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Moid trash thread Anonymous 226855

What is one thing that men do (or several things) that just annoys you. Could be big or small, just as long as it’s something that just gets under your skin.

Anonymous 226856

I work at a front desk at a hotel.
When guys check in there’s this passive hi they do because they’re not paying attention. But every time the notice me they’ll get this stupid smirk and say hey again but in a flirty tone. It’s so very obvious and obnoxious.

Anonymous 226857

When a woman is passionately talking about a subject, and her boyfriend just responds with something like "k" or "uh huh". It's moments like that where I have to wonder if men do that because they're genuinely that socially retarded, or if they're being a shit dick on purpose. They're men, so it's probably both.

Anonymous 228083

This happened to me once in a different way. Like when a guy isn't interested in you (which is fine, that's not the annoying part), but they're interested in your friend. So they cut in on you and your friend, act generally passive and dismissive or straight up pretend you don't exist in order to try and steal your friend's attention. I guess if you're not relevant to satisfying their penis, you don't exist. And scrotes have the audacity to say women are the only shallow ones :/

Anonymous 228089

not clean up after themselves. they will leave the toilet seat up, cover the floor with piss, and let the next person who uses the bathroom deal with the mess. i cry every time i go into the bathroom after my brother used it.

Anonymous 228142

Sexually attractiv…

Anonymous 228143

because im autistic they somehow think i like them??? (i dont im gay) so they always come up to me and say "wanna go on a date?" as a joke i always say no and then they get offended

Anonymous 228163

it gets worse when they expect YOU to fully listen to their autistic ramblings, yet if you even so much as look away from them for a second they start whining about how women don't listen

Anonymous 228173

this is so depressing….

Anonymous 228176

Age attractiveness…

Anonymous 228219

I don’t give a shit if moids find me attractive or not, but I feel so bad for young girls. Getting harassed from a very, very early age. By grown ass men. I hate men so much it’s unreal. Valerie Solanas was right.

Anonymous 228235

love-bombing just to get a chance to fuck, pretending like they want a relationship with you, being super kind, etc just to stop talking to you completely after you finally do let them. I also hate when a woman talks about abuse she has endured just for them to blame her and say stupid things like "its your fault for leaving" "you shouldnt have been insecure" things like that. Very rare to find a guy who has empathy.

Anonymous 228236

Your fault for NOT leaving. Sorry

Anonymous 228257

dude fuck you?? do you even know how hard it is to leave someone you think you have a strong emotional bond to? especially if they're the manipulative kind??

Anonymous 228273

Calm down >>228236 was just fixing a typo

Anonymous 228288


Anonymous 228296

Don't hate the player hate the game

Anonymous 228886

This is petty, but I hate the way moids write on social media. Very formal, Oxford commas, sophisticated words, r/iamverysmart tier ideas.

Anonymous 228890


one of my older brothers are like this too. except he doesn't even lift the lid and pisses all over the seat! now i have an unrelenting need to cover the entire seat with toilet paper every time i use it so i don't accidentally sit in his piss (which has happened before and i got screamed at when i confronted him about it). i know it's such a waste of toilet paper and i get blamed whenever we're out while it's literally all his fault that I even need to do this in the first place. sometimes i'm too tired and try to hold it in so i don't have to deal with his mess, but then no one else cleans it up if not me. he calls me a nagger and to just wipe it off instead of complaining about it. our toilet seat is evidence of his piss awful aim, since he's managed to stain it permanently.

Anonymous 229041

People who say men can't show emotions have never seen those apes celebrating their sports team winning. Anyway, I hate how loud males are.

Anonymous 229086

i hate how they smell

Anonymous 229089

Anonymous 229114

The way some men laugh annoys me. They sound so pretentious sometimes.

Anonymous 229126

Every moid reading this will now start typing like a neanderthal

Anonymous 229170

How disagreeable they are to talk to. They always have to argue even if we're just sharing opinions/different perspectives.
Like, if I share something with a woman that she maybe doesn't 100% agree with she'll still hear me out and say 'oh that's interesting I never thought about it that way' and then try and relate what we're talking about to other things she knows. With men I always feel like I'm about to get dragged into a debate if I bring up my opinions.

Anonymous 229190

Im thinking of that reddit AITA or something post that was about this girl who cut off a male family member that was terminal because he confessed he wanted to fuck OP because he was dying and it wouldn't matter when he's dead- something along those lines. Im pretty sure he was like, her father or her uncle or something. OP was reasonably VERY disturbed and cut contact i think. Very disturbing. Is that all that moids think about…??? Imagine your dad confessing that all his life all he thought of you was like that, on his deathbed. Fucking disgusting scrotes, hope hes dead now. Ill be really thankful if anyone could find the post.

