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Terfposting #26 - Trannies seethe in vain against reality / existance Anonymous 179625

Thread again. Previous was deleted.
Be suspicious unless clarified.

We need to attack DIY HRT.

They are not going to get rid of me.

Anonymous 179627


Websites that illegally ship to minors to get rid off using the arm of the state

among others hrt.today, hrt.cafe, vanna pharma, etc.

Anonymous 179628

why are all the innocent threads getting deleted? that terfposting 26 one has been there for a while, and a shoujo manga thread also got deleted. the fuck is with this website?

Anonymous 179629

I have all the links saved I dont know if snail or a janny is the one but keep your eyes open. There is some shit going on unless clarified.

Previous threads

Anonymous 179631

That's super weird. Why would snail delete a terf thread?

Anonymous 179632

I dont know I had it happen twice everytime the thread falls below page 3 somebody thinks they can pull a sneaky move on me.

Anonymous 179634

I've noticed that too, a few nice threads with actual discussion got deleted for no apparent reason.

Anonymous 179635

I got an idea but keep it between the real woman confirmed CC community.

Anonymous 179636

Maybe we do have a tranny janny after all

Anonymous 179637

or worse
just keep it between real women you know there is a way to make it, not only to expose it but so it never happens again and if they attempt to get rid of us there is a comeback, trust me there is ways

Anonymous 179667

Some anons were talking about the anti-tranny sentiment gaining a real foothold in politics and the thread was deleted shortly after

Anonymous 179672

mods are glowniggers confirmed

Anonymous 179675

Meds. This thread is nuked cause the OP is often a moid and later outs himself as a moid in another thread and has his post history nuked

Anonymous 179677

seems pointless to delete the whole thread, it contained a lot of discussion

Anonymous 179679

Thats not exuse to delete thread full of discussion.

Anonymous 179680

Tranny confirmed.
Its as if due some unspoken rule or law they simply must reveal themselves.
Honestly at this point i simply wouldn't be surprised if trannies and their supporters were actual demons in disguise or possesed by them.

Anonymous 179681

why would a moid come here specifically to make terf threads?

Anonymous 179684

I think the paranoia is gone too far, even if it was true, what's the point of deleting the whole thread with 400 replies? This is like setting your own home on fire because you suspect that a spider might be inside

Anonymous 179685

That aint how it works and the threads aint going to stop by the way unless we get a better chan made by a confirmed woman where there is real admin interaction instead of absence.

Anonymous 179689

It could've been the schizo tranny. He often gets his post history nuked and similar things happened on lolcow, where normal generals got deleted because he made them. He also then went on for days how it wasn't him.

Anonymous 179695

Alright so someone point out to me why this reasoning makes no sense, but why wouldn't it be a good thing to encourage tims to take hrt? Like, okay, I get caring about tifs because in the end they are just women and are going through some shit, but tims are all degenerate fetishists who never get punished by society thanks to all their institutional privilege and support. HRT seems to be the only material consequence they face for their bizarre fetish - why shouldn't we be encouraging this?

Anonymous 179697

The TERF and pinkpill threads are the main reasons I come here. It'd suck if psyops by moids are what kill them.

Anonymous 179703

I understand that, but it's still pointless to delete a thread with hundreds of replies, no matter who made it. The bulk of the lost content was still posted by regulars.

Anonymous 179705

it would create more of them and encourage their destructive behavior towards society. why would you want to help normalize trannies even more, that just means more of them in women's spaces. this would also negatively affect a lot of innocent boys who are just confused and damage their lives forever. lastly, there is no way of promoting it to tims without it also being promoted to tifs, because you are essentially further saturating society with hrt propaganda. once things enter public discourse, a population will be affected by simply knowing that it exists. think about how many men fell into cuck fetishes simply buy the word becoming an insult and constantly being repeated over the last 5 years; before that not that many people even knew it was a thing.

Anonymous 179707

>concern trolling blaine makes an argument for drugging kids

You're not fooling anyone you subanimal freak

Anonymous 179709

The HRT resources are being targeted to children.

Anonymous 179710

Yeah I agree, but maybe it isn't possible to exclude that when they're mass deleting.

