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Anonymous 223150

Anyone else cringe when libmoids theorize that the only reason women don't have children is because they are expensive? Literally all women I know don't want children mainly because:
1- You need to give up your career growth for more than a decade to raise them
2- Children are an attention black hole, you won't be able to chill in at least a decade
3- Pregnancy and childbirth alter your body in unpleasant ways
In first world countries you can get rich as fuck shitting out babies by becoming a welfare queen, which is what weird ass christcucks/jews with 5+ children do, yet birth rates in these countries are still plummetting while a lot of poor countries are still growing in population, countries where women's education and career choices are limited, thus they can only aspire to be a mother enslaved to a moid, which is the only way most women will bear a child. It's clear that when women have a choice they aren't choosing to throw away their life for another person, and why should we? If the only way the human race can keep on thriving is forced childbirth I wouldn't mind going extinct.

Pic unrelated

Anonymous 223166

Babies are cute

Anonymous 223180

stop acting opressed pls

Anonymous 223193

I mean…
"Expensive" doesn't just refer to money.
Things can tax your time, health, and energy. All three of the reasons you listed are just longer ways of explaining what "expensive" can mean. I don't think the libmoids are being totally inaccurate or reductionistic, here.

Anonymous 223196

expect an influx if larping scrotes and brainwashed handmaidens

Anonymous 223211

The modern man tends to have a pragmatic approach to things, counting the costs.
The modern woman tends to be like that, but she had centuries of self-sacrifice ingrained in her.
>you can get rich as fuck shitting out babies by becoming a welfare queen
Please tell how much an hour does a welfare queen earn raising 5 kids?

Women in poor countries have kids because kids work for the family, and kids are your retirement. That's why we don't need them anymore.

Anonymous 223369

Birthrates are plummeting because cities are anti human and they are psychologically killing us, read the rat utopia experiment, rip to urbans they will be extinct soon

Anonymous 223412

Antinatalism has an extremely deep relationship with 2nd Wave Feminism, particularly in association with separatism and the philosophical ethics aspect of political lesbianism. Talking about separatism is above board here even if political lesbianism gets one branded as a lunatic or lesbophobic/biphobic these days. This is a site with a disproportionate weight invested in 2nd Wave adjacent discussion, compared with mainstream feminist discourse. You're probably just noticing that there are more people sympathetic to antinatalism here rather than an individual antinatalist who won't shut up.

Anonymous 223419

moid hiting old ma…

Childbirth is for people that think their genes are worth something, if you don't mind going extinct maybe is because you feel like genetically you got nothing to offer so you could be right, its your chocie though you are culling what you got from the future of humanity.

Also another strong argument: when you are old and weak you might die forgotten at the asylum being taken "care" by workers that really dont care about you they will rush the work you ask of them out of annoyance, they have no family bonds with you or personal attachment unless for some reason you make a good impression on them and they keep working there.

Be careful because some moid workers go crazy, this is moid on old moid violence but you get what I mean. As an old lady I'm not sure how the experience can be but I seen a young nurse beat up an old woman video once it was fucked up.

Anyway your choice, if you dont wanna pass on your genes and think the odds of this happening are very low live your design and be the last of you as you say, extinction is worth it for you then.

Anonymous 223420

>Childbirth is for people that think their genes are worth something

I lol'd at this because the people that breed the most are absolutely disgusting and stupid.

Anonymous 223421

>Also another strong argument: when you are old and weak you might die forgotten at the asylum being taken "care" by workers that really dont care about you they will rush the work you ask of them out of annoyance, they have no family bonds with you or personal attachment unless for some reason you make a good impression on them and they keep working there.
To create a life which has no purpose is ethically questionable. To create a life which has an explicitly intended obligate purpose, which purpose is to provide service, comfort and material goods for yourself, is not morally questionable. It is unquestionably immoral, a deliberate harm, a subjugation of others to your own satisfaction even if by bonds of obligation rather than by the physical and legal chains of enslavement.

Anonymous 223422

I want to have kids because I have desire to pass on who I am to someone who can appreciate and grow from it, and with any luck and dedication, be greater than I ever will be. I'm scared I'll admit and to add I'm really not where I want to be in terms of the process but I can't give up hope. Seems to be everywhere I go the narrative is always the same… similar attitudes that conflate children with sacrifice; always abstaining from any ideals praising children. In plenty of cases, they don't deserve to be praised I get it, I've seen some shit in my life. But I want them more than anything, and I believe they can be good for this world.
Sorry for the rant and if it's off-topic, I don't have anyone else to talk to right now.

