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Dream Wedding Anonymous 23026

For those of you that plan to get married one day, what would your dream wedding be like?
Not sure about the theme yet but I’d like the main colour to be violet or pastel colours.
Something like pic related (not even memeing) or something like Cinderella’s dress from the 2015 live action movie except a white/cream colour
For the cake, it’d be a mille feuille. As for the food, I’d like it to be a mix of food from my culture and from his culture (unless he’s from the same background as me). Lots of chocolatey sweets/deserts plus cream puffs and cannolis (they’re my fave deserts)
Could be anywhere as long as it fits everyone and we’re able to decorate how we want. I’d want only fam and close friends to attend. My fam is already huge though so it would be hard to keep it small.

Anonymous 23032


Does having had a wedding count? <3


It was red/orange/yellow. So nice. They used local flowers to make everything nice and natural but also shining (pic related)


I was pregnant so the choice was limited, bummer. I would have had a big one like yours but with corsage style top and beaded applications… So instead I went for a flowing empire style one with the most beautiful beaded bust.
I didn't give a fuck. It looked nice. Someone else somehow had volunteered to get it. The food, however, was on point. It was delicious. Sadly, sadly, I forgot what exactly it was since I hadn't enough time to eat properly. For the reception at the beginning I had made some nights sandwiches. And I remember the soup, it was made of parsley root and cream. Woah


We married in an open air museum where we had made a photo a few years earlier jokingly kissing before the "marriage magistrate" (don't know the name in English) sign. The same museum features the exact church that had been standing in the home town of my grandma. Then we drove to the neighboring city's castle where we had rented one of the smaller rooms.

Anonymous 23033

Your wedding sounds lovely, especially the castle part. I wish we had castles near where I live.

Anonymous 51709

I want to have my wedding at an aquarium. Always loved the ocean/underwater things (am a swimmer and love deep sea stuff), so whatever theme/color would show up well in dark aquarium photos would be best. Don't care too much about the cake or food, as long as it's delicious, and I would prefer to keep the guest count low, both because my circle of friends is small, and because I'm not too big on big gatherings in general.

I think I would want to wear a red dress maybe. In my culture, people traditionally wear red for weddings. White symbolizes death and is usually worn for funerals. But I don't know - my family is not all that traditional, so they might want to go with a more westernized wedding.

Anonymous 51729

I never understood the amount of time and money people put into a wedding celebration and ring. Especially large sums of money. I get that it's a big day and you want to make it rememberable but still, it seems excessive.
I always thought if I got married it would be a small party in the park. I wouldn't really have a wedding dress, just something simple.

Anonymous 51733

My husband and I are the same, we dislike the culture around having overly-extravagant and expensive weddings where the entire family is there. Our wedding was literally in plain clothing at our officiator's house, and the ring was an emerald ring passed down to me from my grandmother (emerald is my birthstone.) I don't think I could've had a better wedding as we're both quite minimalist.

Anonymous 51744

For someone who will probably just elope, I am embarrassingly into planning my dream wedding. Broke down and made a wedding Pinterest in January, still add things every day.


Neutrals with greenery/pops of color in the florals. I want my mans tartan to stand out but having white linens with simple decor is classier than throwing tartan on everything like some of these girls do.
I love all-over lace and cap sleeves. No idea if a sheath a-line or fit-to-flare flatters me best, but I like 1930’s inspired silhouettes (think old Hollywood).
DESERT TABLE. I want a small wedding cake ofc (a naked cake with berries on top which I’ve been obsessed with having since the trend started) but I’d love to have a table full of small lemon bars and donuts and such along with the cake rather than making everyone eat my boring cake that probably looks way better than it tastes.
I want something small (under 100 guests, preferably under 50). I would want the venue to be beautiful, like an old manor or inn or something. Bonus if I can stay there the night before so I can wake up and go straight to hair and makeup.

Anonymous 51746

This is so cute anon, I love your ideas.

Anonymous 51753

If I ever get married I want to get married just like that, it sounds wonderful. I hate gatherings, especially weddings. It's a huge waste of time and money

Anonymous 51755

Realistically, that's probably how my marriage will go down.

>The ring passed down to me from my grandmother.

I always love hearing sentimental gestures like that. I think it's so romantic. It feels like encouraging and wishing luck to a younger generation.

Anonymous 51876

Would it be okay if I was he one to propose to my boyfriend? I am thinking of getting a ring for him.

Anonymous 51899

Thank you, literal consumerism.

Anonymous 51966

Why not? Would he be upset? Would that be okay with you? You know him better than we do.

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