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Terfposting #31 Baldette Anonymous 229666

Anonymous 229667


Anonymous 229668


Anonymous 229673


Anonymous 229675


American cuckservatives be like.

Anonymous 229677

No, my name is Tanya Soprano.

Anonymous 229679


Anonymous 229680


Anonymous 229681


Anonymous 229682


Anonymous 229683


<Feel cute today ^_^

Anonymous 229684


Trans girls slay

Anonymous 229685



Anonymous 229686


Anonymous 229687


Anonymous 229688


Anonymous 229690


But isn't a fetish, you're bigoted terf

Anonymous 229694



Anonymous 229697

Mx. Amanda Jetté K…

I guess the thropple is making her feel manly

Anonymous 229706


Anonymous 229707


this "female who loves pink, clothes and video games, a streamer and content creator for twitch and youtube" wants to move out from the US. where? Iceland. the fact this person is also the creator of r/snowgearporn is… interesting. also damn the creator really felt like it was necessary to specify child porn wasn't allowed on the subreddit. insane.

Anonymous 229714

literally i bet kek

Anonymous 229721

why does this remind me of jeff the killer??

Anonymous 229745


Anonymous 229752

lmao based kid, this reminds me of that tiktok (i believe) of a dog that isn't comfortable around men (including TiMs) which caused controversy

Anonymous 229771


Anonymous 229810

I’m crying

Anonymous 229825


i hate transcels
i hate having to share a public bathroom with them
they all smell terrible and make me nauseous
whats with tranny smell anyways I believe i read somewhere its from how their body is still making test and the spiro or whatever helps emanate terrible BO
good way to spot the ones with a middle class doctors prescription i guess since thankfully the doctors dont know what they are doing so many are on such a shit "treatment" cycle for so long until they come crying to reddit about 5 years of nothing >:3
its fun to watch them slowly realize what theyve done and watch them 41% lol

Anonymous 229826


this degree of mentally ill people were never meant to be

Anonymous 229827


>The door says ACK

Anonymous 229841

Someone that's really creative needs to make a good edit.

Anonymous 229844


Rise in pornsick = rise in trannies coincidence

Anonymous 229853

jesus christ i glanced at picrel and thought it was some kind of deformed dick or butthole for a moment but that's his HEAD

Anonymous 229860


Thanks for the laff anon.

Anonymous 229862


Anonymous 229866


Anonymous 229872

I just wish I could see a “neovagina” and a real one side by side. Like when they are healed there is always something off about it…like the fold is too high or there is zero labia minora, of course scarring…like idk I know what mine look like and most women have some sort of labia minora, I just never see it on these ax wounds…

Anonymous 229873

Check out subreddit trans_surgeries you'll see lots of rotpockets there.

Anonymous 229877


This is what ""homosexual"" TIMs think gay sex is like.

Anonymous 229888

Anonymous 229889

Are there any people who use these made up pronouns in real life? It's so fuckign bizarre, I cannot image this to exist otuside of certain twitter circles.

Anonymous 229907

Not my bird brained libfem friends kikiing over a video of someone saying “don’t hate trans women bc they’re trans hate them because they’re women ♡“ - even as just a joke such BLATANT misogyny it’s so jarring to me

So transphobia is a no but misogyny is just fine??? Braindead filth

Anonymous 229911

>LGBTQIA+++ friendly community
>Has to have a specific rule against posting child porn
Really makes you think

Anonymous 229916

>this simpering expression really affirms my gender!

Anonymous 229918

Anonymous 229919

I think not being a woman at all is a bit more than just an imperfection lmao

Anonymous 229923

What about cats
They arent women

Anonymous 229925

Anonymous 229966


Anonymous 229967

Screenshot 89.png


Anonymous 229974


What are your thoughts on Blanchard?

Anonymous 229981

Rings true to me, but I'm neither so I can't say.

Anonymous 229982

I'm assuming he's right from what I read about the theory.

Anonymous 229986

Anonymous 229991

Just the text alone gave me a cringe attack.

Anonymous 229997

This person needs serious mental help. I feel sorry they have no one to push them towards true healing.

Anonymous 230004

Lolol that’s how TIMs see womanhood: skirt go TWIRLY, bimbo nymph mode teehee uwu.
Real women know that the only think that really is inherently womanhood is just adult human female. Like anything else and you’re just doing gender stereotypes. Like sometimes, that’s okay, like to be a SAHM (if not forced by economics or culture etc) but it’s also okay to be gender nonconforming. Sometimes gender stereotypes are not okay, like thinking all women are weak or are bimbos or whatever. Like womanhood is not dressing in frilly pastel colored things. It’s just tranny takes on womanhood is super fucking cringe.

Anonymous 230027

In both cases that is a mans male-specific sexual desire for a woman, so that works out to the same thing.

It's more like: HSTS dress up to get better access to men, while AGP dress up to get better access to women.

Anonymous 230046

You can smell the seething envy from that post. He probably wrote it while ugly crying and dripping snot on his keyboard.

Anonymous 230075

Which is why it's crazy that it's apparently only "radical TERFs" that believe that all this trans stuff is horribly regressing any progress made on breaking down gender roles and norms. How did we go from pushing for a world where a person's identity exists separate from how they wanted to dress, to a world in which a person's identity is now ~defined~ by how they want to dress?

Anonymous 230078

Here's his carrd

Anonymous 230082

Essentially, WPATH is encouraging this eunuch bullshit for two reasons: sterilizing children, which all the tranny substances do, and to create a class of "legal" childlike adults able to consent to sex. This way the pedophile sissy lovers of the WPATH can engage legal pederasty or korephilia out in the open.

There is no good reason to encourage sterilizing children.

Anonymous 230116

high iq conspiracy. its probably true, too

Anonymous 230157

only innacurate thing about this situation is the tranny having clean hair kek

Anonymous 230186


Anonymous 230209


Anonymous 230212

He's like those white /pol/tards with race fetishes, this is the tranny version

Anonymous 230213


choose your fighter

Anonymous 230214

It's a tif…

Anonymous 230215

i think you'll find that >>230191 is far more delusional and psychotic. wanting a partnet who wants you to die, compared to being partial to a black, yellow, whatever are worlds apart

Anonymous 230218

what a roundabout way to say hes suicidal

Anonymous 230225


Anonymous 230226


Anonymous 230230

I really hate how frequently tims will find ways to bring up how much "male attention" they get, whether it's framed as bragging or complaining (and even the latter is only ever just poorly disguised humble-bragging anyway). Most of the time whenever trannies do this it sounds completely made up anyway, as if they can't even come up with a scenario that sounds realistic, they have to come up with some yarn about how they get flirted with by men several times a day and it's soo tiresome and all their cis woman acquaintances are jealous and petty toward them because of it etc etc etc. Usually all while having a selfie profile picture in which they don't remotely pass.

It's retarded that they see male attention as some kind of ultimate validation or gotcha in the first place because it's so meaningless. Most men will fuck anything, almost every woman out there even the most "undesirable" ones will have stories about men being creepy or abusive towards them. It's actually deranged that trannies feel envy towards this and so desperately want to be on the receiving end of it

Anonymous 230234

I hope this TIM loses his court case. He's a piece of shit of the highest order.

Anonymous 230239

troon mcclure.jpg

Anonymous 230262

It's a shame the trial is closed to spectators.
I'm sure "it" would come up with some absolute gems.
I used to follow this train wreck on kiwi farms out of morbid curiosity.

Anonymous 230300


I recognize that tranny! It's amazing what some angles and lighting can do, but the literal microsecond they're out in public in natural lighting around actual women it's so painfully obvious which ones are men.

