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Left Behind Anonymous 23940

Do you ever feel like the world is moving on without you? Like you can't keep up at all and are missing out?

It seems like everyone online uses Twitter, plays the latest videogames and stays up to date with music (soundcloud rap) and streaming sites and celebrities, yet I am stuck on my imageboards and old habits, unmoving.

Am I just inflexible? Getting old?

Anonymous 23941

Me too, anon. I have no interest in most contemporary media and it's taken me until this year to start using instagram and discord. I also put off getting a smart phone all the way up until 2016, it was ridiculous.

I don't think it's age since I know people older than me who keep up with things, I'm just a very habitual person. What Ive done is just embrace it and focus more on media from the past since it's always there and not in constant flux. I've recently gotten interested in vintage fashion, 80's movies, and music from all parts of the 20th century for example.

Anonymous 23942

I still don't have a smartphone lol

Anonymous 23943

I only got one because my flip phone died and my mom wants to keep in touch in case I almost die.
…Although I'm phone posting right now so I guess I've become a true modern woman.

Anonymous 23953

I feel sames. Haven't played a video game besides simple flash ones in about 10 years. Everywhere there are "blog" social media communities and if you want to get in, you just get washed ashore. Nothing matters anymore.

Anonymous 23964

I think I'll be switching to a "dumb phone" and delete all social media once I'm doing university and get settled into my career. My friend says it's a bad social idea, but I don't really care that much. My reasoning is that only my closest friends will bother to reach out via text – the ones who don't, I won't care much about

Anonymous 23980

I don't even have a phone, I don't like people being able to bother me anytime they please.
My mom phone raped me, basically buying a phone with a half year's worth of service and I left that thing in the box and didn't even turn it on.

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