Anonymous 179712

He knows that, he's just playing stupid. It's always the same "I know it seems weird, but hear me out" posts about trannies, gender relations and politics. He's lurking here all day. Anyone who spent some time here can immediately recognize his posts.

Anonymous 179713

>and a shoujo manga thread also got deleted.

Anonymous 179714

He needs to join one of those programs that helps autists get jobs

Anonymous 179716

I lurk here quite a bit but I am autismo so I'm bad at recognizing him, any tips?

Anonymous 179720

Mention Elon Musk, right wing politics, having kids, religion and he will appear like a demon whose name has been spoken.

Anonymous 179724

Admin or janny should really explain it. It can be that the original poster revealed themselves to be a man later or messed up and got banned for some other reason. But it is suspicious and we should get an explanation for it.

Anonymous 179754

Thats why I'm for banning them, kick trannynism where it hurts them, the pronouns and what words mean shit is nothing its just distraction.

Anonymous 179795

if it is actually the case, probably some /pol/cel who gets off on it

Anonymous 179798


off to what? thanks for bumping the thread btw

Anonymous 179802

He already posted like 10 hours ago. I think banning HRT is another topic that triggers him because that would mean he just copes and gets nothing. The whole DIY HRT market should be shut down thats the most important mortal blow to trannies.

Anonymous 179844


Anonymous 179849

that manual looks pretty thin, i wonder what's in it?
1. Cope
2. Seethe
3. Dilate
4. Repeat steps 1-3

Anonymous 179850

You can tell she’s as mentally ill as him

Anonymous 179851

that woman irreversibly destroyed the lives of hundreds of young girls, she's specialized in mastectomy, which she refers to as "yeeting the teets".

Anonymous 179854


It's odd, I made a post asking if the troon named Blaine haunting other imageboards(there was a thread about him on 4chan) is the same as the Blaine here, only to found myself permabanned afterwards.
I think it's time to get paranoid, the mods here have been infiltrated. I assume this post is gonna disappear too now.

Anonymous 179857

If that were true all of the terf posts would have been deleted tho

Anonymous 179858

It's the same blaine, he's present on every image board, he was caught on 4chan spamming monkey torture several times. I seriously don't know what the fuck is wrong with him, most of them are autistic and unpleasant but not as malevolent as this whackjob

Anonymous 179879

The answer is yes

Anonymous 179940

Your post might have been reported under the suspicion that you're him. He obviously enjoys the attention and loves being mentioned. Probably the best thing we could do is report all his posts and treat him like the nobody he is.

Anonymous 179941

Same I got banned as a troon for simply posting "not everyone who disagrees with an anon was a man" kek. At least it's not as bad as the anon who sperged out and posted her nudes with a timestamp in the midst of the Blaine drama

Anonymous 179965

probably because there was no post about you on 4chan and you just made shit up to get anons to talk about you.

Anonymous 179966

That was him larping as one of the discordfags he grooms.

Anonymous 179967


Here's another example of him doing the same thing he does here (claiming there are trannies in the mod team because they banned him) so nonabellas know when to cautious.

The red circled posts are all the ones that got mass deleted, aka. the tranny's.

Anonymous 179968


Anonymous 179969



Anonymous 179970

Can you people just stfu about this Blaine scrote already? Nobody cares and by constantly talking about him you are only encouraging him to keep coming back. Moids have an attention span of three seconds, if you just ignore him he will get bored and fuck off eventually.

Anonymous 179971

Agreed. He's boring, thoroughly uninteresting. His posts always get swiftly deleted when reported so there's no reason to fill our board with screenshots of his drivel.

Anonymous 179978

Its not people, its one very autistic fuck.
Possibly blaine himself or someone like barneyfag, but with that blaine instead of bronies.

Anonymous 179979

this is the correct course of action. i am in an unrelated art community, and we have a guy like this who has come to dominate discussion by spamming his own name, and other anons arguing with him day in day out, to the point where the actual subject of the community is overshadowed. you think you are fighting it by calling him out by name but it will only become a giant derail that ruins these and other threads indefinitely.

Anonymous 179980

>a janny is not tranny
>on site for woman
Doubt, highly doubt.