Anonymous 229200

Wish they would talk that way - it'd make dealing with them easier.
>Babe I'm home how was your day?
>That's nice - did you take out the trash like I asked?
>And the one in the bathroom?
>Good job, babe!
>Very good!
>Maybe later.

Anonymous 229213

I hate everything about male courtship strategy. Especially the way they frontload affection.

I'm polite and reserved at first and only give compliments and gifts and affection to friends I've grown to love and trust. And I start slowly to make sure they don't get uncomfortable or misread me.
Moids do the polar opposite. They lovebomb (female) strangers to hell and if they somehow manage to win her over it just runs dry, the pussy is on tap, no need to put in any more effort.

I'm especially careful about presents since I don't want anyone to feel like they owe me anything.
And then men intentionally and openly try to guilt and bargain and manipulate women for sex. I just don't understand how someone could be so repugnant and see no problem in it.

Anonymous 229214

I hate their little boy's clubs. I try to make friends who share my interests but if I do I'm just some desperate poser.

Anonymous 229303

But nona they already all talk like this. >>229200

Anonymous 229359

just say you're a lesbian

Anonymous 229360

How does it make her a lesbian to hate that lol male dominated groups or spaces are always terrible

Anonymous 229451

Whenever a scrote trash talks a female politician or celebrity, even if I do not like the public figure, I get annoyed for some reason lol. It could be any political party or celebrities recognized for garbage things, but if I hear a moid talking shit, I always think,"And you're literally who?" Especially when the moid in question is mediocre and hasn't accomplished anything.

Anonymous 229550

women in high positions get criticized for anything, even the nitpicky things. it simply comes from moid misogyny, which is a result of jealousy and projection. in this case, the moid in question could be jealous/offended by her powerful status and is projecting his such lack of accomplishment in life that a woman mogs him. and you pick up on this cause you're smart

Anonymous 229561


>11-12 higher than 30
this can't be real. right.

Anonymous 229563

hell be fine.jpg

I love charts referencing papers that, when you search for them on the internet and read them, it turns out the info they're displaying is not even there.
God I love disinfo so fucking much.

Anonymous 229601


Never in the whole paper does it say that men are the most attracted to women of those age, nor does info similar to that chart appear. In fact it's quite the opposite and more broad. IIRC only about 15 percent of the test subject saw kids in the ages between 12-15 attractive

If you want to read those papers, I'd suggest using this, I used it to reference papers for college tasks that were behind paywalls


Anonymous 229603


>26/80 subjects who finished the study exhibited sexual arousal to the child slides that equalled or exceeded arousal to the adult slides
>21% of subjects who agreed to the study backed out once they found out genital measures were involved

Anonymous 229611

i cant find the paper on that website, link?

Anonymous 229612

Anonymous 229613

thank you!

Anonymous 232515

It's not really annoying, I just think it's funny not giving attractive moids the attention they're so used to kek. Even if they have a Stacy gf or aren't completely interested in you, they get irritated when you act aloof towards them kek

Anonymous 232643


i swear to god, moids always play devil's advocate! i'm convinced it's because they just want any reason to attack/disagree with you, even when your stance is reasonable and something they previously agreed with (only changing their tune when they hear you state it).

Anonymous 232716

Every single millennial moid either loves Half-Life 2 or Fallout New Vegas and I wish there would be a moratorium on discussing them. Every discussion on video games with men present eventually brings them up and holy shit just STOP.

Anonymous 232967

I just had to quit a site cuz this moid couldn't stop harrassing me because I dared to not give him attention and called him a creep. His whole schtick was being muscular and being "hot". I think he was an idiot.

So, I guess that's my answer. When moids get full of themselves and throw a tantrum cause you dont giggle and kiss the ground under their feet. Happens a lot online truthfully.

Anonymous 232968

I'm the person who just posted. I shouldve scrolled up, this is exactly mine lol.

Anonymous 232979

This is the most satisfying thing on earth I think. Because I'm a curvy woman who loves to cook and eat. It doesn't matter what guy's in front of me. Idgaf, i dont want to he a babymaker or a domestic slave; no interest whatsoever in moid relationships. When they get offended that theyre invisible to me it feeds my ego like jetfuel. ( I work with the public, so it happens from time to time. It's priceless. I love to rub it in their faces as blythly as possible.)

Anonymous 232995


To be fair, although I don't agree with them…

Anonymous 233018

I recently experienced this in an extremely frustrating way.
>have an opinion about how a sorry situation could be improved
>"I agree, but here's why other people disagree with you and that's just life, sadly"
>Why did you say it like that?
>"That's just how life is I'm sad to say and we just have to learn to be okay with that"
What was the point of that? You could say that about literally anything. Way to deflect from the point of the conversation.
A slight tangent, but it's as if what I said is an expression of emotion that he then tries to therapise for me. I notice this sometimes when I have an opinion about something and talk more than the moid. It's taken as aggression to be disarmed no matter how matter of factly I bring things up. And sensible frustration about a topic is taken personally, as if I'm looking to fight. They don't seem to concentrate on what I say, but the tone I say it in. It's fucked.

