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Yurika_CG_(DDLC+) …

Why are women romantically attracted to men? Anonymous 180077

So I'm coming to realize that when I'm not knee deep in patriarchal brainwashing it's just obvious that women are better conversationalists than men and, given that the only thing I care about in relationships is the conversation, it seems that women just objectively make better partners. You can really see how much better they are at conversation when you compare CC to chan boards.

Why do women even like men? They don't earn money anymore, physical strength is obsolete and even if it wasn't most moids are too weak to be useful anyway, they're unkind and unempathetic and are statistically more likely to leave you than a woman would be if you got sick, they have poorer hygiene and take worse care of themselves, they're less funny and poorer conversationalists and perform comparatively poorly in school. What is the point of moids?

Can hetero women explain themselves?

Anonymous 180080

Some moids are good looking and I want to be a mother one day.

Anonymous 180082

Some of them are nice to play video games with, though I don't really date them. I know one moid who's alright, a childhood friend of mine, we talk about random webcomics and dragons and shit. You have to be careful with moid friends though, to keep the balance of males to women not too extreme, otherwise they start feeling free to be annoying misogynists.

Anonymous 180089

I just like some specific types of men who're sweet and caring and I enjoy their company. I think men are also more likely to deal with my immaturity, being indecisive and stuff like this
Technically I also don't have much choice when it comes to gender preference because wlw are less common than hetero men so I'm less likely to find one with whom we'll have mutual romantic interest I each other so while being technically bi I'm still not too different from hetero women

Anonymous 180092

Something about evolution i guess

Anonymous 180100

I'd say it's because there's always one exeption to the rule that women cling to (no matter if that moid is realistic or not).

Anonymous 180117

>given that the only thing I care about in relationships is the conversation
But that's you. What about us who want sexo?

Anonymous 180123

The question is romantic attraction tho

Anonymous 180124

but nona sex and romance are not separate things in my brain…

Anonymous 180125

and in the brain of every normal person. the only subhumans who make that distinction are scrotes and scrote brained women

Anonymous 180128

Couldn't you be a mother with a sperm donor and just marry a woman? Most men aren't remotely financially or emotionally ready to be parents by the time they're 30 and if you get with older guys their sperm will be low quality and you'll get an autistic child.
I have a 50/50 split between moid and human friends and I find the moids are considerably worse in quality. We used to have shared hobbies (until I outgrew vidya), which is why we were friends to begin with, but I find they never have weighty discussions and are kind of boring and monotonous. All they ever do is banter, which is boring and predictable. My women friends have much more interesting conversations and their humor's a lot smarter.
Yeah meeting wlw seems to be a big barrier (especially if you're looking for actual wlw and not just "bisexuals" who happen to only date men). I wonder how people recognize that the other person's a wlw and approach them.
Masturbation exists. You can also have sex without a committed relationship.
I agree that there isn't a distinction, which is why I don't understand how someone could be sexually attracted to a poor conversationalist. Romantic attraction seems sufficient for sexual attraction - not the other way around.

Anonymous 180129


You have a lot to say, don't you?

Anonymous 180139

I like doing mass replies so nobody feels left out.

Anonymous 180142

uh oh stinky

Anonymous 180143

>that women are better conversationalists than men
man, I wish… from my experience it’s not true - for me
My girl friends are often lack common knowledge, can’t observe situations from the outside of their own perspective (more like - same situation benefiting them - good, not benefiting them - bad), treating common sense and simple observations like revelation
Some girl friends are not like that, but still less knowledgeable about world and stuff - and for me it’s a crucial aspect
I won’t have a romantic partner out of men, because of their undeveloped psyche, but worse conversationalist? Dunno
>Why do women even like men
I do, because straight, but I actually don’t - because all that you have listed, kek

Anonymous 180148

Oh sorry I completely didn't think of that lol.

Anonymous 180149

males are so fucking boring especially on here they are always "I'm a guy and [no1curr]" or gore and cp spam. NEXT!

Anonymous 180193

because sexual and romantic feelings are deeply tied for most people, and sexual orientation isn't a choice?

Anonymous 180204

Right? What a stupid thread.

Anonymous 180219

Yet lesbians still exist. Even women who hated men were forced into marriage and pregnancy in the past (and even now in many parts of the world).

Anonymous 180235

Yet you don't see your average woman wanting to fuck every man on earth. In order to be romantically/sexually attracted to men irl they have to match some dating standard you have in your head.
I think the better question is why are women's standards so low that they can fall in love with and want to fuck/marry/live with the average moid instead of ignoring them.

