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Autumn Season Anonymous 23810

The fall equinox would have been more appropriate, but I still want to share this with y'all.

Post things you enjoy about this season, whether it's the beverages, the upcoming cuffing season, Halloween, or the lead up to the holidays.

(Apologies is there is something very similar already posted, I was feeling nostalgic about when I first started browsing cc and the feeling of the transition of seasons)

Anonymous 23811

I enjoy walking under the color changing trees with my boyfriend. Comfy. <3

Anonymous 23814

This is my absolute favorite season. The trees changing colors are so pretty but also how back home it would always be cloudy and grey until it snowed. I liked how when we wrestled and played as kids the leaves would crunch in our yards before we had to rake them.

Your thread makes me feel a little homesick, I only see dust and spikey desert plants now and all for seasons are just summer.

Some anons should take some pics of their autumn scenery and share them here.

Anonymous 23831

I will upload a few pictures once the trees start changing here

Anonymous 23833

I have so many allergies in the autumn and it sucks! It's my favourite season otherwise, since the weather is perfect and it leads into my second favourite season.

Anonymous 23864

I like wearing my clothes – most of my closet is well-suited for spring/fall/winter! Screw summer.

Anonymous 23868

The best part about fall is that I can start wearing coats and sweaters that hide my fat better. I hate summer.

Anonymous 23869

I feel you, sister.

Anonymous 23903

I think coats and sweaters make me look bigger!

Anonymous 23956

They do, but that bigness is left up to the imagination. When you're wearing a t-shirt the only thing between your fat jiggling gut and the world is a thin piece of cloth. It just makes me feel more self conscious because my fat is hanging out there for the whole world to see.

Anonymous 23960

I like the weather outside. Also I like my coat and my boots.

Anonymous 23970

>desert plants and dust

shit, anon, are you me? i moved to New Mexico this year and the fall plumage out here is DIRE. it's such a change from what I was used to in the Southeast, I just want to rake leaves and wear sweaters but it's still ridiculously warm outside. It's OCTOBER dammit, give me that crisp October weather.

Anonymous 24265


I'm a bit disappointed that I live somewhere without "true seasons," even if it means winter is mild as hell (which I don't mind).
I just wanna wear comfy sweaters! (Recently got pic related and I want to wear it all the time)

That can be true, make sure that the outerwear either has some structure or is specifically made to be a slouchy style. I agree with >>23956 that having more to cover up feels better than thinner layers.

Anonymous 24274


I love autumn because it's foggy in the morning and when the sun shines through the fog everything is milky white. And I can wear my favorite boots because it's colder, and I can wear sweaters which I really like.
wow I love it!

Anonymous 40225


Waiting for the temperature to cool down so it would be more appropriately cozy.

It's basic and really normie, but I recently tried the pumpkin cream cold brew from Starbucks. Without the excessive sweetness of the vanilla syrup, the cold foam and coffee combo is delicious.

Anonymous 40260

lets make this the comfiest thread on /b/ this autumn

>Some anons should take some pics of their autumn scenery and share them here.


i love how pretty autumn is, i love the weather and how windy it gets, i love the crunchy leaves, i also love the fact that i can wear my favorite hoodies and sweaters, so comfy! (especially at late summer/early fall times, i can just put on a summer dress with a light jacket/sweater and it just feels so perfect)

rip unlucky anons. i recently moved from a very tropical place without real seasons. all we had was hell-summer (100f+ degrees), then 2 weeks of wind, then 2 weeks of 70f, then hell-summer again the rest of the year. im so glad to be able to experience real seasons now!!

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