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I've seen a lot of discussion about MTF trans people, but I'm curious about FTM people.

Has anyone ever went through a gender phase or considers themself NOT female? If so, why? I'm mainly curious about the female perspective of this, even though we have a gender thread, I wanted to get more anecdotes about personal experience.

Mainly because almost ALL people I know online that are female now ID as nonbinary. Why do you think there is such a high rate of women choosing to be nonbinary rather than call themselves women?

Anonymous 19259

I had one of those phases for a few months where I'd wear like 3 sports bras to try to hide my boobs and hide my hair under hats and then put makeup on to look more boyish. Puberty was rough.

Anonymous 19264

I have a weird androgyny obsession, like i've heard that a lot
(not all ofc) of bisexual girls (and guys) have. Don't ID as anything other than female bc i dont wanna be a Meme

Anonymous 19265


same. bi girl, attracted only to androgynous people – pretty, long-haired boys and butchy girls. I also don't feel particularly "womanly" but I am pretty feminine. Sometimes I think it would be cool to have a dick, but I don't feel dysphoric.

Anonymous 19342

>Sometimes I think it would be cool to have a dick, but I don't feel dysphoric.

Anonymous 19362

Who would want a saggy nub that pokes out?

Anonymous 19385

I agree it seems inconvenient, I just want to know what it feels like to have one.

Anonymous 19386

Are you me?
I even kept telling people I wanted to be a boy just because I was uncomfortable with how my body was changing and I feel like I'm still not over it. Even today, I'm happy with boobs on other girls, just not me.
That doesn't mean I don't want to be a woman, I do and I think what I have is infinitely the better deal, I just don't like having boobs and wear sports bras to keep them flat/wear loose clothes.

Anonymous 19402

Uncomfortable, I'll bet.

Anonymous 19420

penetrating a woman sounds amazing

Anonymous 19421

But then, wouldn't a vagina become foreign and weird, if you had a penis? It would be all gross and slimy, from your new perspective.

Anonymous 19422

Are you implying that you don't feel the 'slime' if you're a woman?

Anonymous 19425

No. I'm implying that you wouldn't know the slime anymore. It would become foreign, along with the other features of the vagina. Stuff like smegma or pre would instantly become more familiar.

Anonymous 94027


Anonymous 94030

Wow this thread got bumped.
But reading through this I was reminded of a long suppressed memory of wearing multiple sportsbras to make my chest look smaller as a kid (developed young). This is starkly contrasted with me only a few years later using every Jenna Marbles “How to Have Big Boobs” trick to try and look like a Hooters girl.
I’m back to sportsbras but only one this time. I think my chest insecurity had more to do with me trying to control moid attention towards me over the years than any sort of dysphoria.

Anonymous 94225

Yeah. A lack of attention from the opposite sex can do wonders. Luckily, im not insane and understood that its a dumb feeling that im feeling just because im pathetic.

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