Anonymous 180236

Notice how there are absolutely 0 rebuttals to your post kek

Anonymous 180244

How are people even attracted to other people? True attraction is rare for me.

Anonymous 180249

Some of them (like 1%) are nice to look at. That’s about it. And unfortunately I can’t force myself to be attracted to women so here we are.

Anonymous 180253

im lezbo and this thread is dumb, stop trying to recroot straight women

Anonymous 180294


Monkee woman see monkee man, monkee woman like. That's it. Why would anyone ever be attracted to anyone, it's not rational, it's just that we are weird animals.

Anonymous 180297

But I want to be recruited so badly. I can't change my straightness, though. It's just not possible. I really, really wished I was sexually and romantically attracted to women, that my daydreams were filled with being in love with a woman and not some random moid at work who held the door open for me once and helped me carry some stuff without expecting any thanks.

Anonymous 180319

seperating the sexual and romantic is kinda troonish, blaine

Anonymous 180322

nta but how is separating sex from romance troonish? Troons are sexed up to death. They wear womenhood like its a sextoy. What are you even talking about

Anonymous 180365

They're probably joking but it actually is sort of troonish. I don't think troons actually experience romantic attraction - they're too narcissistic and prone to objectifying others for it. So naturally relationships (and social interaction in general) = sex to them.
based. You'll get there - you just have to keep reminding yourself to (1) not project on to men and (2) of the low qualities of each man you meet.
I feel like most women are waaaay nicer to look at than men. I guess vaginas are kind of weird, but I feel like messing around with people's genitals makes up such a small proportion of your interactions with them.
clearly I'm successfully redpilling everyone. soon we'll start a women's commune

Anonymous 180369

it feels moid-y in general, remember that "madonna-whore complex" stuff that many moids have? it's pretty much separating the two

Anonymous 180371

>tranny is sex obsessed
Imagine my shock.

Anonymous 180483

That's the thing, women are no longer attracted to men as a large group. Just look at all the sexlessness stats. Zoomer women have 0 interest in zoomer men, so the vast majority of zoomer men are incels. Its not even a joke, everything you described is why so many young men are turning into radical madmen. They are all just losers, and the bitter among them cause most of the societal chaos. You are correct however that there is no reason to be romantically attracted to moids. The only exceptions are fuckboys to satisfy sexual urges, and the few moids that aren't complete and utter losers.

Anonymous 180632

If you're a moid and you can't get a woman in this day and age there's something really wrong with you. Most women think men are prince charming simply because they drove to her instead of vice versa

Anonymous 180637

This is also compounded by the unprecedented antagonism between genders, income inequality and apps like Tinder, which hyper optimises the fuckboy hunting process. At the current trend much of the West is heading to a Japan-style demographic collapse in the next few decades.

Anonymous 180638

This is really just a buzz phrase, if you see even here (much less lolcow, reddit or tinder which has more normies) most women find most men unattractive.

Anonymous 180641

every fully industralized country is even germany its an universal trend. city life, works, and sometimes ideology mainly tranny ones honestly makes people reproduce less because well its infertility. Thats just how it is but its mainly the city even between heterosexual people fertility rates are just lower in the city always. I think its inevitable I think the human species might have reached their appex population point naturally without the tranny ideology, dont get me wrong that shit has to be rid of but that wont stop the global phenomenon that is city life where everything is more expensive and mutliple children is only a luxury for the rich and landlords.

Anonymous 180643

Sorry but in the future only way to have sex will be to pay for it.

Anonymous 180718

When men hate women as a class women seem to strive to be even better along their standards (i.e. even prettier, because that's all they care about). Why don't moids do the same? Wouldn't the most rational way to solve the problem (i.e. women's lack of attraction to you) be to become more attractive in their eyes (e.g. richer, better hygiene, more generosity, more sensitivity and a respect for intimacy etc.)?
I think this is very true for my generation (millennials) and boomers but I like to hope things are turning around. I can't tell if they are because I'm just overexposed to the autistic circles I frequent (FDS and CC) or if women really are finally starting to set basic standards again.
Sorry if this is a stupid question but what exactly did the Japan style demographic collapse look like? I know they're all weird pod people who live alone in tiny apartments and there are more NEETs - is that the gist of it?
If people didn't eat meat/dairy this wouldn't have happened. There'd be far more land mass (50% of the worlds usable land mass is taken up by animal farming), world hunger wouldn't be a thing, and it'd take way less resources to sustain our population. I can provide citations if you want.

