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Anonymous 233

Help me convince my best friend to have sex with me, /b/. We're both 19 and straight though whenever I masturbate, I fantasise about her.

Anonymous 235

>We're both straight
>I fantasise about her.

That doesn't sound very straight lol
Ever thought that you might be bi/gay/pan?

The best thing you can do is ask if she ever had similar thoughts about other girls, stuff like that. If she says no, well sucks, you'll have to move on.

Don't expect too much, you might get disappointed.

Anonymous 245

Maybe ask her if she ever had any girl crushes, like celebrities. After a while try mentioning celebs that look a bit like her, and say things like "oh I like her because she has some beautiful blue/green/brown eyes, just like you."

Maybe try spending an evening at her or your place watching movies, and try to casually cuddle with each other. Starting out chilling in bed together and for example when there's a funny scene try making physical contact while laughing. If she responds to it, she might be a bit into you, too.

Anonymous 25101


This is good advice. I would add that admitting and being open about liking or at least imagining being with girls ("but I'm really only a little bi!") is a good way to break down barriers a bit. Also a little alcohol never hurt anything. Do you two ever discuss sexual stuff? Plenty of easy ways to steer the conversation sexual. Basically just do what you'd do with a guy you like, but assume she's smarter ;)

Anonymous 25103

Don't have sex with your best friend, that could very easily ruin your friendship.

Anonymous 25162

That's a terrible idea, anon. You shouldn't "convince" anyone to do anything. If she wanted to have sex with you, she'd make it clear. Also if you're both straight, what's the point (haven't you basically admitted that you won't enjoy it?)? Fantasies are not the same as acting out something irl, I have lots of fantasies about being raped and having sex with strangers but I know that I'd never want either of those things in real life when I'm not horny and thinking straight. Only have sex with a friend if you're prepared to end the relationship because it's going to be incredibly awkward afterwards. Having sex with someone completely changes the dynamic. If she ends up being attracted to you, are you prepared to hurt her by reminding her that you're straight and only wanted to do it to act on some fantasy? Or if the reverse happens, are you prepared to have your heart broken by knowing she's straight and will never love you like that?

Just all-round bad idea.

Anonymous 25198


Are you seriosly asking women for advice on women?

Anonymous 25199

This is bait

Anonymous 25200

There's a type of women called lesbian…

Anonymous 25201

My point still stands

Anonymous 25202

What's your point?
Lesbians are doing fine dating each other without the help of males.
Which is odd, considering women have such high standards and don't know what they want!/s
>inb4 anon brings up the abusive lesbian stats meme
We both know those are bad stats that don't take into account lesbians who were in past relationships with men and were abused by them.

Anonymous 25203

Of course but you can't expect there to be a lesbian where ever you go

Anonymous 25204

No of course not, but your original post seemed to be following the "women don't know their real feelings until they're in the moment so don't ask them" meme.
Was I mistaken?

Anonymous 25205

No, I don't think that the recipient of x should be asked how to do x better or best

Anonymous 25213


>help me convince my best friend to have sex with me
Why would you want to do that if it might ruin your relationship with her? Plus it sounds kind of skeevy to me that you want to find a way to convince anyone into having sex…

Anonymous 25214

The regret of not doing something will always be greater than of not doing something

Anonymous 25215

Are you sure _8008…

Anonymous 25216


I fucked on that one. second "not" shouldn't be there

Anonymous 25221

That platitude is just plain not true when it comes to risky and impulsive sex acts that have the potential to destroy your most cherished relationships and doesn't justify making terrible choices.

Anonymous 25222

Don't fuck em right away, thats just amoral. A sugestion of being more than friends is enough

Anonymous 124331

I feel bad for your friend

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