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Anonymous 179556

>4chan jannies keep deleting SFW Vib Ribbon threads at /v/
>Asking why 4chan jannies hate Vib Ribbon so much
>Get banned


Anonymous 179562

that's so retarded, vib ribbon's a cute ps1 game
meanwhile they allow shit threads that are either twitter screencaps or moids thirstposting about some anime girl with huge breasts

Anonymous 179575

I haven't been on /v/ in ages nor am I keeping up with what kids are into these days, but could it be that vib ribbon became a hit with underage zoomer nostalgiatards like dokodemo/mayura/other ps1/window sxp era media so that's why it's getting banned?

Anonymous 179620

4chan sucks

Anonymous 179624


4chan sucks but /v/ is fun sometimes

Anonymous 179642

yeah. i wish there were more women's spaces online. i hate the moid degeneracy on 4chan, but i hate the thought policing and virtue signaling on tumblr. there's mumsnet, which i haven't really looked into, but i'm not a mom, so

Anonymous 179643

it will come down to we having to make them and we having to filter them i already know

Anonymous 179651


Awww, why Viv Ribbon? Its such a cute game!

Anonymous 180650

its because a lot of freaks on that site like to spam porn of vibri

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