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Why do men use the word whilst instead of while Anonymous 19174

What are your theories as to why? It's such a bothersome word to me. It's weird because it happens whether or not they're British.

Also, this is a discussion/theory thread, so no smegsies answering. We like mystery (but not mystery.jpg).

Anonymous 19175

Ahh! I meant to specify that I don't notice any women using this term online or irl. Only men. That's why I'm curious.

Anonymous 19180

I use whilst all the time, I'm English.
Why does this bother you?

Anonymous 19181

I've never heard anyone use "whilst" in real life, ever.

Anonymous 19192

is that really what that's supposed to mean?? i honestly thought it was a derogatory nickname for some lolcow or something

Anonymous 19194

Foreskin boys get insulted for apparently having smeg, mostly from insecure cut guys. I guess it came from that.

Anonymous 19195


Am I the only who genuinely thinks "smegsie" sounds incredibly cute?
It reminds me of some cute shy boy

Anonymous 19222

Still cute when you look into it.

Anonymous 19224

If you look too much into it, it's even cuter.

Anonymous 19228

I don't know

Anonymous 47228

great thread op real head scratcher

if men around you really use whilst more, it means they go for the more formal and literary sound. i personally use both in writing to not have too much of the same word because that doesn't look nice.

Anonymous 47247


the only person I know who uses 'whilst' is a girl

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