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Do you like to date foreign guys? Anonymous 20975

Do you prefer to date foreign guys? Me personally, I don't like American guys at all. I find them pretty much annoying and on average ugly in general. There are a lot of Italian and French qties though.

Anonymous 20979

European guys seem less entitled while still being the same race, so you don't end up with mixed kids and in laws who terrorize you. I've never met a single Italian, Spanish or Greek guy who moans about how women "only go for hot guys" or how women are all divorcing men and taking all their property and making them raise kids who aren't theirs etc.

Anonymous 20984

I liked dating this qt Japanese guy who I met at a con at one point because his accent was adorable and he was a total sweetheart

but tbh he was not great in bed. Japanese guys seem like they're pretty averse to partner pleasing so if you date one, you have to be the kind of girl who doesn't expect reciprocation in bed.

Anonymous 20986

I'm only interested in foreign guys to hear different accents

Anonymous 20987

I've noticed a lot of people in interracial relationships (not between two different European ethnicities but between two different racial groups entirely) always understate the cultural differences. They always think their relationship will be the one that defies the trend.

Anonymous 21014

I'm a German dating an American and the cultural differences do my head in. I went out with 2 other American guys in the past, but they lived in Germany, so they were more used to our customs. My boyfriend is in the USA most of the time and is baffled at the simplest things here in Germany.

Anonymous 21015


Ohh, who could have seen this sort of conversation emerging from such an innocent, nondescript thread.

Anonymous 21016

Yep, I'm American, my boyfriend is Greek
I find American guys often very hideous, insecure, unappreciative, emotional and needy. They're often sexist as fuck too and hate women for things that aren't even vaguely worth hating women over, take MGTOW

Anonymous 21018

What are those differences anon?

Anonymous 21019

Everyone seems to like guys from the South of Europe I've found.

Anonymous 21020

Southern European guys are often complete machos though, so if you're not willing to play mommy for him, you better stay away

Anonymous 21021

Not really. The younger generation aren't like that. They're still more socially conservative than American or Western European men though. Although some are mommy's boys.

Anonymous 21022

only if they don't know them well. >>21020 is right, they are usually useless by themselves, they were raised by their mothers to believe that they're supposed to be treated like kings without having to give anything in return. they usually also have overinflated egos and find themselves superior to northern or central european men even though they are usually a lot more independent/don't get beer bellies at 20 because they don't feel entitled to a wife in their early 20s, etc. not every single one is like this, but this thread seems to be about generalizing, so there it is.

Anonymous 21023

You are blatantly not European. Both northern and southern men have their good points and faults but you've not come close to identifying them.

Anonymous 21026

i am though, why are you so defensive? this is a fact, any other person would tell you the same.

Anonymous 21028

I'm originally from South America and most men in my country still have a macho mindset. I've met lots of foreigners from pretty much everywhere but I still don't have a preference when it comes to dating.

Anonymous 21029

I'd rather "play mommy" than to have an insecure little man screaming behind my back about how all women are awful gold diggers and have him cheat or leave me for a landwhale because my tits are too small like most American men do

Anonymous 21031

anon south euro men cheat a lot and many don't think there's anything wrong with it.

Anonymous 21032

Jokes you i'm a non-white American in a relationship with a south European for the past 7 years and it's going fine.
it really shouldn't be a problem if the non-white person comes from a Western culture though, you're exaggerating.
True, but then you start to notice yeah, there is a difference in mentality, behaviors, ect.

Anonymous 21036

Fuck you're right, me too.

Anonymous 21037

North European men are pretty fucking boring, though. They don't approach women and shy away from any kind of aggressiveness at all. They're just not very passionate or particularly attractive (imo) either.
Central Europe.. no opinion.

The best west European country is definitely France. You get one from the South he acts (and looks) really similar to an Italian or a Spaniard, except a little less macho/overbearing. Even the ones not from the South are more forward and romantic than any North European, because their country is a mix of Latin, Gallic, and Germanic people and cultures.

Anonymous 21038

Not from my experience tbh

Anonymous 21039

The cheating thing is kinda true but I don't think they think there's nothing wrong with it. This isn't China or Japan.

Anonymous 21041

Why do you guys seem to hate American men? Is it because most have never interacted with foreigners IRL or at least not enough to see their flaws? They're usually just as bad and you will see it if you hang out with them for a while lel.

t. non American who has to deal with a shit ton of foreigners due to work related reasons

Anonymous 21042

>t.threatened insecure mgtow

Its okay anon, i thought you hated western women so much and were gonna leave us and mgtow and go for 14 yr old thai girls, so I'm sure us getting in relationships with worthy, attractive, emotionally stable men wouldn't bother you as much as it does

Anonymous 21044

So you think that if you tend to his every need 24/7, then he won't talk shit about you or betray you? kek
I'm from Germany and every older person here would tell you to not go for southern guys, since they're still way more backwards and misogynistic than northerners.

Anonymous 21046

what the heck kek i'm an european female and i prefer european guys over guys from anywhere else, just stating the truth.

Anonymous 21048

They have their flaws, but they aren't merely as bad as American men who always flip flop, one second crying gold digger and male oppression and acting like we're the worlds evil if they voluntarily pay for our dinner, next minute demanding all women to be unemployed submissive baby making housewives and if we get abused American men think its our fault

You sound like a pissed mgtow whos mad your revenge fantasies aren't coming true and those 'EVIL AMERICAN BITCHES WILL COME CRAWLING BACK YOU'LL SEE!!!"

Anonymous 21049

i have european in laws, have european friends, have visited a european country, will live in a european country soon, so that's not it.

take the southern european man's flaws and even his flaws look better in comparison to the north american man, who is often overweight, with a mutilated penis , whiny affeminate personality, yet entitled as fuck at the same time. oh, and a lot of those idiots fetishize far eastern women more than any other group i've known yet, and that itself is a MASSIVE turn off. so yeah. A lot of them a race obsessed autists too. I don't even know if I can go on.

No doubt there's bad South European men, but man when they're good they're really good.

Anonymous 21050

No I don't because that was my first post on the topic, I'm not the anon you're talking about, sorry.

Anonymous 21051

lmao 14 year old thai girls kek, im not even white but it makes me cringe how much american dudes fetishize far easterner women, it's legitimately creepy. i wonder how someone can date a group of men like that.

Anonymous 21052

German men are normally unattractive, cold, stoic, barely showing any outward passions, their culture is pretty boring too, they have no joie de vivre like the Latin cultures, a lot of them just seem neutral and just okay. Bleh.
Swedish men though.. not even gonna get into that.