Anonymous 179982

Nudes as a timestamp? I don't think so. This lady kept sperging out and posting photos of her lactating and stuff in the hospital. I highly doubt a lactating mom in the hospital is being groomed by Blaine

Anonymous 179986

Either way they cannot get rid of the TERFs so dont worry. If they try anything we can hit 10x hard this community is larger than they imagine.

I will continue making the threads if I'm absent one of you keep making them. So far we havent been able to finish #26, #25 got deleted but at least we completed that one. If we dont even get a TERFYChan or something, we will keep claiming this forever or else.

Anonymous 179995

"Yeeting the teets"

Good to know the certified surgeon performing masectomies on young girls is as mentally mature as they are.
This is totally acceptable and not a gigantic red flag that "gender reaffirming" surgeons are batshit insane.

Anonymous 180004

child porn spammer at it again
yall already know what to do

Anonymous 180038


Anonymous 180043

lol based i love the onion they are funny sometimes

Anonymous 180058


Anonymous 180063


Is this made with synthetic hormone? I don't understand anything about hormone replacement, but I know that synthetic hormones are dangerous, in the future this will become hell in public health systems

Anonymous 180090

I know we should shut up about that creature but I just remembered reading the Dark Tower books from Stephen King, there's a character called Blaine which is a malfunctioning insane robotic train. Blaine the crazy train haha

Anonymous 180103

this would cause the ultimate tranny chimpout

Anonymous 180109

In regards to that gay club shooting in Colorado I've seen a lot of people say it was caused by "escalating anti-trans hate" as if homophobia doesn't even exist. Gay people don't matter in "LGBTQ+" anymore.

Anonymous 180111

>escalating anti-trans hate
and they have earned every bit of it, no one started hating them only because they exist

Anonymous 180136



Anonymous 180144

what's a swiftie?

Anonymous 180150

I thought it was a Taylor Swift fan, but that doesn't really make sense here

Anonymous 180156

yeah that's what i found when i looked it up but it didn't make sense with the context

Anonymous 180157


I assumed this was real before I even saw this said "The Onion" and that's what scares me.

Anonymous 180158


Oh wait nevermind I thought it said transgender, instead of anti-transgender. It's too fucking early here.

Anonymous 180170

It is my headcanon that every single lesbian character is also a raging TERF.

Anonymous 180184

I have no idea if it’s real, i stole it from tumblr and it had a surprisingly high number of notes

Anonymous 180186

>the onion
>I have no idea if it’s real

Anonymous 180196

The Onion is satirical
also on another note I been seeing more TERFs talking about banning black market HRT once for all, its looking good the message is spreading like wild fire apparently China will crack down on it as well and a lot of the chemical components all this days been coming out of China so this will cut it at the source. Thank you Chairman Mao / Xiying Ping Winnie Pooh Fire Lord I guess. Anything that makes it harder is good. Kids will question what the fuck they are getting themselves into when a groomer tranny on discord links them a shady link they can only run on TOR which already gives people the creeps. Trannies will forever attempt to gain power in society or infiltrate women spaces but that doesnt mean we have to allow them, if we can gatekeep them form any form of that good. What they really need is time to reflect upon themselves and the futility of their actions or ideology which opposes life itself and its rooted in a hatred for their Mothers.

Anonymous 180214

I hate trannies as much as any other nona here but I am a bit conflicted here. It is well known that testosterone is one of the hormones that causes aggressiveness and increased libido in men, along with making it easier to gain muscles (and overpower women). I am sure that the vast majority If most moids were forced into testosterone blockers or castration once they reached puberty, the cases of domestic violence and sexual assault would be almost completely eliminated. In addition to that it would prevent unwanted pregnancies. If a woman wanted to get pregnant she could just go with one of the few men that displayed good genetics and character and were exempt from this.
I am not advocating for full HRT by any means, but it is one of the possible solutions to this problem.
Obviously moids that undergo this would still be called men and be treated as such.

Anonymous 180217

i don't think that's how it works nona, plus i would imagine that there would be many new unforeseen disasters by doing something like that

Anonymous 180222

The disaster is ongoing and nobody is offering any other real solution. Just look at the rape statistics.
We are taught from birth to give up our entire selves for our future husbands. It is time for them to give back something too.

