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Real autistic people hated? Anonymous 23402

Hey guys, I'm posting my story here.
I shared my contact with someone and talked to them.
I went to sleep and found out lots of people tried to add me?
I added one of them and asked what happened, they told me someone made a thread shittalking me maliciously

they posted my contact and told people to talk down to me "Act autistic like them to get nudes from them"

The funny thing is he knew I'm sex repulsed since I gave all of my intimate information,

I nuked the account for my safety, I'm so surprised this happened since he knew I was self-aware about my diagnosis and self-aware of my sex replusion, so obviously I trusted him only with sex stuff. this was online only.

Anonymous 23403

OP here, he did all on his own, I didn't tell him to do it. he was completely serious and expected someone sex repulsed to send nudes??

I think society as a whole is getting more childish, I exclusively have online sex and I'm a virgin.

Anonymous 23404

I think we're going backwards as a society with this, this actually happened,

Anonymous 23407


Wow, I’m a sex-repulsed autist too. Why are there so many people i can relate to on this site? Im going to assume you’re not lying for the sake of replying.

Welp, i was kind of tempted to post my info in the friend-making thread but i guess not if shit like this happens. Guess i’ll be more careful about who i open up to. Where was the shit-talking thread posted? Was it some pathetic robot on 4chan or something?

Anonymous 23408


Anonymous 23411

That's disgusting! What a shitty thing to happen to you, I'm glad you nuked the account as your safety is important. As for the asshole expecting nudes from you, he is not as he is messing with you. If he gets your nudes, then it's a double win for him while being an ass. He tried to put you in a corner so he can demean you… Sorry that he took advantage of you anon… I hope things do get better for you and that ass gets his fucking karma.

Anonymous 23415

You already posted about this, stop telling everyone on the internet you're autistic and maybe you won't have these problems ffs

Anonymous 23436

Not sure if this is a troll or not, sounds too good to be true? yeah it was on r9k, keep in mind that I gave him my real info to prove I wanted to be a friend, but he completely disregarded it, obviously

Anonymous 23437

Ummm.. its what I am? its normal human interaction…. do you hide your least favorite food so your friends don't mess with you?

Anonymous 23438

I'm happy you understand, not sure if you're humoring me though, the problem was that he acted "weird" to get nudes from me, and told other people to act "weird" like I do in order to get nudes from me
He blocked me, the issue was that he was completely serious and treated me like a animal than a another human being. yikes.

He also played himself since he knew I'm self-aware. he

Anonymous 23440

Had a similar thing happen to me (a long time ago, before crystal.cafe was around.) What that guy did to you was cruel. I know when you're getting dogpiled by anons harassing you it can make you feel like you're really what they say about you is true but they're just bad people who think it's fun to hurt others. But for your own safety in the future, the only way to stop your nudes from getting leaked is to never take them in the first place.

Anonymous 23443

if your friends messed with you by trying to force you to eat your least favorite food or filling up your fridge with it, then yes, i would hide it from them. also i wouldn't consider them to be very good friends. but that's a terrible metaphor.
here's what you're actually doing:
complaining that people treat you differently because of a disability after you go out of your way to inform them that you have a disability.
if you don't want to be targeted on the internet because of your autism, here's a solution: don't tell people you're autistic. then you won't be targeted by men who are specifically looking for autistic girls to take advantage of.

Anonymous 23452

I know, but I feel we're regressing as a society if I have to hide my diagnoses which… explains a lot about me

Anonymous 23453

Oh sorry that happened to you! I felt deeply dehumanized when it happened to me,
No, my nudes were not leaked, what happened was someone making a malicious shittalking thread about me and posted my contact, telling people to "act autistic like them to get nudes from them"

And thank you for the advice, but I understand it was other people's choice, not mine,

Anonymous 23455

OP here, the funny thing is… he knew I was sex repulsed, right? I don't like sex. he… still gave out my contact in the same thread, thinking I would give nudes to anyone who "Acted like me"

I guess its a non-problem, but the issue was him, He blocked me and this was months ago, but I guess I want his mother to know

Anonymous 23459

If your friends ever do anything like that you should lose them as friends.
Just because you admit you hate a food or there's something you're struggling with doesn't mean you have to hide it from people you consider friends.
That being said though, that person doesn't sound like he should have been considered a friend.

He probably looked for weak points just for the sake of using them against you.
He figured it will hurt you more since you gave him that info about what you think about sex.

People online can hide more easily how messed up they are and how cruel they can really be.

I wouldn't say you should hide parts of who you are from people, but be more careful what you share with them or at least get to know them for a while before you admit things.

The issue WAS him, but to avoid that in the future either wait until you know the person better and notice if they ever act or say anything weird, or just pay closer attention to them changing the way they act if you tell them these things about yourself, so you know if they're planning to use it against you and block them.

People online could target any weakness or insecurity they find out.
There's no problem with you being the way you are or admitting it.

Anonymous 23461

I've been diagnosed with PTSD, but it's not something I tell someone right off the bat when I meet them. I don't consider it 'hiding' my diagnosis, I just don't think it's any of their business. If I get to know someone, after a while, I might tell them. Or, if they witness a breakdown that was unavoidable, I might feel like I owe them an explanation. But otherwise, I don't think it's wise to disclose it to everyone that I meet.
what this anon says. you just need to be way more careful about who you disclose your personal information to.

Anonymous 23477

Not a troll, i understand if you don't believe me though, haha. Are you the anon who posted about this on lc too? He was obviously an uninformed robot who thought autism=naivety. Just remember to not give out any identifying information on the internet, so even if you open up to someone and shit like this happens, you won't get seriously doxxed.


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