Anonymous 21053

The Asian thing is funny since hardly any southerners find them attractive. Most Greek and Italian men like wide hipped women and think Asian girls look too underdeveloped. Then again, is the Asian fetish thing really that common in America? I get the feeling it's a tiny minority everywhere and most people prefer their own race.

Anonymous 21054

I'm glad you think that way about south European men and I hope you can be happy anon who's about to move. My experiences with them haven't been that amazing, but I see your point I guess. I don't think American men are all like that unless they're imageboard users or borderline incels, then there's a much higher risk they're insane.

Anonymous 21055

I'd play mommy than deal with a spoilt egghead american manbaby anyday, at least these men actually appreciate you and your efforts, for American men you have to make magic money appear or else you're a gold digger and they dont want you to get a job, They want you to be everything from their mommy, therapist, to their sex slaves

You actually get something with south euro men too, unlike with Americans and the only thing you get is to have them bitch behind your back about how you don't look like Nicki Minaj mixed with a kpop star and cheesy smelly unhygenic fupa covered dick

Anonymous 21056

Eh, I've seen people on image boards foam at the mouth insisting all white American women are manly ugly troons who are going to be replaced by asian women and men only have eyes for asian women and go on rampages about how all white women are losing and any pure asians can get chads, the funniest part is they hate Americans for surgery but only use asians who've had their face and body beat to prove how better they are, these people are insane minorities anyway

Anonymous 21057

I think it's more common in Americans than any other groups. But a lot of Canadian (anglo, not the french ones for some reason) and Australians date asians often too.

If an Asian girl wants a white man she can just move to one of those countries because she's going to have the best luck dating a man from those countries than anywhere else imo.

Anonymous 21058

you really don't get anything except a crazy in-law screaming at you for not taking good enough care of her precious baby. he will get fat and will refuse to work and will still feel like he's worth more than you because penis. that is really how it works in most of southern europe.

Anonymous 21060

Not from what I've seen but okay

Anonymous 21061

South of France (younger) men seem normal.

Anonymous 21063

I'm german and only dated germans so far. Tbh I think it's a lot easier when it comes to traditions or things like that.
Maybe I'm being ignorant but I think stereotypes won't save you from being treated badly so just keep your eyes open and don't do anything irrational.

Anonymous 21064

How can you guys complain about asshole in laws and men who think cheating is ok when so much of this board are asiaphiles who like Japanese and Korean guys? Unless I'm confusing the LC userbase with CC.

Anonymous 21067

Because women who fetishize asian men are actually mentally stable most of the time and can fetishize them without having mental breakdown sperges about non-asian women

Anonymous 21068

Lurk more lel.

Anonymous 21069

What are german guys like?

Anonymous 21070

finding them hot is different from wanting them as husbands.

Anonymous 21071

Let me tell you I'm nowhere near an asiaphile and I don't like Korean or Japanese men in the slightest.

Anonymous 21072

>Because women who fetishize asian men are actually mentally stable


Anonymous 21073

Southern Euro guys are the only boyfriends I've had that actually cooked for me. And cooked well at that.

Anonymous 21074

Anons who are obsessed with south European men: you either got lucky or you really need a reality check.

Anonymous 21075

typical murican.pn…

t. boring northron

Anonymous 21076

Well, at least more mentally stable than asian fetishists who go on rampages about how wmaf are the future and men only have eyes for asians, female asian fetishists can actually acknowledge there's beautiful and ugly people in any race, male asian fetishists are so caught up in it they can literally get off to the ugliest woman in the world just because shes asian

Typical male asian fetishist
Typical female asian fetishist

HUGE difference

Anonymous 21077

Yes anon we all got lucky, those non american men are so evil, we should all just marry a screaming American sperg who will cry on 4chan about how we aren't fat enough for him

Anonymous 21078

i'm a different anon but you are in for a reality check.

Anonymous 21079

No, I'm not American. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Anonymous 21080

I just think maybe you can't actually stereotype entire continents of people, maybe.

Anonymous 21081

Men do it, so why can't we? Oh right we're women

Anonymous 21083

Both those videos made me want to kms.
"Well other people act retarded, why shouldn't I?!"

Anonymous 21084

Feeling same, especially since this conversation is one of the less productive ones with people just going back and forth with generalizations and anecdotes.

Why would you want to stoop to their level?

Anonymous 21086

What reality check? Do you really think I have 0 experience with South European men?
I didn't say you were, just wanted to use that pic. It's obvious you're a North European

Anonymous 21087


>Whataboutism is peak communism
Just because the Soviets did it, doesn't make it part of Communism…

Anonymous 21088

i am southern european myself, but if you think you know better then go ahead, have a happy life sis.

Anonymous 21089

Because, clearly ration doesnt work, so let them taste their own medicine, if you don't agree then move on, its what they deserve really

Anonymous 21090

>Guy in the comments defending men dating Asian women is anti-feminist "Race realist" and insults non-asian women, also from 4chan

Men who lust over asian women are horrible fucking garbage, each and every time. Never met a semi decent one. Why is that?

Anonymous 21091

Nigga, I already found mine I can't share my experiences with everyone? Why are you so booty unraveled?

Anonymous 21092

I'm not that either.
>What reality check
You will find out eventually. I mean I hope you don't even though you're paranoid. But you probably will.

Anonymous 21093

Oh, don't you know, men can spend hours upon hours circle jerking over female ethnicities but god forbid a woman does it, then a stupid woman has to come in here and break it up because all men are the same yet all nationalities of women somehow differ.. yeah
A bunch of fucking pickmes

Anonymous 21094


Fuck off.

Anonymous 21096

maybe you got one of the rare good ones, but this thread is about generalizing so your anedoctal experience doesn't really matter when compared to actual natives of the region we're stereotyping.

Anonymous 21097

Yes you will because you sound delusional. Read your posts again.

Anonymous 21098

Because they can't be mentally stable, plain and simple

Anonymous 21099


Are you socially retarded?

Anonymous 21100

Newsflash, every discussion about every group of person is a generalization because it doesn't account for an individual basis. You really think you're saying something?

Anonymous 21101

I wrote a long reply and lost it, RIP
Here we go again

Shops closing early on Saturday and staying closed throughout Sunday until Monday morning. More often than not, my boyfriend wants to buy something on a Sunday and I have to tell him again that he has to wait until Monday. He cannot fathom.

Small establishments don't take credit or debit or sometimes you have to get to a certain amount before you can pay with plastic. My boyfriend thinks we're stuck in the 19th century, but I like it, it makes me more aware of how much I spend when I get a certain amount out of the ATM and hand physical money over.