Anonymous 230301


Anonymous 230306


Anonymous 230325

ripx4nutmeg on Twi…

Anonymous 230326


Anonymous 230340

>which immediately firms

Anonymous 230342

the most male post in existence, not a single sentence in there didn’t L lead to something sexual

Anonymous 230345

Just a fetish…

Anonymous 230388

American cuckservatives are the reason total victory against trannoids is impossible.
Their movement is falling apart miserably, and they are repellent for every idea they represent, including important ones like porn and troons being a problem.
I can't wait for their movement to die so actually competent opposition to progressive PR babbling liberals can finally arrive.

Anonymous 230389

just some complaining…there's a TIF enby at my job and of course she's soooo fucking annoying. she's the type that is definitely just quirky/neurodivergent but because she is nerdy, quirky, doesn't line up with the stereotype of a woman, etc. surely she's not one.

the thing I hate most about these types though is that they have that smug, redditoresque, condescension towards you whenever they share their opinions and interests.

I also hate the pick-me ass way they interact with men.

Anonymous 230390

ah, yes, well-known sex linked trait, flexibility! only women have it.

Anonymous 230391

his breasts (geckos) get hard

Anonymous 230395

Real women have mangos
Trans women have Rangos

Anonymous 230410

any example of an interaction with her?

Anonymous 230431

he thinks we have breast erections.

Anonymous 230437


went to a convention for the first time since the early 2010s, the amount of ugly middle aged trannies crawling around the building was disgusting.

I fucking hate it here.

Anonymous 230446

I haven't stopped crying all day.. my son told everyone he knows that he intends to ruin his body. I feel so lost, everyone in my village knows, I have to play along and pretend to be supportive with all my coworkers. I just stand there and smile whilst they "congratulate" me.
I know it's because his father used to touch him, I don't know why I kept it quite, I didn't want my family torn apart but now I see what he's becoming and it destroys me inside. I still love him but I have no power over him anymore.

Anonymous 230450

i hate trannies as much as the next cc gal but holy shit if you're destroyed by him trooning out but didnt do anything about him being molested by his dad i honestly don't know what to tell you except to review your priorities.
having said that my condolences and try to get him the proper counseling he needs for both issues, his sexual abuse clearly being the most pressing one here, and i wish you to find a therapist that isnt a scumbag

Anonymous 230459

It's the same reason for me why I stopped going to cons and conventions (plus rising entrance fees). The number of weird dudes that couldn't even bother to shower that will throw on a miniskirt while trying to take creep shots are so fucking high. It's even worse than you might think. I know someone who works security at a convention center, and the anime conventions have some of the highest number of people who have to be thrown out of the convention.
In addition to weeb cons, girls gymnastic has the second highest number of people who have to be thrown out, and they're all middle aged men who show up with cameras and shit. Disgusting.

Anonymous 230460


The 4chan-tranny war is the only good thing to have come out of this situation, the memes are so absurd they are funny

Anonymous 230461


Original painting for reference:

Anonymous 230462

Where to find all the painting-edits?

Anonymous 230558


Anonymous 230568

chud death note.we…

i like that they run with the chud meme

Anonymous 230571

soyjak.party or better yet booru.soy under the tag "classical_art_parody". There are like 80 images of it

Anonymous 230582

He does pass as white tho.

Anonymous 230584


>Ana Valens, Succubus
More like Mancubus lmao.

Anonymous 230592

Screenshot 2023-05…

Anonymous 230620


Anonymous 230639


>identifies as transmasc now
>wears ties to show how manly she is

Anonymous 230642

shes hot desu. id let her "trans agenda" me

Anonymous 230674

this is insanity

Anonymous 230683

I've been studying abroad the last few months and my sister hasn't been doing too well mentally so she's been seeing a therapist. Recently when we were texting she mentioned that she "wasn't the same person she was a year ago" and that she was "transitioning into a better person". I hope this isn't what I think it means. I love my sister and I don't want to lose her.
Pray for me, girls.

Anonymous 230702

they're so damn dumb. imagine writing this and not noticing the huge logical flaw.

Anonymous 230708

I would like to know how horribly he's living in jail. I hope they rip him 10 new assoles.

Anonymous 230716

Well he's in a women's prison so his asshole isn't getting ripped up anytime soon

Anonymous 230722

I feel like all the distinct ones I can remember are dumb, though one time I had mentioned something about women/woman in relation to gender, I forget what I had been saying. But she butt in and was like "aykshully" and goes on about how woman was never its own gender identity, it was like something men created to differentiate the female sex or whatever and 'man' used to singlehandedly refer to all humans ('mankind' etc). and I was just like…..ok. it just had nothing to do with what I was saying, so regardless of validity I really just wanted to be like "is that why you claim to be nonbinary? want a cookie?"

Anonymous 230727

i hope your sister will feel better soon, please stay by her side and make sure to check how much internalised mysogyny she has, little by little you can help her realise that the issue isn't with her being a woman but with how women are treated in society

Anonymous 230739


From the farms

Anonymous 230757


Average transbian

Anonymous 230765

Screenshot 2023-05…

found this on a suicide forum

unfortunately seems to have some trannies crying over not being able to transition (not in picrel)

Anonymous 230771


Anonymous 230776


Anonymous 230784


Anonymous 230785


Anonymous 230787

As if Avril Lavigne didn’t do it first.

Ew gross.

Anonymous 230794

Anonymous 230796

The eyes of madness

Anonymous 230797


Well? What would y(ou) all like to see?

Anonymous 230801


how the fuck does this troon still have a 5 o'clock shadow

Anonymous 230816

Anonymous 230834

every time i have seen or heard about this particular troon, it has been against my will.

Anonymous 230841

I doubt she'd listen to me. She's two years my elder and she doesn't really seem to value my input :(

Anonymous 230842

Anonymous 230845

At least your I told you so in a few years will be cathartic

Anonymous 230855


Back in the day men at cons cosplayed women for laughs.

Anonymous 230857

Screen Shot 2023-0…

They've created a new acronym for themselves here in Canada.
>those who are Two Spirit, trans, nonbinary and gender non-conforming (2STNBGN)
I actually hope this sticks around as a woke horseshoe version of #LGBDropTheT

Anonymous 230859

So…bioessentialism confirmed? Or perhaps it’s neuroessentialism. Bad news for all you tomboys on here, if you’re brain scan comes back male your only hope for survival is to transition.

Anonymous 230866

bettern than most modern and postmodern art tbh

Anonymous 230871


Anonymous 230907


Lois come get your man

Anonymous 230956


Anonymous 231244


Dios mio

Anonymous 231248

he seems happy. i wish i was as carefree as that


Anonymous 231250

A little bird told me that the moderator was confused and almost deleted this thinking it was soyjak

Anonymous 231266


Anonymous 231267

To have the confidence of a morbidly obese troon. What a life.

Anonymous 231281

Two sides of the character creation scale

Anonymous 231287


why does dylan have so many teeth?

Anonymous 231290


Anonymous 231294

was surprised to even find out that ethel was a tranny. they stole their whole aesthetic from other female artists and garnered the most annoying fanbase on the internet.

Anonymous 231297


kinda obvious he was

Anonymous 231298


"Ethel Cain" is literally just Amber Coffman with tattoos, minus the added weight, singing in a deeper/lower register, pretending to be a troon.

Anonymous 231308

He’s like that Smile horror movie. But real.

Anonymous 231329

the #faggot is wild lmao

Anonymous 231330


Anonymous 231331


Anonymous 231336



Thread theme, sing it with me.

Anonymous 231342

>tranny spams child pronography.
Who could have possibly imagined that a trans “woman” would be a pedophile!

Anonymous 231358

giving active reason to resent trannies, kek. probably a mtf who's chronic illnesses clearly surpass body dysmorphia . i'm literally scared that one might approach me

Anonymous 231396

Yeah, I'm frankly not surprised. Not the first time I've seen a troon try something like this lol

Anonymous 231397

it literally happens every single time…. it's insane

Anonymous 231403

It was probably you-know-who again, the cat gore images kind of gave it away.