Anonymous 180223

i understand what you are saying, but it could potentially be more harmful in ways we don't understand. there are low t men and even trannies like keffals who are still malicious and rapey. i haven't seriously thought about it, but i imagine if i sat down and did some research on all the possible negative effects of a population of extremely low t males you would be surprised at all the possible outcomes. testosterone isn't just about aggression but is import to many other functions like mood stabilization. symptoms of low t in men are Irritability, poor concentration and depression. imagine billions of potential incel school shooter type moids roaming around with no reason to live because we took away their libido and ability to reproduce. lowering aggression doesn't mean eliminating anger, even the lowest of low t individuals will have anger, and that anger can turn to violence if the person is emotionally unstable.

Anonymous 180230

Why do mtfs seem the most unhinged? This could just be my experience though. Usually ftms tend to be quiet or stoners at most but mtfs can be literal neo Nazis thinking they're the next Heidi Klum or something while looking like a trans version of the crackhead lady that works at McDonalds

Anonymous 180233


its a mental illness, remember Chris Chan how trannies like to claim he wasnt one of them, he still refers to himself as Christine. Its. A. Mental. Illness.
These people are defective and dangerous.

Anonymous 180234

idk, just tell Mao-chan it permanently damages the Y chromosome

Anonymous 180238


Anonymous 180240

lol that has to be satire, but you never know.

Anonymous 180241


Nah, who would go such far lengths to buy all that merchandise except a real tranny. I'm dead serious, the merch is too targeted you need to know specific meme things that are only found in those communities. It's real.

And thats nothing there are worse and yes the diaper fetish being common with them is real as well, infantilism is common in general with them.

Anonymous 180245

i thought for sure the cock hat and the shirt saying fuck my ass was too on the nose but now i'm not so sure. wtf is wrong with these people?

Anonymous 180247

What about this is even "girl mode"? It's just fetish-wear.

Anonymous 180248


When my little sister was eleven I taught her how to change a tire, not inducted her into a cult that would permanently change her body and leave her disabled. I wish trans wasn't so contagious.

Anonymous 180251

>older sibing is trans
>suddenly younger sibling insists they're also trans

every time

Anonymous 180254

I think they go apeshit because nothing matters to them anymore every dream of happiness is already crushed might as well make the rest of the world miserable like them, often misery loves company thats why. They know they are the losers of the losers, the lowest of the low so thats what they recruit "hey you feelin like you are on a depressive dead end? join the tranny cause", etc. They dont realize it well they do but at the end that all they are really destroying is themselves but whatever not my problem.

Anonymous 180269

Screen Shot 2022-1…

Anonymous 180271

Nh has so many house seats anyone can be elected. He likely got 5 votes

Anonymous 180272


I'm glad this happened but I saw that same post in lgbshit
I'm onto you

Anonymous 180273

Oh my fucking God I hate these fucking people

Anonymous 180287


Can't tell if the guy is being serious.

Really telling how quickly troons are to say "they're not really trans" to everyone who does things they don't like. Same with Chris Chan and every other degenerate coomer delusion tranny

Anonymous 180293

I guess it's supposed to be a "basic bitch" girl, The Normie

Anonymous 180311

i love your post nona lmao

Anonymous 180324

Will he remain an elected official after that? How was his record not publicised before the election?

Anonymous 180326

I always had a suspicion about you, I know which poster you are man.

Anonymous 180328

Look as long as they kill each other, all good. I dont give a fuck. This is one of those cases where if he only shot moids and I think he did, then I just dont care not even a little.

Anonymous 180333

I'm NTA but you have accused me of the same thing in the previous thread when I reposted some article from /pol/.

Anonymous 180347


Another tranny mass shooter. At this rate all mass shooters will be trans by 2026

Anonymous 180348


Anonymous 180361

i love how according to progressives certain people are evil and must be held accountable, but when other groups do evil things it's always because they are victims of circumstances beyond their control and society made them do it.

Anonymous 180364

i love how i can understand everything even though i don't speak portuguese
also if you search for this pic on google it says "celibato involuntario"

Anonymous 180439


Anonymous 180442


Anonymous 180447

Yeah I know, when I first visited the detrans reddit I almost cried

Anonymous 180448

Nona this is Spanish, I cry.

