996 to today. This channel is dedicated to preserving these forgotten pieces of Furcadia history for posterity, and the nostalgia of those who were once a part of them. If you have any such dreams archived, please get in touch with me.
>Also Seeking: Individuals with old computers with Furcadia installed, that haven't been used in quite some time. Ideally between 1999 and 2015.

Anonymous 179448

Holy f I remember that name! Also I remember Dan. I remember Dan from the lobby floof pile. I'm not even joking, I think I talked to you ? But it's all such a blur. What username did I even use? I don't even remember, because I used alts to upload dreams and remain anon.

I found picrel on image search. As far as I can remember that's what cabbit laser tag looked like.

Swear to god I remember that exact desk and all the floofs piled up there. Well dang I remember a lot of floof piles.

How many dreams has he pulled up from the old days ?? Do they go all the way back to the 90s? I am really interested in seeing what the earliest ones looked like.

Anonymous 179524

I want the current internet to be destroyed so that we can start over. At least we'd have a few years before every corporation starts ruining it again.

Anonymous 179557


We need another Carrington event

Anonymous 179616

Anonymous 180264

Is social media dying? Will it ever die?

Anonymous 180274

It is ! It's imploding

Anonymous 180275

>is social media dying
No. Just because trannies are crying about twitter doesn't mean social media is dying. There will always be a million other platforms and its so ingrained into every aspect of normie existence it will never go away at this point. To think so would he very foolish. Tiktok is used even more than Google now. Ofc its not dying

Anonymous 180282

Yeah but now people are fleeing to mastodon, reddit, Tumblr in droves. The cancer versions of social media are imploding because they're run by wackjobs

Anonymous 180533

Twitter isn't going to just disappear now that the troons hate the new owner, but twitter is only going to experience a downward trend in traffic from here on. The same is already the case for META and its child platforms.

Anonymous 180539

Troons aside Elon is doing an shit job running Twitter. I don't think most people care about the troon issue so much as they care that he couldn't go 2 days without running it into the ground.

Anonymous 180543

How did it run to the ground? Twitter is doing fine, and they're breaking records in number of active users.

Anonymous 180546

That's a momentary blip because of all the hype the media generated around him acquiring it. None of that counts for anything.
The truth is, Elon was probably only even allowed to buy it because its gradual demise was a definite thing the original owners knew was coming.

Anonymous 180557

Agreed it was already on the decline. I read eversince the musk Takeover Tumblr saw like a 90% surge in users. The tumblrennaisance is real.

Anonymous 180565

Depends on the advertisers. If Musk allows too much controversial content/people or can't fix the sales/support departments for advertising clients then they might pull out and stop paying Twitter.
If Twitter goes down I wonder how other social media platforms will change. A lot of popular reddit subs are just posts of twitter screenshots for example.

Anonymous 180645

They're already talking about bankrupcy. They lost a ton of advertisers. Elon was even genius enough to flout the idea of turning twitter into a bank so they wouldn't have to declare bankrupcy.

Anonymous 180659

Is it just me or does any social media or online community start to suck once they grow beyond a certain size? We should determine the maximum size an online community stays comfy to prevent future cancer

Anonymous 180698

It depends who you follow. I only follow artists and radfems on Twitter and Instagram. My feeds are pretty relaxing but I hardly post anything

Anonymous 180803

That doesn't apply to what she's saying at all

Anonymous 180805

>Is it just me or does any social media or online community start to suck once they grow beyond a certain size?
>Depends who you follow
Nta but this is an answer, and it is true, and therefore not only did she answer it but she answered it truthfully

Anonymous 180811

In my experience, at some point when a community gets too big, the individual identity gets lost more and more. Almost everyone falls under a certain group and for the majority you're no longer an individual, you're just part of a caterogy or group of people, so the average user is just that, an user that usually fits into certain category. Then there are the ones that are popular and get most of the atention. This applies to both social media, forums and chats.
With image boards it's a little diferent because identity isn't supposed to be a factor, but at some point image boards tend to put people under categories just like other communities, current 4chan is the perfect example. This makes talking about a variety of topics very hard

Anonymous 180836

Did anyone notice how a lot less drama obsessed the wider internet is nowadays compared to the 2010’s? Idk but I’m not hearing about a lot or drama anymore. The last huge “Omg spill the teaaaa” I could remember was The James Charles scandal.

Anonymous 180864

The last huge one I remember was idubzz vs leafy

Anonymous 180876

There are so many internet users and creators now there's still drama happening but it gets drowned out. Very frequently while randomly browsing I come across drama between a youtuber with like 10 million subs and another with 8 million, both of who I've never heard about before in my life.

Anonymous 180877

Holy f i disagree. there are a LOT of zany twitter and tumblr users. they're extremely individualistic. you can lump them all together under "twitter-brand-twit/incendiary" but its a braindead generalization. A ton of those users are simply artist or just really funny. Twitter never really lost that. Until now I guess. People follow others in circles and block or unfollow people they don't mesh with. Geez that is so untrue. It sounds like you never got on twitter to begin with. There is a lot of garbage, but there is also a lot of great content. Its the only real way to get consistent updates from a shitton of artists online.

Anonymous 180878

..How do you arrive at this while living in a world with lc..

Anonymous 180990

Nta but lc is dying.

Anonymous 181255

The internet was much more comfy and free back then.

Anonymous 181315

NTA but to me everyone in any given community on Twitter seems extremely same-y. There is a clear pressure to conform. Sure, you can block entire follow lists but there are things that are overarching on Twitter and can't be escaped from (or couldn't lol bless Elon) unless you block 80% of the site. There was a clear policy of shutting up about anything that's not the NPCest of NPC current-correct-thing-approved if you didn't want your account sacked or a witch hunt organized against you. There were hardly any original thoughts and all the memes were recycled from half a decade year old memes from other websites, stripped of everything that made them funny.
The whole culture of a bunch of losers valuing online clout in the form of follow counts and "ratios" is probably the deepest cringe I've experienced on the internet, and I'm not exaggerating it one bit.

Anonymous 181339

woketards destroyed everything but no worries they will be destroyed

Anonymous 181359

why tf did my comment that you replied to get deleted

Anonymous 181572

tell me some of the dumbest current year opinions/slogans/political takes you see online 3, 2, 1 go

Anonymous 181578

low libdo is a sexuality and fat people are opressed

Anonymous 181586

agreed, i really don't believe asexuality is a thing. it's just called not wanting to have sex, it's not a sexual orientation, and besides most 'asexuals' have a million loopholes for why they masturbate/have sex but it's totally different and valid because ???????

Anonymous 181795


>Rightoid scrotes are genuinely retarded.
from what I’ve seen they’re the only imageboard moids who are anti-porn and pro-women. i dont even care at this point i want an actual husband and family and children.

Anonymous 181820

Anonymous 181822

or they literally just have a normal libido but are so exposed to extreme coomer shit and/or casual sex that they think it's unusual

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