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What is even the difference between this place and lolcow Anonymous 21287

I mean aside from the obvious difference in domain names, what are the differences between the two places?

btw I made this thread here and not in /meta/ because I wanted a more casual discussion on this topic.

Anonymous 21291

This place doesn't have the board culture of stalking and harassing e-celebs.

Anonymous 21292

What the first anon said. I can tell there's more of the messy lolcow anons lurking on here though.

Anonymous 21296

it's an imageboard for women. no internet celeb drama and gossip. i think you should read the faq.

Anonymous 21312

Lolcow is for discussing internet personalities. The girltalk boards are just an add-on for offtopic talk, the main theme of the site is gossip.

crystal.cafe is just the girltalk.

Anonymous 22562

I see more race baiting and insecurity expressed through cattiness on lolcow.

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