Anonymous 223423

Ehh yea that is true as well I mean thats why facially ugly people still exist plentifully. But you get what I mean some people do think their DNA contributes nothing to evolution so they prefer to just stay out of this I guess I could see that.

The only rational argument everyone should consider is the old lady nursing retirement home one, it could be good or it could be brutal who knows. I don't have to worry about it because I plan on raising a family, some of them will have my back at my weakest moments I'll make sure of it.

Anonymous 223425


Yes to create more humanity who has no popouse other than showcasing its potential ruling over the animal kingdom. Trust me your dumb existentialism are questions I have already tackled long ago, and humanity always comes on top of my criteria anyway, this species is still worth it, a lot even though I can see defectives among us such as the mentally ill like trannies. But I do it for the healthy ones, I love them they are worth my time and care.

Anonymous 223426

No yeah, you get it. It's all about human potential thats why we keep things going, thats why we still care, the journey is the human struggle itself thats the beautiful part. We will see if nuclear war comes sooner than expected and causes a mass extinction, hopefully it doesn't.

Anonymous 223429

Based. Anti-natalism is for redditor-cope and for people who still haven't overcame their CTPTSD. Nothing is more fulfilling than helping take care of the next generation and seeing them grow, whether they be your own kids or someone else's.

Anonymous 223432

If you over do something you get tired, just take a break also I been a teacher too and its fun as fuck, its totally a you problem maybe you are just more anti-social.

Anonymous 223433

Another moid psyop thread to become their tradwife lol.

Anonymous 223437

Not really you do whatever you want I just stated some facts then whoever chooses, chooses.

Anonymous 223442

>In first world countries you can get rich as fuck shitting out babies by becoming a welfare queen,
Do you not realize how horrible being on welfare under any circumstances can be?

Anonymous 223444

>Also another strong argument: when you are old and weak you might die forgotten at the asylum being taken "care" by workers that really dont care about you they will rush the work you ask of them out of annoyance, they have no family bonds with you or personal attachment unless for some reason you make a good impression on them and they keep working there.
Did your parents take care of your grandparents? Sorry but if you live in the US, they're probably either on their own or in a home. People nowadays tend to put their elderly parents in homes, leave them be or just hire people to care for them.

Anonymous 223550

I don't live in the US but it's the same where I live. What country are you from?

Anonymous 223767

So yes having children is expensive.
Sure, there are lots of people who fuck up and have babies unplanned then decide to keep them (for a variety of reasons).

I do think intelligent people who have a stable income in world need to have at least one child at least to prevent Idiocracy.


Anonymous 223888

Huh you were right

Anonymous 223899

I personally won't have kids because my genes are trash and I'm doing my theoretical kid a favour by not summoning them from the void and placing them in a flawed mortal shell that will make their life short and hellish.

Anonymous 223924

What they really need to focus on are convincing the people who have 1 kid into having at least 2.

Anonymous 223925


Anonymous 224174

I'm bipolar, so is my mother. My father is an alcoholic and so is my grandfather on my mother's side. My uncle had major depression so he killed himself, one of my great grandmother attempted suicide in front of her children.
So no, I don't want to pass my genes. My children might end up as fucked up as me or any of my relatives. Although my brother is pretty ok and probably the most stable and disciplined person I know. My family is like that. Either you are a fuck up or you are successful. So my children have a 50/50 chance of being mentally ill goblins or well-respected Chads/Chadettes. I don't want to take shots.

Anonymous 224191

if no one birthed that moid, it wouldn't have happened.

Anonymous 224192

We need to normalize aborting disabled sons.

Anonymous 224193

That is a physically capable and mentally sound care worker who passed the background check, drug screening, personality test and other hiring factors for employment with long term care facilities. What is the abortionarium supposed to screen for, his astrological sign?

Anonymous 224194

You have a point. We need to normalize aborting sons in general. Disabled or not.

Anonymous 224211

This will never happen in our lifetime because abortions are already such a controversial issue, at least in the states. Gay marriage is more tolerated than abortions.

Anonymous 224219

idk abt libmoids but I def don't want a child because it's expensive. would rather focus on my career and then have a kid. Moids ridicule this mindset because it means we can grow independently from them. Am constantly told, "hurdur u don't even need a lot of money to have a kid" just because their parents shat them out and didn't give a fuck about them. I live in a first-world country where most moids I knew were from broken homes and a million step-parents/half-brothers. It's normal for them to not care about their own children since they just kick them out at 18. but lol actually planning for the future and putting thought into it? "ur gonna be a femcel spinster childless career woman with cats." Kek sure. If I never have kids I am okay with that too. I would rather that than being divorced or shacking up with a moid who already has 3 kids of his own. Those losers just want you to fall into the same traps they did and ruin your life too.