Anonymous 180453

i'm sorry, my stupid non-spanish ass confuses the two

Anonymous 180454

These were implants that were removed with a mastectomy

Anonymous 180458

i don't believe that, implants dont look that natural. plus why would she do that just to remove implants?

Anonymous 180463

Implants can look extremely natural and sag and such, especially if they had lots of breast tissue before. You wouldn't believe the sagginess some implanted boobs have .

As for the implant removal who knows, this was posted on a Spanish site labeled as implant removal and mastectomy

Anonymous 180525

She likely had implants and needed to get them removed, and trooning out of the perfect alibi. I've seen ftm troons do this all the time

Anonymous 180526

one victim was an FtM- I believe it was a person who was a big proponent for kids to have access to surgery and hormones, and was a huge vocal trans advocate.

I couldn't believe it when I saw the shooter is identifying as nonbinary- I really think it's a troll thing. Regardless it's certainly not good optics for the trans "correct pronouns is a basic human right" crowd.

Anonymous 180527

nothing of value was lost, unironically dont care then. Ofc the shooter was politically motivated.

Anyway I know there is lesbians here my advice is: just dont get involved with gay bars and the mainstream LGBT community. The same shit happened in Slovenia only moids died tho 1 gay moid and a mtf tranny and the perpetrator who offed himself.
so 3 in total. 2 victims. whatever.

also going back to the topic of lesbians they should run their own gay bars if anything and they should filter out trannies, they will be 100% safe like this.

Anonymous 180544

The troons tried to make this about themselves because of trans rememberence day. Every single day is a trans-something day so of course any shooting would fall on some trans narcissism day.

Anonymous 180548


lul I found their pics. Whatever.
And if she was a big proponent of kids hrt, grooming and the so called "puberty blockers" I have even less heart for her.

"I ain’t reading all that I’m happy for you though or sorry that happened" thats my reaction

I mean I believe the moid was some /pol/tard guy motivated by hate but his story sounds like most mentally ill kids from 4chan and his dad was a pornstar heterosexual but a pornstar. Typical fucked up family that leads to results like these.

Also there have already been tranny school shootings we have discussed them before that nerd with the pink black hair in the orange jail inmate outfit I forgot the name but thats one.

Anonymous 180553


>el demonio de la autoginefilia

Anonymous 180558

does anyone else find it odd that so many of these shooters have a history of being on the fbis radar leading up to these incidents?

Anonymous 180561

They are usuallly already profiled by the glowies beforehand yea very often they already knew they were mentally ill but never do anything lol.

Anyway more information I'm finding on the specific /pol/ threads:

Anonymous 180573


Club Q literally has a giant black dick glans that showers children with bubble water.

Yeah I don't feel bad about this "tragic event" at all.

Anonymous 180574

Even if he was a /pol/tard, that was a gay bar, not a troon convention. The lgbt is not /tttt/. Hardly any troons ever get targeted for being troons, it's important to remind.

Anonymous 180576


It was a troon convention look at the pictures in google maps about Club Q and look at the victims, all trans. Tbh I dont care, he did his research and you can tell.

Imma look the other way because these are literal pedophiles I already posted the picture. Don't give a fuck, dont care.

Anonymous 180578

completely normal people like everyone else…

Anonymous 180581

please spread this around, more people need to see it. i can't stand how they are trying to rebrand "pride" or whatever as a kid friendly family event these days like chuck e. cheese or something. disgusting

Anonymous 180583

post it in some /pol/ thread about it they always share shit fast around, the image is enough, make a meme out of it idk.

Anonymous 180584


The area where they showered the kids with foamed soaped water so it looks like cum with that black dick. You can tell this its that area.

Anonymous 180585

everyone else but you thinks you're gay these days everything you do seems gay to real people

Anonymous 180593

I agree. Spread this shit around, these troons really do pose a threat to our children. What awful bastards, praying on insecure kids like this.

Anonymous 180611

do it then, im banned on Twitter. haven't made a new account since before Elon Musk take over tho. but maybe later i need to change phone number and email.

Anonymous 180619

Kek he has an Encyclopedia Dramatica article: https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Anderson_Lee_Aldrich


Anonymous 180625

I didn’t mean if it was real as in a legitimate real news article i meant real as in an actual onion post and not an edited screenshot on tumblr for shits and giggles

Anonymous 180629

People are saying it's to avoid hate crime charges but at 5 charges for murder and however many for attempted murder he's already in jail for life.