Anonymous 231407

End Wokeness on Tw…

Anonymous 231409

>in north america girls often wear dresses and boys wear pants
Not even

Anonymous 231444


Anonymous 231449

His lyrics are a dead giveaway. Disgusting fetishistic trash. Same as his music videos.
Hilarious that a fucking moid who grew up as a moid is claiming "religious trauma" while fetishizing the priest's daughter archetype which he claims to be "reclaiming" while he has never experienced it. Really vile stuff. I hate him and also all the women who hype him up, fuck them too.

Anonymous 231456

>there is nothing wrong with you
>except your body lmao yes that one is totally wrong and you need to change it

Anonymous 231457


Anonymous 231458

Maybe a bit blogposty but are there any other anons with autism that feel there are no spaces for them to talk about their experiences with that amongst other autistic women? General ASD communities are incel-filled sausagefests and "women-specific" ones are swarmed with troons to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if more than half of the users in communities like that are male by now. It's a minor gripe compared to most of the other issues they create but it annoys me a lot, it's like men can't let women have even the smallest space to themselves and feel like they have to insert themselves and be able to personally relate to everything ever. I also think a lot of troons have this weird mindset and seem to view autistic girls and women through an almost fetishistic lens but that's kind of its own topic

Anonymous 231460

Pick-me troons from 4chan and /lgbt/ (to me at least) always come off as worse than normal troons, because they've somehow convinced themselves they're 'one of the good ones' cause they say the word tranny and know that they wnbaw. When in reality, they're liked just as much as any other tranny, which is to say not at all.

Anonymous 231479


Anonymous 231484

15389 - SoyBooru.j…

I'm pretty sure this is from the soyjak imageboard that failed to raid us kek, they make some funny anti-troon content.

Anonymous 231488

and then everyone clapped

Anonymous 231492


Anonymous 231495

>and then i took all the girls into the bathroom and showed them everything they needed to know about their periods and recorded the lesson so i could review my teaching technique later

Anonymous 231499

I've recently realized what an absolute joke it is when online leftist types do all this posturing about respecting the arts and claiming to unconditionally support writers and artists. It's conditional, it's always conditional. Take Rowling as an obvious example; HP was one of the biggest and most beloved franchises in the world for so long, but then Rowling started talking about her personal views more and everyone decided that HP actually sucked the entire time. At this point it's like you're actively expected to performatively shit on the series/Rowling herself any time it's brought up in any context. Not even any nuanced discussion, just a chorus of Harry Potter bad, fuck JKR. All because Rowling started talking about her personal views, not even an uncivil or inflammatory way, but unfortunately since it's the "incorrect" opinion, it's fair game to mock her relentlessly and constantly insult her works. Separation of art from artist no longer exists. I enjoy things like writing and drawing but I could never be someone that does either as a livelihood. Anyone with any kind of base at all is expected to preach the approved correct woke opinions and if you don't then you're the enemy and your career should flop. Granted JKR is too successful and too big to truly fail at this point and trannies hate that, but less famous creators basically have to curate everything they say around this kind of nonsense now. Is there any end in sight or do you guys think this will only get worse?

Anonymous 231504


Anonymous 231508


I've always felt the same, nona. Being an autistic female has always been suffering.
I also can't stand the ASD = you are automatically trans narrative they like to push.

Anonymous 231510

god forbid your psychiatrist actually be disciplined in mental health analysis
male privileged wack jobs just wanting people to tell them what they want to hear
2 years too? like they had to have been visiting for something else initially. then again they could actually be dumb enough to not speedrun psychs for one that'll "affirm" them like most middle class narcissist troons

Anonymous 231531

With proper diet, exercise and skin care routine these hons could be decent men and not feel the need to transition because they feel like failed males.

Anonymous 231533

I can't imagine a hon passing at all. It's bc of their bone structure.

Anonymous 231544

the issue is they dont want to deal with genuine psychiatric help.
they want affirmation. so they can jerk off in public and invade women's spaces
hell it might be a hate crime in a few years if you honestly diagnosed a TiMoid

Anonymous 231548


oh i love Ray! i love to open up his twitter every once and a while and see how he's going as he just doesnt gaf anymore. (picrel)
It's such a shame he really is just blacklisted now ever since all those rich perverts funded the new DSM categorizations in 2013
yeah porn ruins everything. even back in like the 80's or whatever there was porn and trannies, but the trannies at least made their life goal to blend in and the porn wasnt glorifying men with mental illnesses

Anonymous 231563

Anonymous 231571


People like this need to have their kids taken away from them. Based mom though

Anonymous 231572

Genuinely thought this was a parody at first glance because its a fairly fit man it a horrible female cosplay with the worst fake tits ive ever seen, but alas, it appears to be real.
I watched through it and heres a summary of the "signs" he went through
>agp trait
>weeb trait
>gay trait
>agp trait
>westaboo trait
>weeb trait
>average male trait
>fairly common male trait, especially in gay men
>neet trait
>average male trait
>basic empathy trait
>agp trait
>flaming libshit trait
>agp libshit trait
>basic logic trait
>common male trait
>terminally online man relating to other terminally online men trait
>whiteknight trait
>agp weeb trait
>agp/terminally online trait

Massive shocker. Its funny they flip out when people says they're just gay men, groomed/terminally online, or straight with an agp fetish, but then proceed to list these things as "signs". Not a single one of the things he goes through is a blatantly female trait. Seriously.

Anonymous 231581

The last time I used this imageboard was years ago; I concluded it'd been overrun by trannies, and I found other places to shitpost.

I'm surprised to find that there is now immense pushback against the troons throughout the site. I'm not saying there wasn't ever any beforehand, but it never used to be enough.

I'm curious, at what point did the tables turn back in our favor? Was it just gradual, or was there a major turning point?

Anonymous 231589

That voice…
How do people go for this?

Anonymous 231590



Anonymous 231650

somewhat related question to pic

has anyone else seen some subgroups of TIMs who claim to be dissimilar to the current talk of trans. and that rather they are real transsexuals with real dysphoria with some difference to ‘cis’ women, but unlike anything ‘male’ so they still owe to the label and categorization of women by hormonal and “female” features

Anonymous 231667

he looks viscerally uncanny

Anonymous 231687

Lmao this sums it up perfectly. What's the sauce on it?
(Also nice trips)

Anonymous 231690

Bud Light drops ad…

Anonymous 231693


found on r/phallo

Anonymous 231694

All this… so they can have a completely nonfunctional meat tube that doesn't look good, can't get hard, and feels terrible for both parties while providing NO pleasure. On what earth is this not mental illness?

Anonymous 231698

I honestly feel kinda bad for young, underage TIFs. The vast majority of them are being brainwashed and indoctrinated by a cult of groomer pedos on social media.

Almost all of them are either autistic, have ADHD, suffer from a mental illness, are overweight, or have any other inherent quality that would render them distinguishably “different” from their peers.

They are bombarded with trans propaganda from platforms such as TikTok, whose algorithms are designed to show them content that will elicit a strong emotional response from them, that tells them that the reason why they feel so alienated and miserable is because they are actually a boy, and that by mutilating their bodies, all of their problems will be fixed and they will be happy. They are also promised to be a part of a cool, accepting group of other outcast youths who will understand everything they are going through. They see videos that depict the smiling faces of girls who have recently sliced off their breasts and the ecstatic, chemically altered voices of girls who are injecting themselves with drugs of which the long-term consequences are completely unbeknownst to them. It’s so evil and manipulative.

I wish that there were outreach workers who would step in and attempt to de-program these poor girls of the social media cultist brainwashing before they permanently mutilate their bodies before they even become legal adults.

Anonymous 231701

Anonymous 231707

What the FUCK

Anonymous 231711

These girls need help, cognitive behavioral therapy that addresses the comorbidities of trooning out, like ADHD or autism. Not whatever the fuck that is.

