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Anonymous 18652

>dad wants me to help packing his stuff since he's moving
>time passes; one of his cats is hiding under a bed
>it runs away and starts freaking out
>dad decideds to "calm it down" by repeatedly kicking it in the ribs while his girlfriend and her daughter are screaming at him telling him to stop
>i say nothing the whole time

Anonymous 18654

So, how do you feel about it? What will you do, if anything?

Anonymous 18655

If you go to the police, you will ruin your father's life, but the damage is already done to the cat. He may not be a great man, but surely he is worth more than a cat. My father does the same to the family dog sometimes.

Anonymous 18656

I'm really sorry you saw that and that the cat got hurt. That sounds scary. Are you OK?

Anonymous 18658

Oh my god, you should talk to him. This isn't normal and people who hurt harmless animals have some serious problem.

Anonymous 18662

>The problem with people like this is that they will keep hurting.
Pure projection. My father is only ever violent to the dog, and we only have one dog. He is a great man in every other respect and has never been toward people. It's okay to kill rats, it's okay to kill roaches, it's okay to kill cows, sheep, goats, and fish; but if someone kicks a dog once they're evil. I don't think like that and I love my father far more than I could ever care for a dog.

Anonymous 18664

Roaches, rats, sheep and goats weren't bred to develop traits that would make them good and loyal house pets. We love dogs and cats because they love us back, this is why hurting one of them is different than killing a spider in your counter top.

Anonymous 18669

Is your dad a fucking vampire?

Anonymous 18757

When you bring a pet into your household you're responsible for taking care of it, it's grossly immoral to hurt it simply for fun or to selfishly relieve your own stress. Comparing a pet to livestock or vermin just doesn't jive. Like you might put down poison to kill a rat that you found in your pantry cupboard, but if you poisoned a rat that you had brought home from a pet store, fed, and trained to trust you, people would justifiably think that was horrible.
At least the gf/her daughter in OP's story sound like they had a normal response, hopefully they'll be the ones to take the cat in for treatment if it's still alive.

Anonymous 18758

wow no offense but your dad can get fucked

Anonymous 18759

Is your dad moving with the cat? If the cat stays at your home, make sure your dad never comes back.

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