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30+ thread Anonymous 20298

Let's grow old together

Are you feeling the changes yet?

Anonymous 20302


Anonymous 20304


The meme is that millennials around age 30 drink energy drinks, specifically diet monster but not always. I was trying to make light hearted banter.

I'm not a fan of monster, or most energy drinks.

I stick to coffee or at most those canned lattes.

Anonymous 20307

do these things really work

Anonymous 20308

Probably has a shitton of caffeine inside, so yes.

Anonymous 20362

You don't get desensitized to caffeine, your brain goes creates more adenosine receptors to compensate.
Caffeine has an almost identical molecular structure to adenosine, thusly acts as an adenosine antagonist. It binds to adenosine receptors and inhibits adenosine of bonding and signal fatigue and onset of sleep.
Over time, due to the excess of free adenosine in the system, the brain creates more and more receptors as a response. Ergo, over long periods of time, caffeine actually does more harm than good, unless you consume increasing amounts.

Energy drinks have a really high amount of caffeine and an extreme amount of sugar (ergo readily accessible energy, due to insuline upregulation and the limited thermic effect of food when it comes to simple sugars).

Even sugar-free energy drinks use aspartame, stevia or sucrose. These compounts may be calorie free (because they cannot be metabolized), but they raise the insulin index to extreme levels, because they are many times more sweet than simple sugar.

Anonymous 20409

I'm probably healthier than I've ever been tbh. I'm starting to think that people who talk about their bodies getting worse are mostly just making them worse themselves.

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