Anonymous 231725

This is just the most inhumane uncaring butcher work.

The American medical industry really just takes these people for everything they have because it's most profitable to do so. They propably were never aiming for this but it was a free meal after so many people got absolutely brainwashed by solitude, high standards and porn culture set by social media.

Anonymous 231729


Anonymous 231730


Anonymous 231742

you can't "CBT away" autism and ADHD

Anonymous 231774

There are certain treatments to make these conditions more manageable tho, such as stimulant meds for ADHD as well as social skills training for autistics.

DBT has been proven beneficial for helping those with both ADHD and autism regulate their emotions and improve quality of life.

Anonymous 231803


Anonymous 231823

It’s not just the US. Ppl go to the EU/Switzerland and Thailand to get this shit done too.

Anonymous 231842


Anonymous 231847

Omg he went from Aiden to hon

Anonymous 231850

Poor bastard
Should have just said he was a pooner

Anonymous 231858


deranged tranny stare

Anonymous 231868

twink death in pictures

Anonymous 231905



Anonymous 231906

Billy Bragg on Twi…

This is where we're at rn.

Anonymous 231908

Everyday I pray this mental illness is labeled as one again. This is the only mental illness that acts like a physical disease

Anonymous 231909




I am laughing about something very immature right now.

Anonymous 231921

image_proxy (23).j…

>is what it feels like when you have an object but really the object has you

Anonymous 231926

be cis woman.jpg

Anonymous 231932

Lol, I remembering being in some discord server with a post-HRT FTM threatening to to curbstomp some little girl just because she said that the troon looked 'like a girl'.

Anonymous 231940

Very funny

Anonymous 231955


The biotrans art is quite funny and it makes troons mad. Imagine roleplaying as a AFAB MTF.

Anonymous 231956


Anonymous 231959

>being mindlessly objectified is hot!

Anonymous 231961


What's the point of trooning out if you're a fat ugly balding man? It just makes other trans people look bad by association.

Anonymous 231968

>pooner adaptation of kikomi

Anonymous 231970

Really telling that they'd get pissy at this girl for doing that for money, but have no problem with F1nn5ter, a male doing it for money. The misogyny is so blatant…

Anonymous 231971

>making trannies look bad
It's not the balding doing that, it just helps.

Anonymous 231975


this post is made by a creepy misogynistic male tranny btw, he and his incel failson buddies lurk and post here.

Anonymous 231981

This is the best thing I've seen all day, the lack of self-awareness is just so delicious

Anonymous 231989


not sure if this has been posted here before but i found it quite uplifting that people are gradually waking up

Anonymous 232082

Atheists proving themselves to be the ultimate cringelords. How funny that they all fell for the gendershit religion lol.
Very satisfying to know all those holier-than-thou pseudointellectual "atheist" bros would be religiously fanatic peasants in the middle ages because they can't think for themselves.

Anonymous 232084

so fucking gross. at this point trannies can’t even say “not all of us are like that!!!!1!!1!!1” because these are the freaks they’ve chosen to represent them

Anonymous 232090


Anonymous 232092

true nona
they also behave like sexual deviants all the time nevertheless

Anonymous 232094

Lel and kek. Greater exposure to troons in the media has made MORE people believe that sex is determined at birth.
That makes sense. No one is immune to dogmatic statements. Repeating "trans women are women and trans men are men" and maybe you will start to believe it.

Anonymous 232101

all trannies look bad, bald or otherwise.

Anonymous 232102


totes normal

Anonymous 232111

They're already bad by association.

Anonymous 232116


Anonymous 232119

are u retarded

Anonymous 232120


Anonymous 232135

Ugh, I had to mute this account because otherwise the algorithm kept putting his retarded takes on my feed constantly. The bio is beyond parody yet he still has a sizable following and people seem to take him seriously for whatever reason

Anonymous 232141

>it's totally not a phase, mom!

Anonymous 232206


kys troon

Anonymous 232207

T don't see anything that could be done to make trannies look good.

Anonymous 232214

being trans in any way makes trans people look bad by associating. cease to exist.

Anonymous 232225


Nvw yvv'rv stvrtvng to svv

Anonymous 232241

Laugh at trannies general

Anonymous 232243

troon hate

Anonymous 232248


Anonymous 232285


Anonymous 232287

stunning and brave queen

Anonymous 232288

Looks like Mr. Bean in a dress!!!

Anonymous 232294

she looks like fitgirl repacks

Anonymous 232338

Absurdity of Deadn…

> decreased gender dysphoria is a sign of gender dysphoria
These guys are nutters

Anonymous 232362

Then how come troons get so upset when you call them by their real name?

Anonymous 232364


Notice how they always have the need to refer to themselves as girls than any other thing

Anonymous 232373


I'm always impressed by the absolute confidence with which moids will assert things like this. This experience of feeling like an "alienated little weirdo who will never get what other girls seem to pick up naturally" would ideally be about, like, tomboys and autistic girls, not men who decided to larp as the opposite sex. He really thinks it's the same thing, lmfao.

I also think the first half of the post is bullshit altogether. You're daft if you don't think there's any shared understanding or solidarity between all women. I'm not surprised the OP doesn't believe this, given that he's a male, but there is an inherent sense of ease and trust I feel around women that does not extend to men at all. I believe most women would relate to this.

As an aside, I think it's funny that this post is doing the exact thing >>232364 is talking about. The fixation on aligning themselves with the term "girl" specifically is so real

Anonymous 232375

Sometimes stuff like this or other things trannies say about being undesirable resonate with me in virtue of being autistic and a woc and that makes me feel even worse - like if you're brown or autistic are you really on par with trannies in the eyes of society? god help me

Anonymous 232383

You're not. Even the most bigoted nazi would still recognize that you are a woman.
What these retards don't get is that others correctly recognizing you as female is not an antidote to hate or a permanent protection against violence, in fact it often makes these things worse. Male gendershits believe women live life on "easy mode" and are immediately awarded love and protection, like the seethy incels they are, so they want to make you believe that if you're a woman and you have experience any sort of hardship then you're on par with them. Don't fall for it.

Anonymous 232396

Screenshot from 20…

Anonymous 232399

the difference is if you banish a tranny by saying their true names theyll shrivel up and kill themselves

Anonymous 232401

IIRC there was a psychiatrist who did a large statistical analysis that found that MtF trannies actually kill themselves at lower rates compared with both cisgendered men and with actual women. The enormous disparity between the actual incidence of death and the claims of attempts or "serious" attempts indicates that their suicidality self report matches the self-reported suicidality of narcissists., rather than the suicidality of homosexuals or oppressed racial and religious minorities.

Anonymous 232460

Pedofreaks deserve the death penalty.

Anonymous 232464

Until I see it, we're still halfway there, livin' on a prayer.

Anonymous 232478

I'd love to have a read of this study. Do you think you can find it?

Anonymous 232486

You talk like a troon and will likely troon out soon enough.
RIP your dick.
(btw there are many more FtMs than MtFs lately, especially among younger teens).

Anonymous 232489

>you will trot out every excuse under the sun
he says, while making excuses for scrotes like himself to act like degenerates. didn't read the rest of your incel wall of text btw.

Anonymous 232491

go die in some trench or work in the coal mines, it's what you were born for.

Anonymous 232493

not really, the troons debase themselves to a level worse than an animal and it is quite entertaining to see a moid in that state. don't you see how much fun we have dunking on you here?
go on, cut your dick off, collect your 41%prize.

