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Anonymous 23957

Does anyone believe in the concept of soulmates? Like that we all have that one person that’s like our other half? I’m a bit of a romantic so I have to say yes.

Anonymous 23958

Just based on probability, there is most likely someone out there who possesses the traits I desire and I theirs. So, yes?

But I also think it's less likely that we even speak the same language, live in the same country, or are in the same age group. And I doubt we would ever meet. I'm also a romantic so it makes me sad to think about.

Generally, I think if you're open to dating partners with various traits and backgrounds you'll have an increased chance of meeting a "soulmate." My taste is a bit narrow, so my chances suffer because of that.

Anonymous 23962

>Generally, I think if you're open to dating partners with various traits and backgrounds you'll have an increased chance of meeting a "soulmate."
That’s true. I have certain traits that I’d like my future husband to have but I like to be open to dating different kinds of guys because what matters to me most is that we click and that our personalities compliment each other.

Anonymous 23963

Anonymous 23966

met mine.
he's marrying someone else in eight days.
it's fine. we're not in the same social class, age range, or even in the same state. asking him to be with me would just cause trouble.

Anonymous 23973

How did you realize that he was your soulmate?

Anonymous 23984

No, probably die alone a crazy cat lady honestly.

Anonymous 23985

No, I find the idea disgusting. It's just drivel used to justify fornication and procreation.

Anonymous 23991


Anonymous 24010

Anonymous 24013

She’s probably a femcel

Anonymous 24017

Incels are upset due to their perceived inability to obtain sex. I'm just an anti-natalist.

Anonymous 24018

we met by chance, but within the hour that we walked together I felt like I was reconnecting with an old friend. After I left, we exchanged phone numbers and kept in touch for over three years. Whenever I had trouble (or whenever he did) we'd call one another. we could talk for hours and never get bored. he always knew the right thing to say. it was honestly like something out of a novel, i couldn't imagine connecting with anyone as quickly or easily as i did before i met him.
but his fiancee doesn't like the 'competition' so that's over with now.

Anonymous 24021

not like she was wrong

Anonymous 24022

i'd probably be jealous too if i was in her shoes. the thing that bothers me is that i'm perfectly willing to remain platonic friends, and i've expressed as much to him, but she insists that we cut all contact because it makes her so uncomfortable, to the point that she's snooped in his e-mails and facebook account just to make sure that our relationship was not romantic/sexual, and they've fought over the issue several times.
tbh i can't see the marriage lasting that long, but it's not my place to say that.

Anonymous 24028

Honestly, when you come on here and say that he's your soulmate, it's easy to understand why she doesn't want him talking to you.

Anonymous 24030

it's a sentiment that he expressed to me before i ever thought about it. again, i'm not pining for a romantic relationship with him, i'm perfectly happy to remain friends. i think it would be best in the long run if he does get married to this woman, as her family is very affluent and has social connections that mine doesn't. she quite simply doesn't trust him not to go gadding off with another woman.

Anonymous 24050

Okay but that's a very wrong thing to say to anyone who isn't your SO

Anonymous 24065

i'm not sure what you want me to say. i'm sorry that our friendship exceeds the bounds of what you consider appropriate? i've never tried to encourage him romantically because of the distance between us, both physically and socially, but it sucks being told by another woman that you have to completely cut contact with their SO because they're jealous of how much you enjoy one another's companionship.

Anonymous 24073

Not that anon, and while I get what you’re saying, his fiance does have reason to feel that way given how close you two are. I would feel a bit suspicious if my fiance was super super close to this one girl. Also apart from the reasons you listed, why haven’t you tried to pursue him romantically? It’s not like we live in an era in which we have to marry according to our status.

Anonymous 24078

>It’s not like we live in an era in which we have to marry according to our status.

we kind of do, though. people from old money marry for financial, social or political alliances quite often. even if they do marry for love sometimes, if it's a woman who's poorer than they are, nobody believes it–the narrative becomes, he's marrying a 'trophy wife', and she's a gold-digger.
hell, some rich people barely treat the people in the middle or lower class as though they're human.

Anonymous 24085

if I had a partner who didn't trust me not to cheat on them (with someone living 1,000 miles away, no less) then I would honestly feel like that relationship was doomed. it's not a good sign to have so little faith in the person you're about to marry.
and aside from the reasons I've listed and >>24078
…I know I can't do long-distance relationships. his job at the time caused him to travel a lot, for weeks at a time, so I thought that dating him wouldn't work out–I would get too lonely, and I would have been tempted to find someone closer who I could see more frequently. I didn't want to ruin our friendship by dating and then breaking up, so I thought, 'it's better to just maintain a good thing than to ruin it by overreaching.'

Anonymous 24828

>her family is very affluent and has social connections that mine doesn't

This does not sound like you live in america.

Anonymous 24847

i do tho
in pretty much every major city there's a tiny subsection of the population that's 'old money', like 'my grandfather owned railroads or some shit' money. you just rarely see them unless you attend the same social functions or frequent the same venues that they do because they tend to be pretty isolated from the rest of the population. so gallery openings, fundraisers, debutante balls, country clubs, etc.
a lot of them own property or are involved in local politics but meeting them through those avenues is less likely to lead to an actual relationship because they will never see you as being on the same social/financial level as they are.

Anonymous 24848


I don't I believe that there's this pre-determined person that you're destined to be with because I don't believe in a higher power or anything like that. But I do believe that the perfect person for everyone exists out there because I've found mine. My boyfriend is like the male version of me: we have the same sense of humour, we share all of the same opinions and we're so in-tune with each other. We've been together for almost a decade so I'm not someone in the early stages idealising the relationship either. He does genuinely feel like my "other half" or even "better half". If I thought reincarnation was real, I'd want to fall in love with him in another life too.

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