On that note, coins and small change. His wallet doesn't have room for it, so he hands me fistfuls of change all the time to put into mine. Our smallest note is 5 Euro, so we use a lot of 1 and 2 Euro coins. Back during the times of Deutsche Mark, the smallest bill was 10 DM. (5 DM existed but was rare and often kept rather than spent because of the novelty, lol)

Not being served free water. He loves our sparkling water and we have a lot of variety, but you have to pay for it. I often hear him say that the food is so cheap and so good though, so I suppose the drinks make up for it.

You'll be shunned for jaywalking in front of children. Or jaywalking at all. One time I was stopped by police on my way to a concert because I walked over a red pedestrian light trying to rush to the venue. They asked for my ID and everything and I would've had to pay a 20 Euro fine.

Germans (especially in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, big cities in general) can be rude. We're just really direct. We'd rather tell you what's up and decline an offer than beat around the bush.

Also, tax being included in everything. Sometimes he asks me what this or that will be after tax when it's already the final price.

Anonymous 21102

It's not that serious, weirdo.
Why do people always get massively butthurt when women discuss nationality of men, like we aren't supposed to do that? I never see your kind run up in male spaces like this just to complain and accuse them of all being trolls.

Anonymous 21103

I'm not the only person pointing out you're wrong. I won't respond to you anymore. I see you're triggered because of your use of caps lock. Have a good day.

Anonymous 21104

uh yes, which is why we are generalizing and your perfect south european purinsu doesn't really matter for the discussion when most of his countrymen are trash.

Anonymous 21105

>I'm not the only person
I'm not the only person making generalizations as you said, but yet you target me like I'm the only person in this thread. Weird, right?

Good, fuck off.

Anonymous 21106

>thread about nationalities turns into racebaiting shitpost fest

color me shocked

Anonymous 21107


Nordic men are the best imo:
Tall, independent, usually not poor (meaning they won't leach off of you), respectful towards women and well educated.

When I was younger and a dumb weeb and koreaboo, I thought Asian men are sooo much better, but then I realized what shit they actually pull and that all their soft and romantic image is just a facade…

Anonymous 21108

Okay, faggot, which nationality would you rather me discuss if we're going by the rule only South European men are mostly trash?

Anonymous 21110

Nordic men are huge hit or miss (with most being a miss), very feminine, don't have much chivalrous manners towards women, pretty boring, don't really care about their culture either.

Anonymous 21111

Learn 2 read lmao, they're just saying that not everything is bait for dweebs to repost elsewhere. Even if this is low quality thread.

Anonymous 21112

discuss whatever you want, i'm just pointing out that you're wrong.

Anonymous 21113

Stop derailing the thread just because you don't like it, sperg.

Anonymous 21114

I hope you guys are posting with tripcodes lmao

Anonymous 21115

I only made 4 posts in this thread, faggot. Your slow ass mistook me for another anon.

Anonymous 21116

I take all that over being mistreated and disrespected tbh ##Maybe I'm just boring myself as well, so we fit lol##

Anonymous 21117

I’m a mixed European who’s lived all over the place and lives overseas now so all guys I date are pretty much foreign but somehow I find myself attracting British guys more often than any other nationalities

Anonymous 21118


>Reeee if you disagree with me you're Murican
>Oh yeah? Report me
>Even muh alarm can go off

Take a break from the internet for 30 min.

Anonymous 21119

Why do some women always get extremely offended when other women show their attraction to men? I don't get it.

Anonymous 21120


I don't have a preference really, I suppose local men just because of being able to relate. I've only been with local men and would date a foreigner but not because of his foreignness.

Much more likely though, if I date a person of another race/ethnicity he will have been raised here and won't be foreign behaving and only be exotic in appearance. I got talking with a middle eastern man this year and it was clear how little we had to say to each other and how we had nothing in common.

I completely understand the "muscular dark men 😍" meme and they are nice to look at but I just want someone to talk all night with and to make me laugh and watch weeb stuff with. I'm positive my soulmate will be "white" or Mexican American and someone I share a background with rather than a foreigner.

On that note I was watching a video from a guy often criticizes white nationalists/neo Nazis. He made a comment about how they promote and vote for these politicians like Geert Wilders who talk about assimilation and a lack of assimilation in western society. He was saying how if anything "race mixing" would happen more often and faster with more assimilated foreigners because locals could fall in love with them more easily.

Although more likely I just had one bland experience and don't have the authority to state the importance of a common background when loving someone.

Best of luck to those of you dating foreigners.

Anonymous 21122

>don't really care about their culture either.
Why would that matter in a relationship?

Anonymous 21123

cringe and bluepilled

Anonymous 21125

>why would culture not matter in a relationship

Anonymous 21126

What's with the pic? I don't get it. a Black , middle easterner, ect westerner is not a foreigner.

Anonymous 21127


nani dafuq

Probably the difference between enforcing traditions versus having a culture that doesn't (i.e. Nordic men as anon said).

Anonymous 21128

I'd take somebody who's nice, friendly and loving, helps with chores etc, but isn't interested in anything cultural any day over somebody who is, but doesn't see me as equal.

Anonymous 21129


why can no one else see it
it's always a bait thread
every single time
it's like i'm in They Live

Anonymous 21131

A man could be like that from any culture
That being said, I don't see what's the problem with traditional roles, it's not a deal breaker for me.
Physical appearance is important for me too, Nordic and Scandi men in general are pretty damn unattractive to me though.
And I feel no personal or psychological connection to them or their culture.

Anonymous 21133

Admin can see my previous posts and know I've never made a b8 thread on here. I don't know why you people think shit is a b8 just because it's not something you've seen discussed before. I'm on another predominately female website and they have these discussions all the time. It ain't that unusual.

Anonymous 21134


The man in the picture is a foreigner in Turkey iirc.

Anonymous 21135

>I don't see what's the problem with traditional roles, it's not a deal breaker for me.
>I feel no personal or psychological connection to them or their culture.
>culture > being respected

Anonymous Admin 21136

OP has indeed been posting on crystal.cafe for well over a year and we have no indication that this user is a male or someone who's here to bait users.

I hope everyone ITT can calm it a little.

Anonymous 21137

This post stinks of asianmasculinity

Anonymous 21138

Whatever, enjoy watching your thread get filled with thinly veiled racism and other tedious /pol/fag crap.

Anonymous 21139

Where's the racism and pol behavior? I literally can't see it. People are just arguing which guys they prefer.

Anonymous 21140

>all traditional relationships is disrespect

>i feel no personal or psychological connection to them or their culture

^ What's so topkek about that? You know not everyone who posts here has the same origin as you?

Anonymous 21141

It only went to shyt when two autists starting shitting up the thread and spreading their autistic vibrations in the thread.

Anonymous 21142

Both are cringy weebs. A skim over any 'amwf community' website will show you that much. This is just maleposting ('I don't want my women dating other men but I can date other races of women's)

Anonymous 21144

>very feminine

Given that she used to be into Asians I doubt that she cares about this.

