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Anonymous 18698

i like animals more than i like people

Anonymous 18699

That is fine. What's your favorite animal?

Anonymous 18700

Animals don't like you.

Anonymous 18702

I love cats, too. Have you ever seen a sloth irl? I have. It broke a bit of the magic since they seemed more wonderful from pictures. Not sure why though.

Anonymous 18703

probably cus they're slow

Anonymous 18704

Maybe that. Or because they are stinky.

Anonymous 18706

You're not very friendly to people. Are you?

Anonymous 18708

that should be evident by the OP

Anonymous 21623

That's nonsensical. You could as well say "I like classical paintings more than humans." It's a decision, and it's foolish to reject what makes up 100% of your life's interactions.

Anonymous 21638

No, you

Anonymous 21944

If you like animals, I hope you don't eat them.

Anonymous 21947

obviously they're not eating them, nobody would do such an awful thing

Anonymous 149903

have you ever considered that posts like yours here are exactly why OP prefers animals over people?

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