Anonymous 232496


>you've made your bed, now sleep in it

Anonymous 232517

What did that poster say? Didn't see the post before it got deleted

Anonymous 232520



too many ugly troons to post so here's the thread lol

Anonymous 232525

is it true that the transitioning kids trend is a form of eugenics? for every person who's claimed it, they were unable to form any evidence of it, but i'm still unsatisfied with not knowing

Anonymous 232530

The troon on the bottom far left didn't even bother to shave its beard kek

Anonymous 232543


He looks like Shrek’s beta design

Anonymous 232559


Anonymous 232575

nightmare kitty.jp…

lol they all look like oblivion characters that someone purposely made as ugly as possible

Anonymous 232578


when trannies use faceapp

Anonymous 232596

They're doing irreversible changes to a child and when they get top surgery it's too late to turn back. The likelihood of these mutilated (surgery, puberty blockers, testosterone/estrogen) kids finding someone normal to reproduce with in the future get lower and lower.

Anonymous 232604

The puberty blockers/surgeries definitely make the recipients infertile. Being generally repulsive before that is also likely to make recipients infertile. As far as cutting off a genetic line goes it does work for that purpose.
Whether it's being specifically aimed to destroy any racial strand in particular, I couldn't say, though just by incidental observation most trannies I've seen are black, white, or jewish. I think it's just wrapped up in the 'higher order' general death-culting blood money suicide bomb though, that wants to kill as many people as it can get its hands on and afterwards justifies it as 'eugenics'.

Anonymous 232606

Proving something like that would primarily involve looking at who's involved in funding organizations that get trooning information and resources to kids.
If there's ties to groups that have advocated for literal eugenics (The B&MG Foundation being the most transparent culprit) it genuinely wouldn't surprise me if that's a part of it.

Anonymous 232610

Screenshot 2023-05…

a tranny influencer from my city who i hung out with once or twice a few years ago when i used to go clubbing got outed as a creep and a sexual predator. many such cases!

i wonder when people are gonna wake up and realize that men who think experiencing "womanhood" is only "wearing cute clothes and making out with other girls" like it's some deranged porno fantasy shouldn't be treated as a protected class.

i'm so fucking sick of seeing this exact same thing happening again and again because a mentally ill man wants to act like a caricature of an influencer, character, porn actress or some other woman they're jealous of, or the "high school mean girl" that probably bullied them that they're trying to skinwalk, but they have to take it way further and continue to be pornsick, larping rapists.

i wish people would wake up already. this is disgusting.

Anonymous 232633

If my kid started trooning out, I’d inform him or her that I have absolutely no problem with having a feminine boy or a masculine girl for a child. However, I’d try to do every everything in power to make my child comfortable in the body that he or she was born in. If you encourage or even facilitate the mutilation of your child’s body, you are a terrible, abusive excuse for a parent.

Anonymous 232637

bold of you to assume dildos dont exist in prison.

Anonymous 232645


I want to beat the “children can be kinky” retard to death with a tire iron.

Anonymous 232668

its always telling when they make their entire personality pandering to internet attention, seems like a classic hyper repressed homosexual scenario.
also they're and obese "lesbian" now? lol thanks lizzo! crazy how people like this do everything to be appealing on a phone screen but look like shit irl

ill help you nona!

Anonymous 232695

"Belle Bambi" skinwalking as Delphine?

Anonymous 232762

look at how many filters he needs just to mimic a fractions of what women have naturally.

Anonymous 232766

Is there a scientific explanation for why HRT moid breasts look the way they do? Like they'll be shaped almost like yams or something. I'm sure it isn't impossible for a female to have such a breast shape, but I don't think I've ever seen it, and it's so consistent among tims that it makes me wonder.

Any breast tissue gained from HRT is going to look disproportionate and odd on a broad moid torso, but I think that only accounts for part of it. Like there really is something just fundamentally off about the shape itself. Pisses me tf off when they use language like "budding breasts" or "second puberty" because even putting aside the creepy pedophilic undertones… newly developing (female) breasts still don't really look like that

Anonymous 232786


he also got a nosejob and grifted 15k out of his supporters to get his dick chopping surgery despite being told more than once that he's too fat to get it, KEK.

Anonymous 232806


Because if you look at the anatomy of female breasts you'll see it's a whole structure and not just fat. When males get "breasts" they just get fat which gives them that shape.

Anonymous 232809

men have "lobules" too, so i dont think so. men & women breasts tissue are basically almost the same

its probably more likely due to the high collagen and connective tissue design in men which causes male's tits to squish together from the sides, while putting pressure on the softer tissue (aerola) as more fat is deposited. this is what maybe gives them that weird tubular and puffy nipple look

Anonymous 232856

You're gonna get banned bc of the "no men" rule but fyi, most of us don't hate HSTS. We hate the creepy AGPs lol

Anonymous 232861

The website is for women, stop being a pickme it's pathetic

Why are you on the TERF general if you aren't even a RF?

Anonymous 232865



Anonymous 232866

>Why are you on the TERF general if you aren't even a RF?
The term is used at this point to refer to anyone who's gender critical/doesn't support all trannies, you don't have to literally be a radfem.

Anonymous 232867

Not being able to relate to men doesn't make you a woman. You're just a feminine gay man, and there's nothing wrong with that. Gender roles are just bullshit. Effeminate men should be fine, masculine women should be fine.

Anonymous 232872

do whatever what you want to your body to cope with your mental illness; just stop forcing yourselves into womens spaces and making everything about you

Anonymous 232875

A man who hates himself still isn't a woman. Are women who hate their own bodies because they don't look like anime characters, get tons plastic surgery and/or have eating disorders uberwomen? Stop it.
You have body image issues and are effeminate. There's no one size fits all fix, but this doesn't mean you're a woman, and you can't "become" a woman.

Anonymous 232877

Of course FtMs aren't men, but I want to bring attention to this issue specifically - hating one's own form, the leg shaving/body hair and skipping meals. If you think that's a woman trait, or proof that your body is "meant" to be female, you're ignoring that you have severe mental issues to blame your physical form. That won't make you happier, that won't solve the problem. Your body is not the problem any more than an anorexic woman's body is the problem.
Also, I want to add
>Also inb4 “Just take some dangerous brain-shrinking antipsychotic I just googled!! Uhm.. I mean… er… you’re gross and I don’t want to think about you!!”
If you think HRT is harmless, you are in for a world of pain, especially if you have any existing health issues/autoimmune disorders. Detransitioners have talked about the harmful effects for a while, and they keep getting silenced despite their own experiencees. This is fucked up human experimentation and sterilization on the mentally ill, autistic, and traumatized, not "le magic girl pills the meanie terfs dont want u to have!!".

Anonymous 232878

i meant in general, not this thread: forcing yourself into womens sport, changing rooms, shelters, prisons.

im fine with you self-mutilating and trying to pursue happiness, as long as your happiness doesnt impede on others, but pushing your ideology has done just that.

it doesnt matter if people dont want you to self-mutilate because you will do it anyway by buying HRT on the darkweb or finding surgery in other countries. theres only so many laws that can stop you from getting HRT without affecting cis people. what are you looking for here? validation?

i dont see you as a woman, not biologically, not psychologically.

Anonymous 232879

Idk, I like seeing stupid people suffer and remove themselves from the gene pool.

Anonymous 232881

I don't when like half of them are just groomed kids or other vulnerable people.