Anonymous 21145

Asians are not very feminine to me they just look..sexless.. both the men and women, actually.

Anonymous 21146

Because women always have to police what other women do, because we don't get enough from that from men.

Anonymous 21147

Of course I know that anon.
I just find it quite funny that you wrote that traditional gender roles don't really matter to you, but at the same time culture is that incredibly important. That's quite weird priorities you've got there.

Also, this thread is about dating foreign guys, so if you really do date one, his cut
Lzure will always be strange or at least new to you… you can't really already have a connection with a foreign countries traditions if you live somewhere else.

Anonymous 21148

How can anyone hate s. euros? Even if you physically aren't into them, they're hospitable as fuck. Go to the rural areas of Crete if you don't believe me.

Anonymous 21150

Yes, if you go there as a tourist and spend money they will treat you nicely, surprise, surprise… (unless you're black of course)

Anonymous 21151

I meant the presence of traditional gender roles doesn't matter to me like it does for a lot of women.

What's the problem?

Anonymous 21153

I didn't spend any money on the family who invited me to dinner after a conversation at the taverna.

Anonymous 21154

im black and i really like southern french people.

Anonymous 21155

we're the specialists in fake niceness.

Anonymous 21156

Your fixation on culture being so important that it's a deal breaker if a guy doesn't care about it + you wanting to be a housewive for some macho dude make you sound male.

Anonymous 21157

I find them very attractive tbh.

Anonymous 21158

Yeah you're reaching. You've been defensive and belligerent in this entire thread for no reason.

Anonymous 21159

Are you American?

Anonymous 21161


Greek men can either look like trolls or really hot.
A lot of women do, but north european men never did anything for me unless they're 1/10000 type like this

Anonymous 21162

The culture thing struck me as weird too. Scandinavians live their culture every day, what do they have to do to be "into" exactly? They celebrate midsummer, eat their food, have their behavioral traits etc.

What does the other anon expect them to do? Worship Odin every day or something? You have Icelandic people if you want that sort of stuff heh.

Anonymous 21163

That person is obviously more than a little off.

Anonymous 21164

Cc is full of trannies and males posing as the perfect uwu cute waifus.
>Look, I'm so girly, I don't mind spending the rest of my life slaving away for him and my dozen kids, if he's hot! teehee
>Males who're non-traditional are sooo boring and beta…

Anonymous 21165

How is focusing on culture weird, the fuck?

> They celebrate midsummer, eat their food, have their behavioral traits etc.

>have their own behavioral traits, eat their food

Well that's 2 of those

Stop making it more difficult then it seems, ya'll are weird as fuck.

Anonymous 21166

What shit did they pull with you anon? Curious as another former weeb. Never dated one though thankfully, I've heard some real horror stories.

Anonymous 21167

Why do you feminists enjoy projecting and attacking other women just for having different tastes than you? You know how much of a lunatic you come across?

Anonymous 21168

What does "focusing on culture" mean? Give us examples

Anonymous 21169

Choosing a partner based on their compatibility with your OWN culture and your willingness to accept theirs, for one.

Why is this hard for y'all to understand?

Anonymous 21170

being white

Anonymous 21171

I'm not sure what you want them to do. I'm more into southern European men but culture isn't a conscious thing most of the time. Whenever a European ethnicity celebrates Christmas in their own specific ways they're practicing their own culture for example. But it's not something we really think about. Let me guess, you think K-pop and idols is "culture"?

Anonymous 21172

>you feminists
That doesn't help with sounding less like some robot either, anon…

Anonymous 21173

Strawmanning isn't going to work, you passive aggressive monkey. I don't give a fuck about K Pop or any of that shit. Stop putting words in my mouth.

Okay retard, you think a Muslim Middle Eastern man has the same culture as you for instance?

Anonymous 21174

What's your culture and why is it so compatible with Southern Europe, but not with the North? What are the differences?

Anonymous 21175

No. I just think your comments about Scandinavian men not being into their own culture was weird. Most Scandinavians aren't actually SWEDEN YES types believe it or not. Those types are a minority.

Anonymous 21176

It isn't hard to come across a way for an autistic person.

Anonymous 21177

I am Latina. I come from a warmer culture and my culture is influenced by Latin values, behaviors, ect which is why when i date IR, I prefer Latin European men.
How is it "weird" just because you don't understand it?

Anonymous 21178

Κύριε ἐλέησον… This thread.

Anonymous 21179

Latina as in, living in the US?

Anonymous 21180

I'm not in the US.
Why does it matter?

Anonymous 21183

> Why are you mean to people you dont even know?

Because retards on imageboards are always like this, it's called severe mental illness.

Anonymous 21184

>"Latin European"
>Even though there's an ocean between us, our cultures are the same!

Anonymous 21185

I didn't say that you stupid faggot.
I said more similar.

You a buttmad South European girl or something?

Anonymous 21186

>hurr how dare other women who aren't me prefer men from a particular culture omg she's so fucked up
Dumb cunt.

Anonymous 21189


This is what an average Greek guy looks like. Not like some Olympian hunk.

Anonymous 21191

still looks better than the average north european
inb4 an autistic anon spergs out again

Anonymous 21193

Islanders tend to be darker. Ironically they're closer to the ancient Greeks because of isolation.

Anonymous 21194


I prefer pale skin and light eyes, so Nordic men it is. (Plus Italians and the likes are usually short af)

Anonymous 21196


Anonymous 21197

2335675_full-lnd (…

I think Christian Vieri is extremely hot for some reason.


There's a lot of light haired, light eyed Spaniards and Italians, and they look pretty good.

Anonymous 21199

yes men of this type are very hot.

Anonymous 21200

I could also say that there are a lot of attractive darked haired and tanned Scandi guys, your point? Features like the one you posted are way too rough for my taste.

Anonymous 21203

I don't prefer south europeans for their coloring, except for the various shades of olive and not pink. That's it.

Anonymous 21204

Why the fuck does this remind me of a bogdanoff lmao

Anonymous 21205


I think this french guy who posts his pic on int is pretty cute too

inb4 someone accuses me of self posting

Anonymous 21210

This kind of person posts on /int/? I need to go there more often

Anonymous 21213

He's on there often but never responds to attempts to contact him kek

Anonymous 21220


He looks like Chad.

Tennis husbandos related.

Anonymous 21223

I feel like I've met people with this guy's face before at parties, and all he does is talk about his lo-fi hiphop beats soundcloud dj 'career' + the new speaker setup that he spent way too much money on in order to lowkey brag about how much he cares about music/how much money he has to waste.
then when he takes you on a 'date' it's actually just inviting you back to his house to listen to 3-4 hours of music that makes you want to fall asleep while you desperately try to feign interest and come up with something to say about his ~beats~ other than 'uh, that sounds nice'.

