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Anonymous 22873

Anyone ride motorcycles here? Thoughts on getting one?

Anonymous 22876


i do. i have a 2016 zx6r been riding 2 years. its my 2nd bike. first was a 2015 ninja 650

Anonymous 22877

Do you get excessive attention from guys? More importantly, is it more enjoyable than driving? I already took my msf course actually, I just want something that isn't the basic boring toyota.

Anonymous 22879

every girl ive seen on a sport bike gets alot of attention from guys. they will be taking pics of you and hitting on you almost any time you stop somewhere it can get annoying if you dont want to be bothered.

it's alot of fun. i never even sat on one before taking the MSF. it's obviously a lot more dangerous but there is a freedom and "brotherhood" you join automatically with any other biker on the road

what kind of bike are you thinking of getting?

Anonymous 22884

I saw a dual sport I really liked for 4 grand, a slightly used Yamaha Xt250 with 3k miles and it's a 2016, too! I read that they can go up to 70 miles an hour, so that seems perfect for me. It was the only bike of its kind I could even come close to touching the ground on. Otherwise a ninja 300 looks cool, but not what I was thinking.

Anonymous 22885

there are definitely times I wish I had a dual sport after watching alot of motovloggers going off road!

is this bike going to be your only transportation? i don't own a car so I do all my shopping with a backpack.

as long as you can get one foot on the ground you'll be ok! it will take you a few months to get used to learning everything. I highly suggest you get ABS if its offered!

buying a motorcycle was the best thing i ever did. if you're just looking for something to mess around on during the weekends you could look into honda groms or kawasaki z125s. they're are basically small bikes capable of anything but highway speeds but completely street legal

Anonymous 22887

It'll be my only transportation, but my city supports year around riding without getting below freezing and I'm not the primary grocery getter here. We all chip in and let our health nut roommate do her extreme couponing then one of us goes with her to load up her SUV with tons of food. So really it's for school and work.

Anonymous 22888

just remember that every car can't see you, dont drive in blind spots.

be prepared to talk to anyone else with a motorcycle. and wave back or nod when you get waved at on the road by your fellow motorcyclists

i love the wave :)

Anonymous 22889

I'll probably nod until I'm comfortable taking a hand off at speed

Anonymous 22895

Motorcycles are scary at first, be prepared to fall over a couple of times because even a light motorcycle weighs 350lbs.

I bought a 700cc japanese cruiser as my first bike because they are easier to handle than a sport bike. Biker gang style gear is also cheaper than race gear.

My next bike is going to be a ducati monster.

Anonymous 22913

Yeah, but I think leather chaps and jackets makes women look like biker dikes… I'd probably wear textile stuff, not bright track gear but at least it's cheaper.

Is a Ducati monster a good step up from what I'm assuming is a shadow?

Anonymous 23038


I admire them but I live in the desert and wearing leather when it's over 100 degrees outside (most of the year) seems miserable.

Anonymous 23039


I wear a british sportster racing jacket, boots and jeans.
Pic related is what my jacket looks like except mine zips to one side with more padding in the elbows, shoulders and back with a built in kidney belt. You can't tell me that's not hot in a non dyke way.

Ducati is the Ferrari of motorcycles so there is no comparison.

Motorcycle jackets have wind holes in them so as long as you are riding you have a constant breeze keeping you cool.

Anonymous 23042


I would like such a bike, but tbh it's the last thing I'd priorize.

Anonymous 23177

If you want a bike. I recommend the Yamaha ybr 125cc. Best bike ever.
I now ride a honda cbr600

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