Anonymous 232886

>why do I seem to hav e the unique special kind of that disorder where all of that anxiety is focused entirely on maleness
its because you have sex-based BIID, your brain doesnt have the neurological mapping of having a male body, the same way someone with BIID lacks the neurological mapping of their left arm, which causes you distress. your "gender dysphoria" is more closely linked to delusional body dysmorphia.. its a mental illness, not proof everyone has an innate gender.

by all means, live your life as long as you stop grooming kids and freaking out when people misgender you

Anonymous 232887

>But if I were “just” anorexic or “just” some other kind of disordered, why do I seem to hav e the unique special kind of that disorder where all of that anxiety is focused entirely on maleness and very little else — even separate of actual image disorders. Like, anorexia doesn’t make you terrified of aging like a man. Anorexics don’t pledge to KYS when they turn 30 because they won’t be able to stand looking in the mirror
Because of your conception of maleness, likely as ugly/haggard. Tons of anorexics want to commit suicide at certain ages because they think not being young/looking a certain way = ugly big used up hag. This is not a natural phenomenon, it's socially ingrained because of retarded gender roles. If you really want to push it as a "brain" thing, you have to acknowledge the parallels and comorbidity with BIID, and that would mean admitting that fucking with normal body's hormones and going through genital mutilation to try and turn yourself into a poor copy of the opposite sex makes about as much sense as cutting off a healthy limb.
Another thing, one question: "You can be a woman, but you have to be the ugliest, fattest woman in the world. Y/N?" Every single tranny I've seen asked this question, when put in a space that they can be honest, said NO.
>On how dangerous HRT is, it’s nothing close to the drugs I would have to take if you were treating this as anything else.
Isaac/Cluniac is BPD but he has a ton of videos on how HRT can fuck you up. Decide for yourself whether it's worse than SSRIs, therapy and/or self-reflection.
>Send me into the male lockerroom where I have a very high chance of being raped (happens to trannies too for some reason!).
Yes, men get raped, especially men who don't fit into masculine gender roles. This isn't news.

Anonymous 232889

statements such as "seems like", "could be" doesnt give me anything; its speculation. if you want to convince me, youre going to have to bring in sources.

Anonymous 232891

Why do troons keep posting here even when they're clearly not welcome. I don't give shit if your "HSTS" or not, GET OUT MALE.

Anonymous 232898

this doesnt build a strong argument, troon

sorry, forfeit your rights now

Anonymous 232903



rip boy twink

Anonymous 232904

looks like /u/stupidstories got suspended, anyone know what happened besides him being an ideological traitor?


Anonymous 232908


Anonymous 232914

He was an /r9k/ shitposter and often went on r/4tran, the subreddit for 4chan trannies. I believe he got suspended for saying fag. Also he was upset that /pol/ would misappropriate his story even though the story is pretty black and white.
I browsed through the replies and saw how trannies act so cult-like when someone wants to detrans and leave their bubble.

Honestly good on them for course correcting instead of doubling down. Hopefully they find peace. I hate trannies but I pity detrans

Anonymous 232923

>I turned out rather okay in my adulthood thank to not taking meds
Thanks to "not" taking meds?

Anonymous 232952

No, I hate the HSTS too.

Anonymous 232958

poor kid.webm

what's wrong with these people?

Anonymous 232965


Anonymous 232966

There was a condition that made their assholes "gooey" and trannies liked to pass it up as them getting wet.

Anonymous 232969

im gonna puke. ughhhh

Anonymous 232980


Why was I banned for posting? Mods just deleted my images and didn't give a reason why. I'm not a mood or a mtf. And the images I posted weren't different from the rest in this thread.

Anonymous 232983

you got falseflagged. it happens

Anonymous 232984


I'll repost them then. Unless mods want to single me out for no reason again.

Anonymous 232985


Anonymous 232986


Anonymous 232987

Bottom surgery should be illegal. Most young trans people get it out of ignorance. Only to end up mutilated and disgusted with the results.

Anonymous 232988

3000 shit stinking yard stare

Anonymous 232990


Anonymous 232991

Reads as an actual male psyop lmao. Otherwise she's deep in the nlog cope.

Anonymous 232992


It used to be highly regulated, but then it became well known to go to places like Mexico or Thailand for sex change surgeries. And big pharma realizes they can't have competition. I believe the push for "trans rights" is mostly capitalist on the medical community. It's not enough they hook people up with opioids, they had to trick youth into permanently messing up their hormonal balance when they know it's dangerous.

Anonymous 232994

Lol a bit ya. I think it's interesting to read someone who knows what they're doing is stupid, but they can't accept the truth otherwise their identity will crumble.

Anonymous 232996

Nah all troons should be castrated.

Anonymous 233001

What a hilariously mild thing to get suspended for. Thanks nona

Anonymous 233002

Next step, getting those top and bottom surgeries covered by health insurance. facial feminization surgery which is plastic surgery which as a whole were never covered but now are but only for them because they're super special.

Anonymous 233006


>Getting off on wearing 10 year old daughter's clothes

Anonymous 233008

Jesus fucking christ, that's his voice? this asshole isn't even trying.

Anonymous 233009

He says that like it makes it ok.

Anonymous 233022

shit, these people just laughing it off… how far do you have to be in libfem la la land to not see the connection here?

Anonymous 233023


Anonymous 233027

is this suppose to be a "passing" tranny? this is the best they can do?

Anonymous 233030

can't hide that big moid chin behind makeup

Anonymous 233047


>I think that girl is still in there
>TRIGGERED over the sight of a pregnant woman with 2 daughters

Anonymous 233048

its all so tiring… thanks for reposting >>232984, i love it

rip innocent boytwink

it should be illegal for minors/people on their parents medical insurance (up to 25yrs). let the older ones fill with regret and suffering so that they may actually do something nice for this world for once.


meanwhile millions die from actual illnesses 'cause moidz are the most selfish disgusting creatures ever produced

Anonymous 233052


>gets rich off YouTube thanks to Mr Beast
>Without YouTube he'd be a McDonald's manager at best
>Marries someone totally out of his league without question
>Has a baby with her
>Before the baby is out of diapers she files for divorce

Idk what came first chicken or the egg, whether he started cross dressing after she divorces him or if she divorced him because he started cross dressing
>Comes out as trans
>Suddenly his twitter is full of support by freaks

It's almost incredible how stood this moid is. He's beyond rich and famous, and he immediately got played into paying alimony and child support for life while also deciding to take hormones and chop his dick off. Some people literally cannot handle success.

Anonymous 233057

idk who designed that little "pooner" character but its so funny to me every time

Anonymous 233062

Sorry to ask. I have low frequency hearing loss so I don't hear male voices very well. Can a kind nona tell me what he is talking about? or retranscribe it?

Anonymous 233066

one daughter, was stealing the other daughter's clothes, ok so she set her computer up in the room and she put on that like security device so if anybody walked in, it would video tape them ok?
I didn't know that, ok?
[laugh track]
So… [laughs], so… everybody's gone, I got like 3 or 4 hours, let's try on a few things here and…
[laugh track]
Aaaaaand… I come(I hope not like that), and all of the sudden the kids come home and I hear this big commotion going on in the other room and Crhis goes [mumbling] didn't hear 'em.
Aaah, yeah, sometime… I was very stealthy. I-I… honestly I went all these years, I mean I would go to hotels, prostitues(?) and that and never get caught. I have to, I'm proud of that ok?

I tried, but at times its hard to make out what he's saying.

I think he's talking about how throughout most of his life he was crossdressing while out of house, then he tried to put on some of his daughter's clothes and got caught.

Anonymous 233074

Wow, I feel sorry for the Kardashians.

Anonymous 233075

Thank you nona and ew he's so disguting

Anonymous 233082

He would wear his kids' clothes? I can't believe normies are laughing at that.

Anonymous 233096


why are they doing this

Anonymous 233098

moids should be excluded from all of society

Anonymous 233099

I'm around male tranny supporters a lot (college). They're vocal about it and have several troons in their friend group basically acting as "one of the guys", which, of course, figures. There's also two cis women.

These men all see themselves as very liberal/leftist. They get so mad at you if you even hint at not believing in gender idelogy. They literally refer to banning puberty blockers as "facism" and call people names over it. Even threats of violence against TERFs by the genderspecials in the group are met with no comment.

Recently, one of the trans invited us all over to his place for video game night. His roommate, I kid you not, is a convicted rapist.
The progressive, liberal guys, do not have an issue with this because the troon says that "the justice system just failed, his roommate is actually innocent". They had no issue inviting the two other women and me (while I'm in my mid 20s, they are both 19) to this house.