Anonymous 21227

Attractive, yeah.

Anonymous 21229


>the blonde one

Anonymous 21237

Very specific. This has happened to you? lol

Anonymous 21238

Exactly my thought. Whenever some sperg starts ranting about how Asian men and white women is ok but white men and Asian women isn't, you can be sure that it's one of the Asian incel crew. No one else cares enough, or even thinks about those sorts of things as much as they do. They hate their women even more than white losers hate theirs.

Anonymous 21239

nope, i avoid those guys like the plague because i can't really hold a conversation with them, but it's happened to some other people i know.
handsome guys can be dull af but some people will still line up to date them because dating a dj/musician is cool when you're in college and still believe in your dreams.

Anonymous 21240

>when you're in college and still believe in your dreams.
I like the cut of your jib.

Anonymous 21301

Based nourishment man

Anonymous 21315

Is there any culture that shows preference for a dominant woman in the relationship? It's seems no matter where in the world you look women are expected to submit to varying degrees. Is looking for individuals just the way I should keep going?

Contributing to the thread, the ideal mix of cultures/race for me would be a qt second or third generation South Asian immigrant from Britain (I'm a Canuck for reference).
>tfw came dangerously close to making contact with some guy on 4chins with this exact match who wanted to immigrate to North America
That would be a big miss steak though and I knew it.

Anonymous 21316

>Respecting women in any way

Lul. I know it's not pc but India is one place where all the negative stereotypes are accurate. And don't listen to the libfems and their intersectional shit. A white woman has it tens times as bad as an Indian woman there since they're among the most pornsick males on earth.

Anonymous 21317

Isn't that why that anon specified one that is several generations into a Western country so that they conform more to the culture?

Anonymous 21318

Not sure. I'm from the UK and a lot of the Indians who were born here seem just as clannish and chauvinistic. They're also racist as fuck, especially against other Indians.

Anonymous 21326


Anonymous 21327

>not PC
Girls here is where you get to speak your mind as long as you’re not harassing people

Anonymous 21328

Don't you know how a society works, or are you playing purposely obtuse?
Also, it has nothing to do with that for me, I just find you guys fat and unattractive in general. American men are as ugly and shitty as their women.

Anonymous 21329

I love white Hispanic men with a mop of messy dark hair and dark eyes. That's exotic enough for me lol.

Anonymous 21332

Anonymous 21336

>Is there any culture that shows preference for a dominant woman in the relationship?

Anonymous 21337

I mean, that's why you date weaker boys and get jacked so that if they disrespect you then you can just beat them lmao. That goes for men of all races.
Don't be afraid to beat your boyfriends if necessary, girls.

Anonymous 21342

Just find a guy who isn't an abusive pos
Yeah I know that is getting harder nowadays

Anonymous 21345

unlikely tbh, unless you're one of those blessed individuals you're gonna be weaker than the majority of boys
probably not getting harder nowadays, simply it's getting more attention, which is (obviously) a good thing. men have always been abusive pos and I think as a whole misogyny has likely decreased from a couple decades ago. just like how it seems like nobody got cancer a long time ago, but then again they couldn't really detect that (people are living longer nowadays too ofc, but still).

Anonymous 21348

Keyword is majority, that's why I said weaker. If you think a 110 lbs untrained man is stronger than a 170 lbs woman who works out with weights 4+ times a week I'm not sure what to say to you lmao. My personal experience says otherwise at least.

Anonymous 21351


>Don't be afraid to beat your boyfriends if necessary, girls.

Anonymous 21356

Why on earth would I want to date a weaker man?

Anonymous 21370

So he can't abuse you?
So you can dom him?

Anonymous 21371

There's always the mommy gf guys on /r9k/ lol.

Anonymous 21376

A lot of international couples I've met just don't work due to cultural differences and frankly being raised in completely different environments with opposing perspectives.

I'm French, used to date a Finn. Lived there for a while. Holy shit those people can be so incredibly clueless, the shit I've heard from them makes me question the world. Supposedly it's the country with the best education in the world but they're so unaware of foreign cultures it hurts, and a lot of people I've talked to from Northern Europe seem to consider themselves better than everyone else whilst weirdly hating themselves at the same time. Relationship-wise, men are usually okay but they don't really socialise or communicate. At all. They also tend to have kids fairly young and treat sex and parenting way too casually for my taste.

My favourite statement from that particular relationship:
>"Do you have toilet paper in France? I've heard French people only use bidets."

Anonymous 21385

Finland is distinctly weird even for Nordic countries see: My Summer Car.

I grew up in the Balkans and moved to the States. Still visit every year. Southern Euro guys aren't really all that special. More traditional, but so is society as a whole. Most of my friends have kids and we're barely in our mid 20s. Unless you're stuck in a village full of babushkas, nobody has anything against career women. Maternity leave is 2 years (at 75% monthly salary) which is fucking mind boggling compared to 12 weeks unpaid leave in America. So everyone has kids early.

I will say that guys back home flirt more subtly than in the states. In America it's 1-2 ayy baye lets fukk. In Romania it's a lot of double entendres and more effort on the prelude.

Anonymous 21391

Yeah, a lot of American guys (also Canadians, they're one and the same) are way too talkative and opinionated, and love talking about shit that doesn't concern them as if their opinion is the only one that matters. They also seem weirdly obsessed with their ethnic background and excuse everything they do with "well I'm Asian" or "well I'm Italian, haha". They feed off of stereotypes and think entirely in black and white. They're like little petulant children who have to have everything their way.

Last time I dared start a conversation with a North American (from Toronto, no less) he talked my ear off about how France is super racist for calling their football players (who grew up in France) French, how it's messed up to want everyone in the same country to speak the local language and integrate despite the fact that they're perfectly allowed to retain their local customs within reason since France is a big ass country where everyone is different, and how Canada is super diverse and inclusive and wonderful and why can't the world be more like Canada.

Then he started talking shit about the local coffee (and saying Starbucks is better) so the owners kicked him out. I feel really bad for North American women because I used to think that everyone complaining about sexism, sexual harassment and molestation was just exaggerating until I managed to talk to some guys from there. To them I might as well have been mute, nothing I said was in any way acknowledged.

Anonymous 21411


>retain their local customs within reason

Anonymous 21412

As in without being allowed to mutilate their children's genitals and marry fourteen year old girls.

Anonymous 21417

>They feed off of stereotypes and think entirely in black and white
You say while stereotyping an entire continent worth of people. Well, half the continent at least.

