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Anonymous 18411

more of you need to play action games, especially 2d platformers. celeste, cuphead, meat boy and the end is nigh are my favorites.

Anonymous 18413

Rougelikes and rougelites are the best, what are you saying? That's crazy talk

Anonymous 18415


I only play old school runescape anymore, also sometimes a fighting game against a friend.

Stardew valley is fun and I see the appeal but something about it fills me with dread about my life.

Anonymous 18416

Oh also, I'll play an action game again once mount and blade bannerlord is out.

I'll check out what you wrote in the OP soon.

Anonymous 18417


Northernlion is my spirit animal!

I fall asleep his his isaac let's plays!

Anonymous 18419

hollow knight.jpg

Hollow Knight is absolutely godlike.

Anonymous 18422

I tried cuphead, but I kept dying every 30 seconds.

Anonymous 18451

the fun of games like that is memorizing the patterns until you can win, there's no real skill involved

Anonymous 18456

Guess that's why I sucked so bad.

Anonymous 18457

Plz fuck off, male.

Anonymous 18489

a-all i did was list a few roguelites i liked…

Anonymous 19742

Oh my god, yes. I cannot possibly overstate just how much I love that egg. I've watched every one of his Rebirth videos (at 2x speed, which I credit slightly for helping me to get better at the game myself). I'm tempted to watch his flash Isaac, but oh my god, his voice is just so extremely different. It's close to the uncanny valley lol

Anonymous 23690


Fuck yeah, I can't wait for the Hornet DLC

Anonymous 23760

>playing video games
What a terrible idea.

Anonymous 23763

Anonymous 23769

I'm not very passionate about video games but it's not terrible to play them. It's fun for some folks.

Anonymous 23772

Give me a job then.

Anonymous 23788

I wish I could get into games the same way I get into anime. I guess games isn't really my specialty.

Anonymous 23789

Maybe try an anime-like game? The Tales series is like that.
I don't watch that much anime anymore, instead I like JRPGs and rhythm games. I prefer games to most anime because the games are longer I feel like the characters can get more development. 12 episodes for seasonal stuff is too little imo.

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