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political fatigue Anonymous 21936

Am I the only one around here who's grown to not care about current debates over LGBT rights, feminism and other forms of ~identity politics~? None of it has really impacted me in any way in real life so I can't see how engaging with the bullshit is anything other than a waste of time and energy.

The only thing that interest me these days is foreign policy because it's less wrapped up in ideological bs.

Pic related. What made grow tired of all of it.

Anonymous 21938

>identity politics
Rightwing meme phrase used to dismiss and belittle issues they know they're unpopular on.

And if you're so bored of it, why have you just made a thread about it? That's an 800 IQ move if I ever saw one.

Anonymous 21941

I'm basing the definition of identity politics on wikipedia. What's your preferred way for me to differentiate them from other politics, then?

>And if you're so bored of it, why have you just made a thread about it?

It popped up in my mind and I'm curious to know if there are other posters who feel the same. I want to start a discussion on an otherwise pretty slow forum. You seem to me mad about something, though.

Anonymous 21943

I'm already further, I don't care about any news anymore at all. There's no benefit.

Anonymous 21946

None of it is to any benefit. You're 100% right. It's all horse shit that doesn't affect the vast majority of peoples lives and only serves to cause pointless unnecessary stress. Everyone has protected rights under law and any discrimination for any reason is illegal so it's beyond pointless for all these people to continue whingeing about this right or that. They already have them.

Anonymous 21962

I can't really bring myself to care about these topics either anymore. It's mostly just a cheap way to get sympathy from young people.

Whats way worse though is how local newspapers report SO much on us-american issues. I just want to read about things that actually affect our country and not if Trump posted something rude about another us-american person on twitter again.

Anonymous 21964

I stopped caring shortly after I became 18 years old and realized that politics in general and US politics in particular are essentially just a giant circlejerk for people with weak personalities to push each others egos by constantly assuring them self and others to what group they belong and how loyal they are, making them better than other people. May it "Muh penis", "Muh skin color" or "Muh vagina". Alt-Right, Liberals, Its irrelevant.

They happily give all their power to Trumps, Clintons or in "my time" to Bushes just to feel important in some way.

Humans are indeed disgusting creatures.

Anonymous 21969

I don't get how anyone is able to just simply ride the train or buy groceries for 30min without being infused with eternal burning hatred for humankind.

Anonymous 21972

I'm not tired of it. It's exhausting to keep up with and pay attention to, of course, but it feels worth it. If rights aren't actively worked for and maintained, we will lose them. I say that as a woman especially re: voting, reproductive rights, etc. These changes don't magically happen – they are hard won with real people's time, energy, bodies, etc.

What you are reducing to merely "identity"-based issues actually come down to very practical things like jobs, healthcare, etc. I don't blame you all for feeling over it, it's a lot and very depressing.

Anonymous 21974

>actually come down to very practical things like jobs, healthcare, etc.
My point is that I personally haven't noticed any of these aspects being impacted. If I did of course it wouldn't be a waste of time.

You could've at least told us exactly what you've accomplished just from "paying attention". Saying it's important to care about just because isn't very convincing.

Geez. Where do you live?

Anonymous 21975

I keep up with local news that directly impacts the community I live in by occasionally checking the subreddit for my local area but that's normally all the news I read. If it's really important global news I figure I'll hear about it eventually whether I want to or not. And as far as politics goes I just read up about what's on the ballot when it's time to vote and don't think much about it much for the rest of the year. It's not my hobby and I have no interest in pursuing politics as a career so I'd rather spend my time on other things.

Anonymous 21976

I actually unregistered to vote this year. lol

Anonymous 21981

I didn't really have a choice not to care about politics growing up. I was the youngest in a large, right-wing family that was very passionate about politics, especially since our area was not only liberal, but historically one of the most progressive, left areas in the US.

This is why I will never not care about identity politics. My family's "personal" beliefs translate into their political beliefs (as does everyone, I think), and I saw firsthand how this negatively affected me as a child. I literally got blamed for being molested as 9 year old. They covered the molestor's ass because he was related to them. I have to hear my mom make jokes about the the #metoo movement is stupid and fake and to add insult to injury, I have to deal with my male peers groping and then giggling about it with remarks that openly make fun of #metoo so it puts me in a weird position to retaliate. These are minor examples, but they do affect my daily life. Of course, I also live in a big city. Maybe this kind of behavior is more commonplace in such cities.

I guess my point is that I identify certain events happening to me as the result of certain viewpoints that facilitate a person's actions. So yeah, I do care about identity politics, even though they do get tiresome and seemingly regurgitated at times.