So all in all you're racist, sexist, and a hypocrite.

Anonymous 21431

Sure, but the difference is I know how to keep it to myself.

Anonymous 21449

Maybe he was Ancap.

Anonymous 21452

Something is oddly attractive about the guy with the beret in the video.

Idc i like men like this

Anonymous 21551

This so much.

The trouble isn't the stereotyping, it's that most Americans don't understand the concept of minding your own business and think they're entitled to tell every other country how to live and what to do. The worst are the leftists, because they labour under the delusion that since they're leftist, they're not like "those other arrogant Americans", while usually being far more arrogant than any Bible-thumping Southern redneck.

Also Anglonadians are worse than Americans in every possible way.

Anonymous 21552

What country are you from?

Anonymous 21553

France clearly.

t. not her but also a little tired of hearing Anglos explain to me how racist (and sexist) France is and how we should have more enlightened race (and gender) relations like America

Anonymous 21571

Is that Anna Nicole Smith? I've never seen this photo of her before. Also, why are there rhinestones on her boob?

Anonymous 21577

Can someone make a summary of this thread for me pls

Anonymous 21578


Anonymous 21601

You guys do realise that there are Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. men who like Asian women as well, right?

For instance, "Korean" is one of the top porn categories searched in the Trento region of Italy, and a lot of Spanish guys are into Japanese schoolgirl porn. If the occasional yellow fever fag is what's putting you off of American men, then Europe isn't much better lol. People are allowed to have preferences.

t. anglo girl who's been around

Anonymous 21602

Yes, there definitely is, I have seen it myself, and know of ones like this, but it's indisputably more common in Anglosphere (particularly American) men. My post was directed to not bitter white women, but non-white women who want to leverage off their race. By the way, I'm aware a lot of them like azn women, but unlike American men who prefer to stay in their race but only give azn women a pass, a lot of them just have a fetish for non-white women in general, for example guys in Spain fetishize pachintas (Latinas from central / south america) and there's that meme about Italians lusting over black girls ( probably because they think they're prostitutes)

Anonymous 21609


It's a fetish. I'm about to kink shame but it's a really shit one too. It's not as retarded as people enjoying being choked out or shitting on one another. But it's got a pretty shit base tbh. Every White guy I've met with it are some of the worse, annoying and too into Asian, usually Japanese, media and pretend to actually know about the culture but don't really. Second of all if you think porn trends will show who's going to date who, you're a bit deluded since we'd have a lot more incidents of incest. Or even people use porn as entertainment to view how absurd and degenerate it can get. Another thing if you want to date and actually marry someone who's only with the other because they're a fetish, you're going to wind up with not only fucked up kids, but also a horrible relationship.

>t. anglo girl who's been around

I'm sure you have.

Anonymous 21610

w (3).jpg

Anonymous 21611

(she's not getting any)

Anonymous 21625


I disagree. I've known plenty of regular, white normies who are attracted to Asian women without the bizarre racist archetypes attached. Many white men just prefer the physical qualities of Asian women (i.e. petite, black hair, their eye shape and smooth features) and there's nothing immoral or condemnable about that.

>if you think porn trends will show who's going to date who

It doesn't necessarily predict who's going to date who, but it does indicate that many European men are attracted to Asian women if they are specifically seeking out pornography of them (and almost always coupled with white guys).

Nothing wrong with having dated a lot of men, maybe you did the same you wouldn't have such a stick up your ass about marginal issues.

Anonymous 21628

>We've had a lot more incidents of incest
This is interesting, do you have any data to back it up? I've suspected this, but I haven't assumed because I didn't think there was research behind this possible phenomenon.

Anonymous 21641

You do know there is significant ebony porn trends for country like France and Italy. Do you think they like black women too? Serious question.
Or is this only a thing with asian women.

Anonymous 21649

People live out fantasies through porn that they would never indulge in irl. The image of fucking somebody of a different race might turn you on, but when it comes to dating, it's usually No thanks. I wouldn't even say that these people are attracted to the features of the race they fap to, it's just a bit of a "deviant" thing.
So, just because Europeans watch e.g. wfbm or afwm porn, doesn't mean that they're suddenly going to be lots of couples like this as well.

Anonymous 21650

Holy damn, you're seriously insecure

Anonymous 21653

How so?

Anonymous 21657

I don't know how you convinced yourself but none of your statements seems to be based on reality. There are plenty of interractial couples around.

Anonymous 21658

it makes sense to me and idk how writing that is supposed to make them "really insecure"

Anonymous 21659

Like I said above, it doesn't reflect reality. Asian women definitely aren't perceived as 'deviant' by men, for one. She seems to be projecting her own hatred of interracial relationships and men who find other races attractive.

Anonymous 21666

tbh Asian girls are not so appreciated here in the South of Europe. They usually have the opposite of the preferred features around here, and guys here can be openly racist again them even. Of course there are always the odd ones, but it's just not a thing as it is in anglo countries.

Anonymous 21670

I've never encountered a Southern European guy who is into Asian women. In fact I've only ever met one white guy full stop who prefers Asian women above white women, including Scandinavians, English, American men etc.

Anonymous 21678


>(she's not getting any)
>Nothing wrong with having dated a lot of men, maybe you did the same you wouldn't have such a stick up your ass about marginal issues.
Haha, the joke is she's not a slut but "slut-shamed" someone who is. Maybe you should go around the cock carousel again, anglo girl.
>It doesn't necessarily predict who's going to date who, but it does indicate that many European men are attracted to Asian women if they are specifically seeking out pornography of them (and almost always coupled with white guys).
So, I know you're a not only a slut, but also a dumb slut because you lack basic reading comprehension. Glossing over the fact that I brought up incest as a genre in pornography that's popular, but doesn't happen as often in real life. It's hard to gauge who's watching pornography because it's actually arousing, or if they're watching it to laugh at the retards who think it's a career and decide to devalue themselves by choking on dick on a camera for everybody to see.
It's wrong to think just because a vast amount of people consume Asian pornography means they're attracted to it. Do you know of the stereotype that Japanese pornography isn't only graphic but extreme to the point it's not arousing it's just shocking entertainment at the expense of some dumb chick.

Anonymous 21680

How do you get so worked up over this shit?

Anonymous 21681

>cock carousel
>dumb slut
Cc's resident femcel, everyone

Anonymous 21682


>Many white men just prefer the physical qualities of Asian women

No, they don't and that's completely okay, but keep telling yourself that.

Source: Am mixed Asian.

Anonymous 21683

A lot of them do, though. She didn't use the word 'most'.

Anonymous 21691

Do french guys like asian girls? i always see it half and half like it's not more than anglos but its somewhat more than south europeans

Anonymous 21711

Asian men don't have particularly low testosterone, also neotenous features can express in any race.

