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Anonymous 24092

>tfw too smart to have a bf

Anonymous 24093



Anonymous 24100


I have quite the opposite problem.

Anonymous 24113


>too dumb to have a smart bf
>too smart to have a dumb bf

Anonymous 24114

Fun fact: IQ of offspring is more strongly associated with IQ of the mother than IQ of the father, so if you marry a smart guy while being dumb you will make his kids dumber than they would be had he married a partner of equal intelligence

Anonymous 24143

you might be mediocre enough to have a mediocre bf though

Anonymous 25933


>mfw I'm too intelligent to be selfish

Anonymous 25958

This is a great thread. Lots of new insights will be generated here with positive effects for the world as a whole. Please continue the discussion.

Anonymous 25961

Studies done have proven there is a relation between tolerating men and low IQ.

Anonymous 25963

>Studies done have proven there is a relation between tolerating men and low IQ.

No wonder American public school teachers (who are 80% Female) as represented by education majors score lowest on GRE and IQ exams out of every other major.

Really makes you think

Anonymous 25974

why is my IQ higher than both of my parents?

Anonymous 25976

Nutrition probably.

Anonymous 25977

Damn if I have kids I'm never telling them my IQ should I ever get tested

Anonymous 25980

Well for instance let us consider another quantitative trait with high heritability: height. Do you find it unusual when you notice someone happens to be taller than both of their parents?

Anonymous 26005

Early education degrees are scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of qualifications. It's really just setting up children for failure when absolute retards who can't even do basic algebra become math teachers. They of course, complain about salaries being low when they bring absolutely nothing to the table.

As a bi woman, try making a dating profile and seeing the kinds of women on sites like OkCupid and PoF that are teachers. You'll hate yourself.

Anonymous 26012

At the end of the day it comes down to raw economics. In a lot of the West (I think places like Scandinavia and Asia/Oceania are exceptions) education is woefully underfunded, which translates to wages, too.
How are you supposed to attract talent when you're trying to give your teachers maybe a third of the wages they'd get in the private sectors? Tutors make bank. Translators (for foreign language teachers) make bank. I'm not even talking about the various other field-specific jobs they could possibly get instead.
Then there's the issues of funding which in extremes mean that teachers have to dip into their own already meager salaries to buy basic supplies for their classes.
It's just a ton of hassle with little payoff. There are some wonderful people out there who are genuinely driven to be teachers and try their best to give the future generation a good start in life but those are a minority compared to people who consider a job just something to extract money from, and that's not something we should try to change in people, instead we should actually fund the education system as well as it should be funded.

Anonymous 26035


The higher the IQ the less interest in anything male.

Sadly with that fact combined with >>24114, humanity is doomed to a low IQ future because with the social liberation of women in the 20th century came a wave of us ceasing to procreate.

Case in point Japan, they're so high IQ that their birthrate is hyper low and no one is willingly to be any man's gf.

Then compare the average IQ of a crystal cafe user(somewhere between 150 and 170 on average) to that of an r9k fembot(89 to 100).

Sadly us being this gifted comes with a consequence to our low iq sisters and the future they're creating. You try to help them by showing them the logic and facts and they just look at you like you're crazy. sigh

Anonymous 26036

Are lesbians the master race, then?

Anonymous 26037

It's up for debate. Some argue lesbians others argue crazy cat women. It's a pointless debate because the differences are minuscule.

Anonymous 26050


Fight me brah, outbreed me if you're so smart and don't want to doom humanity, I'm gonna have like over 9000 babbies with an IQ of like maybe 85 cause I'm dumb as heck and can't do math for beans and I've got one in the oven already right now so you've gotta catch up

Anonymous 26056

this is beautiful, thank you for this post

Anonymous 26058


It sure feels good being part of the enlightened fem-luminati and not worrying about such trivial matters as offspring and instead focusing on the pursuits of a refined intellect.

but aww, congrats on your first baby anon

Anonymous 26082

Male-tier post.

Anonymous 26119

None and being celibate for life lol

Anonymous 26573



Anonymous 26575

Where I live the average teacher makes 11% more than the average family, has better health care with no out of pocket, has an actual pension, and the school kids are at my door raising money for the school twice a month.
They have to buy some crayons?
Boo hoo

Anonymous 26579

This whole is thread is male-tier stupidity.

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