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Why do Gen z males have such horrid haircuts Anonymous 231441

We should all carry electric razors so when we see these cuts we can chase them down and bzzzz zing

Anonymous 231442

almost all teenagers/ young men always have the same latest trendy haircut. a few years ago they all had that hitler youth haircut. or think of old pictures where they all had mullets.
now the mushroom top is simply the latest trendy thing.

Anonymous 231446

You should be grateful that they use visual cues to filter themselves out as dull, thoughtless, and soulless. Vanity is wasted on these unbeautiful normans.

Anonymous 231451

it’s pretty weird… reminds me of the mushroom cuts millennial guys had, but with perms. i’m millennial. born in 88.

Anonymous 231483

CC be straight up bussin yall

Anonymous 231529


Anonymous 231669

Dont know, dont care, I like women

Anonymous 231679

Anonymous 231712



Women are doing some terrible hairstyles too. I think the half-shaved hairstyle from picrel looks ugly as hell. How in the world did being half bald become an aesthetic?

Anonymous 231716


I have no idea, and i don't know why they all wear beige pants and hoodies and butcher AAVE, they all love to watch the same shit too, genric boring Youtubers and genric games it's like they came from a factory.

Anonymous 231734

Not nearly as common tho

Anonymous 231743

This is an American only thing. It's people trying to immitate nappy hair.

Anonymous 231760

To each their own, but I think the look is a lot better on women than men. I think it depends on the styling, though.

Anonymous 231770

Someone's never been to Europe.

Anonymous 231787


Ok I guess it can sometimes look attractive on butch women, but it is strange for me to see on straight women.

Anonymous 231790

Eh I'll support any ugly short haircut on a woman, it helps more women feel comfortable doing what they want to with theirs.

Anonymous 232105

They're doing it for the same reason in Europe

Anonymous 233705

moids lack any sense of individuality. they get memed into getting off on wild and vile shit all the time.

Anonymous 233762

Please don't tell me this is in europe

Anonymous 234189


well here everybody has this haircut

Anonymous 234328

Not my favorite but looks alright. Leagues better than any sort of fade.

Anonymous 234337

That's equally as awful ngl.

Anonymous 234971


We have to convince men to bring back more honest hair styles like this.

Anonymous 234976

That just looks like a woman, I'm a lesbo and I would

Anonymous 235035

then u not a lesbo, silly

Anonymous 235068

Er it looks like a hot af male to me? What the f does this look have to do with lesbians? Or being attracted to women?? What is stuck so far up your ass that makes you care ? Why the hell do I have to be a lesbian to like non ugly guys? Sick to death of this projected onto women. Sick. To. Death.

Anonymous 235073

Girl breathe it’s gonna be fine if that lesbian thinks this man looks like a lesbian (it’s factual) that does not make u a lesbian… Makes u a lady that likes men that look like lesbians and that’s fine and completely heterosexual

Anonymous 235129

i thought she kinda was cute till i read your post lol

are you into androgynous dudes?

Anonymous 235164

Don't worry, they think your millennial heavy part is stupid too. Insert Abe Simpson memes about no longer being with it.

Anonymous 263323

Over half of white men have at least some recession (> NW1.5) at the temples by early 20s. An ugly trendy hairstyle is preferable to a good haircut that reveals MPB.

Anonymous 263355

Why do kids get these haircuts these days?

>Mostly histories failed attempts at being lit tend to repeat themselves. True story.

Anonymous 264012

Because nowadays youth culture=culture of… you know.

Anonymous 264032

bad haircut.png

they really look like this

Anonymous 264194


my man really do be walkin' as a toothbrush aHAAAA

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