Anonymous 224234

>Women in poor countries have kids because kids work for the family
Are you retarded? Women in poor countries have kids because poverty means no sex ed and no life planning = no birth control, they're not having children "to work for the family" on purpose

Anonymous 224259

tbh many of them cannot say "no" in third world countries as well. My grandma was from a third-world shithole. they made her marry a moid against her will at 14. He was physically abusive to her until he died. Thankfully, she outlived him (probably because he was already older than her by the time they got "married.") Never had the misfortune to meet him.

Anonymous 224273

They sell candy to tourists you ever see them downtown

Anonymous 224303

Not wanting children because you are afraid that they will encroach on your free time and indulging yourself in pleasures is just running from responsibility. This is like the women's equivalent of the cowardly MGTOW mindset.

Anonymous 224315

Its not running away from responsibility, it's ones own choice to refuse having children

Anonymous 224318

this makes no sense

Anonymous 224319

There are valid reasons to not have children but if your main reason is because it's going to cut into your free time you spend scrolling on your phone and posting on social media that's just avoiding responsibility.

Anonymous 224320

No, it's avoiding tedium, suffering, annoyance and pain. "Avoiding responsibility" would be if your main reasons were "I have a serious genetic disorder and it is almost certain that the child would suffer and I cannot bear the idea of being responsible for that level of suffering."

Wanting to maximize entertainment and enjoyment is not called irresponsibility, it is called "hedonism," and is a philosophical tradition with roots as deep as civilization.

Anonymous 224321

Thats still not avoiding responsibility, because there is no responsibility to avoid, there's no kid. If she has a kid and neglects it to have freetime then thats avoiding responsibility.
If anything that's what people mean by someone being selfish by not having a kid, but she doesnt owe anyone a kid.

Anonymous 224325

When you choose to have children ypu are accountable for their survival. To not want to have the obligations of your free time that children impose upon you is both hedonistic and means you desire to avoid the duties that come from being a parent.

Anonymous 224326

You're saying that like people who have children and then neglect them are on the same level as people who avoid having children entirely.

Anonymous 224330

That's not a bad thing.
Some people just dont want to be parents, nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous 224393

i was diagnosed with it. i havnt had issues related to it since pregnancy. after pregnancy i had to get surgery on the scar because of the endometriosis, but endometriosis causes a bunch of other symptoms which mostly havnt come back since pregnancy. That's what im talking about. I never said it was cured.


complications are less common when you're younger. When you get older complications become more common and severe. my personal experiences align with that as well.

>not using them doesn't mean they go to waste.

That's not how this works though.
Keep projecting though.

Anonymous 224395

>the idea of women with perfectly functioning reproductive organs letting them go to waste simply because "my career"; making some rich guy richer that will forget about you as soon as you retire being more important than something so personal and meaningful.

I don't understand this reasoning at all. My womb functions all the time, not just when I'm pregnant. My womb has been 'in use' since I was born and will do so until I die. Only a y-chromosoid is retarded enough to think that the female reproductive organs are just sitting there dormant until pregnancy.

I also don't understand this weird obsession that women choose careers over children. I mean, if women want children they should absolutely strive for education and a career in order to finance actually having a child. Who will pay for the child if the mother isn't working and earning money? How can children depend on their mothers if their mothers don't have an income?

All women who want to be mothers should be encouraged to become financially stable. And depending on a man has never been a stable situation for women anywhere.

Anonymous 224399

so glad i will spend my money and time how i want because of not having children <3

Anonymous 224402

But mothers are opressed. There are not enough research about postpartum for example leaving women with it with a poor medical and psychological care, obstetric violence is wide srpead no matter if you are in the third or the first world, we have weird sociocultural expectations about the role of the mother and so on.


This sounds like a moid trying to get women to breed

Anonymous 224409

People who are butthurt others won't have kids should just have more kids themselves and if they can't or don't want to just use the same arguments on them

Anonymous 224410

Attention and time often relates to money, career is directly related to money.

This is literally a financial statement and reasoning.

Anonymous 224411

The only true statement ITT, your reasoning is understandable at least you dont lie to yourself or the internet.

Anonymous 224412

no its not. attention isnt linked only to work, my free time wont be tainted by kids and i will be able to do whatever i want with it lol

Anonymous 224413

i agree with you nona but men arent people

Anonymous 224421

I didnt consider that but it makes sense it creates like a vicious cycle those who want to reproduce need back ups just in case.

Anonymous 224769

if my mother did this to me i would go no contact pretty fast

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