Anonymous 21713

i dated an Icelander once, I wont drop any names but one of his family members is a political figure there. I was his first gf, and he was sweet and all, but the cultural differences were hard and he was very timid. I broke up with him and he moved back to Iceland and is apparently in therapy now.


Anonymous 21714

foreign guys are nice and all but if you don't speak their language well then there is a bit of a barrier. Even if they speak English perfectly, their family prolly don't and they can easily speak shit about you ect

Anonymous 21720

wtf does any of this shit actually happen in real life in america? I thought all that crap was strictly limited to the internet?

And as far as I'm aware, men paying for lunch/dinner isn't even a big thing outside america.

Anonymous 21754


>cock carousel
You're like the female equivalent of a butthurt whitecel who gets flustered when he sees interracial couples on the street.

The inclination that males have towards incest in pornography and towards Asians have a completely different impetus. The primary attraction towards incest pornography is motivated by the fact that it is taboo, whereas the said cannot be said the same for white male/Asian female relationships (the likes of which are almost entirely normalised).

>it's hard to gauge who's watching pornorgraphy because it's actually arousing, or if they're watching it to laugh at the retards who think it's a career

you think men watch porn to have a laugh? lol

As >>21683 said

Yeah, that's been my experience.

People keep bringing up the alleged yellow fever of anglo men, but it's not really that common amongst actual British males, pic related.

Anonymous 21755

I'm really not buying that Indian men are more likely to be contacted.

Anonymous 21756

I think they mean broadly South Asian - I've seen Pakistani boys pull some cute girls.

Anonymous 21757


So anon, tell me all about your NSFW silver fox dreams. Since ayi.com is so accurate and scientific and all that. And because dating site statistics wouldn't at all be skewed by the demographics most likely to rely on dating websites to begin with.

Anonymous 21758

What does "contacted based on your race" mean? Does it mean the enthinicity is explicitly mentioned in the messages?

Anonymous 21759

Ah fair enough LOL. What I said is still somewhat true though, in my experience.

No, it simply indicates that people of certain races are more likely to be messaged than others.

Anonymous 21760

also fuckin' lol at ginger men

Anonymous 21762

Do you live in Bradford? I really don't see Indian/west asian men getting most of the action over all the other ethnicities.

Anonymous 21768

I know a couple (interethnic, not interracial) who communicate in broken English with each other. I really wonder how they got together and what they see in each other if they can't even communicate properly.

Anonymous 21786

>tfw it's more common for American men than British men to choose AW
>BW aren't "least likely" for once


What's wrong with red hair?

Anyway I want to see the France one.

Anonymous 21822

I think this counts
I’m from Chicago, born and raised in UMC areas; all urban, everyone white collar, etc.
Going to university in, yup, Chicago.
Friend asks me to go with her - her brother is in school in Georgia and she wanted to drive down to visit as an adventure.
Middle of NOWHERE!
He takes us to eat - literally 3 local guys with a barrel in a field cooking meat.
Now I think Southerners are foreigners
1) thick accents
2) much more polite
3) either really handsome or really grotesque
4) from a radically different country
5) very different culture
6) can actually do stuff like fix motors and ride a horse
7) cool, unusual names
8) very different music and fashions

Anonymous 21823


>What's wrong with red hair?

Anonymous 21826

>very different culture

Anonymous 21827

The thing that really hit me first was a freaky combination of super-friendly & and very formal.
While we were eating an older Black woman pulled up and Ferrol (one of the guys cooking) gave her a huge hug, asked about her family, got her some food, but always said “ma’am”. When I asked he said ‘Miss Sadie’ had been his babysitter and piano teacher his whole life. I assumed it was because she was Black, but he did it for his aunt, too.
Strangers will walk up and talk to you and help and really care, but even family members say ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘sir’, ‘ma’am’.
My friend’s brother was, essentially, apologizing for the two of us constantly because we were rude!
I thought Travis (another cook) was hitting on us, but he treated everyone super nice, very friendly, etc. and when his wife, Marvell, came by I knew he wasn’t hitting on anybody.
And I thought racism would be terrible but there was less tension there than at home. Ferrol was most upset when I was ‘rude’ to his old babysitter (I just called her Sadie, not Miss Sadie).
Very weird and subtly different.

Anonymous 21832

As someone from Georgia, I feel the complete opposite lol I feel like guys there are rude and overly tease girls. And most have no fashion sense on top of that, even if they're from the more urban areas. But not trying to shit on your taste. The guy I'm dating now is Japanese and I find myself more often attracted to him and his friends than any American guy I've met.

Anonymous 21852

Germany sounds wonderful already.

Anonymous 21865

The most obvious bullshit part of that is men being contacted more than women. Looks like an ad to get Indian bob and vegana masters to use their app.

Anonymous 21867

>the one autistic femcel who never gets laid derailing the thread because she's butthurt about asian women
How does one get that pathetic?

Anonymous 21873

Well to be fair if I was a white women I'd feel annoyed at the fact too. Im not even white and it's annoying, because I like other kinds of women too.

Anonymous 21875

Have we been discovered by r/hapas?

Anonymous 21883

that really doesnt sound like a very different culture

Anonymous 21884

I don't really have a massive preference, but I live in a very diverse area so it happens. I think it's a bit more interesting to talk about differences in language/culture/etc and you get to learn a lot. I do really like accents, but I'm a foreigner myself so basically everyone has a different accent from myself. I'm currently dating a German and it's fun learning bits of language and trying different foods.

Anonymous 21897

nta but they're certainly visibly more feminine in behavior and dress and so on. The male ideal in Asian countries isn't something I find very attractive. Too preening and high maintenance.

Anonymous 21901

japanese and koreans aren't all asians. its like basing europeans on Scandinavians.

Anonymous 21903



>japanese and koreans aren't all asians

Anonymous 21904

What's so confusing about saying to not assume a subset of a group doesn't represent the whole group?

Anonymous 21921

I bet she didn't finish reading the post.

Anonymous 21929

Okay? I made a mistake; Every Asian isn't a Japanese or Korean which you are undoubtedly basing them on. So give a response.
Epic XD

Anonymous 21931

I'm dead serious. Did you read up to the europe example? It should've been obvious what they meant with that conext. For the record I don't even completely agree with their point.

Anonymous 21937

Ok I mean there are Chinese people as well, but they're too much in the opposite side of the equation. Don't take any interest in their appearance and don't even brush their teeth.

Anonymous 21939

Have you ever been to your local university? The Chinese that come to the US to study are crazy affluent.

Anonymous 21968

It's just edgy internet humor. Chinese don't brush their teeth, Japanese have fucked up teeth etc.

