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Anonymous 2185

This is my cat, Lestat. Make him famous.

Anonymous 2186


Anonymous 2187


Anonymous 2188


Anonymous 2189

wow that's a nice cat

Anonymous 2190

He doesn't need fame because this kitty is already a star omg

Anonymous 2191

What's he wearing the socks for?

Anonymous 2192

Thank you, I will relay him your compliments.

Never too much fame for my Lele.

To warm the pawsies silly.

Anonymous 2193

very pretty.

>lets u put socks on him

my cat would never have this. i feel like everyones cats are chill af except mine lmao but i still luv him

Anonymous 2194

Love the name, OP

Anonymous 2195

What a beautiful handsome boy

Anonymous 2196

OP in the name of all that is good and true in the world, please provide more images of this magnificent cat.

Anonymous 2197


Is it okay if they are less magnificent that the cat himself?

Anonymous 2198


Anonymous 2199


Anonymous 2200


Anonymous 2201


Hehe thank you.

Anonymous 2680

plz anon post more Lestat pics

Anonymous 2681


These are my favorite pics. Lestat seems like a good kitty.

Anonymous 2705

I am on the mission anon.

Anonymous 84549

Love derpy cats. They're so cute

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