I guess I think the reason why being informed is important is so that one can educate or at least defend others when they are absent to the face of people who are being jerks. Of course, sometimes it would be ineffective (my parents would never change their minds no matter what I told them regarding certain issues). Trying is better than not trying at all.

Anonymous 21994


I pretend I'm into politics because I'm in my mid twenties and to an extent I'd like to think I've made myself pretty well versed in topics and arguments and what's going on.

The truth is that at the base of it, I don't give a fuck about any of it and really just care about how fast I can get out of this fucking body and off this fucking planet.

Anonymous 22006

US politics are too boring and tiresome for me to keep up with anymore. The extent of my current political engagement is browsing the NYT world coverage during downtime and reading old communist literature occasionally

Anonymous 22014

That's not a difference I care about. Sorry.

Anonymous 22015

People who take politics seriously are people who don't really lead fulfilling lives and need something to fill in the void.

Anonymous 22016

So… the people who run the world?
(And the people trying to change it in either direction)

I get feeling fed up with everything because it's all pointless on a minute level, but declarations of political apathy are equivalent to being proud one doesn't read.

Anonymous 22018

>So… the people who run the world

Thinking more about obsessive compulsive idiots who make identity politics their own personal identities. The "SJW"s, Alt-Righters, and people with 2+ bumper stickers on their cars.

Career politicians are mostly full of shit and will do whatever pleases their constituents to get voted into office.

Anonymous 22019

Wrong; identity politics is
>basing your ideology on physical characteristics of your body

kek. You couldn't get more plebian

Anonymous 22023

Don't let your big brain weigh down your superiority complex.

Also how does sexuality, political affiliation, or ability status fit into that definition?

Anonymous 22058


>i vote for dis person because dey hav duh same phenotype as me

Sexuality has physical consequences - people that are into LGBT politics just because they're gay are basing their politics on what causes blood to flow into their dick.

If you're using political affiliation as an example of identity politics you don't understand the term.

Ability is a physical characteristic. I can see people that have to be wheeled around.

Anonymous 22062



You are incorrectly using a hyphen where an em dash would be appropriate.

Anyway, a gay or disabled voter may vote for a gay or disabled candidate for pragmatic reasons unrelated to considerations of representation. For instance, that candidate may be more aware of special issues concerning the voter's demographic, such as medicaid policy and so on. Such qualities are of course contingent rather than constitutional—i.e., just being gay or disabled does not mean a candidate will serve those constituencies and their interests well. However, it is certainly the case that many politicians and activists who have demonstrated commitment to a given minority group's political needs belong to that group themselves; in this sense, the status of the candidate as a member of a minority group is not necessarily immaterial to pragmatic voter considerations.

Anonymous 22063


> You are incorrectly using a hyphen where an em dash would be appropriate.
Did you know that people write informally on imageboards?

> Anyway, a gay or disabled voter may vote for a gay or disabled candidate for pragmatic reasons unrelated to considerations of representation.

Is that identity politics? Is that relevant to the type of person I'm referring to? Think, Mcfly.

Anonymous 22064

Where is this definition from?

Anonymous 22065

Anonymous 22066

Thanks smartass, the first entry is the wiki definition:
>Identity politics are political positions based on the interests and perspectives of social groups with which people identify. Identity politics includes the ways in which people's politics are shaped by aspects of their identity through loosely correlated social organizations.

Also Google says:
>a tendency for people of a particular religion, race, social background, etc., to form exclusive political alliances, moving away from traditional broad-based party politics.

Both of which are not
>basing your ideology on physical characteristics of your body

Anonymous 22067


I'll break it down for you.


Definition: A system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.
Synonyms: beliefs, ideas, ideals, principles, ethics, morals
Source: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ideology

> physical characteristics

Definition: Physical characteristics are defining traits or features about your body.
Source: http://examples.yourdictionary.com/examples-of-physical-characteristics.html
Examples: race, sex, age, etc.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identity_politics

Now let's substitute to help you out:
>basing your political principles on race, sex, age, etc.

Anonymous 22069

From the wiki entry you cited

>Examples include social organizations based on age, religion, social class or caste, culture, dialect, disability, education, ethnicity, language, nationality, sex, gender identity, generation, occupation, profession, race, political party affiliation, sexual orientation, settlement, urban and rural habitation, and veteran status.

Religion is hardly a physical characteristic

Anonymous 22070

>Is that relevant to the type of person I'm referring to?

The person you are referring to is a caricature who does not exist.

Anonymous 22071

White nationalists or black nationalists are examples of these types. Do you deny their existence?

Would a pale white nationalist still be a white nationalist if he woke up tomorrow and his skin turned black? No, because he's basing his ideology on his own personal physical characteristics (race, in this example).

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