Anonymous 180631

wild that he had one for years lmfao

Anonymous 180633

Yeah whatever, moid killed moid trannies and 2 TIFs I legit dont care lol.

But it's showing of the times America might go into a civil war one day it is extremely divided and it might be because Democrats have a power monopoly now at least in politics. So now things are weird. We watch from the sidelines we ain't loyal to any side really. And most TERFs here ain't even American they are Brit. I do see a potential big TERF coalition based off Texas or Arizona because women can acquire power there fairly easily. And all trannies because now they get American citizen hard worked taxes without doing shit they will move to San Francisco, the more filtered they are the better. Also the world because of that because now paying for trannies is a literal TAX like they are a nobility class to the Democrats the whole world will hate them more. They always reap what they sow.

It's still stupid of course but this crime was clearly reasoned beforehand, nothing like being outside of all of this so you can act for years to come politically even. Being jailed for life for basically an statement is so dumb.

Anonymous 180634


Why are people unable to spot implant removals now? A flat chested woman removing her implants doesn't mean she's trooning out kek. Research and image before posting it

Anonymous 180673

>hardly any troons ever get targeted for being troons
This is true, the murdered MtF in America were all prostitutes and killed by male sex buyers. If woke idiots actually cared about transpeople they would condemn the sex industry, but point this out to them and they will call you a "SWERF".

Anonymous 180754

>>We need to attack DIY HRT.

Nonas, no, for God's sake, you've already forgotten that you should never interrupt your opponent when he's making a mistake???

Anonymous 180773


Anonymous 180787

"And im entitled to to that shit". Lol

Anonymous 180788

Anonymous 180809

Giving it to kids is the mistake here and it's one that doesn't affect the grown ups doing it, so why not intervene on that front

Anonymous 180821

This video was very interesting

Anonymous 180829

there is a tranny that goes with that name around lgbshit i seen him, I think he is australian he is fucking cringe. probably the typical run off the mill autogynephile trying to copy Taylor Swift beware the Taylor Swift posters in 4chan I get that she was pretty but these autogynephiles project on everything everytime. Fucking digesting.

Anonymous 180831

Exactly. I think most of them are genuinely just too damn dumb to understand that.

Anonymous 180848

The only way to combat these pedos now is to demoralize the TRAs, making their degeneration explicit. Trying to stop them from doing something won't work, it's better to expose their rottenness

Anonymous 180853

Its pretty clear they are pedophiles when you show them that tranny club has a literal black penis shower head that shoots soap water like its cum. And they splash kids with this.

I'm thinking that we should remove their right to adopt as well ngl. They are fucking insane perverts that deserve the least rights possible.

Anonymous 180854

they shouldn't be allowed to reproduce either but what can you do. People don't truly care about children when it comes down to it, at least not once that aren't theirs

Anonymous 180855

they cant reproduce already lol only ftms can, some. Thats it.

Anonymous 180874

Anonymous 181249


Anonymous 181259


Tranny raid going on. Ignore them like their fathers always did and post memes.

Anonymous 181262


Anonymous 181263


Anonymous 181264


Anonymous 181266


Anonymous 181267


I have people to talk to, so I will grow bored of posting long before you do and will go back to the real world to interact with family and friends. Meanwhile, you'll be trapped here. Still posting and trying to prove something on an imagine board that gets a couple dozen posts a day. Real women will come, see that we're being raided, and then come back in a couple of days when everything is cleaned up. While you throw your tantrum in an empty room, no one caring or watching. Just like every other day of your childhood.

Anonymous 181269


Oh nonono transisters what is this

Anonymous 181271


One of the worst ones I've seen

Anonymous 181272


This version's more accurate

Anonymous 181274

Comedy on a Cosmic…

Anonymous 181275


>Never heard anything that clever
>Because the only human voice he hears is him only talking to himself

Anonymous 181276


the kids be like

Anonymous 181277

To be fair, his face at least can pass for an ugly woman but fucking troons don't want to be an ugly woman they want to be hot. I once got down voted on a brutally honest reddit because I told a troon they passed but they're ugly kek. So much for gender dysphoria and more like you just wanna larp

Anonymous 181278

I don't think he passes at all. He straight up looks like a dude. Especially the forehead, no woman has a brow ridge like that.

