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Anonymous 22768

Millions of weird people around the world watch videos of strangers whispering into a camera as a digital surrogate for human connections and relationships

what are your thoughts on this troubling phenomenon

Anonymous 22769


Anonymous 22771

I think it's fucking weird, but I'm old, confused, and out of touch with the world.

Anonymous 22772

If I want to relax and fall asleep I just listen to college lectures on youtube on a subject I like; hence the reason I can't go to college.

Anonymous 22773

I like it. I like the simulation of pretty girls being nice to me.

Anonymous 22777

I like cooking and even eating asmr every now and then, but this is too much for me

Anonymous 22790

Another form of webcam prostitution catering, or more like abusing, creeps with emotional problems.

At the end of the day its all about simulated female affection and neckbeards lying to them self that this girl infront of the camera or mic shows actual interest focused on them because they have come such a long way together even if the producer never heard of them.

At least for the "pretty babe whispering bullshit" vids. Making money with loners, old as religion.

Anonymous 22791

Anonymous 22793

I love ASMR

Anonymous 22796

It helps me to fall asleep and I'm not even gay.
Many of those ASMRtists cater to women instead of men ("doing your makeup" roleplays and silly things like buying potions from a witch in the forest are very common), it's just natural that some girls would use their sexuality to exploit the niche market financially, they're the ASMR equivalent of Twitch titty streamers. There's also a lot of male ASMRtists. For a lot of people it really isn't a sexual thing, but naturally some will take sexual pleasure out of it. One of the older ladies who does this talked about people in her village thinking she does porn when she's just a spiritual "crystals and chakras" hippie who does it to relax.

That being said I wouldn't object to WhispersRed being my mommy

Anonymous 22799

>At the end of the day its all about simulated female affection and neckbeards

This thread indicates there are also lesbians watching it

Anonymous 22800

Male ASMR exists.

Anonymous 22801

Straight males or gay faggots?

Anonymous 22802

…should I convince my deep-voiced brother to do this?

Anonymous 22803

you wanna hear your brother whisper?

Anonymous 22804

I do and it is hot enough it creeps me out.
But I meant
‘Should I record it and charge other girls to hear him whisper in his deep voice that make women’s knees shake?’

Anonymous 22823

Are there any good ones with men? The few I've listened to were somewhat predatory and not relaxing at all, despite them having nice voices.

Anonymous 22826

You're disgusting. Hopefully your children aren't retarded and break this cycle.

Anonymous 22830

Not really my thing but I listen to situation CDs so I kind of understand the appeal. I just don't really like the constant whisper, I looked up a review for a product and it was an ASMR review where I could barely tell what the lady was saying.

Anonymous 22831

ASMR Zeitgeist. He speaks at the start of the videos and talks every now and again in some of the videos.

Anonymous 22838

Can you provide examples? Hot men in particular.

Anonymous 22841

look through this for someone you find hot
This guy is also hot but the majority of his videos are either roleplay or licking.

Anonymous 22846

I sometimes watch asmr but i prefer the videos where is no talking because i only listen to it when i can't sleep and need to listen to something to take my mind of. I'm not sure if this counts as asmr but i listen to videos of this guy doing sleep hypnosis or something, it does actually work for me.

Anonymous 22849

I have seen women offer to marry him just so his voice is what wakes them up in the morning. He could probably make a fortune doing this sort of thing.
I don't mean "for me", I mean "for income he can earn".

Anonymous 22852

PhoenicianSailor puts a lot of effort into his

Anonymous 22853

I think it's stupid. Listening to it always made me angry for some reason, but that's me.

Anonymous 22854

It's getting harder and harder to form nice relationships with people, so I don't blame other people that enjoy ASMR.
It hurts no-one.

Anonymous 22872

Billions of weird people around the world watch rich and famous people blather on their tv screen as a digital surrogate for human connections and relationships

what are your thoughts on this troubling phenomenon

Anonymous 22874


Anonymous 23061

What guy anon?