Anonymous 180739

The stinky stuff that comes out of the rear end of the cow is used to make the soil grow plants thus oyu cannot just get rid off cattle.

Anonymous 180755

are you implying that milennial, genx and boomer men are not losers?

Anonymous 180756

As long as they're tall they're successful

Anonymous 180757

You're pathetic
I've reduced you to making posts like this in other threads lol
Just accept when you're wrong

Anonymous 180758


NTA pic related is me

Anonymous 180760


Anonymous 180778

Personally I like the kind of love a man shows a woman he is devoted to. It makes me feel safe and cared for- that any problem I have, even if it is a scary one, I will have my husband to help me get through it and protect me. I like that men tend to solve problems in simpler ways due to not overthinking- which I tend to do regularly. The 'ol yin and yang balance is quite nice, I think regardless of what sexes people are in a relationship, one of you has to possess more "yang" energy in order for the relationship to function.

Anonymous 180808

Yet another thing tall men are better at. I would never be able to feel safety from a manlet.

Anonymous 180819


Anonymous 180826


Anonymous 180827

It's a moid spamming us with cute girls. My homosexual heart enjoys this approach, the gore was getting a bit too much.

Anonymous 180851

Safety from what tho nona?
If all men were smaller women wouldn't have to worry about needing safety from the bad ones

Anonymous 180860

Really? I mean in this thread itself, most posts are about how most men aren't attractive enough

>why don't men become richer, more attractive, kinder, more intimate

Men are richer then, say, twenty years ago. Men too are taller than 30 years ago. Its just that expectations are increasing faster than than the reality. And even if, say, every man did become 6 feet tall, the expectation would simply be revised upwards faster than can be increased.

And kindness and intimacy mostly apply to keeping, not getting, a relationship.

>how would a Japan style demographic collapse look like

Population shrinking at 2-3% a year, increasing ratio of elderly to young means more and more resources allocated to keeping them alive. Taxes are raised as revenue drops from shrinking employment pool and expenditure increasingly spent on the elderly. Demand and production falls, growth is flat, economy enters "stagflation". Upward social mobility is destroyed, good jobs are scarce, further fuels low fertility rates because there's no economic foundation to raise a family in.

Anonymous 180870

The women against the big woman small man dimorphism don't think logically

Anonymous 180885

>I know they're all weird pod people who live alone in tiny apartments and there are more NEETs - is that the gist of it?

Culture of perfectionism it seems.


One of the failings of neolibderalism, declare everything an open competition and most people would conclude they’d be losers and won’t even try.

Anonymous 180971

I once discussed politics with my mother who still identified as a woman last time I checked.

Anonymous 181248

Clear case of womb envy right here. YWNBAW.

One, we've been brainwashed. The entirety of our culture is geared towards telling us we're inferior. Plus, men kill women constantly. So for thousands of years, any woman who stepped out of line or who tried to assert her natural place as the superior sex was murdered. That definitely had an effect on our evolution. And two, sexuality is pretty innate. If sex attraction could be changed, many more people would do it.

Anonymous 181330

> any woman who […] tried to assert her natural place as the superior sex was murdered
Do you not see the irony in this sentence?

Anonymous 181343

Not at all. Women are superior. Just because men have more physical strength doesn't make them better. Are you inferior to a chimp?

Anonymous 181347

But chimps are retarded. Men aren't that's what makes them dangerous, not just their physical strength.

Anonymous 181354

Literally me_6643b…

>Men aren't
That's where you're wrong kiddo.

Anonymous 181356


bro can you stfu man ywnbaw
stop being a le philosophy tranny you are not deep either and we can reverse image search your posts you know retard gtfo here nobody gives a fuck about your useless degree and your cope stop bothering us
and you dont fit in

Anonymous 181358

also video games sales are the highest they ever been historically so stfu you are a retarded moid shilling his meme because it never took off kys

Anonymous 181373

It does not make sense because that would make men inferior in every single aspect of life.

Men are retarded, but not as much as chimps. You will never find chimp smarter then human, but you will find plenty of men smarter then average woman. Also smart =/= good person

She means overall superior, not superior in every way.

The problem of smaller moids is that you would just turn half of population into undesirable inferior goblins. Moids age worse, are uglier, are dumber, get more chronic diseases, get more birth defects and now you also want to make them weaker and thus also less confident. You need to give theme the edge in at least some aspects of life, and no, the immediate answer of making them hotter is not enough for working society.