So yeah - not believing that a man who likes women's clothes is female? Vocal outrage.
Inviting 19 year old women to meet a rapist? That's fine.

And this is why I don't consider myself a leftist anymore. Despite the fact that I support LGB people and racial minorities just as much as I always have. The left is the right in a shitty costume.

Anonymous 233108

>makes fun of scrotes who believe trannies
>still uses cis to describe normal women

Anonymous 233112

In 2 months, he transitioned into ProJared

Anonymous 233115

You hung out with these people recently? I couldn't, I made a point to do a presentation in my advertising course about making blind pride campaigns. So many people are quick to just accept "oh these are the new protected class? ok, give them all the rights, I'll write an advert validating everything they say".
FYI the people in charge of advertising have literally no thoughts in their mind. The classrooms and proffs are pretty clueless when it comes to minorities. Not that I'm special, I'm dumb too but like, still.

Anonymous 233116

nta 'cis' is shorter than 'normal'. its easier to use

Anonymous 233117

here's something shorter- women

Anonymous 233178

Anonymous 233209


3 more characters is that much of a hassle for you?

Anonymous 233361


Anonymous 233487

Mods, pls filter 'cis' to 'real'

Anonymous 233492


Second this

Anonymous 233493

ur right. im still going to keep using 'cis' interchangeably overall though since its easier to convert TRAs if you use their language. and there are TRAs on these boards

Anonymous 233499

>they are trannies
cc is the libfem to radfem pipeline

Anonymous 233518

prerealely what we need

Anonymous 233522


How do you invest though?

Anonymous 233523


Anonymous 233530

I'm being forced to hang out with tim soon with, how do I make him feel as worthless as possible. So far I'm planning on wearing something that makes me look really petite

Anonymous 233531

Look good
that's about all

Anonymous 233532

Existing as a real woman oughta do the trick. Refer to this >>232985

Anonymous 233536

casually talk about wanting kids one day. like what you want them to look like, dress etc.

Anonymous 233545

What if he's a gross agp?
Seems like trying to dress sexy would only give into his desires.
Honestly don't know why anybody would hang out with one. I heard one speak and their voice creeps me out, same with their mannerisms, like they're just gay men.

Anonymous 233547


It really gives me chills sometimes to think what it would be like if I was a kid now. I went through a massive boyish phase prior to puberty. I still remember my sister coming back from college one Summer after it hit, and her first words to me were, "Oh my God, you actually look like a girl, now." Nobody questioned my gender just because of my "male" interests or looks. Now, an actually PhD holding doctor would tell me my body is wrong like some Cronenberg nightmare, give me some pills, and talk to my parents about potential surgeries and my mental health being at stake.

It's like people have intentionally and collectively forgotten how fluid children can be, and anyone breaking from gender norms gets labeled as an egg by some weirdo with an Astolfo avatar and a gigabyte folder labeled, "Link in Drag."

Anonymous 233567

you think gay men are creepy? HOMOPHOBIA

Anonymous 233569

his desires cause him pain. so, making him desire more makes him suffer more

Anonymous 233581

Yeah this doesn't actually happen anywhere. It's an internet phenomena. There are tons of tomboyish in the school my sister teaches at.

Anonymous 233582

No faggot

Anonymous 233630

treat him like one of the guys :) maybe even accidentally verbally relay that you innocently think of him as a man in a dress

also complain about sexually predatory men maybe, such as cat calling and what not to make him out himself as a faggot and to get the other girls defending your stance that men in dresses idealizing sexual/physical assaults against women is incredibly upsetting (dont agree to disagree)

they're all delusional in their own way, the only way to know for sure what to say is to study them and find points of weakness to exploit in social sphere

Anonymous 233631

its the way they obsessively sexually desire to emulate women, how they would literally skin you alive if they thought it would make them "pass" better. which is apparent from their gaudy anime girl mannerisms and their serial killer child rapist "girl" voice

not sure if satire cause fujo4lyfe4ever, but yeah im venting

Anonymous 233651

They're trying to groom the kids of illiterate Mexican agriculture workers.
"In short, parents reported two teachers from the California Teacher’s Association LGBTQ training are from Spreckels Union School District, and shared how they stalked their students’ Google searches and conversations in order to recruit for their LGBTQ club. And the two teachers trained other staff in how to evade parents."


Anonymous 233659


Sometimes I wonder how long it will take before tims start losing it on the female gendies that post these kinds of memes

Anonymous 233661

Nowhere in that article did it state that they were telling tomboys to transition into men.

Article mentions nothing about trannies, just lgbt in general.. on the one hand it sounds like they're trying to protect kids from conservative wackjob parents. On the other I don't get why the fuck stalking has to be involved. But the article is really vague.

I mean if I was a teacher I would try to find out if a kid was gay and usher them towards a group for support, if i sensed it was an issue and making them unhappy, If I sensed their homelife was sketchy or punishing. Conservative parents are freaks.

Stalking kids? Like how do they mean? Like were they caught doing inappropriate things? That is not made clear in the article.

Anonymous 233663

they already are

Anonymous 233665


Anonymous 233666


Anonymous 233670

I just remembered it's only a couple more weeks until Pride Month once again…
Maybe it's just wishful thinking but I don't know if it'll go so well this time. I feel like people are really starting to get tired of all this trans nonsense.

Anonymous 233673


Anonymous 233678

needs more teeth

Anonymous 233695

Still hasn't been able to get a date or have sex since he transitioned.

Speaks for itself

Anonymous 233697

Anonymous 233766

i have to hang out with TiMs against my will because they orbit my social circles as well. it sucks.

do that, and also if you're hanging around with other women, try to exclude him from conversations and if he tries to join in, just subtly act uncomfortable and treat him like one of the guys.

regardless of the situation, don't hide the fact that you're uncomfortable around them because subtle perceived rejection that they can't scream transphobia at absolutely mentally wrecks them.

godspeed nona!!

Anonymous 233769


i totally understand. not only do we have almost no spaces to ourselves but we can't fucking enjoy things without trannies appropriating it or shitting all over it.

i'm not really into weebshit but characters like lain and tomoko are now seen as tranny-adjacent when they're relatable or comfort characters to a lot of autistic women.

and yeah, they do see us through a fetishistic lens, if it's not men manic pixie dreamgirling us it's trannies trying to skinwalk us or turn us into tifs. we really just can't have shit anymore.

Anonymous 233785

Had me going there for a while

Anonymous 233802

Screenshot Capture…

but y

Anonymous 233804


Anonymous 233809

is there anything they won't infect?

Anonymous 233810


guess the tranny behind it

Anonymous 233811


Anonymous 233812

I troll the trans community under the pseudonym Jamie Jerusalem/ThePenisGuy. My arch nemesis is this transgender named Jasmin, get this, an Iranian who decided to be Disney's Princess Jasmine while simultaneously preaching communism, Iranian government supremacy (what the fucking fuck???) And to top it all off, Jasmine says that America bad cuz transy rights and wariraqbush.

Also has a monobrow and very very very ugly glasses. Facial hair and the whole nine yards.

I also go after the "nonbinary" femnerds who are either fedora pussymales or piglet purple hair double chin girls who claim "nb"

Anonymous 233813

>I also go after the "nonbinary" femnerds who are either fedora pussymales or piglet purple hair double chin girls who claim "nb"
What do u think about her:

Anonymous 233818


what filters and breaking your face can do to a man

Anonymous 233957



Anonymous 233958



Anonymous 234071


this guy is good

Anonymous 234168


classic case of tranny teeth.
ugly disgusting creatures.

