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Hypersexuality Anonymous 22512

Does anyone have the same issue or experience it? I'm a virgin but I can't stop thinking about sex constantly, mostly in regards to niche fetishes and my mild hybristophilia. I'm pretty anti-porn but i always come back to it someway or another either by just coming across it or actively searching for it. IDK, I really don't want to have a relationship though, because I feel like I'll demand it constantly.

>Pic Unrelated

Anonymous 22513


You probably want it so badly because you never get it. I think it's normal to be pretty freakin' horny after it's been awhile…

Anonymous 22515

I'm the exact same way too, OP. I think the anon above me is right too, you're just craving it because it's something you've never had.

Anonymous 22518

Are you me a few years back?
I married young partially because of my ‘strong drive’ (mainly because he’s great) and the desire ‘evens out’ so that you can live a life.
We still do it all the time, tho’.
As for the paraphilia - I married a soldier, a combat vet with some scars, a weapon collection, etc. Scratches that itch juuuust right AND he’s not a felon.

Anonymous 22519

Relatable. I've had a high drive since I hit puberty and it has yet to settle down at all. I've been coping with the porn addiction by drawing it instead. Less guilt, you know? And it makes it easy to cater to my weird fetish (femdom involving small men of a specific ethnicity).
I don't think you have to worry about wanting it all the time in a relationship if you're interested in males. Personally, that's the only reason I even want a bf lol. It's all males are good for.
Largely unsure of how it is in a lesbian relationships. Women are more diverse when it comes to sex drives, males are all the same.

Anonymous 22520

Make some money with that, gal

Anonymous 22522

I don’t know
My oldest sister complains bitterly that her hubby thinks more than once a month is ‘weird’

Anonymous 22523

kek I've considered it.It would probably be a good way to meet sub boys online too. But I'd be too scared of someone finding out.

>once a month
That sounds like a nightmare. If you love someone I guess you put up with such nonsense, though. tbh if I was presented with the perfect boy I'd settle for once a month.

Anonymous 22525

I used to be like this for the longest time. Then I realized that I'm dumb and not straight. I now have zero sex drive and only have brief moments of intense horniness that last for a few minutes then pass, whether or not I orgasm.

Anonymous 22548

Not a virgin but probably hypersexual. 43, lesbian and have had 120+ partners, probably because none want sex as frequently as I do.

Anonymous 22568

25 y/o. Not a virgin but in a happy relationship. I'm ready to go at the slightest touch, and get horny suuuuper easily. My boyfriend makes fun of me for it and thinks it's cute but he has a really low sex drive and it's been about two weeks despite us having been temporarily living together.

Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy because I sleep next to such a sexy guy every night, but more than anything I'm just happy to be with him.

Anonymous 22575

Sounds like yo ujust need a dick in you.
I get the same after a longer dry spell where I'd like to go to the next bar and just pick the first good guy I see.
Tough for your first time I'd wager you should look for someone you can have a relationship with. And don't worry about wanting it too much, most guys are easily up to that.

Anonymous 22621

I have a high sex drive when i'm by myself (even if i'm in a relationship), but for some reason i can't orgasm when i'm with another person.
I don't have a bf atm, but the ones i've had so far have gone above and beyond to try to please me in any way i ask for, it's just that nothing really works for me.
After a while i just end up telling them that it's okay already and not to worry about it. Which i can tell damages their self esteem and our relationship in general.
It's weird because i want sex so badly and i can easily orgasm alone by myself with just my fingers and without even looking at porn, but for some reason i'm not able to orgasm when there's another person with me.
It really sucks. Growing up my more experienced friends always told me that sex was easy and not to worry about it. But it seems that reality was way worse than anything i could have imagined: i have vaginismus and i can only orgasm when i'm alone. I don't even seek relationships anymore because i don't want to put any other sweet guy through this.

Anonymous 22628

>being this naive
some males have a low sex drive

Anonymous 22837

Not really, I definitely feel like sex can do more bad than good though.

When I was in my last relationship though, I think I wanted to see his face. it was really childish and embarrassing. not in a cute way.

On my sex drive;
I only have a sex drive when I'm in a relationship, they're usually end up short-term though, so it doesn't matter. And I make the mistake of planning sex and then realizing I actually just want normal mundane every day intimacy. [its a mistake since I realize I may come off as a sex-obsessed freak]

Anonymous 89495


I hate the fact that I'm like this. Been this way since I was six and I really wish it would stop. There are some days where I'm not horny, though, but when it comes back I use porn. What makes me miserable is how over the years I would get bored with a certain category so I'd have to go on to the next "weird" fetish. I've already reached a level where it makes me feel really bad afterwards. I have a problem and it doesn't help that my bf is just as much as a coomer as I am.

Anonymous 89505

Huh, that's a new term. Wonder what it means.
>Hybristophilia is a sexual interest in and attraction to those who commit crimes, a paraphilia in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed a crime.
Oh dear god what is wrong with all of you.

Anonymous 89514

First day on the internet?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 89530

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