Anonymous 181382

Stockholm syndrome

Anonymous 181383

This, I understand if they really like men and what not but there are options now a woman can still get reproduction/off-spring without the moid now. So they can still have a biological legacy without the issues of a violent unstable moid. There are ways, there are ways.

Anonymous 181429

I've been thinking of doing something like this. The prospect of going through pregnancy alone makes me nervous, but I also know I have enough money to have a kid on my own.

Anonymous 181448

You don't have to go about it alone. You could have some female friends or your family members, if they agree to it, raise the kid with you.

Anonymous 181476

All my female friends are busy being naturally selected out by men who string them along into their 30s without ever committing. They're the types who drop off the face of the map whenever some new moid shows them attention, only to resurface when he dumps/cheats on them.

Anonymous 181644

>weird pod people
What does this mean in this context?

Anonymous 181647


You sound utterly braindead anon
It takes a whole lot more than that
And average ones that are perfect in other ways?
Post of a moid probably
No woman is really this dense

Anonymous 181648

>and no, the immediate answer of making them hotter is not enough for working society.

Yes it is. The ego and entitlement are the real problems

Anonymous 181657


The right word isn't conversationalist. It's just that men are more likely to be extremely homosocial, not dyadically (1-on-1 connection) driven and more group orientated, and generally have a more instrumental or transactional view of human relationships–which they project onto women. Guess who tends to benefit more between a dyadic and nondyadic person in a relationship? The amount of romantically viable men is extremely low because of it. Plenty of men know how to have a conversation–but not build genuine closeness with an individual, he's more likely to be a good sport on a male only team where his status is increased than be a good bro to someone. So, basically, a shit ton of men exhibit antisocial behavior and mindsets about women…but we, from day one, are exposed to extremely unrealistic fantasies of men of being robust beings capable of a deep, individual love and almost all those that pursue a connection with a man will end up having to compromise in pursuit of that, to objectify herself for his consumption. Society is god-tier at teaching women how to rationalize questionable shit in pursuit of maintaining social norms, connections, and communities…while a shit ton of people rely on this overcompensation. Most families would die if not for it.

It's why many men are obsessed with sex and think it's most of what a relationship entails or at least more motivated by that than having a real connection with a woman. In such a world, instead of genuine compassion, male goodness is measured by how much horrible things he wants to do or say - or can't because he isn't powerful enough - but doesn't in order to fit in or get sex or social cred. I also see men often harass men that behave prosocially towards women in a nontransactional way. It's…odd, to say the least.

What is that saying? That to a man love is like a chapter in his life but to a woman (even if he might be obsessed with the chase + getting access to women), it's her whole life. Yes, a woman can seek out her exception but there's almost 0 chance she won't have to compromise or do more than he does for her in the long-run while society tells her it's always the opposite, he's the only one making real sacrifices.

Anonymous Moderator 181744

If you reply to the fetish moid you will be banned for 3 days

Anonymous 181769

Which one is the fetish moid again?

Anonymous 181770


Anonymous 181777

The one with the giantess fetish. He will inevitably post again.

Anonymous 181785


Exactly, the ideal of heterosexual romance is such a scam. Scrotes cannot be arsed to do something as simple as do an equal share of the housework, and pose the biggest danger to women, yet we're supposed to see them as a prince charming who will rescue us from our troubles.

Anonymous 181787

You can just say you irrationally dislike asexuals. Being unable to separate sex from love is actually extremely male.

Anonymous 181788

You're spot on - this I think more aptly captures why I tend to find conversation with women better. It's just genuinely deeper and more moving because women take you seriously enough to have intimate conversations of that nature. That being said, I think men are shitty at holding serious/interesting conversations with other men too, even though they're decidedly homoromantic. It's all just trivial banter. They're remarkably shallow - now that could be because they view relationships transactionally, or maybe they genuinely just lack depth.

>That to a man love is like a chapter in his life but to a woman (even if he might be obsessed with the chase + getting access to women), it's her whole life.

This is really well put (naturally, because only a woman poster would say something like this).

See one reason I wanted to make this post is because not only do they not actually do tangible things for women (e.g. housework, earning enough to let her be a SAHM etc.) but they also can't even contribute intellectually, intimately, or emotionally. It's truly remarkable.

Anonymous 181832

Why dont you want to be a giantess though? I dont get it

Anonymous 181855

>thinking asexuality is real

Anonymous 181858

I think asexuality is real in a meaning “not attracted romantically/sexually to any sex”, don’t see anyone as a love interest

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