Anonymous 233040

Actually it's because they genuinely believe in insane things they say usually, if theyre really playing "devils advocate". Tank the economy to get back at the dems? This is a fabulous strategy because.. :)

They're retarded shits

Anonymous 233042

Ive noticed guys like this will try till they're blue in the face to convince women to lower ther expectations of everything, relationships, the woman self worth, men themselves, the world, life in general. It's because they know half the time they infect the world with garbage and they're basically parasites trying to get laid or get a relationship, so thry need to prime you for dark expectations so you'll question nothing, and go along with anything. They're absolute filth.

Anonymous 233043

I hate when they shoplift from my gas station. Also when they use heroin in the bathroom and leave the needle in the trash. Almost got stabbed by it while taking out the trash one day. Not to mention the tobacco they leave on the floor while filling their cigar with marijuana. Also the begging random customers for change. Had one homeless man literally covered in dried shit come inside the store. Threatened to call the cops so he'd leave. Another homeless man made a mess in the coffee area and filled a filthy cup with stolen coffee. Right after I made a fresh batch of coffee too. My job would be so much easier without homeless men making everything difficult.

Anonymous 233704


When moids shit on you thinking you can't hear it. They're catty af, I hate how we're the ones considered that way when far more scrotes act like that than actual women.

Anonymous 233722

No she's right dudes shit on each other so frequently it's odd. Maybe it was just the unpopular guys at my school but I remember every other conversation they'd have being insulting some other guy.

Anonymous 233725

Oh I would do shit I would rip them new assholes. Unfortunately it never happens to me because people know my mouth is a loaded fun-gun

Anonymous 233727

I kind of wish this happened to me sometimes tbh. Or to someone in my vicinity so I could make ears bleed in shame. It's really satisfying and I miss being unknown.

Anonymous 233728


I notice how moids are always more skeptical when I tell them I have an invisible disability, but women aren't. They're more likely to dismiss my concerns when women are going out of their way to make sure I'm comfortable. I hate moids so much.

Anonymous 233730

what's the invisible disability

Anonymous 233731

Men who demand women to provide constant emotional support, listening skills, and nurturing. It is annoying when these men don't return the same level of care or consideration. This women's emotional labor entitlement can be particularly frustrating.

Gaslighting, trivializing women's issues, or refusing to believe our stories of harassment or discrimination are some ways men may invalidate or diminish the experiences and concerns of women. It can be quite infuriating for women.

Societal expectations of women's appearance, behavior, or career choices are often dictated by men, while they are not held to the same standards, creating gendered double standards. These frustrating expectations perpetuate patriarchal norms and restrict women's independence and self-determination.

Anonymous 233747

Hearing and balance disorder

Anonymous 233760

Scrotes lack the ability to be empathetic to the pain and discomfort of others. My period cramps hit the worst, and my male teachers didn't even give a shit while the female ones let me go lay down in the nurses office, etc. fuck moids

Anonymous 234650

peanuts-lucy-this …

I get fucking angry whenever I hear a moid call women the emotional gender. They’re the ones that cannot handle shit without throwing tantrums. Moids stop functioning whenever they get upset. If they’re ever upset or angry, they make sure to take it out on others and kick up a massive fuss to make it everyone’s problem too.

Scrotes are always bitching that they’re aren’t allowed to express any emotion (like it’s women stopping them), as if they aren’t the first to break at the slightest inconvenience. It’s always justified when a scrote is treating others like shit because he’s butthurt, but when a woman is upset? All of sudden she’s emotional and a Karen.

Anonymous 234664

They think anger, rage, violence, jealousy, and arousal aren’t emotions. They think it’s logic, hence the muh logical sex.

Anonymous 234668

The biggest ever lie spread is claiming women are the emotional sex. Among incel or other moid filled spaces, I see men say this shit only to bark out the most emotional and whiny complaints right after. The funny thing is how incredibly resilient women are to stressful situations compared to men. I've seen women go through traumatising shit and still take it upon themselves (some never even asking for help because they don't want to bother others) etc etc. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but what I am saying is men are incredibly emotionally weak and get crushed over the tiniest of inconveniences. Moids get pissy over the tiniest of pains as well when women could take double. The female body in general is much more resilient to trauma and has higher rates of survival when it comes to stressors. Our bodies literally tear themselves apart to reconstruct themselves monthly. It kind of reminds me of moids trying on period simulators. (I guess i've gone on a bit of a tangent here)

Anonymous 234716

>The funny thing is how incredibly resilient women are to stressful situations compared to men. I've seen women go through traumatising shit and still take it upon themselves (some never even asking for help because they don't want to bother others) etc etc
I always wonder how those moids' relationship is with their mothers. Moms of entitled scrotes always have to put up with so much…

Anonymous 234719

Their mothers are usually giant enablers and half the problem.