Anonymous 234274


i hate autistic agp hon trannies for ruining every cozy anime girl character, besides sexualizing everything constantly as well, i want to bash their heads in with a rock

Anonymous 234281


Anonymous 234305


Anonymous 234308

I feel you.
>hanging in an anime chat catching up on some seasonals
>Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia is pretty comfy
>unfortunately, one of the main mods is slowly trooning out before my eyes over time
>calls himself feminine (he's not), cross dresses, started adding cutesy emoticons to all his lines a while back
>starting to buy and use makeup, says he is a little girl inside specifically, talks about the thrill he gets from "prettying up"
>he's into yuri, they always are
>the other guys into yuri are encouraging him
>at least one other is talking about doing the same thing
>I'm half certain that at least 2 more will be joining him eventually
>already noticing the chat content shifting whenever he shows up
I just wanted to watch anime, not a circus sideshow. People with no grip on reality really should be kept away from gay cartoons, it never seems to end well, male or female. I'm so tired. The second I see any hint of him talking about hormones I'm gonna bail because it's completely over with no hope of return at that point.

Anonymous 234379

It really is crazy how things have "progressed".
Have you read The End of Gender Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society by Debra Soh? It focuses more on girls and how being trans appears to be contagious, similar to other self-destructive behaviors like anorexia and cutting.
It's so weird that all the trans stuff is just lumped together and the treatment protocol is "play into their delusions as much as humanly possible, including permanent bodily harm"

Anonymous 234404

kinda unrelated but I am really fucking tired of people who have never cut and clearly have no understanding of the motives behind self mutilation lumping it in with trannies. No, my coping mechanism is not the same as a delusional man cutting his dick off and stop fucking comparing it. We are not the same.

Anonymous 234432

trannies hate silv…

Reply with a meme.

Anonymous 234460

troon beaten in Mi…

Milan, troon shows his nasty diseased dick to elementary school children in a playground and begins screaming that he will infect them all with AIDS, police beating ensues.

Anonymous 234473


good at least there's police that aren't afraid to beat their asses.

Anonymous 234474


is there anything that troons won't make a fetish?

Anonymous 234476


tranny murderer vibes

Anonymous 234480

They say pick up line
I say threat

Anonymous 234485


Anonymous 234486

I can see why that'd feel very offensive. I meant women thinking they were trans and starting testosterone and wanting to get their tits cut off.
idk that might still be offensive, but it's very different from a pornsick moid getting more and more deranged over time. The book explores the differences between the sexes and how each approach "trans" too.

Anonymous 234487


Anonymous 234489


Ughhhh how fucking nasty. Giving that… fluid to a baby should be a criminal offense.

Anonymous 234491

This is almost as bad as hearing about the orange crotch rot fluid that comes out of some of their amholes.

Anonymous 234515


wats wrong with u
should be made a sport

was forced to hang out with a tim that said they look better than "cis" women and then said terfs should be raped and killed en masse

thank God i reported him to CPS, he's an open drug addict but no one says anything cause "trauma" lol he abandoned an 8 year marriage and child chasing a fetish

i hope he kills himself


Anonymous 234518

Fucking Pddini are backing up that disgusting pedo. Thank God police is doing something good in a while

Anonymous 234577

Traveco put in its rightful place, congratulations to the Milan police

Anonymous 234582

you can tell this is fake because no woman is gonna immediately think "oh em gee!! i'm not the flattest anymore!!!" only a man would immediately think of boobs
you gotta be retarded or a tranny. just because idiots like you like to change the meaning of words doesn't mean that we should listen.
omg thats literally a child. it looks like a toddler. these people have no plausible deniability atp.
i feel so sorry for these women. they've been tricked into destroying their bodies and then left alone to deal with the repercussions.
but i mean, that guy shouldn't have invited her to a GAY SEX PARTY.
least obvious tranny kek
there are at least 6 different tifs at my little sister's highschool, and two tims i've seen pictures of. one is longfaced and on hrt already, but his walk gives it away. wears a purple dress to school almost everyday with the greasiest hair imaginable. constantly complains about shit. the other is just obviously an autistic boy. longish frizzy greasy hair, severe maleface, always looking at the floor, hoodie everyday. i would post face but they're still minors so…
wait, i assume jasmin is also a character u play, but if not, is it a tim or a tif?? i know a lott of moids like to preach the IR's shit but im having trouble understanding the whole "tranny rights bad" thing coming out of a trannies mouth.
if its actually another person, go on the r/proiran subreddit or something and lurk to find farsi insults lmaoo
i would say them here but i'm not fully fluent in farsi. grew up speaking it but i barely remember now. :(

Anonymous 234599


Anonymous 234600


They're creating a successor to the "SuperStraight" movement on Ovarit. It's called "TransTrans," and the point is to dress as the most offensive trans stereotypes imaginable and invade tranny spaces like they've invaded everywhere else.
And it looks like they just started a subreddit as well: r/TwansTwans

Anonymous 234605


Isn't this just Kikomi? or any of the bio trans on twitter.

Anonymous 234606

Yeah, but the idea is to be more aggressive. Ruin their spaces as they've ruined everyone else's. And it'd also allow lesbians to argue for their own spaces AND call themselves lesbians while excluding transwomen, given certain hypcrosies in tranny ideology.

Anonymous 234616

am i allowed to say this seems retarded? im gunna cringe when this blows up in their faces

Anonymous 234618

Anonymous 234635

Leave my girl alone

Anonymous 234653


Yeah, CC got mentioned on that site by a lurking moid.
>“Bio-Chan” (shown above) is a character created on crystal.cafe – the women’s only 4chan offshoot.

Picrel is OP's post from that thread.
The link to the thread: https://ovarit.com/o/Radfemmery/370031/let-the-sloganeering-commence

Anonymous 234826

this troon my friend works with is going to get a stinkditch kek. Honestly, I didn’t think he’d go as far as that. He’s the absolute stereotype of a tranny though, middle aged coomer, raper face, frizzy disgusting hair dyed pink, wears totally inappropriate things to work etc. It breaks me that all the people he works with call him “she”, I get they have to because corporate bullshit but surely they can’t look at that creature and actually see a woman. Hey ho, here’s to his inevitable complications

Anonymous 234858

he shouldve kikomi on the flag tbh, wasted potential

Anonymous 234859

Anonymous 234863

On the bright side, once they actually go through with the surgery the chances of becoming a rapehon drop dramatically since they're permanently castrated and their hormones are fucked. Nobody tells them about that part.

Anonymous 234875

Really this is why…I mean besides being upset with how they are convincing kids to do it and the medical field being unethical in regards to srs…if adults want to mutilate themselves and it happens to turn porn sick moid pedo/rapists into eunuchs…I say that’s on them.

Anonymous 234936

Meet Emily

Anonymous 234943

They always go for the same few names, don't they?

Lilly, Emily, Luna

Anonymous 234951

lol. why do some of them always have that flowery/purple intonation? as if they love listening to their own voice. fucking narcissists i swear

usually its names ending in a or y, or dumbshit sounding ones that come from a fantasy setting. they choose those specifically since they need to feel more feminine for what theyll never have in real life.

Anonymous 234956

what is WPATH?

Anonymous 234961

the truth is usually the simplest explanation. my opinion? it's about money and always has. big pharma preying on vulnerable people, simple as. I remember reading a "trans rights" lobbying playbook that was financed by Reuters Corp and Dentons (largest attorney firm in the world). I guess putting their big pharma partners on there would have been top on the nose

sick world

Anonymous 234965


Anonymous 234967

>Ya fiction author
I wanna die

Anonymous 234991


I actually gagged reading this

Anonymous 235007

Palate cleanser appreciated

Anonymous 235047


Physically recoiled

Anonymous 235054

You can use invidous to watch stuff like this without giving trannies your clicks.

Anonymous 235069

He looked like moot for aplit second there

Anonymous 235075

Literally what is it with fat male autists trooning out?
Is the insular life of a computer geek really THAT soul crushing?

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