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bro bagans.jpg

Anonymous 22377


What celeb would you love to bang and never tell anyone? (out of shame, because he/she is not your type at all, etc etc) And why.

Mine is Zak Bagans. Why wouldn't I tell anyone? Cause he acts/dresses like a total bro-douche, straight out of an Ed Hardy catalogue.

Anonymous 22379


Woody Harrelson.
Because he's so old now.
But still. Damn.

Anonymous 22386

images (57).jpeg

Brian who plays Katya

Anonymous 22392


Fairuza Balk
She really butters my scone but I think that that would be a hard one to explain as a closet bi-
plus I wouldn't want to cause HER the shame of having slept with an ugly in a drunken car accident of an impulsive romp

Anonymous 22401


this is sort of true for me too…he's so gorgeous and strange.

Anonymous 22412


I'm literally cringing while uploading this pic here…..David Spade (esp during his Just Shoot Me years).
Because…..jesus where can I start….he's weird looking, he's LITTLE, annoying voice etc etc, but somehow I find him sexy as fuck

Anonymous 22424

Filthy Frank

Anonymous 22487

he cute

Anonymous 22511


Anon, me too holy shit….I recently watched Tommy Boy and I thought his character was really cute even if he was an asshole he is not my type at all but something about him was so attractive to me. The fact that this movie was out before I was even born adds to the weird feeling too.

Anonymous 22516

Probs because he's charismatic as fuck and super funny. Loved him in the Emperor's New Groove

Anonymous 22517


WTF ladyboner

Anonymous 22528


I'm not even sorry

Anonymous 22536


Norman Reedus, he's super hot in my eyes but he looks like he smells like old sweat.

Anonymous 22542


I just love the serious face he mostly makes but is actual really nice.

Why not telling… In some angles and photos he looks so terrible. I don't know if anybody thinks he is attractive at all. I don't know it is weird.

Anonymous 22550


$crim from $uicideboy$, something about unwashing looking boys with tattoos gets me off

Anonymous 22558


Anonymous 22571


My body is ready for pink suit Frank.

Anonymous 22681


Dave Franco has a disarming douchebag smile.

Mmmh, I might be attracted to older men.

Anonymous 23030


tobias forge.
wouldn't tell anyone because i don't want to be seen as a groupie.
also he's way older than me. but he's so fucking funny and his voice is incredibly sexy.

i would never say this out loud because it's 2edge but my fetish is fucking the devil.

Anonymous 23140

Absolutely, he's not remotely someone I could stand but a one night stand would be nice.

Anonymous 23462


I'd abuse Marilyn Manson.

Anonymous 23525


Young Josh Holmes.

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