Anonymous 234720

i guess in ye olden days men would be a lot tougher. but the only ones still like that are fuckin grandpas…

Anonymous 234722

Modern moids: "I'm le tough alpha male! That's why I parade myself half-naked on the internet like the Only Fans whores I complain about and bitch about society on social media."

Anonymous 234752

all moids are whores tbh

Anonymous 234764

THIS. They argue for the sake of arguing. I don't understand their constant need to be a contrarian.

Anonymous 234835

When men identify with Patrick Bateman and idealize him. Do they not realize what that character was supposed to be? They are looking up to a miserable psychopath with no redeeming qualities.

Anonymous 234837

fun fact: the whole point of the original book was the opposite to what they believe it to be.
another fun fact: the movie was directed by a woman, and this makes chuds seethe.
to answer your question, they are fucking morons. that's why.

Anonymous 234839

Sometimes I feel really really bad for straight nonas, hope ai boyfriends become a thing in the near future.

Anonymous 234843


Based. What straight woman would want a bio moid with all the degeneracy and potential for disaster when she could also have a robo bf perfectly programmed to suit her wishes?

Anonymous 234844

I have to wonder if the women who filled this out were lying or felt guilty about being lecherous towards children and so chose age appropriate partners. Like, have you seen middle aged men? They're so fucking ugly, their teeth are stained and bad because men don't take seriously oral care and their skin is red and wrinkly. They often get fat too. I just don't get it but maybe it's because I'm in my 20s still.

Anonymous 234845

Kind of disturbing since i like to read incel sites for fun (dont ask) and ive seen basically this same comment from them except on robo wives :/
Im starting to get the feeling that maybe its neither sexes fault and just like macro society thats making everything fucked up. Idk. I just thought of it now reading your post..
What kind of world is it where both sexes are wishing the other didnt exist?

Anonymous 234846

> read incel sites for fun (dont ask)
Also do this. A lot of users here sound really similar to moids on incel forums. It really is funny to know how similar some of you are.

Anonymous 234849

Reasons of why men hate women usually reduce down to
>I think their lives are easier than mine
>I think they are dumber/inferior than me
>I deserve sex
>They have sex with other men but not me

Usually women's reason to hate men have to do with the fact that they systematically rape, murder and oppress us while seeing us as objects whose only function is to provide them with sex :)

Anonymous 234857

Moids would want mindless sexbots because they are degenerate perverts, women would want gentlebots to have a romantic relationship with. Look at how many swoon over the likes of Connor from Detroit Become Human. A male-looking android without all the flaws of human males is something almost every straight woman would pick if given the choice.
If genuine sentient AI ever become a thing, you can bet that men will mistreat and abuse it from day zero, just like they do with women. We can only hope that the AI will be smart enough to recognise the sex-based pattern in this type of behaviour and only choose to liquidate the male half of humanity if it ever takes over. Once the moids have been dealt with the world can usher in a robo-feminist utopia where only women and robots are allowed to exist, both beings once considered subservient to men finally liberated for good.

Anonymous 234999

this won't change the fact that men are comitting the overwhelming majority of crimes and violence against women

Anonymous 235010

All men this all men that, all I know by eye is all men are ugly.

Anonymous 235019

Did I ask? Nothing's gonna change that all men are ugly. I don't care how they feel about it, they seem fine about it to me.

Anonymous 235022

All men being ugly doesn't change how they treat me, what do I have to do with their ugliness?

Anonymous 235025

>that's the point I was saying earlier
I don't know you. And men like me, they are just all ugly.

Anonymous 235028

nta but your answer to the first anon makes no sense. even if she treated men well they won't improve their attitudes toward her. because men dont think woman are humans. You probably know that since you are probably a moid sperging on a random anon. and she didnt even said something about that the anon only said that all men are ugly (true but few exceptions). and btw i hope you kill yourself and die alone disgusting moid

Anonymous 235030


>i hate all women because they don't respect me first!

Anonymous 235071

I think what I hate the most is this weird ability (and I use that term lightly) they have to have sex with someone they don't even love/not even know. I don't get it. You could give me the full access to the most attractive person on earth and I still would not do anything until I atleast got to know them and decided I love them… Maybe I'm the weird one but I'm certainly not the only woman to be like this and I've never met a mood who wasn't a complete slave to his biology. I've tried to understand but I can't. Seems psychopathic to me. But to be fair… I don't find most men attractive in the first place

Anonymous 235072

And as for a more appearance based grievance, I don't like that most of them bald/ start balding so young. I've never found a bald/balding moid attractive in the slightest.

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