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travel Anonymous 22606

anyone travel lover here?

Anonymous 22607

This is bait.

Anonymous 22611

My mother’s family is Polish, both her grandmothers were from there (Warsaw and Zacopane) and my husband swears we are visiting for our tenth….

Anonymous 22639

>polish architecture
What do you mean? Most of our buildings are either post-german brickhouses or typical soviet commieblocks. I guess Warsaw additionally got some skyscrapers but that is modern architecture that is also relatively uniform across whole west. The only polish architecture would be really old buildings (like medieval and renaissance eras), but back then you had general styles shared on whole continent, usually inspired by Italy or France, and family houses in countryside, something you will not find a lot of in Warsaw itself. For that you'd have to visit southern, mountainous regions (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zakopane_Style), or northern east of Poland which is filled with villages typical for eastern europe, forests and lakes every now and then. When thinking about this country you have to take into account that it was erased from the map for over century around the time of industrial revoluion and it was almost completely destroyed by World Wars, so finding anything purely polish from that period of time can be hard.
As for culture, what interests you so much in polish one?

Anonymous 22656

I always wanted to go to norway or iceland. But i never traveled in my life.

A friend suggested to use airbnb, since I don't want to be in a hotel and in the tourist zones.
I want to meet the people from the land.

Can some ano with more experience give me some tips?

Anonymous 22694

Finding out what Paris was really like devasted me. It was one of my top three greatest and oldest dreams.

Anonymous 22696

And how's it like in reality?

Anonymous 22709

I've been to Canada, NYC, Amsterdam, Germany, SK, Poland, and Mexico. I'd love to go backpack through Mexico, see Split/Dubrovnik, visit Belgrade with my friend, traverse Iran and climb the Caucasus mountains in Georgia.
Gib me money, pls.

Anonymous 22724

canada is really nice coutry

Anonymous 22727

I am fond of hiking and climbing. I like to visit different mountains and forests. I always use walkie talkies, because I need to keep in touch with people in some dangerous cases. Next month I am going to Great Canyon in USA. Btw. I bought walkie talkies after reading one review on http://thebestwalkietalkies.com/ I have Midland LXT Series.

Anonymous 22784

>she didnt obsessively google her destination for years before going

Anonymous 22785

Yeah, tell us what it was really like. I thought Paris Syndrome was just a Japanese meme because their lives are so squeaky clean.

Anonymous 22809

Nta but I can tell you that Paris is an open air zoo/garbage.

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