Anonymous 23086

Anonymous 23120

But this is the exact kind of shit that contributes to why it's getting harder to form relationships

Anonymous 23139

Find it rather silly, tried it out a few times and dies nothing for me. I'm half convinced people are just making this up or simply want to believe it hard enough it works. Like some kind of placebo.

Anonymous 25009

It's not just weird/creepy dudes that listen to this stuff
I feel like most of the interest in the weird ASMR shit is just loneliness

Anonymous 25119

But most of the lonely dudes are just wierd and creepy.

Anonymous 25462


lol at anyone on an imageboard ever not being at least a little bit weird, creepy and lonely themselves.

Anonymous 25464

My thoughts exactly:

>Lel the world is really going down, let's sit back and drink wine

Anonymous 25475

When I'm tired of music I like ASMR while marking papers, even though I have tingles immunity more often.
Those who find ASMR creepy are the ones who don't experience it, I feel for you guys.

Anonymous 25495

My sister ordered a mic to start an ASMR channel. I don’t really get the point, but eh, if they enjoy it, it’s not like it’s hurting anyone.

Anonymous 54544

I find it disgusting and it fills me with rage. Especially the eating ones. I want to slap them.

Anonymous 54545

I get the ASMR reaction from stuff that isn’t usually made into videos. Ever since I was a kid, I got weird scalp tingles from seeing someone draw a picture for me specifically and stuff like ppl playing instruments.
Videos of ppl whispering and tapping their nails does nothing for me… I wish I could get it from all the channels but mine are too specific I think

Anonymous 54549


Millions of dicks are sucked every day, just imagine if this microphone were a dick right now

Anonymous 54697

Agreed ASMR is so gross to me, constant whispering makes me want to claw my own eyes out. As does any sort of mouth noise. Satisfying videos of inanimate objects only are pretty nice though. I like kinetic sand cutting videos - the sound when the knife cuts all the way through the sand and crunches against the table…

Anonymous 54698

2018 people be like: "I go outside and have friends". Smug idiots.

Anonymous 55355


Are there any hot men that make ASMR catering to fecels? Just out of curiosity I mounted desperately lonely miner.

Anonymous 55358

hot men, not incel.
Cute voice though make some more vocaroos

Anonymous 55905

I remember ASMR, when binaural videos just started to get popular on youtube. ASMR back then was just the designation for the sensation you felt, when you hear something relaxing. It was everything from being comfy at home, while the rain hits your roof to parents reading you a good night story, cuddling with your partner and them whispering something in your ear.

These Binaural/Holophonic Videos like the Virtual 3D barber shop used actually this amazing technology so people with stereo headphones could hear fully 3D audio and even pinpoint the exact location, not just the direction a sound is coming from. You were startled when something came up behind you. You even turned around. That was proper ASMR.

When I compare modern ASMR videos to the old school binaural ones, I can't help but be completly disappointed. It's just e-celebs who probably have no idea what ASMR really feels like doing a simulation of what they think ASMR is.
ASMR is not a weird fetish thing. It's not obscure in the slightest. Pretty much every human with a soul should have it. If you watch these old binaural videos, I promise you, you will feel it. That startling and these goosebumps and that sensation along your entire spine is ASMR.

What these modern e-celebs are doing isn't really ASMR. The audio is so bad. They never really move around, even if they have a better microphone (and still lack the knowledge to make it a proper binaural video). They always sit on their ass while they make the video. I remember a stupidly simple video of someone just shaking a box of matches and even going down to their knees behind me, so my brain could perceive them as going to the floor. But they are lazy. They never do that. They would have to get off their ass.

I hate how they made ASMR into what it is known today. They ruined everything.

Anonymous 55927

Anonymous 56047

images (18).jpeg

jock body, hyper masculine face, stubble and being overall hairy.
chads are overrated,
they give me a milder form of the feel i get from looking at a terraformer.

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