Anonymous 181279

before masturbating
after masturbating
i guarantee it

Anonymous 181281

perfect vulva.png

Anonymous 181283

That mental image makes me want to kick his balls as hard as humanly possible.

Anonymous 181288

Imagine caring what some random troon thinks or feels
Imagine taking internet fights seriously
Beyond pathetic.

Anonymous 181292


Imagine being a troon and neither of your parents ever hugging you.

Anonymous 181314

Lmao sick burn

Anonymous 181340



I always get trannies with the alien hands they have and neck wideness, and eyes those are by far the most consistent ones. Unless they are wearing a Burka or some carpet shit where you cannot even see the person inside but the Taliban does that shit already so it works for anyone. Basically the only way their shit works is: the more they cover, the less you see, the more they "pass". Well no shit!

Anonymous 181374

>Wonders if /lgbt/ is really full of that many troons
>Open /lgbt/
>First post is by a troon

Yeah, yeah it is apparently.

Anonymous 181376

almost all of them, they have no life what did you expect dead ends terminally online without being wired to that website or discord or twitter, etc they got nothing to do other than to self-reflect and that is the last thing a tranny wants to do because they get all suicidal.

Anonymous 181387


U mean /tttt/?

Anonymous 181388

I only like real estate agents not short guys sorry napoleon

Anonymous 181518


/lgbt/ is gross

Anonymous 181523

really wish they could hit upon the idea of accepting your body the way it is BEFORE they go down this path. everyone has things they'd like to change about their body.

Anonymous 181524


someone posted pics of the giant titty plate troon skydiving in the other thread and some anons were quick to call bullshit.
turns out they were real. troons don't need parody.

Anonymous 181525


he went diving with a porn actor that goes by "voodoo pornstar". there you go. a man can put on a pornified mockery of the female anatomy bodysuit and publicly hang with porn stars and he still won't be fired from his job of teaching children.

Anonymous 181528

i saw this when it was posted before but didn't really look at it closely, what is up with his eyes? he literally looks insane

Anonymous 181529


Anonymous 181530

Troons are scary

Anonymous 181531

i mean its a fetish + cope mental illness related to the other mental illnesses ofc they are

Anonymous 181534

Why does their fetish have to be so public? Why do we all have to play along?

I'm turning into a real doomer now.

Anonymous 181536

>Why do we all have to play along?
Because manchildren will throw a tantrum and kill everyone if we oppose them

Anonymous 181538

>Why do we all have to play along?
because progress

Anonymous 181539


I'm telling you, it's only a short time before the media is unironiclly defending pedophiles.

Anonymous 181541

Because it's making the big pharma richer

Anonymous 181542

Wish I could go into troon subreddits n post selfies to show the difference but I don't want anyone irl to stumble on it and think I'm a troon.

Anonymous 181544

Anonymous 181550

Because good people did nothing about it and they have got away with it for far too long, this stops when we want it to stop. We vote against it, we act against it, we speak against it, etc.

Anonymous 181562

How about encouraging genetic engineering to make every human embryo female or abort male embryos?

Anonymous 181563

How much you willing to bet the sisters are either bisexual or lesbian? Surely the homophobic parents had nothing to do with the kids all of a sudden transitioning at the same as each other when trans became big

Anonymous 181575

genetic engineering is a cope and never gonna happen outside of plant seeds for wheat and other foodstuffs. biggest meme.

Anonymous 181579

How about aborting male fetuses then?

Anonymous 181583

based if you are running a true matriarchy just like the Spartans in 300 but with sniper rifles and pistols, male babies are dropped into a ditch full of skulls of other male children.

Anonymous 181584

No, I wouldn't do any harm to innocent babies.
Just abort the male embryos when they're still just nonsentient clumps of cells and haven't developed into actual fetuses that can feel pain.

Anonymous 181598


Whatever but you need to be brutal in a matriarchy or it stops being a Matriarchy and that means no mercy, male comes in he is property then he gets disposed as property as well, if the Queen doesnt fancy him orders are orders and we shoot, if he is good for the tribe we enslave him force him to build structures and breed, when he gets old and ugly we shoot him. Cycle repeats no mercy.