Anonymous 21978

I mean it's like basing the behavior of all European people on Scandinavians.

Anonymous 21987

that isn't edgy or humorous at all fam

Anonymous 21991

I wouldn't say it's edgy. I'm here atm and the men really don't brush their teeth. Even the younger ones. Garlic breath everywhere.

Anonymous 21993

It’s probably just the differences between Chicago and Georgia; different = exotic, I guess

Anonymous 22011


I want some cute nordic bf.
Tall, pale, kind of stoic, cold (but not to me obviously); I couldn't deal with some super social, party and typical fun loving extrovert.

Pic related would be ideal lookwise lol

Anonymous 22031

Is that Onision after a heroine binge?

Anonymous 23298

baltic here, from my experience baltic guys are really up their asses and always try to prove they're masculine enough. They make great friends though. I love swedish/norwegian guys, super nice, agreeable, but at the same time have their own opinions and also very handsome, although they can be boring sometimes.

Anonymous 23307

Im french and im in a longterm relationship with a swedish guy for almost 2 years.

i dont know if he represent all swedish men but he treats me like a lady while still managing to not being sexist about anything, if it makes sense.

plus hes tall and have big arms :3

Anonymous 23330

I always wanted to meet people form Norway and Sweden. I am planing a trip there next year.
Maybe I meet a nice guy.

Anonymous 23362

I am an American of Mexican descend and I have only dated one foreigner in my life.
The guy was from Spain and it was a surprisingly good experience. The guy was really funny and outgoing, he always had plans in mind and I never had ackward silence moments with him. He treated me really well and always tried to make me feel special like cooking for me or buying me flowers from time to time.
When we broke up he never threw a tantrum or anything like (to be honest he was moving back to Spain so we decided to break up) that at me and we still kept in touch (he even picked me at the airport and showed me Madrid when I went to visit Spain).
The downside of dating him was that it always seemed that he might cheat on me. He talked to a lot of girls and sometimes he even looked at other girls while I was with him.
He also bitched once about Spanish girls because "they had a princess complex because they demand a lot of attention and good treatment while they offer nothing but their pussy" (this were his own words) and I have heard this complain from other Spaniards so they do complain about women which is something that is talked a lot about in this thread to put down american men (all men do it, you just know about American men doing it because you are not familiar with foreign guys)

Anonymous 23376

damn u tall

Anonymous 23378

>white finn

[throatsinging in the distance]

Anonymous 23896

Anonymous 23902


This thread is full of stereotypes and retarded people.

Anonymous 23905

People who race mix are disgusting to me, tbh. It's not about hating other races, I just think you dilute what makes each race unique and separate the mutt child from both cultures.
McDonalds and The Gap are not culture. The blood is what once gave us rich cultures and that is still latent within us but each time a mutt child is made more mixed than its parents you lose that.

Anonymous 23907

'race' is just a product of where humans happened to live and evolve features to suit the climate, cold areas developing white skin and lighter hair to absorb vitamin d, we were all black once we were all 'monkeys' once, we were all microscopic lifeform once. nowadays humans can live wherever they want and dont need specific traits to help them out. even if the races become muddled and less defined humans will always find a way to segregate ourselves into different groups. no matter how specific country races may look and act in 7018 we will always be able to look to history and see how we used to be especially with the invention of the internet.

Anonymous 23908

go race bait somewhere else

Anonymous 23909

Part of mixed culture is not falling for race bait.

Anonymous 23910

>complete machos
>smallest men in Europe

Anonymous 23914

Maybe that's why they're machos. They're overcompensating.

Anonymous 25228

that doesn't make any sense. indians are far more likely to date outside their community than pakistanis.

i've never seen a pakistani with a white partner.

Anonymous 25523

what country?

Anonymous 25525

How 2 cop nice Indian bf? Or Sri Lankan? Or Bangladeshi? Desi general?
I know there are at least some who do Respect Women despite the stereotype since I'm friends with one, but most of them seem to be already in relationships.

Anyway to answer OP, I actually care more about race than a guy being from any country. I feel a bit bad about it, but I have no sexual attraction to 90% of white guys. I'm not fully white myself which may have something to do with it.

Anonymous 25529

Eastern europeans are the obvious patrician choice

>healthy testosterone levels due to culture not being full of soy

>not gonna be beta af
>commonly white and blue eyed
>known for strength

Anonymous 25531

>also known for alcoholism, disfigured inbred faces, and wife beating

Varg pls

Anonymous 25566

You must not live in Europe if you see them that way…

Anonymous 25583

how can you be so hostile towards men who fetishize asian women when you fetishize southern-european men yourself?

Anonymous 25596

2 months old post but how is it not glaringly obvious that this guy just posted his own pic

Anonymous 25598

That aside, why were anons fawning over him?
He's not cute at all. He has small eyes and looks like someone's dad.

Anonymous 25600

he's certainly decent looking I won't argue that, but hardly good enough for a random anon to save his pic to post here (lol at "attempts to contact him")

the weird angle is a red flag, my best friend is a big girl so I know all about the trick you can play with close up photos

Anonymous 25603

I just stopped questioning who people find cute and attractive. And some people will never understand my tastes either.

Anonymous 25604

what are your tastes anon? I have really normie generic tastes so I'm not very interesting

Anonymous 25605


I think this guy is pretty cute

Anonymous 25606

I'm glad you have high self esteem
now go back to /fit/ please

Anonymous 25607


Anonymous 25609

my bf gives me plenty of attention thankyou, and no he is 6' which is more than tall enough for me

Anonymous 25610

I don't know, I didn't my tastes were special just sometimes I find someone cute and another goes "wtf is wrong with you what do you even see". It happened in some thread where we were discussing a dead rapper.

I like clean shaven, slender and tall with bright brown eyes. I don't care much for blue eyes. Kind of dorky and funny and reserved, intelligent but not to the point where he's bored speaking to me, aggressive when he needs to be but none of that fake alpha walks all over people stuff. Don't ask about racial preference because I don't even know.

Anonymous 25611

Lil Peep? If so immaculate taste anon

Anonymous 25612

Lol yeah he's very cute.

The thread was when miners were talking about xxxtentacion, I do find his face cute in some photos.

Anonymous 25613

X is definitely a top qt for a black guy, plus he's like 5'2" so you could dom him mercilessly even without heels

Anonymous 25615

you know you'd probably get a lot more women to join your ethnostate if you were a bit nicer

I bet you only watch porn with pure trad virgins

Anonymous 26182

the fact of the matter is that race is not really real in a biological sense, it really is just a social construct but it's a social construct that's not gonna go away just like the idea of ethnic groups

Anonymous 26183

what's your background

Anonymous 26191

do it.

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