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My First Date Anonymous 22397

Help me /b/

I haven't had a ~real date~ in 10 years.

What do you do to stay calm?
Do you have a beauty day before your date?
What do you girls wear to impress a boy? I'd like to see some outfits or outfit ideas if you want to share.

Some details/questions:

>daytime date

>should I wear heels? I hardly ever wear them and I'm pretty short
>my style is pretty much uh, no style. If I had to describe how I dress I'd say girly, comfy and simple

Aaaaah, I don't even know what to ask! ;___; … I'm very oblivious, have shitty self esteem and this will be a very important day because this boy is coming to see me for the first time, he is coming from another country!

Anonymous 22399

>What do you do to stay calm?
The important thing to remember is that the pressure is mostly on the man to keep the date smooth. He’s probably just as nervous, if not more, than you. Take conversation one sentence at a time and answer his questions well but a little vaguely so that there’s enough room to open up more conversation. If it’s a question that applies to him too (jobs, education, etc.) follow your answer with “what about you?” Also, tell a funny relevant story or two if you have one. Remember that it’s the first date, so it’s important to help keep things rolling.
>Do you have a beauty day before your date?
Depends on the occasion. I’m assuming that you’ve talked to this boy a decent amount before if he’s coming from another country- if not, there’s still the fact that he’s making a lot of effort to come see you. I’d say take a beauty day and also use it to relax and psyche yourself up/calm yourself down.
>What do you girls wear to impress a boy?
Again, occasion. I go with a casual outfit at the least (no T-shirts or tanks), but I’d go a little more fancy (but not overtly so) in your case. Do you have any summer dresses? A nice dress and straw hat complement anyone well. It also depends on where you’re going or what you’re doing. You don’t want to wear that dress on a hike, obviously. Since it’s still hot out where I am, I’d go for subtle colors and nothing too dark.
If they match the outfit, of course! I trust you know what heels go well with, so I won’t be redundant. However, I’d take into consideration the boy’s height compared to yours. If you want to look more girly and not risk intimidating the boy (as men can be really insecure about height), I’d make sure he still has at least two inches on you with heels. I know you’re short, but I don’t know how tall the boy is.

That’s about all I really have to offer from what you told me. Good luck on your date!!

I’ll be rooting for you! <3

Anonymous 22403

10 years? how old are you?

Anonymous 22414

I'd bet my ass that the man winhave forgotten every detail about your ~date~ after three days, except when you'd make a photo and insist it goes into his desk, at which point it borders at witchcraft.

Just dress sorta nice and Alex yourself look sorta good, so that all is comfy. This is what every man wants.

Anonymous 22415


Didn't even read everything. Whaaat. He's coming from nother country. There's no way to fuck this up except you plan to rip him off.

Just make it look like you put general effort in your appearance. Probably shouldn't go with a jogging suit and messy hair. That's literally all.

Brotip: use a perfume - if our have several, one you don't use every day - to create a memory anchor. Works for both.

Anonymous 22416

I'm sorry for my auto-correct being that shitty

Anonymous 22418

I'm in my mid twenties.

Thank you so so much for such a detailed answer.

I'll wear a really good perfume which I consider my signature scent, thanks anon

Anonymous 22445

What is your signature scent if you don't mind me asking? :3~

I like 1881 a lot, but it's so common, I think "simply Jil Sander" ist the one but it's so heavy.

Anonymous 22456

>What do you do to stay calm?
I try to find qualities about the person I'm on the date with that I like. Follow up on the questions he asks you and ask him in return. Also, don't be afraid of asking questions yourself! You want to learn about him too, it may be a factor into whether there may be a second date.

During the date, if you go to the bathroom at anytime you can take some time to breathe and find yourself. It's okay to feel nervous and it's okay to calm down.
>Do you have a beauty day before your date?
If it's a daytime date I would spend the night before and wake up earlier than I usually do the next day to spend extra time on my appearance. If the date take place at night I spend the whole afternoon doing that.
>What do you girls wear to impress a boy? I'd like to see some outfits or outfit ideas if you want to share.
I would wear an outfit I've been complimented on by both guys and girls. If you still are not sure, lean more towards something girly. Also make sure you use a hairstyle you don't use so often!
>should I wear heels?
If they are small heels and you are not doing much walking then go ahead. Other than that, I do not recommend wearing heels unless you are used to walking in them, but still I would say go with a cute pair of flats or boots that pair with your outfit.

I hope this helps in some way anon! I hope it all goes well for you!!

Anonymous 22509

>to create a memory anchor

thats so manipulative, why do you think you have to trick people into liking you and remembering you? can't you pull it off honestly?

Anonymous 22510

How is it manipulative as if the perfume does the heavy-lifting? (It doesn't)

If for some reason the date goes shitty then the person will also associate that scent with someone boring or other negative emotion.
It's not a trick. You sound like the dudes who complain that makeup is "false advertising."

But I hope for OP to relax and have fun!

Anonymous 22514

Thank you so much for the tips and for wishing me well, I am a lot calmer now. I will report back once we see each other!

Good taste, anon! It's Black XS for her by Paco Rabanne, it's been my scent for years.

Anonymous 22521

I mean it's also for herself, in case it goes well (what it probably does, given the circumstances), so she'll always remember their first date when she smells it. Wouldn't that be nice?

Anonymous 22524

>always remember their first date when she smells it
That's so romantic

Anonymous 22644


Anonymous 22668

wtf anon

Anonymous 22690



Anonymous 22691

>What do you do to stay calm?
I remind myself that I have them boobies and that he is probably more scared of me than I am of him.

>Do you have a beauty day before your date?

Nah, its important for me to be "natural" on the first date (so no makeup or other stuff just usual hygiene routine) so the fuckboys who search for a bimbo or free hooker to stick their dick in get sorted out by them self.

>What do you girls wear to impress a boy?

A happy smile, interest in his person, humor and a fruitful conversation handbag. Sounds incredible cliche assface but again, high heeled "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" mode has proven to lure assholes like shit attracts flies.

>Mix propofol with alcohol, uppers, paralytics or accidentally overdose.
>respiratory paralysis, circulatory failure or brain damage to the rescue.
>Lol he ded sis.
>Rest of life spend with many "dates" in county orange and getting fist fucked by some deranged mid 40 butch.

Everything went better than expected.

Anonymous 22692

This obviously only applies if the date has the goal to acquire loveperson.
If the date is focused on acquiring penis for mating ritual than ignore everything above.

Anonymous 22832


OP here!

We had a WONDERFUL time together, it was so great it felt like a dream <3 He's going to stay a few more days here so we plan on spending the rest of the week together too. We didn't feel awkward at all and I even napped on his chest for a few minutes after we went out and went back to his hotel to rest. Thank you everyone for your replies, I read all of them, even the recent ones.

Anonymous 22847

I'm so glad that it went well for you! It sounded like you had a very cute date, are you now officially a couple?

Anonymous 22848


Anonymous 22934

That sounds so lovely, congrats anon!

Anonymous 22988

unnamed (1).gif

Thank you so much

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