Anonymous 181612

Yep. Id fucking love if I went to therapy and they'd refer me to things to pay for breast implants, laser hair removal, etc for my body dysmorphia but most women just get some weird fake "love yourself" speech. Imagine if a woman with tubular breasts posted a GoFundMe to pay for her boob job. That would face so much backlash but troons want everyone to fund them larping as a woman when most women aren't even able to do as much as they do

Anonymous 181622

Trannies will face the wall and die. We are going to destroy all their sources, I read China is going to crack down on their shit too so its over this can create a market shortage from the source. Burn them, burn them all. They fucked with us we will hit a thousand times harder. I do this for their mothers who were right and much wiser than they will ever be, fucking retarded sons they are. It's war.

Anonymous 181631


Anonymous 181659

dick chopping is a…

Stumbled upon some cope. Apparently, dysphoria/fetishism are a blessing from god, and dick chopping is parallel to an act of divine creation.

Anonymous 181662

They really never got over the "made from Adam's rib" thing did they?

Anonymous 181697

premarin is made from pregnant mare piss. not sure about estradiol enanthate, but it's an ester of estradiol, meaning it's had a hydroxyl group replaced with a carboxylic acid, specifically heptanoic acid. you can probably make it from premarin. whether something is "synthetic" or not has little bearing on its safety, that's just naturalist woo. probably harvesting animal piss is cheaper than synthesizing estradiol

Anonymous 181726

Yeah they think they are hermaphrodites and other bullshit that doesnt exist in humans. Just ban their hrt and watch then cope and seethe they wont be able to do shit, we are in control, their mothers are in control. Never let coping mentally ill lunatics get political power.

Anonymous 181729

hermies do exist. the fact that they often have "corrective" surgery done to their genitals at an age where they are unable to consent is a big oof

Anonymous 181730

>>181729 (me)
(assuming you mean intersex people and not literally people with two independent sets of gonads)

Anonymous 181732

They dont intersex have sexes this been confirmed by the woman who researched the few cases which trannies aint btw. She said 2 sexes with phenotype defects im gonna find the quote but im at work so get fucked you will have to wait an hour for me to own ur dumb take.

Anonymous 181733

The fact that TIMs think being recognized as a woman is a positive thing is just further proof that they will never truly understand the female experience. The word "man" is synonymous with "humanity", while the word "woman" is intended to have the opposite effect. It is supposed to strip us of humanity and reinforce gender roles into us. This is why women still hide their identity, so as not to be the target of misogyny.

Anonymous 181738

The term "hermaphrodite" is not medically correct, and true hermaphroditism doesn't exist in humans. People can be born non-functioning gonads, or with a set of functioning gonads plus non-functioning tissue, but they're never born with both. As for external genitals, the vast majority of people with intersex conditions only has one type of external genitalia. Those who seem to have both have usually either a micropenis with internal testicles or an overgrown clitoris, they're not really the same as a penis or a vagina.
Mutilation of intersex people is fucked up but it has nothing to do with troons and they don't know shit about intersex conditions.

Anonymous 181741

I'm not really in disagreement with you. it just seemed like >>181726 were saying intersex people don't exist

Anonymous 181743

Anonymous 181745

>male radfem

Anonymous 181747

Gender Critical is not the same thing dumbass

Anonymous 181755

I like him. And he was cute before his hair got long and he grew gross facial hair

Anonymous 181786

>having a fistula and opiate addiction is as rewarding as baking a pie
i never thought about it like that, possibly because i'm not insane.

Anonymous 181789

He actually could be really cute if he cut his hair and stopped wasting his time doing autistic internet shit like making gc videos about trannies. I mean, okay I'd obviously never date a liberal man who was cool with trannies, but being the sort of man who just makes video essays against them seems odd in some way.

Anonymous 181799

Hes married already

Anonymous 181810

this vid was insightful

Anonymous 181851


Anonymous 181852

Mad he cant censor people anymore kek, its over for him

Anonymous 181856

dog willing twitter will go belly-up under musk, as will the rest of these surveillance capitalist shitholes

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